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Akram Nadwi
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So we are discussing the hadith of Timothy. So part of the hardiness zone within Buhari that, you know, Allah 90 days or 99 199 names those who loaded properly

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they entered paradise. But what are these names? The professor Latham did not mention them. How do you have to redeem them to order Masek? We did not find a profit. It is from some some scholars they countered, put together and some narrators made it part of the Hadith that we call Allah Hadith Allah Moodle a modern humans were in a hurry Hadeeth narrator so what have been become part of the Hadith, somebody added, and they become part of the Hadith. And now people cannot distinguish between the Hadith and between what narrators are omitted. So this is one of the difficult sciences are these two separate peoples of wording from the word of the professor Listen, I don't want to go

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into more detail because there are many many examples because otherwise we can't finish this course.

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I'll also explain that this has this only means D the nine 999 names if you learn them properly, and you act upon them, you take in your mind you interpret paradise, but it does not mean Allah had only 99 names it does not mean that some people have misunderstood and one of the people misunderstood actually the one of the top men a mom even a husband why he does very clever he's a philosopher thinker is amazing person but in this matter he did a mistake he think that Allah 99 nibs but most of them I don't agree with that like him well no we in all those people the more now we you know mentioned in Sufi Muslim I'll come to that. That you know it did not right.

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The people who said other names are not only 99 more than that nobody knows them. Nobody can count them. Their arguments are many many one of them is there are Hadith in Muslim, numbered from Abdullah Masuda la Toronto by Sangeeta for less than less have said that whenever somebody gets any worry hum or any grief any problem and then he says this word these words Allah who my near Dhaka Wallah I am your psyllium welborn Radhika and the son of your psyllium wobbu aromatica and the son of your female segments, my mother yesterday My father used to live and I'm used to live now CTB Erica, my forehead in order to hear where people hold someone is in your hand. Marlin nifi Yeah,

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tokamak your judgment is carried on upon me, whatever we judge that happens, or The Loon fee or other, whatever you decree that you're right. Whatever you decree about me, there's right.

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I asked you by every name of yours, every name, which you have named yourself, you know, or your thought anyone from your creation, or use sent it in your book, then it's an obvious to authority behavior or eliminate.

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And those are names which you have kept a secret to yourself, in a way nobody knows. You just know but nobody to even those names, that you made the Koran like a spring up my heart, light of my chest, no removal of my grief. You know, finishing off my my worry. When somebody said like that, Allah removes all his worry. And he gives him you know, he opens it up give some openness to the people serve under the messenger should we not? A lot of these these words, the professor has to Why not? Anybody who has them, they should learn them to learning is I mentioned all the things you understand don't take literally don't that word learning means to understand the meaning to all the

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topic anyway. The argument After all, the hedis measures are which are thought to be heafy or eliminate Arabia in the there are some names of Allah for many, many many which are learned and nobody else knows.

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To say that only 99 it does not like 99 names have a particular effect. We know that we need to know but it does not mean that Allah has got only 99 names. Nobody can know

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anytime. Yeah, comments on the Saudis in his mobile fatawa volume number six, page number 374. He said for Harvey for Harvey I do low on our unadilla asthma on focus this it more recently. This her this Miss Collier Allah has got more names than 99 not only 99 it's more than that.

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In the time he also said in either part of his fatawa video number 22. Page number two core value for her they are dulo or anello usma on is the US

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I believe he might be the one who wrote commentary and Abu Dhabi very early. He said other say this or this near scalea. Allah has got some names, which he has kept to himself. He did not tell anybody without a doula and Apolo in the Rila this automotive Selena is someone Manasa Jana, comma purifier. This tells you that when her this Allah has 99 names those would preserve them the interpreter dies this her This is a like somebody said I have got 1000 dyrham which I have prepared captor for sadhaka

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door he's a Walton more than that. But he want to say that this one towel that will leave us at the top but the rest for something else to another nips have so many but 99 cannot be enough for the people to turn to paradise beneficial for the people.

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And unless what I said in the Quran were Illa Hill, Asma, Allah Festina further will be her all best Names of Allah, not only 99 all of them. So I'm going to address my last Rahmatullah without any condition. What I'm yaku lies the latest model of us in this automotive basement. I learned never said he had only 99 names he never said it's all the best names or his 10 or whatever good names can come in any language, you know analysis in not only in Arabic language, if people call him nor do in Hindi. You know, I can see somebody from Madeira language Corolla, if you speak to him ask him in Malayalam language in any language. He listens.

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He might know his or her Muslim it difficult Allah. Allah another Hadith lei Sufi hustle yes ma is berhanu Tada all the autumn I agree that this her This is a no counting on a comprehension of another names for less than or no or no Lisa was monovarietal ha ha this autism he doesn't have he did not mean Allah did not have you know other than 99 names. Why Nana Matsuda Hadith and aha the mitzvah Hi this articel Yun Manasa The only meaning that you know people learn these 99 names reserved them out upon them. They intend to paradise for the murah bar on the hora Jana BSI lead for Boro behalf hustlers ma ha this does not say a lot only 99 names it always say they're their dog who

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know 99 years they enter to paradise.

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Don't do this mistake that Allah has got only 99 years

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What are these names if you look really what under the names are all lives are praise greatness of Allah glory. So then similar name you can make in your language in any language in a pie user money stercoralis Morocco Sunnah wa Giada muda vasana on any anybody who looks at mysteries, carefully deeds best Names of Allah, he will find them they all praises

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duck sorba Roger was the feanor on a bolo vehicle here. The people who have you know, recorded people, they can not reached to the reality of its meaning depth other means they can't reach because we don't know already. No, you only know the meaning of that object or attribute where you know they're not known.

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