Muhammad West – Should I Take the Covid Vaccine

Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The potential for a vaccine to eliminate COVID-19 and eliminate the virus is discussed, including the immune system's response and how it can eliminate the virus. The speakers emphasize the importance of finding a cure and avoiding side effects, while also acknowledging the potential risks of the vaccine, including high deaths and future treatments. The conversation also touches on the need for everyone to trust their doctors and not give up on one's opinion.
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How's the relationship? I'm gonna have him spin out man Rahim and holy layerable Alameen wa salatu salam ala should have mercy. So even implement early he also have huge marine my beloved brothers and sisters as Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Alhamdulilah. Galantamine wasn't forever we think in praise Allah subhanaw taala and I should have Allah Allahu Allah, we testify that there is an unworthy of worship besides Allah subhana wa Tada and we send our love and greetings salutations to beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, despise him, your family, his companions and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time. May Allah subhanaw taala bless all of mankind

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malice, Panda, you kill us of this pandemic, that we find ourselves in our grand Shiva to all those who are ill, and grandma feline genital, for the DOS for those who have passed away. I mean, when hamdulillah Subhan Allah, you know, our lives continue in this pandemic. And it's hard to think that just a year, a year in a few months ago, our lives are very, very different. And this chapter, you know, every week a new chapter unfolds, in this And Alhamdulillah, Allah subhana, Allah has blessed us and Allah subhanaw taala has assisted us but kept us strong. And in this, you know, latest development is I'm sure the question that most of us so many people have discussed that on many

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kitchen tables, many WhatsApp debates, many arguments on Facebook, as we know, rounder the COVID vaccine. So we all know that there's a virus, we all know that people are dying, we all know that people are getting sick. And you know, we also know that a cure has been proposed, that is to take this vaccination, a cure food for the COVID virus. And many people find themselves in different camps there, those of you who are listening to me right now, and you are firmly in favor of the vaccine, and you believe that, you know, the way to go for all of us is we should take this vaccine, it is the right thing to do. And it is what Allah subhanaw taala once it is what's going to kill us

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and then to save lives, we have the law. And then there are those who believe that the vaccine is evil, that it is haram, that it is going to cause more harm, but it is a benefit in it. It is perhaps even part of a bigger conspiracy, and that it should be avoided, like the plague excuse the pun. And then there are those of us who are maybe undecided. We don't know what we should do. We hear on the one hand, you know, people saying that he must take it on the other hand, we've seen videos and people that people we know that saying it is haram and it is evil. So what do we do, all we know is we are in this together, Allah subhanaw taala has has placed this trial upon all of us.

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And so we need to find a common way in sha Allah to come through this. So hopefully being Allah, this talk might I pray, give some guidance and clarity on this matter. And it's something that we ask Allah to guide us. But Allah subhana, Allah knows, and it is in the hands of Allah, that all cures and all sickness is in the hands of Allah subhanaw taala. To begin, let's do a little bit medical, and from a science side by now, you all hopefully one of you understand how vaccine works. And you know, the doctor speak about how a vaccine is a miracle of modern science, Pamela, that's wrong, that a vaccine and the fact that we can use vaccines is a it's an ayah it's a sign of Allah's

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blessing to mankind and the greatness of the Creator. Because this body that we have taken for granted, inside of it is a very, very sophisticated defense system, Allah has placed inside of us an army that is very clever. And if an invader a virus or bacteria enters our body, we have soldiers that fight against these intruders. And not only does it fight, this army can learn our immune system learns, every time it enters a battle, it learns and upgrades and it gets new weapons. And so as we get sick and as a germ into our body, our immune system learns how to defeat that enemy. And so if the enemy attacks us again, then we have the weapons ready we have the secret machines of how

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to defeat witness this basically called antibodies, our body and it stores it memorize it to Subhanallah if you had chickenpox, so for those of you who have had chickenpox, you know, you basically only get chickenpox once in your life most of the time, and you will never ever get it again, it doesn't mean that the virus can into your body, the disease can't into your body. But if it does into your body, your body, your immune system knows how to defeat this, you know, jump, and so then you won't get sick. Again, the only problem with our immune system is that if a serious intruder, a virus or a bacterium that is very dangerous enters our body, our immune system doesn't

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have enough time to learn how to defeat it. And maybe it takes so long for us to learn the damage the intruder does can cause us to become very seriously sick, or even causes us to die. And so it was, you know, about 100 years or so. The idea that scientists or doctors by the Grace of Allah thought is the no way we can give our body the secret weapons give us a cheat code that it learns how to produce these weapons so that if the real virus in the real invader into the body, we already have the weapons really to defeat this virus. And so what doctors did was of course, they've learned that if you took a dead virus or dead bacteria, or you took pieces of it and you put it inside the

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body, the body

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V is still able our immune system, our soldiers inside our body is still able to take these very weakened germs, learn from them and produce the antibodies. And so when the real loving, strong enemy enters the body, our immune system is prepared to destroy this virus. And that is basically called the vaccine, that injection that you're getting is a weakened form of the of the virus, and SubhanAllah. We know that many diseases that horrible diseases like polio, smallpox, smallpox, for example, 35% of people who got the smallpox disease died. And so it is for you to just do I mean, I want you to watch videos on polio, look at those people who had polio, not too long ago, their

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bodies became paralyzed, they had to live in something called an iron lung. Now Alhamdulillah polio almost doesn't exist, smallpox, yellow fever, we've defeated these diseases. And remember, these diseases haven't gone anywhere, the germs that cause these diseases have not disappeared, they're still there. But alhamdulillah through vaccinations, by the Grace of Allah and through vaccinations, our body have the tools to fight off these germs, anytime they want to enter us, the body defeats them, because it has the, the weaponry, and, you know, interesting to think about that, as you're listening to this. For the most of you, more than 99.9% of you, you have a cocktail of vaccines

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already inside you, when you were born, your parents gave you vaccinations. In fact, our parents have vaccinations. And many of us our kids have vaccinations. So vaccines are not something new. All of us across the world have been vaccinated for a multitude of, of diseases. And it's one of the most widely used treatment, you know, subhanAllah more people have used vaccines, then, you know, energetics for example, open all those disciplines, because across the world, in every country in the world, every city in the world, people have used the vaccines Alhamdulillah and that is why we can see these diseases that cause so much harm throughout human history have basically disappeared.

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And this is also not something new from a Sharia perspective. So as we know, you know, no matter what the doctors say, even if the doctor say that this cure this tablet is a miracle cure, it can cure your cancer, it can cure whatever we say to Zack Lehane, before we take these things, we need to ask our own AMA, is this thing halal? Is it permissible? Is there anything we should be concerned about? We know that basically, unanimously, we're not even talking about a majority. We think, by and large, every reputable Alama counsel across the world has said that the usage of vaccines is not only permissible, but in certain cases, if there is you know, medical harm to be had or you can

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defend against medical benefits, sorry to behead or it can protect you from harm, then it becomes compulsory on you to take it and especially and of course, the ingredients in there must be must be halal. So if the vaccine has benefit, and it doesn't have any haram components in the way we should be using it, it's encouraged and so the Sharia, Allah ma have prescribed this. And so And because this is in line with our belief, this is in line with our Aqeedah our belief in Allah subhanaw taala we know that yes, life and death is in the hand of Allah, that disease and cure is in the hands of Allah subhanaw taala no germ can make you sick except by Allah's permission. And no doctor or no

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vaccine can kill you except by Allah's permission. But we know from the Hadith and we know from our belief in other, we tie our camel we seek out the cube, then obeso Salam said in Sahih Muslim for every disease there is a Q and if Q is applied, remember and this is what will always be our this our Eman that yes there is a there is a medication, there's a cure for every disease. But every cure if it's applied to a disease, it is only going to relieve you but Allah, it's only going to work if Allah subhanaw taala allows it to work. And at least we also said Allah do not sit down a single disease, except that ALLAH also sit down that cure. And really, for anyone that is in school or

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you're studying, it should give you a great ambition to become a doctor or researcher to say that there are diseases there's so many diseases we don't have the cure for, but the queue is out there. It just requires Allah subhanaw taala to guide you to the cure. And so Allah subhanaw taala by His mercy, it he has seen down with every disease the cure, and Allah wants us to seek that killed the Hadith continuously that businesses some people have knowledge of it, the one who has knowledge of it knows it and those who are ignorant of it are ignorant of it that some people they will know the cue and benefit from it and there are those who are ignorant of it and they will of course be harmed

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they will get the benefit of the cube and then third Hadith and all these Hadith as we said you know authentic Bedouin masterpieces alum and this is the the conflict that we have in our minds about color. We guess believe that everything happens with Allah's decree? And yes, Allah has put out whether we're going to live or die or get sick. These things are all put out, but we don't become hopeless and we don't become fatalistic rather, we use the means to get to the objective. If you want to succeed, then follow the path Allah has put out to you. And so the video when asked

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Are we Salem? Should I seek treatment? If I'm sick, basically always decided if I'm going to level down Should I even seek treatment? What did I miss? What I did is I just depend on Allah and leave it like that. He said, No, oh, Abdullah, oh servant of Allah, Oh slave of Allah, you must seek the treatment, seek the treatment, look for the cure, take the medication, take the vaccine, if it's going to cure you do so because Allah did not place a disease there is no disease, except that ALLAH also gave us a treatment or a cure except one disease only one disease that no doctor no vaccine can cure. And what is that? That diseases old age, every single one is going to basically die. You can't

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escape it. Oligarchy is a good life and a good death. I mean, and so coming back to the latest vaccine, So alhamdulillah vaccines, as I said, are not new. It is something which is tried and tested, which has worked, which is being encouraged by Obama by our doctors and our own AMA, yes, we have a new vaccine, we have a new virus, the COVID virus, and we have a new vaccine, a new, a proposed or suggested cure. And for us as lay people, we know that there is a lot of information and misinformation out there. And yes, there are concerns without a doubt, every single treatment has its potential drawbacks. Even a disparate can harm you even too much. This sprint continues Hala.

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And so any cure that is new, any cure that is or any treatment that is still unknown, the side effects are not going to be fully understood until many many years from now. And so of course with with COVID. With the COVID vaccine, we know that the all potential side effects with every vaccine, there is a potential of getting an allergic reaction, there is a potential for people actually dying of it. And we know that what has complicated things is that different vaccines have shown to work better than others, some have not been as effective. And we know that the virus itself COVID virus itself as mutating, and all these unknowns, all these uncertainties give people anxiety and

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uncertainty whether we should be using this treatment or whether we should not be using this treatment. Let's take a step back, as laypeople. And I'm hamdulillah also a layperson not knowing I'm not a medical person, what do we know? Let us ask ourselves, what do we know. So we know that the technology the vaccine technology, which you have taken, which currently is inside your body, really, you know you from when you were born, this works, it has worked, and it has saved countless lives by the Grace of Allah subhanaw taala. We also know that there is a real disease out there it no one can deny that there is a virus and it's causing people to die. People are all stuck on

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ventilators in hospitals. And if you you know, really, you don't want to look at the numbers, you don't want to look at the news, just drive a barrel, just drive by the cemetery and look at the number of people that have died these past 12 months versus the previous years, and you'd find that undoubtably the number of deaths have increased because of of something out there. So this disease is real. So we have a real disease, which has killed millions of people around the world. And it has caused 10s of millions of people to become severely ill. So these are real threats. At the same time, we can also look at those countries who have been using the vaccine. So South Africa is behind

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the curve. Some countries in the world have vaccinated more than 50% of the population already. What do we see in these countries we see and Al Hamdulillah. For them, that we see the number of deaths, the number of spikes, the number of people going to the hospitals because of COVID has come down because of after they've used this vaccine after they've used this vaccine, there has definitely been a decline in COVID. And so just looking at the numbers slipping at the data, it appears that COVID This COVID vaccine is working. Just looking at the data, we see that in the USA, for example, on the eighth of Jan, eighth of January this year, there was a record number of 260,000. A new cases

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of COVID says 260,000 People were getting COVID per day. And then as expected three weeks later, we saw a record number of this. So on the 28th of January 2021 3300 people died each day of COVID. That was the daily death rate. And then if we look at six months down the line now we are in July, there's been a vaccination roll out 48% of the population of the US has received both jabs of the vaccine 55% have received one jab with a vaccine. What do we look at? We look at the numbers. What do we see the daily infection rate has dropped down to 13,000. So from 260,000, only 13,000 new cases are being reported. And of the 13,000 only 166 people we find the number of deaths from a

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fatalities down 266 people. So from 3300 deaths down to 166. This is a clear indication there has been a sharp decline since the vaccine has been introduced. And of those who have died. 95% of them are people that have not had a vaccination. And so the data supports

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This assumption, we also know and this again something that without looking at the numbers and going into the news and listen to the experts, a simple test for you and for me, I asked myself, do I know of someone that has died because of COVID? Yes, I know someone, personally, someone very close to my heart that has died because of COVID. And Allah grant, all those our loved ones who have died, John fulfilled those. Now I ask, do we know of someone that has taken the vaccine, someone personally that has taken the vaccine and has died, I cannot say I know anyone like that. And I ask you to ask yourself the same. And so on the one hand, we have a real risk, a real threat, real danger. On the

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other hand, we have uncertainty, something which is, you know, obscure or something which we just hear rumors about, but we haven't seen it, the harms are the fact that this thing could cause a death or there is a microchip in the or these alarm all these different, what ifs. So when you are weighing up the two, you are asking yourself, you're weighing up a real threat of a real disease is causing real deaths versus something which is potentially unknown. And so in times like this, what do we do? What is the Quran tell us to do in times like this, Allah Spangler says, First, England, the alimony that if you don't know, ask the expert in the field that if your car isn't working, go

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to the mechanic. If your toilet isn't flushing, go to the plumber. The minute you try to do something which and your act without knowledge, you're going to cause harm. And so we are encouraged. We are commanded by Allah not to speak without knowledge and not to act without knowledge. So now we ask what do the experts in the field tell us? The vast majority of our medical experts have encouraged us to take the vaccine, not only are they encouraging us to take the vaccine, they themselves have taken the vaccines panela they themselves have taken it you know they have used it, it's one thing if your doctor gives you the treatment, it's another thing if he has

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taken the treatment first, and when he tells you to do it, or she tells you to do it, and then we take it to the next level and we say JazakAllah higher doctor, before you give me this vaccine. I want to know what I will Mr. Tell us because more important than my physical health is my spiritual health. If our orlimar tell us it is haram to take this vaccine for whatever reason, even if it will save my life. Then even It's haram It is haram we will not do anything which displeases Allah. I will all Emma from the east to the west. I've just read the fact two of the AMA was Australia. We know that what am I here in Cape Town, the MDC. The last factor really of the Mufti of Captain Mike

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Allogram monitor I placed in Ghana, the factual of the NGC, the owner of Durban, Malema of Johannesburg, so that when I'm out of South Africa, or when I'm out of Saudi Arabia of Pakistan, of India, they have unanimously they have, by and large, the vast majority, that not only are we seeing this halal, permissible to take the vaccine, but they've encouraged that people are dying. So take this this is a near ama it is a mercy from Allah subhanaw taala. Take it and save lives, be it nila, we trust and and we need to remember, remember, whatever your opinion is, whether you agree or disagree, and we are, you know, you are at liberty to take it or not take it. But the point is,

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remember, we have trusted our doctors throughout our lives our GP that we've come to our entire life. We've trusted him to deliver our, our babies, we've trusted him to take our kids, they when they're sick, we've taken our parents, they when they're sick, we have gone there when you're sick, I will Allah Now we've trusted with every issue that we had, we went to them for guidance. Now these people that have served us well throughout our lives, they are giving the advice. This is the expert opinion. These are people. And it's not just one or two people. These are committees of people who have expertise. And they were each one is working. Each Council is on its own, and they come to the

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same conclusion. And so on one side you have a very strong majority of medical and other law experts, which we trusted our entire lives. And so we should not push this away easily. And we should not therefore act without knowledge. So for those of us, if we're not the experts, if you're the expert, Alhamdulillah Allah has given you the knowledge and you act on that knowledge. If you're not an expert, you know, and you're a layperson like we are then we should not be giving fatawa so yes, you can either for those of us who don't know, Allah says go and speak to the expert. So you've gone to the doctor, you've gone to Ireland, we've gone to the MTC, you see, look, should I take the

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vaccine yes or no? Listen to what your doctor says and listen to what your Mufti says, if he or she has given you the advice, it's up to you to take it or not. Ultimately, it's your choice to take the remedy or not take very many. But what you and I cannot do is we cannot give our own fatwa and we cannot change medical advice. Whether it's COVID Are not you and I should not be giving fake advice, Islamic advice or medical advice or tax advice or electrical advice. If it's not in our field of expertise. If you want

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have an expert in something, then don't give advice Subhanallah because we are speaking without knowledge, you know, the Sahaba of the past, when someone would come in off this hobby equation, even it was a very, very simple question what breaks you will do how many records for this? They would say, You know what, over the is a gnarly, go speak to him, don't ask me. Because the minute you give advice, you become liable. The money you throw in your two cents, you become liable by saying I don't know this Subhanallah it saves you from any liability. And listen to this hadith a very scary Hadith. In this area of uncertainty. There are experts on the one side have given the

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opinion. If you give your opinion against the experts, without knowledge and someone is harmed by that, then you're accountable in this hadith, even a boss or the other one says that during the time that I'm so solemn, a man who had an injury in his head, he had a wound in his head. You know, if he went to sleep, he woke up the next morning anyway, dream. And so you're asked his friends, his buddies, his Whatsapp group, basically, guys, I had a weird dream, but I have this wound in my head, my side hustle and wash my head yes or no. And so the guys without knowing his friends, and they meant well, you know, they didn't mean any harm. But of course they this was not the intention. They

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said no, no, what I think my opinion is what I have watched on YouTube, whatever it might be, you go and hustle, and you must wash your head. And so the man said, Okay, everyone is telling me I need to hustle and wash my hair. And so he did that. And the wound got worse and he died. Another reason I heard about this, he became very upset. And he said they meaning the friends those who gave the fatwa without knowledge, they have killed this man, they've killed him. And May they be killed. His family was very severe that she made a statement against them. And so he says, like, why would they do that? Is it not that? Sure, basically, the cure for the lack of knowledge is to ask the question

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that if you don't know, ask the experts. If you don't know, ask the experts. If you don't know something, don't just forward as received. Don't just copy and paste, go and speak to the experts. If someone asks you, What should I do? Should I take the vaccine or not tell him exactly Hey, brother, I'm not a doctor. I'm at the allium is the number of a doctor, you gotta ask a doctor, you gotta ask, you're gonna let them tell you what to do. I don't want to be accountable for what happens to you or doesn't happen to you. And this is what's required of us. Subhan Allah, in the middle of all of this confusion, something even worse than getting sick of COVID something even

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worse than even dying of COVID is the way in which we find the argumentation. You know, it's one thing to disagree, but it's very bad to be disagreeable. It is very bad to you know, the virus can harm us. That's one thing, but we should not harm one another. And we should not harm each other's Iman and each other's integrity. And so remember, this is another area of law, this difference of opinion, and people have the right to have a difference of opinion. It's everyone has the freedom to choose whether I am pro Vax or anti Vax. I don't know this is your prerogative and ALLAH SubhanA has given you the right to choose. Remember one thing Allah says, Let us take one second, do not think

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too highly of yourself. There is not a single atom in the wall that has all the answers. And it's not a single person that knows exactly this is new territory for everybody. What we know today, tomorrow might prove that we are completely wrong. In the years we might discover that everything we thought was you know, was completely wrong. It's possible and so do not for a moment believe that I have all the answers and that those who disagree with me they have no answers. You know, when Imam Malik was asked or him Allah was told by the Khalifa let me ban all the other man perhaps everyone must be Maliki because you mashallah, you are the best. So Mr. Malik said, No, don't do that. I have

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some knowledge. Allah has given me some knowledge. Maybe my colleagues, even though I disagree with him, even though I debate with him even though I say they're wrong. Perhaps they have knowledge I don't have no one has all the only Allah has all the knowledge. So don't for one moment assume that you are always going to be right. In fact, what we know for sure, is we will be wrong many many times. And so this this agreement between us we can be feel very strongly about it's okay, we can feel very strongly and emotional, yes, because we're dealing with life and death. But we should not think too highly of ourselves. And we should also not belittle our opponents or those who disagree

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with us. So if you have a family member that is on the other side of this debate, remember, we should never ever make it personal. And we should never attack someone the NEA, the worst thing you can do is say, you guys, you want to take the vaccine or you don't want to take the vaccine, but you are ignorant or you don't trust Allah or you are you know, you are a bunch of sheeple you just follow whatever you see on the news or you people a bunch of conspiracy theorists or you're a bunch of idiots whatever it is, and we see all the names and Subhanallah don't do that. If someone after looking at the data listening to his orlimar listening to his doctor comes to a certain conclusion.

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Be it Nila resistencia sincerity, this is through sincere This is the judgment he has made and if someone has come to a contrary opinion, Linds, Han Allah, you know Allah subhanaw taala he and he has been sincere in that we know Allah will reward you

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Even if it comes to the wrong conclusion, and this is of the beauty and this is the wonderfulness of Allah subhanaw taala, that if you are sincere, and you genuinely look for the answers, even if you find the wrong answer, even if you end up making a mistake, Allah subhanaw taala will still give you the reward of of being sincere. And so therefore it is goodness, even in Arabic. And so this hadith should give our doctors and should give Allah those people who have a very, very difficult position to give fatwa, you know, we don't envy them, you know, you and I are saved, we don't have to give fatawa we are not there to give opinions. Rather, we can relate what the doctors have said and what

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the alumni have said. But for them. The problem is, is that if a judge rules, he gives an opinion. And he's tried his utmost to work out and look for the answer. He's, you know, he's done the research. He's done the analysis. And now he comes to a conclusion. And he gets it right. And we know he gets to the awards. And as for the judge, Doctor, the Mufti, the audience, who look to know, look for the truth, and he came out with the wrong answer, then he will get a reward store for his intention. And so Subhanallah this, this agreement, we can disagree again, and we can continue to learn and discuss. We should never ever harm one another in this. Remember, we are all again as I

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began, we are all in this together. This vaccine, this virus doesn't discriminate which family is going to get it which family is going to become sick all of us know of people that we love that have passed to them, Allah grant them I placed in Jannah none of us here are the architects or the engineers of this and none of us are looking to harm anyone our doctors genuinely am Allah granting goodness and the family that are genuinely out there. Every day they go to hospital to work to save lives, and our grandma will love him Allah bless them, Allah grant them goodness, every single day they're out there trying to safeguard the man and the goodness of the community. The NEA is the

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insincerity is the end all we asked the last farmer to assist them. And so whatever our position is, in this debate, we should never judge each other's needs and we should never look down and harm someone else because we should hope that we want goodness for everyone for those who agree with disagree with us. We also want them to come out of this pandemic, safe and sound and one way an ally who is you know, something which reminds me and Adam said in times of debate, if you really want to know if you're sincere in this debate, make dua for your opponent. So if you are someone that is very firmly you believe in vaccinations and you take the vaccine and you know if someone was against

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it, you make do it for ya Allah my brother here, he hasn't you know, he hasn't seen the light. He doesn't want to take the medication he isn't taking a vaccine so make dua Allah you protecting only your protection can help him and if you on the other side of the scale on other side of the fence, and you say look my brother over here, no matter how much I've given him, you know, evidence he believes this vaccine is good. I'm feeling it's the worst thing to do. I believe he's putting poison in his body. Yeah, Allah protect him. He's going to take it yeah, I'll keep him and his family safe. So we make dua for those who take it those who don't take it. May Allah grant a cure and Shiva to

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all of us. Allah Subhana Allah says 100 Zero minute Quran email where she felt on what am I meaning that Allah has placed in this Quran he has seen down in the Quran, that which is a healing and a mercy for the believers. And so we ask Allah for the baraka of the Quran, through the Shiva the cure that is in the Quran, Allah Allah grant us as believers, we believe in Allah, Allah will believe in you. We believe every cure is in your hands that you are the cure to all diseases. So when I was finally granted all of us to be cured of our diseases, those who are sick nonagon Shiva and those are possible and we call them Jennifer for those who are supposed to forgive us for anything that

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we've said that is wrong mean accurate is from myself. I have I have not offended anyone on this planet will give us a guide a circle of eight or so will say no Mohammed Ali he also have your Salam was sitting on from Nairobi. datamine cinematic Mark Wahlberg

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