The Only Way To Be Saved When There is No Way Out

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AI: Summary © The struggles of parenting loved ones during the pandemic have led to struggles for a family, including showing respect for parents and family members and protecting from social media. A woman talks to a man who is trying to convince her to stay with him until she gets her money back, but refuses to give her money back until she gets her money back and the man gives her a ten-dollar check. The woman refuses to give her money back until she gets her money back and the man gives her a ten-dollar check.
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Elisa salami says, there were three people from before that they were taking a trip together. Then they went inside a cave to rest. And while they were in the cave, what happened? A rock roll. Can you imagine the sound while they're in the cave, rolled and rolled until it locked the one and only interested a cave.

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So the enter the solid cave is dark enough, you know, they've tried to push the rock, it's not moving three of them, push it Come on everything you can go for it. Yelling help. No one can hear. No one can see. No one knows about what's going on. Brothers and sisters. So one of them says, There's only one way for us to be saved. There's only one way for that distress to be relieved. What's the one and only way instead? And take your own law have beside a maliko. Make dua to Allah and the reference, bring up to Allah, a very sincere, amazing elite good deed you've done.

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And tell us until Allah if you accepted that Allah, then please save us. So they sat. They thought, What's the best good deed have done in my life? Yeah. lebensmittel if you were in that position, what will you go through? The Prophet is teaching us this hadith for a reason. Because when we go through that we remember what they did. Elvis Miller and his question to all of you now think, in the hotbar, what's the greatest deed that you've done? You can use? I know a brother, he when he heard this, his wife was delivering a baby. So he said, I remembered the headings of the process. The baby was not coming out. It was suffering. It was torture and those who No no. So he went to

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Allah with the greatest of these that he did. May Allah accept from him? I don't praise him on our last behalf. He says well lived by that time I was done that day became hamdulillah there was a complication no need for surgery central One, two and three. syllabus. Milan. What do you have? The greatest you've done Pisa beetle. Ah, let's see what they did. Three of them. Bismillah also la sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, minimum Ramadan. One man made to Allah He said Allahumma in Lee, I have to say, Honey, cabbie, Ronnie, two old parents helpless, they are very dependent on me. And I used to bring the food to them. And I would usually go to mom and dad first with the milk with the

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Halle. Then I go to my wife and my kids. So yeah, Allah one time. One of these days I was caught up with a few things, but I was late on to my parents. So when I arrived to Mom and Dad, I do man I mean, I found them asleep for Gary to I didn't want to wake them up

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for Gary to and Oklahoma. I didn't want to wake them up. So what did he do? He said for Halloween too. So I got the milk and then at prepared in a bowl and I waited and waited next to them had to stay there until they wake up. So yeah, Allah I stayed for how many? minutes? gnomish minutes? hours or you bet he stayed till federal until the dawn. Then when they woke up, I gave him the bowl of milk. Yeah, Allah in Taco Bell terminhandel am and if you accepted this deed for for Jana manaphy. Then Yama help us out. Yeah, Allah it's a matter of time till we die out of thirst out of hunger out of everything. You're up if you accepted this deed that was done just for you. Please save us.

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A rock move. Get out? No, it's not enough. It moves but not enough for all three to leave. Go to the next one. Not Why go to the next one. Just wait a second. Wait a second. Did you see what the first brother did?

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What's saving him is his respect his mom and dad? Where is it in our life? Where is it? Yeah, love Bismillah. Take it to the next level. I beg you. I'm begging you and remember, don't you ever come and say are not showing respect to mom and dad? Because they did not do this to me? Don't you ever say that? Ever? And don't say you know why I love my mom and dad. Why? You know why I show respect to them? Why? Because I remember when my mom took care of me when I was a baby. And I remember how much my dad works to put food on the table. No, that's not your number one reason why to show respect to mom and

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Dad, because if that's the equation, then every orphan should not show respect because their father died at a young age.

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So why do we show respect the mom and dad were called buka Allah abou in

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because Allah said so

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delivery date not because of what they did to you. You know that means they say thank you to you. They say I don't like you. They say I care about you. They say I don't care about you, it will not change you because I do it is a built in law.

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And if you have that mental understanding what you get from your parents, you have a solid you know Allah got your back. And that's how you should approach it then. If they're nice to you, they're great to you and handed it that makes it easier. You know, let make it easy for all of us. It's not easy, but may Allah make it easy. For some people it's very difficult your lips Milan, as it also Lysol. Allahu alayhi wa sallam, a companion when Tim he said jasola au la what's the most thing that Allah loves? What was the first thing? He said? A Salah to allow to which is to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala let me actually adjust that. I use it a lot Nam he says a select to allow Bhakti

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her is to pray on time Allah May Allah make use of people pray on time.

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Then he said to me then what jasola after Salah bitterroot Valley then respecting your parents. So my then what then he says LG had to be sebelah to Jihad free sebelah May Allah make it easy for us to go to the next one, the rock moved, but the three are locked in the cave they still cannot leave. What did the second person do? He Olympus millenia lawmakers apply the Hadith of the sauce Allah. This is so high in this body. He says it also less than one aha call the second man Kane. He says a lahoma in in mechanically been to admin. I used to have a relative who had been shady I love her more than anything. I'm obsessed about her. I'm in love, deeply in love. So one time I went to her

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and I wanted to have an intimate relationship from 10 ad. She said no, I stuck through law never impossible. I'll never do something like that. He said yeah, Allah. But one time, she was struggling financially missin back alley her risk. So she came to me I was well off. I was financially stable. So she came to me and asked for money. So yeah, Allah, I did use that moment. And I gave her me at her were actually in Edina. I gave her 120 dinars at that time was valuable. But Allah shall, upon one condition. I don't need it back, perhaps but you want one thing from you? What is it? And to makini? Name enough sake, for you to say yes. And you know what I'm talking about, for us to have

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that relationship. For hubby that she was desperate needs money. said okay. I agree to this contract. So that was that man says YAHWAH as we were approaching and we were almost about to you know, get into it. She said no. You cannot do what you're doing unless you do it in the halide way. It has to be through marriage. So he said for caffeine FC. So then I realized this is haram right there. No one will say anything to anyone. It's just as to she needs the money. She doesn't want to tell people I will never tell people we could have done it and no one knows about it before caffeine FC by news.

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So yeah, Allah I left her I didn't touch her. Well, I told Matt and I gave her the money I didn't take it back. Yeah, Allah if you accepted this for me that I left her only for your sake no one could have known I did it just for you. I left her just for you. Then Yeah, Allah Farah Jana. Allah move this rock away from us. Yeah, Allah we are about to die. Yeah, Allah.

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The Rock move delidded it? Can they leave? No, not yet. It's open but not enough for the human body to leave. There's one last one but before we go to that, yo la Bismillah with all the times that we live in on social media, online on Instagram, whatever social media, the Haram is only a click and we all know that all if you do not meet Allah make bless your life and you open it, which is good. May Allah protect you, as a collect. So next time this happens, you tell us a thumbs up, let him in. And you remind yourself Yeah, Allah, I want to use this moment and I could have pressed play. No one would have known. I know how to delete and erase and cover up my things very well. But yeah, I'm not

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gonna do it just for your sake. And in one day when you are in distress, when you are in a big problem. Remember that night Yeah, I remember that night to Allah. If I left it if I didn't click that if I didn't watch that video.

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If I didn't touch that person who's hot I'm just for your safety Allah protect us. But the right move but not enough for all three to live. What's that last story I'll share with you in Charlotte in the second cookbook, I say whatever I have said stuff to law. In no hula photo writing is the most forgive

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Bismillah al salatu salam ala rasulillah alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam. Three people stuck in the cave or rock falls locks the one and only entrance. So they tried everything possible push the rock yell out loud, no one can hear no rock is being moved. So one person suggests the only way to be saved is to call upon Allah upon the greatest sincere deed you've ever done for his sake. The first one spoke about righteousness to parents. And Allah accepted the rock booed but not enough for all of them to leave. The second one spoke about how he protected his chastity his higher his modesty is an alarm of the rock, but not enough and here's the last one the man made dua to Allah Allah Houma in that

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cave and darkness yeah Allah. I had a job a project and I hired employees at the end of the project and then to make sure I gave everyone is he owed his paycheck. Except one guy did not take his paycheck. faster, smarter, harder, man. So I invested that money with that paycheck which the brother did not pick up. So I invested and invested and years have passed by years until I got so much money yeah Allah well bad the hain originally after many years that man came he says alpini a god give me my paycheck many years later. What could have happened by others? We got nothing Who are you? What's your name? Do you have any documentation? Nothing. So the man tells him You see how the

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Doctor wahana you see all of that wealth of the capital and all these assets are all yours.

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He says at the stairs you will be Are you making fun of me all of this is mine. I just want my paycheck. He says in the last week I invested that check that you left behind and that's what your check brought to all. So this is all yours.

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coolness a fella metric ha so he took everything that man excited I couldn't believe it. He took everything and did not leave a single camel cow anything behind so the man said yeah Allah if I did what I did for your sake because you could have got away with it. There's no evidence base it yeah Allah I did it for your sake. Yeah, Allah if you accept it from me, then protect us from what we're in the rock moved and all three were saved.

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For that either la VM and Insightly. Ha listen you watch him carrying

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your hammock Allah for dunya Allah so go to Allah with the most righteous deeds that you can as much as you possibly can. So Allah can save you in this life and the afterlife. that a man someone gives you a pen bro just a pen gives you a 10 gives you something return it unless you get the okay or understanding from them that's fine on the return that someone gives you their car their book their book is for us to read from they should not get their book back after we borrow with it with food in the book.

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Right this Mr. NET we take care of we have a sister passing by Allah Allah Maha in Italian woman. So don't lower your sight. Yes, her brother cannot see you her dad cannot but Allah can and you do what we said bt laser cannot add we have an ultra system that the fear of Allah May Allah give credit to all of us. So increase that bank of Senate. May Allah make it easy for all of us Emil Bellamy.