Introduction to Arabic Rhetoric

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Bulava is one of the important branch of Arabic language like we have now suffer. Similarly Bulava they have

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to learn how to convey your message more effectively.

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So sometimes for example what happening is it you say something but people don't understand properly Do you give example you bring the story it was sometimes similarly you know proper you say no so and so is a very brave like a lion to then people understand your centers more carefully to Bala read from Bella Bella means that whatever you feel, whatever you understand, to the right towards to your audience can be the same by saying I understand this, which is to the cut sometimes what happens to

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you to the word but or just don't have the same meaning in their mind. So, they don't take from you what you think the best way in this is, is that, you know, you have to choose a door that was door sentence sentences, which can convey to the audience the same feeling as you feel or same thinking, as you think that is Bulava. So that actually is a skill that people need to learn. So in the course of the Bulaga inshallah, we're going to learn a discipline where I have been criticizing all the time, many of them they don't learn this, that you know, how to convey your message more effectively. That what happening with you when you study in the in the madrasa or in any class, you

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know, us learn the language of the experts. And we'll talk about the terms like I said, how this

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or this thing or that thing, but when you come to the society, society does not know you diverse societies under speak the language of the specialized people, society, its own language. Bulaga Miss means to convert these specialized messages into a male language of the people in line with other people effectively, the Quran does Quran Muna Quran talks to people in their language, Ira Hadees also deposit his gift to the people in their local language, never especially language. Do you study the science in the specialized language? Masuda is also tafsir Australia for more specialized but when you teach the same subject to the muscle in the mosque, don't you just use a data entry

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door that was set of expressions which can we make them to understand the message must clearly in their language, that wife or daughter might is good really to learn the language or the poetry, drama or the language of the people to then you can convey your message in that language. So inshallah this course will make effort further. But the problem has been Islam, since the influence of the Greek logical philosophy, even Bulava became philosophy. So you know, this aspetta Bonanza that you know, you learn how to say your thing effectively has been lost.

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many books on the left they're very dry. They don't teach you that there by the way, the people and the Quran they don't understand the beauty of the Koran to very few books, which are very successful. In in, in last century. You know, this book has been written very nicely, which actually is making the book Bulava more alive. And that a balaclava but that's very detailed. So then I wrote my own is more, a more concise version and that in my body. You know, people can learn very quickly that in one shot I'm going to teach it next term, about Ebola