Every Tyrant has his day coming

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When he was drowned completely, two things happened. The people may have doubted that this man is not dead because he used to call himself the node of the world. He's going to come back number one. Number two is the sea.

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Apparently, according to some narration

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found him too dirty to be within that pure water, who are tahu Roma Oho.

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At the Pharaoh is in the water, Allah instructed the water to spit him out.

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Funnily Omar Nona Jacob Biba, Danny Kurita, una de man fallen FACA.

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Well, in caffine, around Minun, Seon, Tina Fey known on this day, we have instructed that your body be preserved motionless, so that you can be an example for those to follow because many people are definitely oblivious of our silence. That's what Allah says.

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So he was specked out of

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the sea, and his motionless body lay on the side to this day, it is there. A man who called himself The Lord of the worlds and you see the flaking of this brittle skin acne.

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Mommy fight.

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Ramses the second or not is irrelevant.

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But Allah says, is preserved because Allah wants every tyrant to know your day is coming. You might cause chaos on Earth, you might threaten people you might execute your threat, but it's limited you also have to die. People say I'll kill this guy. Hang on after that. Then what do you have today? Say No, but you know what? If you pull the trigger,

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I tell you, Allah's trigger is not even a trigger you can see they say the whip of a human can be heard. The Word of Allah doesn't even have a crack.

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It is silent, but it is absolutely violent.

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The rain you see out there comes down pitter patter. You look at it you smile you initially enjoy you walk out, but if you're sitting there oblivious of Allah are pressing, you ought be worried that this rain is not going to stop and the same rain causes floods in the little while later your wall comes crashing and sometime later, the wind begins to blow and your roof is off. And a little while later your entire house is uprooted. And you are standing there being beaten from tree to tree as the trees are being uprooted as well. And you are being pounded through the water and you are going straight into the oceans and you don't even know where and there's no sign of you because at the end

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of the day, you're covered and you're actually gone invisible totally lost in the mud and the slime and whatever else that followed after the disaster yet you were partying when initially the same rain that was going to destroy you started as a pitter patter.

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The punishment of Allah when it comes,

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it comes, what's the message today?

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Please come down. That's the message. Let's turn back to Allah. Don't let things get to your head. You are no bigger than anybody else. You are just one number. Respect people, honor them. Don't let your money and your power get to your head because that head

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is going to be the root of your destruction at some point if you continue this way.