What happens when you are pleased with Allah – Allah removes animosity hatred and ill feeling

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The speaker discusses the RIDOT and the satisfaction of the decree of Allah with Tada Allah. They also mention Omar Al Qaeda's actions and the use of evil in their actions. The speaker describes Omar's actions as a " Hot tub" and a long one.

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There is another level of RIDOT where we are pleased with Tada Allah we are pleased with what Allah wills with what Allah decrees, we are pleased with that. And if we are pleased with the decree of Allah, then that should take out animosity from our hearts. It should take out hatred, and ill feeling from within ourselves. And that does not mean that we do not call to the good and forbid evil. But if a person commits evil,

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then what we hate or what we oppose is the evil not the person.

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Because the person could become a good person, they could make Toba and we look at even the case of Omar Al Khattab Rhodiola one

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who when he heard about this message, he was about to kill Prophet Muhammad. So Salam with El to Billa and he drank alcohol. So he was drunk.

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And he went to kill the Prophet, what kind of a person is this? That's the lowest kind of person you could think of. But yet, Allah azza wa jal knowing something that we don't know.

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Knowing that that same boldness, of aroma, that same ability to just go forward no matter what the circumstances could be used for the good

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and that he did have a conscience and Allah guided him to become the great Amira let me name Omar with a hot tub. Rather a long one.