Understanding The Quran Al Fatiha Part 2 Track 6

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The segment discusses the recent attacks on Muslim women, including "ocean woman" and "monica woman" by the "urance" group. The segment also talks about the "monica woman" group's use of deadly force for life and their actions to cause harm. The segment ends with a reference to "the greatest, not by just me" and a mention of "the way you love Allah" and "monica woman" groups.

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Look at all sisters, how many of them have been attacked by this vicious attack? Which the secret subtle way? How many of them

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are working

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with the other six, whereby they are intermingling? They are joking laughing. They even shake their hand of their boss or kiss their cheek

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is in this attack, which has destroyed our Muslim sisters are flowers, which we consider

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and why is this? Why? What is this lady receiving on television? Oh, in the magazines on the media? What's the propaganda that she is exposed to? That the Muslim women are oppressed? So when I say the fashion in the western lady, naturally the lady's weak. So when she says that she thinks she's in a prison, she thinks that Islam is oppressing her. So she wants to liberate herself she wants to free herself from this oppression

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so beware the brothers and sisters

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look at the world how it is today. Look at all those radio stations that have been placed or the television stations that are placed solely for broadcasting what

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communism or Christianity

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as one of them sent

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that Africa by the year 2000 will be beaming with Christianity one of the devil's cities

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ah bamyan Masha Allah of Christianity or like Allah proved him wrong

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by Yama after

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being of Christianity

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look at if you if you've ever woken up after 5g revamping your television channel no one none of us do it. But it's it happens.

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And once I've done that, I opened it to a Christian program called on you it's on I just want to see the the garbage that's on it.

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They think it's called Benny you want Benny Hillis? Benny shaitan

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any, any this guy's mad and crazy? Yeah, big wig on first of all, and then he puts his hand on everything. I think I believe that this person out there is such and such. Oh, he's cute. He's cute. He's got a broken leg.

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you want to understand what you want to get to you have to watch after you've seen this. And he just goes and touches people. He falls down on how much money he gives him after the show. He just falls down. Danny is like you know, he thinks himself as being a prophet who can heal. In the name of Jesus. La he made a criminal law they use deadly force for life Lucha devils. But this is our situation that we are living in now. So brothers and sisters, be aware of the current affairs. Look around US Open your eyes and reflect and take heed. For indeed we are living in a time where it's just about to end. So before we leave this world, we kept ourselves this way kept ourselves there is

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love Allah to Allah and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam by implementing that which he commanded us and by abstaining from that which he wanted us to keep away from. This is the way you can really love Allah to Allah brothers and sisters. This is the only way you can really love Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, because loving Allah and His messenger is not despite kissing the Quran and put it on a shelf, or by celebrating the prophesy birthday sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, this is not the way you love Allah, the way you love Allah to Allah and His Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is to give them for clarity in your life to make a law, but in reality a

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law but the greatest, not by just me. speech but action. Well, Elena hamdulillahi Rabbil aalameen I will leave it now.