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130 or below el amin was Salatu was Salam O Allah Rasool E. Mohan wala he was so heavy in mind I'm about to only be learning Misha rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. While lives while laser in sunny la masa, Maria brothers and sisters,

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today is the last day of this academic year of a Salaam Institute and inshallah we are going to meet again in the month of October or maybe before that. From now on until October you have got a few months horridus doctor The truth is, you know my teacher, our si Ramallah Dada, used to give a speech at the end of the year. And he is to emphasize on one thing, I'm not going to Madeira Sabatini madrasahs have no hood it is. So people should not think that there's a holy day in a madrasahs when you study when you learn the always busy. And when I was asked

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to, you know, give this a short talk on this occasion, it came to my mind to write something last night, maybe actually, I think this morning, more, I wrote

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two or three pages of advice for the students what to do during the holidays, I wrote in order to could be useful for the students in India very well. And somebody started to English in Charlotte, you Roberta in English. And I'll talk in the light of that article to remind you, you know what is important.

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In very often what happens is, when you're studying, and you don't succeed in your study, or you don't do well enough, you put the blame on the teachers.

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People put the blame on the institutions, people put our saw the blame on the environment, on the conditions are the life on the time, there's so many things that no doubt really, a very responsible for whenever we lose something, there are more than one factor to sometimes could be possible that teachers don't do don't teach properly. It affects your learning. Sometimes institutions don't perform their duties properly, it affects your learning your knowledge, and sometime the time you live, it actually also harms you but there are so many factors, you could blame them for your loss and for your in for for the harm that has come to your study and learning. But I want actually to

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remind you, that among all the elements of education, with a teacher, or a school, or students, the most important one is just once they are the most important one.

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Sometime it could be possible the school or the institution, not very good. The teachers are not very qualified. Time is not convenient, you know, everything actually is in some way.

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not prepared to for the for the purpose that you want to achieve. But still, if you're a Buddhist student, you can do your performance calculate the best. In the worst time the best students can come out. It really depends on you to actually I put the heading of my article that, you know, the My question is about your studentship I really student, if you student then Don't put the blame on anybody else. You know, this will help you to rise as high as possible. You know, I can remember many stories in the past when the students studied under the teachers who are not very qualified, but the teacher is supposed to learn properly and become more important that teachers time was not

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very good community. But these two lists actually did so well. That people don't ever worry about their time. Your effort is a very, very important

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dimension, some story from my own life reasons when you study when you learn from your teacher. It helps you more to understand the dimension that when I was nine year old, I got admission in one of mothers near my village where I used to walk on my feet a few in two or three miles every morning and coming in the evening. And I studied there Farsi Persian language when I studied the foreign

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You know, there are some books in the curriculum I used to study and the students mostly used to read only those books or this tours, but I used to do more study in Urdu and Persian. So my dad and my teacher, the main teacher of the Farsi Persian language, sometimes used to bring a version of poetry of the old course or used to ask me to read it.

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And translated them. So he can see really with them How is good my understanding are for your language. So this external reading, I know my effort to help me later on 100. And now I can read any Persian book in the poetry of prose, and I don't find any difficulty to understand them. And I tossed it I mean, it is from Persian into Arabic. When I was in Roma, in London, I was because Caesar is the best person to Farsi, he was Chicago seneviratne, Allah tala, the use of my translation for his books, and he mentioned my name dear, that, you know, he learned that you know, from my translation, and whenever they're needed for translation, or you catastrophize for the

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people, and that my partner also helped me in Oxford, further research, you've got so many sources in Persian, and nobody knows well, too. I used to read them, take notes, and it's still my notes are there to help them Sam when I started learning Arabic language,

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in Arabic grammar, I study more books, then it was in the curriculum in Arabic language and literature. You know, I read it many, many people, you know, Ahmed amin, Tao said, roughly one fruity and many other people their books again again many times until I brewed my Arabic and start learning and understanding under speaking and writing and all those when I was in the final year of hiring again, let's roll on that. We have got a good year on a double RB by an RD one, written by my teacher, maulana Muhammad Ravi Hasina Devi, that book is about, you know, history of forbidden treasure, and how to study it critically, you know, the literature, it is very concise, the book

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very short. So if you just suffice with that one, you don't learn much. So what I did, I found out what are the main books on that topic in Arabic language, more detail one to one of them is, you know, as a young hustler as a yes book 30 RMB. I borrowed that from the library. I read the book from the beginning to the end, and I took notes to my understanding of Arabic literature and history become much, much better. Then at the same time, also, I borrowed from the library, the book of Ahmed amin, federal Islam, fragile Islam is a very important work really it is it is a very good study of our culture before Islam. Then when this alarm came, what are the changes number two, the

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art of society in the rising of Islam. This is the best book written by Ahmed amin no doubt Well, he spent his time didn't very well. I read that book many times I took the notes in what I became aware of Arab culture or of society verse lamp, and how the changes came to Islam. Then after that, I learned his books, the Hollis law and the holy Salaam even later Later in Islam, how the political changes came and water well How were the Muslim society and well How were the Arab culture and Muslim culture you know, decline arising. amazing book a doctor reorder me did not make a same effort in these two books. To Hollis anomalisa done many volumes. The first one is the best one are

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fragile Islam. So you know that I do.

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In the final year of irony, I was studying Sahih Bukhari in only few chapters. So I used to take notes in the classroom. And it was not easy for the stores to get hold of the commentaries, the desk commentary and Bokhari for syllabary by nathless palani. Or, you know, in India mother Assad when the teach book or any book of Hadith,

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they teach her this lesser, but the teach Hanafi madhhab more to embrace it was to defend Hanafi madhhab against all the mother whom I asked my teacher was teaching say Buhari, can I borrow from you? throttle body to take notes? To My teacher said to me, no, no, don't pay for trouble. Otherwise you want to be misled. What he meant is that you know, if you read it for trovare it's written by in a huddle with a sharpie, usually for us by him. So it will corrupt to your understanding of your own mother hanafy mother to don't read it.

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I said to my teacher know what very eyes and eyes Keep my your nose, nobody can disagree with me, they became very happy to he lent me the book and I read the book on take notes. So this how to write my understanding of the books or Hadith and similarly, when I studied you know, Felker, like in SOHCAHTOA, studying twite, read the whole in a book of focus Zakat by Shekar qaradawi. two volumes, nicely, and really, it helped me to understand that you know, IDF is a carton Islam is also a book of mohalla by a husband in to see the counter arguments by some who's not hanafy who's not a molecule turneffe or any, any mother how he thinks. It really helped me to understand is detail,

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though, that the day when I studied most books off in our female hygiene and also in the time, we had many, many books available, and many other things. I don't remember all those details. So

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Do the things that, you know, helped me to understand the sciences much more, they are not part of the curriculum. teachers do not teach me actually even teachers, I don't think they have a study all these books, then, you know, the mother side environment did not help because my or my other colleague colleagues, they did not read these books. They used to laugh at me when I told you, they said, Why are you reading all this stuff, you know, prepare for the exam. So you can see what not, you know, the way of the way when I came to England, UK, you know, I borrowed from the library here, books off the art of Western philosophy, logic and all those things, to understand really, that how

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the society has been here how to understand we're thinking, too many of these devices are not required to study or to learn. I'm proud to say that, you know, instead of blaming your teacher on the student, you should think how much I can do. So I put my heading in a very nice article, that theory Talia grimeca so sometimes people question the leadership, that you are a leader, how very leading sometimes you do I question Don't worry about the leaders. Don't worry about the teachers and institution, nothing. I'm questioning you, if you are used to it.

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How much you do what you can do that think really that you know, the real thing is you in or change your mind. The real growth is not the physical growth, real growth is the growth of the mind. How much you can grow your mind in your head, physical growth not necessarily always in your hand, but a mental growth and growth of your mind in your head. How you study how much you study how much you think, you know, one person really can change the world. The you know, people say in Islam now we don't have any more Abu hanifa and Malik and Shafi we don't have anyone like Bukhari and Muslim.

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Certainly the Prophet Muhammad Salah Sammy the seal of the Prophet hartono begin by Allah never said abohar is Fatima mahad defeat Abu hanifa is hard to move for haha. He never said like that. Meaning that until the death to Yama Could it be anybody better than Abu hanifa because shatta did not inimitable hanifa until the deaf br ma somebody could it be better than a Bukhari because Bahar is not hot even more Hadith in in Arabic literature people could be even now better than the house in a hammer the mean all these people in different sectors the valleys and Tavi you know he was the lead after these people but he's much much you know, better you know, and in many ways really amazing

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person you know his own is tired you can see our share Corazon de la Mola, not an Arab but even RFC used to accept his Arabic on shift on TV used to play in so highly. So there's a no heart, a heart in the heart of the Prophet Muhammad, but that no heart murmur had nothing. There's no heart more for her than no heart. Moreover, there are no heart among

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you know, you have chance really to become like them. Actually, if people can become better than Buhari, then nothing to stop, you know, stop it creepy still people can do that. And it's all your effort. I tell you Mussina

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Mussina is excellent in the philosophy and logic and so many things. And, you know, after the Siena, we did not have anyone like him until the end. In his books. He used to be part of the kuroko curriculum in the European industry. Both books in all are known in medicine, and a shift in philosophy until the end of 19th century.

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There are nobody like him, this madness Sina super intelligent, actually in Islam, I say in the after Sahaba when the two people superintelligent, ammonium Messina, and one of them potamia but the two apodemus Gina is not a man of religion really does not believe in the Quran sooner such way in a totally different person, even a sinner if you study his life, do you think he got all this inner knowledge from teachers know his teachers were not qualified like

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do you think really he got all this knowledge from society no society or not sort of us in, in philosophy and logic. It all his his study. His individual personal he used to do the buka farabi. Once again, second time, third time, until actually he Axel farabi. The much better than fara. We do people historically people say you know there are three teachers in philosophy. First one is ours to Aristotle is Aristotle. Allah Mala Mala Well, the second one is Vanessa farabi second teacher, Molly mazzani. And Mussina is remodeling mythology. Third teacher and then after that, they say the new teacher, only three teachers. But this minute Messina read his biography, nothing they read all his

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effort. He was in Ohara mirrabooka had gotten very good library in a Siena somehow had access to that library. He finished all the reading. He read all the books, and understood our sample books he read many, many times until they've come on later on.

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He did not even have time to write anything to the student they wanted us Johnny, he said to him, you know, dictate his I don't know her time. He said, you know, just otherwise you're not in lust to actually Schaeffer and upon in not written in a library with research it dictated he just saying and the people taking notes or notes taken is amazing okay most books are philosophers, they're constructors book they're not proper book they're just notes for the students but these people are so learned the knowledge so much deep into the mind you know they can actually dictate and it is a super amazing when you learn something and look up but you know what happens when when I teach a

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which I did not learn properly I need to need to take a look in the nose, I follow the same examples. But those subjects where I study properly I discussed with the teachers or read many books. If I have don't have any book I can teach properly and you have no problem to understand. Like if I have to teach Arabic grammar. In most of discussion I can teach from my memory and give new examples on if I teach you sort of Hadith I shall I can teach it I as best as possible because many of those are discussed I wrote. So what's in my mind, Santi Messina he wrote he discovered large doses so detail so you know it really why in Islam we don't have people like that.

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The reason is because you don't make it for the students don't make effort. Now you're going to get what it is. You're going to waste of your time walking around you think now that you know this lockdown is going to be eased in a restaurant and difference and third thing and gossiping and social media. So certainly if this is your habit, nothing will happen. blockchain your cell force is no different person. I'm going to update I'm going to use every moment of my life properly. I don't want to waste my time. Make timetable. You know, I am going to study these books in Arabic language and literature. These books in Hadith and the fifth these books in tafsir until our neutron stars I

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have to make goal this I have to finish whatever happened, you know, I don't care about anything. I just want to focus on that. Take notes or write discuss in analyze them until these analogies become you become better than your teachers.

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You know, the proper muscles have become better than his ancestors. You know, anything can happen. You know, Bahari became better than history just you know Buhari used to say I never found my civil law either much either in front of Adam Medina, Mr. Almighty just mister when I've asked to with my teacher, I would like them. But except Allah Medina when I'm in front of him. I could see that I'm lower. People said to Ali madine that Buhari was trying to say the must Assad to Nazi I did not consider myself low in front of ever, ever anybody, either. I found myself door in the front of Allah Medina. Medina said no leaving him. Buhari never has seen anybody like himself. You see, Ali

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said he never has seen anybody like

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most of us do. He said a few people see Malik and then Buhari and Abu Musab this teacher of mud Buhari, you will see both at the same time this thing relates to not to learn he accepts that teachers now see discussion of Buhari about Hadith. Much much better than his teachers much superior.

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Why? Because I spent time good mind fresh mind thinking working hard until it's so good. You know, 70 fall apart if you see people have luxury. The luxury is so good. The grammar is just nothing compared to him. Actually people don't know is to just him. Except in his biography when it's actually the mission. There is just an income. But there was nobody knows his teachers. See why Excel is teachers. people actually want Lino holiday everybody when they read, see boy, Busey, Brexit. Abu hanifa XL his own teachers that how the people have been doing really now up here. Don't say my teachers did not teach me properly. Don't say a Salaam did not to do well, in Everson as we

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expected at with su serially did you do well As expected from you, you still can kind of do really the best possible time time to say don't want to blame anybody. Don't abuse your time. Don't akiza conditions. Don't accuse your teachers. Okay use yourself that what I what I can do and what I'm doing. Can I do better than that? People before you they had worse condition than yours. Understood Well, if you know really how we used to go to mother said he will be shocked I don't want to put myself walking on the feet. You know so many problems and difficulties in the life. Sometimes the road is flooded, to wish to swim, you know and take out the cloth and swim and then go to all wet.

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You know, so many problems, but still never complete. Now you have got so much facilities. Such an easy life in the rest

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Understand you complain to this not right that why I wrote the article to you that don't blame anyone other than yourself. thinker. If you don't do well, it is your fault. If you don't Excel, it is your problem. Nobody else is responsible in everybody helping as much as possible. But at the end of the day, your excellence actually is in your head. So I just stopped with here, you know, there is almost a long speech on short speech, both are the same effect to make something longer does not make it better. To short sentences. Concise speech is still the same thing as the long one. What matters is how do you how you take it out, go deep in your heart, to take deep your heart, you know,

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go back and I finished it with my, my teacher. We also used to read this poetic verse, every time when he used to take give advice to the students that have been supportive Vasa, he said, upon a monument upon a man may do the carapace Astra weighs in the ghee to a garden mirror and he Banta nubbin up an autobahn appname manmadhudu bucur pa surah is in the movie. Go deep in your insight

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and find out the secret of their life.

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If you don't want to want to become mine, be yours. We don't want you to bring good news for us Law Institute. We don't want to give good news to your teachers. We don't want to you to give good news for your family. We want you to think about yourself. have been good nifer yourself. God we're about to work up in our garden Mira and he Banta if you don't want to be mine. Don't worry up Natasha will be yours Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina. Muhammad in Rolla yubari Casa Lim robina tnfr dunia Asana bofill Farah has nothing Robin Robin. on low my Nana Sarah volumen nephila Ramadan slowly. What is an Harada was your worship leader allow Madonna houda Tama de la Medina wa Divina.

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Allow my non master Luca Maha fatten the hadoo na sigue Allah Masada Juana tawanda ma V, Habiba kawana vehicle Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah who may not know the mela photobiological or have been inactive during our Hasina. What will after that there has not been Aloma? solara satana mamajuana Muhammadan vida ru Baraka Selim

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