Yasir Qadhi – A Message to The Ulama and Da’is of India

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the political climate in India, including the rising ideology and the need for political experts to address the issue. They also emphasize the importance of reintroducing Islam to one's own communities and forming alliances with political parties to fight against the agenda of the United States. The speakers stress the need for cooperation, unity among groups, and pray for a positive day. They also mention a three-part series on Islam and a series on "The reality of secretaries" and "The future of Islam" that will be available on YouTube.
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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Nabi I'm about Malka by Vaticano Yasser, Kazi America said, on which Capote who she hecky McPherson Media Upload

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came up says that as a goof to Google the failure to buy take a university here Cambridge that diagnosis data corrected leaking Chuki hamari Pradesh era he humbly can be who here to me because I'm the chairman there who came up look is a minute but karoun may marry mother kids or they can marry my dad is Ubuntu crazy happy to sad jobs. Mozilla Chattopadhyay Mozilla good to go on angrezi makanga Tacky Mohammadi has had a sign Kubota Yeah. So I am, as I said, very honored to be able to present my thoughts in front of you, especially at this very, very difficult time that Indian Muslims are going through. And really first and foremost, I would like to say that all of you are in

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my two hours I have been mentioning the Indian situation for many, many months now in multiple hotbeds. We have been fundraising and bringing awareness to this reality. And so my heart goes out to my daughters go out to you, you are really in our thoughts and our prayers. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, to protect all of you and to protect the OMA. So the question really, that arises, especially to collaborate element to Messiah and to to add is what really can be done? And what should you be doing, given the reality of your political situation giving you the impending rhetoric that, frankly, is very, very troubling and worrisome. And I hope that all of you are

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monitoring this reality and the potential of May Allah protect all of us, but the potential of that which we don't even want to verbalize. We don't want to say these words. So we will just say that, if the discourse continues, if the type of conversation and rhetoric and if the hate mongering continues, then the results are going to be along with Stein potentially very, very, very dangerous. So from now, all of us and especially out you will my brothers and sisters in India, especially you, you need to stand up and do something now what is to be done in this regard? Well, again, I'm just going to share my thoughts and inshallah hope that this will bring about a discussion from within.

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If you look at the seer of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, one of the beautiful things is that we learned so much from the Sierra, and we see from the Sierra, that we are allowed to adapt, we are allowed to prioritize, depending on our context, we're allowed to look at the broader picture, we're allowed to see what can and can we not do and then shape our discourse shape our priorities based upon the political climate of our time. So where the persecution increases, our responsibilities decrease this is from our Sharia. And in fact, this is one of the principles of the Mikasa the Sharia and the Kawartha. Our Romano this those are studied fact that one of the main

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principles of Islamic film called a mobile camera with Tessa, the more difficult something becomes the easier the Sharia becomes, the more difficult the difficulty becomes, the easier the Sharia becomes. And Michelle Coto digitally bought a taste here. This is one of the Maxim's of fiqh, Al Musharaka, when there is my shortcut, when there is difficulty, there's a taste it brings about an ease. So when we look at the Tao of a prophet of Allah yt, he was setting them in the early stages of maca. He did not even go public, in fact, that many of the Muslims converted, and they didn't even tell the people that they had converted, they kept their Dawa secret amongst themselves. Also,

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at times, the prophet system would not give public Dawa, he gave private Dawa, it was not known that there is a new faith unless you were interested in finding out about it. And as more and more Muslims increased, and as their quantity increased, and as the political climate changed, so to their Dawa changed as well, and they became more public, depending on the political realities around them. So the reality that you are finding right now in India, of this rising Islamophobia, of this rising, rising ideology that has distorted the reality of your country and nation and is taking it to very, very dangerous far right extremes. Your road AMA, and you are thinkers, your leaders and

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your politicians that are of our background, Muslims, those who understand the reality you should come together and discuss what should be our priority right now. What should be our discourse right now, and my May I humbly suggest as well is that Roma should realize that they need the help of CSU and political experts and political experts who are Muslim should realize they also need the feedback of Rolla errata

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They call it the Hampton, who give everybody the right that is do unto them, let every person be

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cognizant, aware of his own to hustles. And how a minority living in India right now how Indian Muslims should deal with the broader public is something that not just with Mr. But also political thinkers also MUFA Kieran, also people that have kibra in media, also people that are involved in political parties and alliances and are faithful to our faith and are also sympathetic to us, they will also have feedback. So bring together people of different hustle sorts bring together people of different specialities and have a frank discussion and one of the advices that I would give it again, anything I say, Please discuss amongst yourselves because as the saying of the Adams go Luma

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cutter a VCR we have the people of Makkah are more familiar with their territories than the people outside of Mecca, meaning upload better than the heck up Killa cap varieties want to cheer you would know best Right? Which simply advising and guiding you. So one of the things that comes to my mind as an outsider who is following your situation I am in the end of the day living in America, I am Indian origin and background but I've only been a few times and I am living in this very faraway land, what I see is that perhaps what is happening in the broader society, what is happening in your country, perhaps you may shift your that way now, perhaps now is not the wisest time to be giving

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Dawa to outsiders because it might bring extra animosity, extra hatred, extra mobs to come in. And there's no reason to do that at this stage. But there is a type of Dawa, that actually will be facilitated at this timeframe. And that is the Dawa from within that is the attempt to make our own Muslim community stronger in their own faith and Iman to raise the Imam and Taqwa to raise the rituals and religiosity to raise the as Allah says in the Quran, fellow law is a homebirth sunnah tal baharu. Why didn't they turn to us when the punishment was coming down? A thorough meaning a DUA and arriba and Taqwa and Zewde this is what we need to now be teaching and we can utilize what is

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happening in your society as a catalyst as a cause that hey, Muslims, look, you need Allah azza wa jal. You need Allah to be your MO Allah. Allah is our Mohler. And if you don't have Allah, if you don't have a dialogue with the law, you don't have a connection with Allah, then how are you going to take on the broader society and the hatred and the Islamophobia and xenophobia and the potential violence that is going to take place now is the time to make our better or Muslims better Muslims to make them understand they will need to start praying they will need to turn to Allah subhana wa Tada to understand their Deen. And perhaps one of the best strategies that you can use for this Dawa is

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to reintroduce them to the CRO of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and they will see it through a whole different light. They will especially relate to the persecution of the Muslims in early Maccha. The bravery that Amar and the acid and Sumaiya the Sahaba and Bilal ibn Abi Raba had the persecution of the Muslims will take on a new meaning. Indian Muslims should now be fully aware of the sacrifices of the people in early Islam of the Sahaba and Maccha. Go over the stories of how they were mocked, how they were ridiculed, how gang mentality is happening against them go over the stories of how yesterday in Serbia, were literally martyred, literally stripped, shredded to bits in

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front of the others. And this will give them a source of inspiration. It will bring comfort to those who have already lost their lives that you know what we're not the first and it will give us a sense of bravery and will allow them to understand that you know what, sometimes yes, there is going to be some pain and suffering but if we are firming Allah subhanho wa Taala sobre la Asad for Inamori, Docomo Jana. Now this is not to say we should be pacifist because one of the things we learned as well as hey, if you are able to then you have to have defense mechanisms as well. That's something we learned from the Sierra as well. But that is of course, a later phase the Madani phase. One of

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the things we learned as well from the Sierra, is that if you are really in fear of persecution, then the option of Hijra is indeed not just open but it becomes somewhat, you should consider it long and hard. The Sahaba made hijra to Abyssinia and then they made a hedgerow to Medina. So if a situation in a particular region of your land becomes extremely difficult, then think about for those who are able to to protect yourselves by going to other lands. Now again, I'm an outsider and I'm not qualified to tell you specifically should you should you not want to do but the Sierra gives us this option. Your leaders right now, the people that understand the dynamics of Indian Muslims

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should come together and make this decision and

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advise is it good for Muslims to go to one area of the country maybe even to start advising people to leave the country? I don't know, this is something that you know best. All I'm saying, from the Sierra, we have this option, whether this option works for you or not, that's something you have to decide. But from the Sierra, we have this option, that if push comes to shove, and your life is threatened, and you're not able to practice Islam, than those who are able to should leave, and to go to a place where they are able to practice Islam, because Alicia is not asking us to lose our lives in vain. He's not asking us to just, you know, die for the sake of nothing. No, if you're able

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to live somewhere else and worship Allah properly, then do that. And if you are not able to, then indeed, Allah azza wa jal allows an excuse for this. But again, your local leaders and teachers and thinkers and political analysts would know best all I'm saying from the Sierra, this is an option from the Sierra we also learn, dear brothers and sisters from India, from the Sierra, we learned that it is a part of our religion, to find allies from the broader society, who are going to fight for our dignity and freedom, who are going to help us carve out the freedom to be Muslim and to worship Allah subhanho wa taala. In your society, do your Muslims in your society in India, there

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are people there are lots of people who are opposed to this radical, far right hatred, ideology of Islamophobia and Hindutva. They're opposed to that ideology. And they have a different understanding of what it means to be an Indian, they have a different understanding of what it means to have a secular democracy in India, dear Muslims, I'm asking you, as a person who cares and loves about you, it is time to have a mature understanding of modern realities. You are all Indians politically, and you are all living in a secular what should be a secular democracy. There is nothing an Islamic to identify with the broader land of India, I say to people, I'm originally from India, there is

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nothing wrong to identify as an Indian. And there's nothing wrong to understand you're living in a democracy that guarantee that should ideally guarantee you the freedom of being a Muslim. So if there are people in your society that are going to support your right to be Indian Muslims, and they are not Muslims themselves, then the Sierra teaches us that we reach out to them and we form alliances with them. And we do cooperate with them upon good what are our No I will vary with Taqwa Allah didn't say what I will do Milo Muslim e and f will vary with Takano to our other video attack what can be done with anybody who wants to promote bid and Taqwa and the Prophet sallallahu Arsenal

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was told to say to the people of Makkah, last Allah Comala he urged Ron l my word that I feel Korba I'm not asking you any money. But I want you to love me likes my I am from Yuma. CORBA means a colleague, I'm your brother, I'm your kid, cousin, I'm your uncle, I'm your relative, the Quraysh treat me like a fellow kurayoshi This is what the Quran is saying. Let us run ill my word Dr. Phil orba give me the love that I deserve as a oroshi the meaning here, what would you give any other Kurachi That's what I'm asking you. Allow me to be here and allow me to do what I'm doing and preach as I'm doing. There is nothing wrong. Do your brothers and sisters for you to demand your

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constitutional rights to worship Allah azza wa jal to be a Muslim and to carve out your identity within the broader land of Islam, where your ancestors have lived for many, many, many generations. Those people who are trying to take this right away to say that India is something else and whatnot, they're historically wrong, by the way, and they're politically wrong. So you have to form alliances and treaties with people the healthful food What is it go back to the syrup or process and praise the healthful food I'll be positive he was a person who Allah who protected the Muslims, but you know, we did not accept Islam. And Allah says in the Quran, that in the Culatta demon activity well

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I can Allah Hiya, demon Yasha the Prophet system remained under the protection of Abu Talib and he was saddened by the death of Abu Talib multiple when it when the process of return from thought if and he did not have Apollo had passed away and he did not have somebody to allow Him to come into Makkah go read the books of Sierra What did he do? He sent to beloved event, a beer a bar he sent me love to see a live animal he sent to be loyal to a Mahira he sent beloved to multiple people. And he said to Bilal ask them to be my patron, the one who's going to give me you know, we in our language, we will say give me the visa right in our language, the processing with olives death, the Banu

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Hashim, Abuja, * became sorry Ebola became in charge and I will have said you no longer are allowed to live here. I will

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What was the chieftain of the battle Hashem? So the Prophet system is told to leave, he has to go to the PI five happens, what happens? He comes back, then how is he going to enter again? So he has to get another chieftain of one of the Kurdish tribes because the battle Hashem has rejected him now, after that of authority, so what does he do? He sends Bilal to the other chieftains and one after the other, they say no, no, no until finally Multilib and it says yes, I will take him and multiman it goes out and brings the process of directly in and he announces to the people that hey, people of Makkah, I have given gr i have given political status, basically I've given the visa to the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now, dear Muslims of India, Moto M. worshipped an idol. He was a pagan, who was an idol worshiper and he remained an idol worshiper until he died and he died before the the Battle of whether he died before the Battle of budget and the prophets Islam took that gr and he entered Makkah under the dua of multivitamin ID This is an alliance This is finding locals from within and Muslim was very active in destroying the boycott against the bundle Hashem remember, you know, the Shabbat, we thought of they had to go back into the the boycott more time was one of the main people who stood up and said to the corporation, I'm not going to allow this to happen. Why

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don't you let them worship the way they want to? What difference does it make to Moto M was not a Muslim, but Moto M stood up for Islamic right to be Muslim. Look at this. And the Prophet system accepted that. And not only this, dear Muslims of India, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam praised Multichem a praise that he gave to no other person. He gave them a term. You know what that praise is? How do you desire Behati go read our own tradition, honey. This is the Hebrew Hadith, the Prophet SAW, Selim said at the Battle of better when 70 of the Quraysh were chained up, all of their hands were at their necks, they were prisoners of war. 70 of the collages had been captured, right.

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And most of them had just died. He had just died before the battle but that he didn't participate in the battle but and the Prophet system said, hadith is in Bahati, that low Cana Mohammed bin at the high end through McCallum and if he had hula in Natuna, the o'clock to Who let him talk to who let him talk to him level, that if most of you have an ID, we're still alive right now. And he spoke to me to free all of the 70 for free just free them without any ransom, I would have freed all of them for his sake. Now, why is the prophecies and praising Militarum after multiterm has died? Why is the prophecies and praising water him publicly to the point that it is in Sahih? Bukhari why? Because he

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has to pay a debt to Multichem that debt is not a debt of money. It is a debt of gratitude, that debt is not the love of Allah because most of them died upon other than Islam, when they have deleted it's that we didn't have fun on your cobalamin who we are not talking about his akhira his fate is well known. We're not talking about his akhira but in this dunya he did a good for the Muslims, he's going to be given back his reward in this dunya and that reward was a praise. Even in our time we give a prize to a politician we honor the politician who has helped the Muslims nothing wrong with that. So dear Muslims, given the reality of these parties in India, and one of which is

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now gone, this course will law he the Sierra teaches us common sense teaches us human reason and logic teaches us that you need to find allies for the broader society to prevent a potential the hotel hotel about what might happen. You need to find the current military when are these who is the current multilumen are the in your society. Where are the Ebola Abuja has that are going to stand up against the Ebola hubs, right? You need the authorities excuse me, sorry, you need the authorities to stand up against the Abuja hubs, where are the authorities where they will turn even IDs, you need to find that and therefore that's another thing that we learned from the CRO. And the final

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point that I'll say brothers and sisters, the final point that I'll say and all of this inshallah Listen, it's for you to think about and then form a stronger conclusion. I could be mistaken in some of the things you know of your society. I don't know. I'm telling you generalities from the zero that you can apply to your situation which one is the best for you? You will look at that, but of the things that we learned without a doubt dear Muslims of India, without a doubt one of the things that we learn is that in order to gain all of this, you must have a united front against the greater enemy, you must be united amongst yourselves. While it does seem to be heavily Lehi, Jamia and

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Walter for Rocco hold on to the rope of Allah together and do not divide amongst yourselves or they can build Gemma what year Kumar Forca for in the shell Panama Allah head Wahoo Amina Lithuania, Abaddon be sticking with the Jamar and avoid division because shaytaan is with one and he is further away from two and notice the difference between bedded and offered by they are hurt by that

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their numbers were few but Allah subhanho wa Taala says while other Nasir Akula he bedded in Allah azza wa jal helped you at better even though you were few and humiliated, Allah helped you why? While at and as I've shared with other video, most people don't differ amongst yourselves or else you will lose all of your impetus and you will fail. Wala XR zero. So in the Battle of budder the Muslims were united, they came as one and Allah bless them. What happened at in orthod had that either for shield tune what an Azhar tomb Phil Emery were outside the tomb and back the Marduk Motorhead bone had data for shield to him with as art and then you failed, and you divided amongst

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yourselves, do your Muslims. This is not the time to bicker amongst your own gatherings now, please, I'm an outsider. But Wallahi allow me to be blunt here for the sake of the Ummah, for this for the fact that I genuinely love and care about all of you, at this stage, all Muslims of India, what unites you is more than what divides you. Now is not the time now is not the time to enter into sectarianism and to exacerbate the physical Baazi. Yes, I know there are differences. But let's put these differences aside for the time being. Let us understand that, well, yeah, there'll be law if a mob comes if the greater government comes if whatever happens comes, they will not care whether you

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actually had this whether you're Deobandi whether you're Sufi, whether you're Salafi, whether you're Barelvi, whether your body they will not care, yes, Wallahi, listen to me carefully. I know these differences are not trivial. I know some of these differences might even be considered Iman and Cofer at a theological level. I'm not denying that understand me with utmost love and respect. Mitel customers is our leader, I have a Magisterium and Janice, let me tell you that I know after the I'm not saying it's trivial, but I'm saying for the sake of the greater good for the sake of your own lives. For the sake of presenting a united front, you will have to learn to cooperate with those

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whom you think or al Qaeda, those whom you might even think have committed a type of confidence, some aspect of theology, we're not asking whether they're entering gender or not. We're saying hey, for the sake of our unity, to be free to Muslims in this land, we all have to come together to fight for a greater good. So what I'm saying is we need to learn to cooperate in areas where cooperation is, is impermissible, cooperating with somebody whom I think is wrong in an area. Listen to me carefully, is not an endorsement of that wrong. This is our mindset that we need to get out of our understanding. Just because I stand next to somebody who has a different understanding of Islam. And

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I say, Look, we need to come together and fight against the Hindutva fight against the BJP. This does not mean I'm endorsing his understanding of Islam, let us come together for the political good. And then if need be, we can discuss theology, when the time is easier, we can discuss you know the meaning of sunnah and beta and the meaning of this and that when the time comes, call us. Let's discuss that as well. I'm not saying it's trivial. I'm not saying we ignore but as the Arabs would say, the coulomb a common makan every time and situation forces us to have a particular type of discourse. So right now, when there is rising hatred for all of Islam right now, when the Hindutva

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ideology is literally plotting and planning wham karuna, I am called Allah, Allah who hated marketing at this stage to your Muslims, and especially especially especially within generic soon DISM within the LA Hadith, and the Deobandi and the Sufi and the Salafi and the Burrell V. These movements you all believe in the organic sector. You all believe in the hadith of Gibreel, the irony of ironies, you all believe that you are the correct followers of sha Allah, Allah delahey Subhan Allah, how ironic the Burrell V and the earlier this and the Deobandi you will say SHA Will you love belongs to us and look at you amongst yourselves Subhana Allah, please for the sake of Allah

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subhanho wa Taala halt your internal animosity and have the discourse between yourselves when the time is right in the proper manner with the proper adapt for now stop preaching hatred against one another you need to come together for the greater good. And by the way, even when that is gone, there is a way to present the truth without creating hatred to the other and if you're interested I have given a three part series earlier this year you'll find it on my YouTube channel about the reality of secretaries and filter buzzy hombre que se Tamil curry just general Santamaria if they love it we just had I guess I'm looking because that interaction because I've given a longer more

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fundamental base or solely based like with the collide and the Maxim's I have a three part series dealing with sectaries apart one, two and three. You will find it online, but the point is brothers and sisters to summarize it to conclude

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Wallahi the situation in your land is extremely dire. We are seeing this from across the world, and we are making dua for you. We are constantly mentioning you and hold up and gurus, we are raising funds for you, our hearts are with you, we are seeing the rising realities of this ideology. And we are literally worried that a repeat of what happened in Nazi Germany in the 1930s and 40s. were literally worried what May Allah protect, were worried that this might be happening in front of our eyes. So if this the rise of this is nobody can deny,

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the future only Allah knows. But before anything else happens, we all have to make a collective effort to try our best that it doesn't get worse. And therefore to summarize my points, what advice your situation right now. Perhaps the priority right now should not be the hour to others. Perhaps the priority now should be that we're from within, raise the consciousness of the Muslim ummah, allow them to be closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala allow them to understand the dire realities and that they need Allah subhanho wa Taala also understand that there's nothing on Islamic In fact, it is Islamic, to form alliances with people outside of our faith who are going to help us be Muslims.

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This is a part of the Sierra I also understand as well, that teaching the Sierra is perhaps one of the best mechanisms of Dawa as well. Also the tool are the tactic of Hijra. Again. To be clear, I'm not saying you should, but I'm saying it is on the table. And it is from the tools that the Sharia allows you whether you should take advantage of the tool or not only you know, and that's not something I can tell you to do or not. And the final point that I must make the most emphasis of is to make sure that you remain united that the prophets of salaam said it can be GEMA that Allah is commanding you to a corner arriba de la he wanna be servants of Allah together and hold on why

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Tasneem will be heavily ledger me and all of you hold on to the rope of Allah together wala to Farah who and don't divide amongst yourselves now you're not going to achieve 100% Unity is not going to happen. But you bring together the moderates of every camp, you will find moderates in every single camp amongst the bid Elvis amongst the LEDs amongst the deobandis amongst all the details, there might be stomach, whatever they might be even amongst the non Sunni groups, you will find the moderates the moderates who say hey look for the greater good we have to come together and present a united front have a strategy that is going to affect all of us positively find those moderates and

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form the largest coalition's and whoever doesn't come that's on them, that's fine. You have to do what you have to do. And obviously final point brothers and sisters final point, make dua to Allah subhanaw taala make sure you yourselves you have a connection with Allah subhanho wa Taala make sure that you're praying staccato for any major decision you make, make sure that you take the majority of the people over of all the whole society and may Allah subhanho wa Taala protect all of you may Allah subhanho wa Taala shower His blessings and mercy on you. May Allah subhana wa Taala send the protection of the angels around you. Indeed Allah is our molar and our opponents do not have any

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molar Allahu Mola Mola Mola LA home so Allah azza wa jal is indeed the one we turn to. And may Allah azza wa jal protect every single one of you I sincerely pray and make dua that a day will come that I can visit for that, as you're probably aware, I'm not allowed to come to the very land of my ancestors, but I hope in shallow data that they will come then I'm able to come and if that happens, it will be very honored to be hosted by your group if we're allowed to do that and meet all of you in person, which is our qumola who Hi Ron was Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

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