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The speakers discuss the importance of fulfilling promises in religion, including showing respect and admiration for the Prophet's accomplishments. They stress the need to not be ignored and fulfill agreements in order to achieve Islam's success. The speakers also mention the importance of showing respect and admiration for the Prophet's accomplishments, as it is crucial for Islam's success.

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Kleber to

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Allah Lolly, meno assured to Allah Allah Allah Allahu the hula Shakira. You know what you know what if you didn't wish to do and then the Vienna Muhammad Abdul Hora su Mustafa Al Amin la masala was sending my body for Abdi Cora Sonica Muhammad Anwar early he was he married a man bad Welcome to another episode of our SEO page by page and inshallah Allah today we are on page 59 of the Quran which is in the third Jos surah. Two earlier Imran. In the previous episode, we mentioned the verses that Allah azza wa jal spoke about the importance of following the messengers of being true to the message that they brought in Allah azza wa jal mentions, by example, Ibrahim Ali Salam, and how

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people lay claim to him. But that claim isn't always true, because Ibrahim Ali Salam didn't follow what they claim as being the religion of Allah subhanaw taala. And so the way of the prophets all of them and all of the messengers are the human salatu salam was to worship Allah azza wa jal alone, and to do that which Allah azza wa jal commanded them stay away from that which Allah azza wa jal prohibited, and Allah subhanaw taala therefore calls upon the people of the past Scriptures, the Jews and the Christians to follow in the true footsteps of those messengers and prophets of Allah subhanho wa taala. In today's episode, we begin with verse number 72. And that is the statement of

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Allah subhanho wa Taala all the way Lahemaa shape on the regime. We're gonna look for if I mean Helene Kitabi I mean OB levy owns Lavina Amman what Johanna heard you work for Clara hula under whom young Gerawan Allah azza wa jal says that some of the people of the book say at the beginning of the day believe in what has been revealed to these believers, the Muslims, then at the end of the day, we objected to the day to may turn back in the previous episode, we mentioned that Allah subhanaw taala said what the PA refer to me Kitabi No, you will be Luna calm. There is a group from amongst the people of the scriptures who would love that you'd be misguided that you'll be led astray. And

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they would love for example, that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had accepted their way or they're in some way or form he had given them some type of validation that yes I what my religion but your religion is still correct or whatever it may be, that you wanted him to be a straight unto his follows, to also be led astray and Allah azza wa jal said in that verse, one mile, you will be lonely in LA and foster home mama and Sharon. But they only misguide themselves without realizing, in this verse, verse number 72. Allah subhanaw taala gives us a way a practical manifestation of that desire that they had one of the ways that they decided that they will do this, Allah azza wa

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jal says, well, Carla, refer to me keytab a group from the people of the book said, um, you know, beloved owners, either either lady in her arm and or what channahon believe at the beginning of the day, and what has been revealed to these believers, meaning the Muslims, so essentially, they will come in the morning and say, You know what, we actually accept Islam. We believe in this revelation, it sounds like it is the truth, the Quran. And so they will accept Islam outwardly, essentially a type of hypocrisy, where they're accepting Islam outwardly, but inwardly they don't believe it's not a true Islam is not a true submission, or acceptance of the religion. It is an outward

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manifestation, like the one after 18 would do. And then they said to one another work for Rahu. But then by the end of the day, disbelief, why would you do this? It is important for us to understand here that the Christians and the Jews will consider amongst the Arabs to be more knowledgeable concerning the message of the prophets of Allah, Allah will send them because of the similarities between their beliefs and their religion and what the prophets of Allah who was selling was bringing remember that Arabia, for the most part is a polytheistic. Civilization or culture. It is a place where they practice idolatry and idol worship, they don't believe in Revelation. They don't believe

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in prophets, they don't believe in messengers, they believe in their idols, and that's about it. The Jews and the Christians, however, believe in Revelation, they believe in prophets and messengers. And so there are similarities and overlaps between this religion of Islam, and between what the Arabs were familiar with, concerning the Jews and the Christians. So these groups from the People of the Book who said let us believe in the morning disbelieve by the evening, the idea was that if we claim to believe in the morning, and then we spent that day pretending to be believers saying that we believe saying that we accept the Quran Number Have you then by the evening we reject and we say,

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actually, you know what, this doesn't make sense. People will look at us and see these people know what they're talking about.

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because they have scriptures, they already have the Torah, and the in gene, the Torah and the Gospel. And if they turn around and say, You know what, actually, it's doesn't make sense. There's not really scripture, it's not really revelation. He's making mistakes. He's making contradictions this way, this religion is a fantasy, whatever it may be, people are likely to take that and trust this statement more than the statement of others. And this was the idea. And that's what it says at the end of this verse work for our hero who learn German, then this believe in that religion by the evening. So the others may to turn back they will see this and they will say these people are

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experts in this type of issue. If they say that it is false after having followed it, accepted it believed in it, and immerse themselves in it, then surely there is something false and something wrong with this was the mindset and that is why Allah azza wa jal expose them within the Quran. Allah subhanaw taala in verse 73, he then continues and he says wala to meno Illa Lehmann Toby rd in a company in alHuda who de la he a

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myth llama ot Tom all in and who then would Allah He a huddle myth nama ot to

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do Cameroon darabi come on in from Libya de la yo te HeMan Yasha wala who are serum and him, but do not and CBD when anyone unless he follows your own religion. This is essentially what they're saying, as an extension of the previous verse. Believe in the morning disbelief in the evening, the others may turn back and don't really believe in that religion, unless it is your religion. This is essentially what they're saying with to one another. Well, I mean, no, don't truly believe in that religion, just outwardly manifest this in terms of just showing people then disbelieve and stay true and sincere to your own beliefs, essentially, a form of hypocrisy.

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Well, in alHuda, hood Allah Allah azza wa jal says, but rather see to them Oh Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and this is Allah azza wa jal exposing them see to them in Al Huda hood Allah true guidance is the guidance of Allah subhana wa Tada. Guidance is what Allah azza wa jal gives us not about your claim your religion you none of these things are true guidance. true guidance is what settles in the heart that comes from Allah subhanaw taala leads you to the true and complete worship of Allah azza wa jal along well in Al Huda hood, Allah see to them true guidance is the guidance of Allah azza wa jal, and you had to meet Lama or Tito or you had to command or become, they say, do

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not believe that anyone else could be given a revelation similar to that which you were given, or that they could use it to argue against you in your Lord presence. They're essentially saying that they had this type of jealousy, envy of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam this hatred of him that he came up with a message that superseded the messages came with the religion that superseded their religions. They expected fully and believed that this prophet would have come from them from Benny Israel. And that is something which you find in the Sunnah of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam in the books of Hadith, for example, in Guwahati in the narration, Ram dilemna our basketball

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the Allahu Anhu man we need narrating or relaying to us the incident of when Abu Sofia and when he was still a disbeliever was with the trade caravan in bison, Qin Rome. And in Byzantium, when he was there, he was called by Heracles, the leader of the Romans, and he was presented before him and he had the discourse and a long conversation and back and forth, and questions and answers, and so on. And this is something which Heracles set up with Sofia. And he said that I knew that the time of a new prophet had come, this was the time that he was meant to emerge, I just never thought that he would have come from you. I never thought that he would have appeared amongst you. And so that is

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something which they acknowledged that they knew of. And so what prevented them from accepting this is the jealousy of the prophets of Allah where it was sent them this hatred that they had, that he wasn't from amongst them, that he wouldn't be an extension of their own way, but rather he was from a nation and a group that were different to them alien to the meaning the Arabs, and this is, by the way ironical because the Arabs amongst themselves, had something very similar towards the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, as we know, even amongst orange, the Quraysh didn't accept one of the reasons that they rejected the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was because of their envy and

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arrogance towards him. That why was he chosen over us and they arrange their own one family, their own one tribe, one clan, sometimes they're all pretty much together, but why is he given more power over me? Why is his family on mine? Why is his sub tribe honored over mine and so that is something which you see which is a a common commonality between these two groups of people.

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Well in the favela Via de la, you t him in your shot, see to them in response.

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All honor all grace is in Allah's hands he gives it to him so ever he realms and Allah is all embracing all knowing. Allah subhanaw taala says that you don't choose, you don't choose where the message of Allah is placed, you don't have the right to say this person is deserving of prophethood and this person isn't this person is worthy of receiving revelation. And this person isn't. That is for Allah subhanaw taala alone to decide. And Allah azza wa jal is the one who chooses what he does and when he does it and how he does it Subhana wa Tada. What right do you have to come and say, No, the prophet can only be from Bani Israel, the prophet can only be from this tribal this candle. And

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this is very similar to something which we already mentioned. And Allah is really showing this a number of ways in the Quran, this type of attitude because this attitude is extremely dangerous. It causes the needs a person to rejecting the truth and turning away from Allah azza wa jal didn't really say towards the end Surah Baqarah in the story of David and Goliath, in the story of when the Prophet appoints for his people a needed pollute. And the people say they turn around and this has been his struggle, they say, how can you appoint him? When he's not the one of the most wealthy, the most powerful, the most influential amongst us? Why did you make him king over us? Because again,

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it's that same thing of rivalry and so on. This is something which is a problem because it is a disease from the diseases of the heart, that a person even amongst the Muslims will say that I'm not going to follow what you're saying because you're not from my Gemini, you're not from my group, you know, from my congregation, you know, from the sector, informal from the, the Imam or the chef that I follow. And so we reject the truth based upon these feeble alliances that aren't real or true, because they're not based upon what is beloved or pleasing to Allah Azza wa gentlemans Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah azza wa jal says that Allah gives it to him so ever he wills

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Allah gives knowledge guidance, messenger ship profitable revelation, to whomsoever He wills. The Quraysh had something similar when they said as Allah azza wa jal mentioned elsewhere in the Quran, Waka Lu Lola newsy Raha the Quran, Allah Rajamouli mineral Acharya teeny are when they said the disbelievers of Arabia the Metcons Why wasn't this Quran revealed to one of the two leaders of the major tribes meaning from Quraysh, or from SPIEF from the people of five? If Allah was surely going to make a messenger he would have chosen someone like Abu Jamal, someone like the leader of thought if these are the major leaders of our time, why when the alarm system response and whom Yuxi Munna

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Rajmata robic, are they the ones to determine where the Mercy of your Lord is placed? And Allah azza wa jal says elsewhere, Allahu Allah, moo. Hey, through the jungle, the saboteur, Allah is more knowing better knowing of where he should place his message. Allah knows where to give it to and so the prophets of Allah who he was telling when he received revelation when he was appointed as a messenger of Allah, it is because he was the best of creation. So what is more worthy the best of people in terms of their nobility, their honor, the character, the devotion to Allah azza wa jal or choosing someone just because they happen to be relate to someone from a certain tribe, born in a

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certain way you have certain wealth or possessions that they own. And so Allah subhanaw taala tells us to be mindful of this, Allah azza wa jal tells us to be extremely mindful of this. And so Allah subhanaw taala here is saying to them, you don't determine what Allah places His grace and His bounty It is Allah azza wa jal, who does so. And Allah subhanaw taala gives it to him so ever. He wills as he mentioned, then in verse 74, doctors will be ultimately he may

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wala hulafrog nila Alim and he singles out his mercy for whomsoever He wills. Indeed he is his grace is infinite. Allah azza wa jal gives it to whomsoever He wills and therefore as part of our Eman. Our belief in Allah azza wa jal is that when Allah subhanaw taala chooses his prophets and messengers, he does so because they are the best and most worthy of His creation, to have that particular honor and accolade. And that is when what is mentioned as the narration of EBMs ruderal the Allahu Anhu STEAMID. Then when Allah azza wa jal created Adam and he had all of his progeny, Allah azza wa jal selected from them, the best of his of his progeny, and his offspring to be His

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prophets and messengers, and the best from amongst them, was the messenger of Allah Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam. And so Allah azza wa jal gives and specifies and singles at his mercy to whomsoever he wants, and that is no doubt an honor for them. But it is also something which shows our level of Eman that you believe in someone, for example, as Muslims, we believe in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and I'm not necessarily an Arab. I don't come from that part of the world. I don't speak that language as my mother tongue. I may not necessarily have the same skin color, same culture, same background, but I believe in him not because of any of those things. I

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believe in Him, because He leads me and calls me to the path of my Lord Subhana wa Tada and that is the beauty of Islam.

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Allah azza wa jal in the next

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verse verse 75. He then says, Woman handle kita women in men whose body D Lenka. Women men in men who Medina de la de Laker in LA madam tardy, Nichol Eema then he can be an icon who lays arlena Mina sembene Way up oh no not at Allah he will get the by welcome yeah Allah moon, there are people of the Book who if you entrusted them with a heap of gold, they would give it back to you in tact. But there are others from amongst them who if you were to entrust them with a single DNR, they will not return it to you unless you kept standing over them, meaning pressuring them because they say we are under no obligation towards the Gentiles, they will tell a lie against Allah and they know that it

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is so Allah azza wa jal here tells us that the people of the Kitab the People of the Scripture of the book are not all one in the same amongst them, there are people who are trustworthy while God was sincere, who seek the truth. And there are people from amongst them that are corrupt and they are evil. And Allah azza wa jal is telling us this because this is from the the adult, the justice of Allah subhanho wa taala, that Allah azza wa jal doesn't just cast that everyone or custom with the same will paint them with the same brush or customer in the same way. There is a difference between the people, some of them are closer to Islam, some of them are further away. Some of them

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are more compassionate, some of them are less compassionate, some of them are trustworthy, some of them are not. And so Allah azza wa jal associate that there are from amongst them, those who would if you were to give them milk in park and power is like a mountain of gold, a heap of wealth. And you were to say to them, this is a trust I need you to look after this, keep this safe for me, you at the lake, he would give it back to you intact in return, in full no problem, because that is his personality that people have integrity. People have trustworthiness, Allah azza wa jal tells us in the Quran, that the that form amongst Christians are those who are likely to be closer to you in

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terms of their love and compassion, because of the way that they are. That doesn't mean that they're Muslims, doesn't mean that we don't have to accept Islam or Allah has just shown to us the reality of people in terms of their natures, and in terms of their temperaments. But then likewise, from the people of the Kitab, Allah azza wa jal says, are those who if you were to give them a single gold coin, let alone a mountain or a heap, a single gold coin ad in our lives, the like, they wouldn't return it to you in normal Doom today, but at least you will literally standing over them, meaning every day you're there over them, I need it back, give it back, give. And then eventually, they just

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give up, give it back to you because of the pressure that you placed on them. So therefore, not people have integrity, not people have trustworthiness. And this is something which you saw in the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, because amongst the people of the Scripture were those who accepted Islam when they saw the message come to them. People like as we've mentioned, before the companion or blood was sent out, or the Allahu Akbar, when he saw the signs of Prophethood that were mentioned in the scriptures before he saw the signs of Prophethood being manifested in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam from amongst them, for example, was that the

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prophets of Allah, where do you send them to eat from the wealth of Saudi of charity, but he would accept a gift from them was the scene of profiter that was between the shoulder blades of the prophets of Allah, Allah, He will send him these signs that he saw and the character that he saw the prophets of Allah worrisome, the Hadith, Abdullah said I'm worthy Allah Juan says that the first time I laid eyes upon the Prophet salallahu Alaihe, salam, I looked at his face and I said, this is not the face of Allah. This is a man of truth. This is a man who doesn't lie and deceive. And so people like that was sincere and they accepted Islam. But then you have others who when the prophets

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of Allah what He was sending would say to them, don't you find this law of Allah in your own scripture? They would say no, and they would hide that particular verse with their hand or in some way, hoping that no one would notice. And then when the prophets of Allah whatever you will send them or someone else would tell them to lift up their hands, they would find written there, the very low that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was saying, people have integrity and trustworthiness, people who are less so and those who are less so will see that he can be unknown god who laserLine Mina Sabine, those who are less so it is because they say we have no obligation

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towards the Gentiles, the Gentiles are the people who are their non believers. They're non people who are not from their religion. Those people they will say these people, we have no obligation towards them, it's fine to deceive them, to achieve our goals, to deceive them in order to do what we need. That is one of the differences between the Muslim and those people. The Muslim is the one who is always a person of integrity, the means and the goal has to be have to be legislated by Allah subhanaw taala either the means, or the goal doesn't justify the means. We can't say that just because we want this goal and it's something which we need we can go and do the Haram in order to

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reach and attain it. No rather both have to be legislated by Allah azza wa jal with Luna and Allah Hill Can you bear with me? I'm

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Aman, Allah azza wa jal says and they openly lie against Allah knowing that they are doing so, they conceal the change, they distort. And that is why Allah azza wa jal mentions consenting, for example, some of them the people of the Kitab from amongst them are those people who have knowledge, but they don't follow that knowledge. They know the truth, but they conceal the truth. They know the truth and they distort and change the truth and those are the people that Allah azza wa jal is angry with. His wrath is upon them, because they know what they should be doing. They have guidance before them, but they actively choose to ignore it and to follow other than it.

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Invest 76 Allah subhanaw taala then says

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benang an alpha B or D what? Tuck off nulla you're a bull monoterpene Allah azza wa jal says no indeed Allah loves those who keep their pledges and are mindful of him. Allah azza wa jal loves those who when you make a pledge with them, when you entrust them with something, when you make a contract with them, they fulfill that pledge, and they fulfill that trust. And that is because if a person is fulfilling their trust in terms of their transactions, in terms of their dealings with others, then they are more likely to fulfill their bargain and their pledge with Allah subhanaw taala. Allah azza wa jal took a pledge from us that we will worship him alone. Someone who is

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mindful of the way that they deal with money and the way that they deal with trust amongst people is more likely, therefore to be mindful of the way that they deal with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. If someone is truthful and honest in their dealings with people, then they are less likely to lie when it comes to the crater of those people. And so Allah azza wa jal says that those people who are who are good in terms of their dealings, they keep their pledges and that is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as we know Allah azza wa jal in the Quran, when he describes from the attributes of the believers he says, What are the veena who need a man to him? What are the human our own, from

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amongst the attributes are those who fulfill their pledges on their covenants, their trusts, that is from the greatest attributes of the believers. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that from the signs of the hypocrites, is that when they make a promise, they break it, when they're entrusted with something they deceive. That is from the greatest of the signs of, of hypocrisy. And so that is something which therefore the Muslims shouldn't be far away from. I made an agreement with you, or you made an agreement with someone else. You should fulfill that agreement that you mean to the best of your ability, to the extent that the prophets on Allahu Allah he was sending,

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even when he made pledges with non Muslims at his time he fulfilled that pledge. He fulfilled that covenant, even amongst his enemies when the prophets of Allah What are you seeing him sign the Treaty of her the via, with the Quraysh what is enemies? These are the people that are trying to kill him and destroy him and his religion and his followers and the city of Medina. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam upheld the covenant that they made with him. He upheld the pledge that they need to and the terms of each of the pledges of the points of the pledge and the treaty. They upheld some Allahu Allah he will send them and that is how the believer is. Allah azza wa jal says

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in the first verse in Surah, to the man either Yeah, you will live in Manu. Oh full bill, Oh, you who believe fulfill your covenants, your pledges, your oath and your trust. Allah loves those people who do so for Allah, you're talking because those are the people that are mindful of Allah and Allah loves such people, he says, because you do so knowing that Allah is watching. Allah knows how honest you are. And therefore as a Muslim, every contract that you enter into a marriage contract, a business contract, a contract in terms of the pledges that you make, the promises that you make, they're available, not necessarily written down. But the agreements that you enter into. The

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believer is the one who tries to the utmost to fulfill those, those pledges. And that is one of the positives that the Arabs had one of the positives that the college had, despite their many issues, but one of the positives in their character and in their culture was they were people who upheld their pledges and oats, they consider to be extremely, extremely bad or shameful, that a man doesn't hold up his word. He says one thing, and then he breaks his word another day, that would be considered to be one of the most shameful things that the Arabs can think of. It was considered to be embarrassing and manly and unworthy of a person, that they would behave in such a way. So your

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word is your bond, and your word and your pledge that you give us something which should be upheld.

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And that is why Allah azza wa jal then says in verse number 77, concerning those people who don't uphold those pledges and those covenants that they make, and especially the covenant that they need to worship Allah azza wa jal alone, he says in the living international one and we are de la he was Imani him feminine con Elan, Allah econo Florida con Phil Fira, hula econo Hana kala homefield, Pharaoh Tijuana, you can remove them Allahu Allah Yun Lu la him Yeoman. Priya Methuselah user Kim while our user

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Ye Mala whom are there any but those who sell out Allah's covenant and their own oats for a small price will have no share in the life to come, Allah will neither speak to them, nor look at them on the Day of Judgment, he will not cleanse them of their sins, and an agonizing torment awaits them. Allah subhanaw taala says those, therefore those people don't fulfill those covenants. And the greatest of those covenants, as we said, is the covenant that we made to worship Allah azza wa jal alone, those people who break those covenants, Allah azza wa jal says that they would have no portion of the Hereafter, they have no place in the hereafter Allah will not look at them, Allah

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will not speak to them, Allah will not purify them, meaning that they will be completely ignored. And that again shows you the importance of worshiping Allah subhanaw taala upholding the covenants that we have made to Allah azza wa jal in terms of following his legislation and following his obligations, but also in terms of the covenants that we make with one another, the agreements that we make and that we enter into fully and willingly unknowingly. That is something which the Muslim should do in terms of upholding those covenants is not befitting. Unfortunately, the time that we live in. The Muslims often have a reputation of being people who cheat people who deceive people who

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say one thing and then do the opposite people who have a lack of integrity and honesty and truthfulness amongst them. That is not the way that the Muslim should be in terms of their dealings. And Allah azza wa jal, the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah azza wa jal loves, those people who uphold their trusts and Allah subhanaw taala. Rather the prophets of Allah where it was still mentioned, that Allah azza wa jal honored some of those people, we have examples of the sinner like the one, the man who had a worker, and then the worker was due to wage but he left without taking his money. So rather than forgetting about that contract, the one who owes the

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money the essentially the person who employed him, the employer, he invest that money, and he invests that wealth until it becomes a great amount. And then after a number of years, when that man the employee comes back looking for his payment, he says, All of this belongs to you. Not only did he uphold his covenant, he did it in the best of ways and because of that Allah azza wa jal showed him mercy and showed him some relief. So with that, we come to the end of today's episode and inshallah Tada i will see you again in the forthcoming episode BarakAllahu freecom was Allahu ala Nabina Muhammad Anwar there it will be as your main cinema. Allah He

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