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The history of Islam is discussed, including the use of shirts and clothing in public, the importance of body language in shaping one's appearance, and the use of shirts in public. The speakers also emphasize the need for personal expression in bathing, including praying and not showing up. The segment emphasizes the importance of remembering to brush one's teeth and avoiding embarrassing moments, and shares personal experiences of feeling embarrassed and embarrassed by actions.

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During the time of eliminated the law one, decades after the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam passed away, there was a group of people that were very extremists, they're known as an average. So earlier about the Allahu anhu in authentic narration, every Hadith in this code was authentic insha Allah, He tells even the best even the best the cousin of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he tells even the best the scholar of the Quran go to these people talk to these people extremists unbelievable coverage. So if any ad that says fella decides to send me a cool new mean Houdini Lehman he said I would the best suit right from Yemen at that time Yemen was the real deal when it

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comes to clothing. Allah bless our brothers and sisters from Yemen and the country of Yemen Amira Bellamy, the best top notch, clothing, quality cleanliness, and he says that I went to the Hawaii bridge to go talk to them present the truth to them. So when they saw Ebony Ambassador de la who actually said might have been big welcome in the Ibis, Manhattan Hola. What is this clothing you're very neat. fancy looking like that taking care of the cleanliness while you're putting so much attention to how you're dressing. So even your best says matter a boon IE, are you rebuking me for the way that I look for the way that I'm dressing in a clean fashion manner? Look what he says. He

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says look a Dada a to Allah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I saw the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam wearing a cinema Yoku. Hola if you're sad about this, you know what the Prophet used to wear the best of the best and he's making a point. You think as Howard is extremist that Islam is not about the clothing it's okay to come in ripped clothing though you can afford better it's about you looking miserable though you can look very well no even the ambassador's making a point to right from the get go. The Dean personal hygiene is part of our Islam is part of our Deen

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what also lays a lot and talks about these things. You have so many ideas and so many is one of the other man he says there are more than 100 a high D more than one. D is about what? brushing the teeth. As a Deena This is our religion. This is our Deen are we carrying about it the way it also lies as an emphasize. And he even said one time? I know I'm talking a lot about it. He even said that occurred to LA kombucha walk. So let's talk about two main things in Sharla nice and simple to the point, how we look and how we smell insha Allah how we look and how we smell in terms of looks at our lives of Allahu alayhi wa sallam. look to what he says. He says to the gentleman Canada can

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calbee Miss karnavati Minh kibra the one who has an atom weight of arrogance show off will not enter genuine no matter how little it's in the heart. You're not going to gentlemen. So one of the Sahaba said Yasser Allah in rajul you have an akuna sobu Hassan and when Allah has an attack, a man likes to look good. Head to toe even the shoe we care about how good the knee it looks like. So the privates SLM What did he say?

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Did he say no, that's not what I mean.

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No, he said in the law, I mean, you have bull Jamal. Allah is beautiful. Allah is gorgeous. And he loves beauty. So he didn't say no, that's not what I mean. He said, No, I want you to stay like that. He encouraged him Yes, take care of your clothing. Make sure you look good, you dress well, even your shoe, shine it up.

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In a large Amida Buddha man. Then he explained what he meant. He says as for arrogance, l cube robot cruel hakima humbleness arrogance is to reject the truth. arrogance is to reject this heady. arrogance is what the hawara did to me is to reject the truth.

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But truth happy will humbleness and to look down upon people. If you're dressing well and everything and then you look down upon people that's when you got it all wrong. So the more you want a lot to love you in the large me Allah is beautiful, he loves beauty so that means the more you take care of yourself, the more Allah loves you.

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Nice and simple. When you hear us who are selling us to wear one of the best of hulan May Allah grant us wisdom and understanding of the deen of Allah Allah me. This comes to clothing you want to go even deeper. Look what also Elise Allahu Allahu wa sallam said in terms of the hair. He says men can Allahu Sha one value crema.

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If Allah Subhana blessed someone with here, then honor it, respect the hair. Allahu Akbar groom it and he gets upset now, he gets upset when he sees someone who has dirty clothing. Though they could have cleaned it he could have done better job and he gets really upset when someone doesn't take care of their hair. I know we might trigger some emotions is fine but this is the dean Allah grant you and I people to tell us the truth. I mean, brother give me a headache. Sure. Authentic narration jab at me Abdullah radi Allahu angle. Look what he says. He says eternal sewer lies Allahu alayhi wa sallam the Prophet of Allah. He came to us for La Jolla. So he saw a man. This first incident that

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man what was the matter with him? I Li Thea Boone was he had his clothing, it was dirty. Brothers and sisters. I don't need to give a disclaimer. The guy was not coming from work and that was the only option he had. I don't need to elaborate. We are intelligent people are so awesome is that smart individual very emotionally intelligent. So here this man comes he was he had dirty clothing. So the super lice Allahu alayhi wa sallam says Mr. Khanna had yeji Duma and yet to be so bad. Could this man not just get any water and wash up that dirt? Why why why you're coming with spaghetti all over your lips this orange just get a napkin and wipe it while I take care of you about to wear your

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jacket smells bad or so it doesn't look right. Move on you're like bro just a little bit of a.that.if you would notice that change if we said de la for the sake of allegedly gelato. So now in sha Allah when we go take care of our hair we go to a haircut renew the intention to Allah can reward you for that 25 bucks you're paying or if you're fine see $50 or whatever you pay. Right Go ahead. We said at last of Hannah Montana. You go buy clothing looking neat v sebelumnya. Allah grant us a colossal sincerity. I mean, I mean, that was for clothing. That was for looking good. In the next quarter. We'll talk about smelling good inshallah. So I say whatever I have said, and May Allah

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forgive us all. Still for the loss of Hannah data in the hula photo Rahim.

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Bismillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam.

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When it comes to smelling good Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam took it very serious. And I will reiterate what I said earlier, as one of the scholars He said, The Prophet sallallahu Sallam katsuki rafizi work is yet an enemy at the Hadith, more than 100 Hadith about the cleanliness of the mouth. May Allah allowed to take care of it. I mean, terrible. I mean, don't say I don't notice it. I don't care. You might not notice it but others do.

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Don't say I just do whatever I'm comfortable with what you're comfortable with is making others uncomfortable.

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That's not the attitude of the Muslim Neff CFC. No Rasul Allah is someone who says oh mighty Almighty, my people my people. Look at this one called al mamoon Rahim Allah. He says, I've never seen someone with clothing that is cleaner looks so sharp. He even trims his mustache. He lines it up more than who admittedly humble. One of the greatest colors that walked in earth Rahim Allah. Rasool Allah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, you see this whole dunya look what he said, you see the whole dunya

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la Ameen. Dunya come the two things I love in this dunya and Nisa woman which is the righteous spouses he has the greatest thing in dunya for you is a righteous spouse, may Allah make our spouses righteous. Then what was the second thing of sleep, Cologne, Rotorua, whatever you want to call it, smelling good. That's the two greatest things in dunya.

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Then he says what you could write to me for salah and the best thing in the world above all of this when it comes to the dean is Salah that nothing beats that. But this connection, there's a connection. A righteous spouse helps you worship a lot better and put in Cologne, it helps you in your tissue and understanding and the way you approach Allah. What are you talking about? Allah says in the Quran or the Billahi min ash shaytani r Rajim regime? Yeah, Benny, the

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children of Adam YesI Allah, who do the netta come in the coolie Masjid? Were proper nice clothing as you approach the masjid smell good as you approach the masjid. How important is that praying in Jamaica? incredibly important right without going into a lot of it is so important to go to pray in Jamaica. The Prophet says do not show up. If you

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smell bad.

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If you had bad breath do not show up. Whoever eats raw onions or raw garlic Bella Yakubu salana do not come until you wash it up, let the smell go away and do whatever is necessary. That's how important it was to say it doesn't matter. You have to do it feasibility law. I might say this Hadith, and maybe few people heard that before May Allah allow us to remember it. I mean, look what a surah Lysol Allahu alayhi wa sallam says, He said SC wack Matata tune in from brushing your teeth and see wax under it is the toothbrush, as many scholars have said, it's whatever tools necessary to clean the teeth. As seiwa Curatola says it's clean cleansing of the mouth. Ready? Are you ready? One

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more button, the rub and it's pleasing to Allah.

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You owe you who goes and brush your teeth, seek Allah's pleasure in that the greatest reward a human can ever achieve. Never forget this is seeking a less pleasure read Allahu Allah manok, who you want to get that makes sure you have very well, very well. Breath smell, may Allah grant it to all of us in Middlebury, Ireland, brothers and sisters, this is some of the things that we want to share with you. And as a Best Buy the Allahu anhu he says in a beautiful statement, as he was about to enter his house, not exit, enter. He was grooming himself, his hair, clothing, all that stuff. And I want to emphasize he was what the greatest scholar of the Quran so he went there and the people were

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wondering, like, you're really taking it to the next level as you're going inside the house. Like some people before they go on the driveway, maybe take some mint, couple sprays of the Cologne or road as they go to the house. This is as soon

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as he says, In Hebrew and as a general model, I like to look good for my wife. Then he says Canada or Hebrew entity as a general model, I just like how I like my wife to look good for me. The unawatuna Allah because Allah says, When Mr. la de la hinda Bill maruf, the man is obligated, just like how the woman is obligated, equal, not just one sided Allahu Akbar, and you don't have to be married, even if you're with your mom and dad, be representable May Allah grant us intelligence and European Parliament. And don't be literal these issues do not be little these issues. I was in the presence of someone. I respected lady that came to people someone of knowledge, and she told him I

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cannot handle this. And I'll be very honest with you very honest, that was some time ago. I could not really understand how bad big of a deal it was. She said to them. I don't want this then no more. He said why is it I don't I just don't want this man no more. How can I in Islam get rid of him? What's the matter?

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He insisted that the person to know why so we can advise you. She said he has such bad smell. horrible smell, I cannot stand him. Is it really big deal to cause divorce? Or you bet it is.

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When there's as a Muslim, you should not be pushing people away from you as a Muslim or representable.

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So when you hear this and so Paula, that's how bad it gets. And you go read into studies. Yes, it causes divorce. It's unbelievable. Like what happened during it was narrated that one of the Muslim leaders, she had a woman very similar story. She came to him, my husband doesn't take care of himself and so on and so forth. Meaning when you come back home, showering whatever is necessary looking good. Yeah, I mean, I mean, I cannot handle my husband is just above and beyond. He said, Where's your husband? He looked at the guy is like, Man, that's pretty bad. That's pretty bad. You can do better for sure. It's not about the value of the money in terms of the clothing is the

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concept. So he told two of the people that you know, clean this man up, you know, shower and some Moroccan bath, Moroccan Turkish bath, whatever is necessary, scrub that layers of whatever you want to call it. Then that man was cleaned, had the haircut looked great. Then he went back to that leader. And then he told the leader told him go take your wife back home. So this man came to hold his wife hold her hand. He held her hand to the customer through law. Shame on you. So the guy said I'm your husband's like, Oh, I didn't notice. So Panama. May Allah protect us And forgive us. May Allah allow us to follow the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as he said the first

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thing he did when he walked home can be Siva is to brush his teeth. The first thing once he enters home, may Allah allow us to follow certain of them.