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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the loss of their mother and the importance of their legacy to their family. They encourage people to take responsibility for their actions and share their successes with others. They also mention the importance of using their deeds as opportunities to wake up the next generation.
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Sri Lankan brothers and sisters in alila, Hawaii Natalie, Roger under some very sad news some of you have already had. It's true that the mother of our beloved chef chef hates him and her dad has passed away. Today, Rahim Allah, may Allah have mercy on her. It's very saddening, it's it feels almost as though my own mother has passed away again, Rahim Allah because,

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you know, she, of course, is a man who is like a father to all of us. He carved many of us, influenced many of us in a

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positive way. And his mother's like our grandmother were our, you know, certainly our elder and we feel the spanner that that sadness is that we've lost

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someone who's on the show, Haytham I know he was gutted for not being able to attend the sampler is the annual dinner yesterday. And today, I'm still in Manchester

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because he wanted to go and visit his mother, you know, while she was was while she was sick, and Allah subhanaw taala gave him the trophy to serve his mother like that and reward him and can accept it from them and continue to bless him with this type of guidance and more. And Allah blessed him to be able to be with his mother for the last few days. With humbly my but yeah, like I said, What does it feel like she's like our mother as well our grandmother or something like this is because you know, insha Allah, we are part of her legacy. We ask Allah subhanaw taala that any good day that we do, because, you know, our share had such tremendous impact on us. That Allah adds anything we do

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anything we teach our children or students or anyone further down the line further down the chain that we encourage people to do that Allah spent Allah gives our chef that reward and also his parents, you know, the reward for that as well. And so we, you know, if you've ever benefited from the shed

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at all, then know that inshallah and make dua that you are part of his mother's legacy insha Allah them and you know that number one, we should make dua for her for our mother, father, grandmother, Allah give her you know, a very wide, expensive grave full of the furniture of paradise, resurrect her with the martyrs, the Sidney bone, the, the prophets and the righteous. And also do something great with your life. Now use this as an opportunity Don't be bereft of motivation and vision and high aspirations. Even if not just for yourself, then do something plan something great for your life, a vision, to leave a legacy for to be part of a legacy for those who came before you your

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Messiah, if your parents, our parents, you know, our grandparents and, and people so we shouldn't use the apostle to get up and do something

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ambitious with our lives in Sharla so I just went to just came back from Omaha 100 And I was telling my kids as well and I did look at the great deeds that you can get from doing ombre you know, you can get or you know, your sins forgiven and just looking at the Cabos reward and praying and muscle Haram is 100,000 prayers with a reward, and every step you take, you know, in doing tawaf, circumambulating the Kaaba 10 Good deeds 10 bad deeds deleted and so on and so forth. And I thought, you know, surely the Sahaba the prophets or some of the Sahaba the righteous people in the past they would have just sat around the cabin just not gone anywhere, right? Wrong. You know, they, they look

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at where their graves are, look where the Sahaba is great. Sami Assam is great designer, and this direction, hundreds of miles 1000s of miles this direction, you know, in what might be today consider what would today modern day Turkey, Turkey, Sonic kind of

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on the way to Hynde, you know, in the opposite direction towards, you know, not in North Africa, Egypt and so forth. Why? Why they grave so scattered. So why are they so far away? Why did they leave this place where they get 100,000 prayers with rewards in one prayer, because the aspiration was what they knew that they could do something even greater than that. And now look how many people are coming from North Africa, from

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Hynde, from subcontinent from Turkey and Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, all these places. Why? Because somebody sent somebody had that aspiration. They sent those people out there and they went out there they carried the message of Islam. And now so many millions of people, millions upon millions coming from those countries, maybe they're part of that person's legacy. That's a hobby those who have that thought. I want to make those people in that faraway land beyond that horizon. Make those people know about Allah's deen and glorify law

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Spatola now in sha Allah, who knows, maybe all of the dough off that they're doing maybe all of the praise that they're from the good deeds, the copy of that is going to those Sahaba who, who left that land, you know, and did something great with their lives and so on. So it's number one we should make dua for our

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mother or grandmother who passed away and all of our parents grandparents of Allah, Masha. Number two, we should use this as an opportunity to wake us up to motivate us to do something great if not just for ourselves, but for to add to the legacy number three, obviously one of the greatest things we can do for the deceased people is

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give So define the name shall in this this is of course is sadaqa

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jariya setup we'll all share the link below with this video inshallah. So just remember those 333 Brothers and sisters and give messages support to our chef.

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People got his number and people have this social media details and so forth. So I just wanted to make

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give our sheriff and all of his family sober and contentment with the decree below the 100 line and

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give a give their mother our mother or grandmother

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the highest level of gentle for those who

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give her enjoyment now in the company of the angels and make all of us and all of our children and so forth and her children and grandchildren great grandchildren 100 Allah make them all center kajaria For her, had also only been Emma Hamilton, good friend Osama