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$100 Bill alameen wa salatu salam ala COVID mursaleen for Allah Allah he was having us made about

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a lot of our fellow citizens or us or

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Korea, the lady in Africa who Allah and fusi him la kupuna to Nevada Mattila in the La Jolla rural Nova Jamia in no World War for a

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loss, Roger said.

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All my slaves. Yeah, Eva de la Vina as of

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last month that I said all my slaves who have transgressed against themselves as sort of wild and fuzzy that document to me Rahmatullah do not despair of the raw data. In Allah yo Nova Jamia, Verily, Allah subhanho wa Taala will forgive all sins, you know, all over array, and verily is the one who is all forgiving, and all was evil.

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We were talking since diverse today. And this is a continuation of the same reminder of the issue of

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color completely practicing Islam and Islam fully, was rather sad. I live in an old colo facility.

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And he said, do not follow the footsteps of shatta. And we spoke yesterday about what is the meaning of following the footsteps of Satan, and how they shaytan beguiled and deceives.

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And I told you yesterday that the Jetta has no power or the lever, and so to hell, and as Tara mentioned it very, very clear. in so many words, the shaytan has no power over the believer, a shadow has no power over the one who is taller, cooler. I know that.

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This is Zuma, I want to show you and remind myself how to really look at it

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in a manner of speaking that debt is stacked against it.

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And that's why router that gives the believers and the people who want to believe in

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an advantage over those who want to dismiss it.

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So I was rather than saying here, do not despair, the mercy of Allah and Allah will forgive all sins.

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Now the shirt obviously is over

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11 for him the sin that you asked him to forgive.

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In addition to that, of course Allah but also forgive many sins that he has not actually made over for all the minor sins.

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So we basically take

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a very, very quick look at how Allah subhanaw taala forgives, for example, when a believer may sudo Allah subhanaw taala for his sins

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as the vessel of the original Salah. He said yes, as the as the companions, yada yada. If a person has a river of data without any bids five times a day, is it likely that they will be dirty? They said no. They said that is what five times will do and solid as well.

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And this is a way of not making it over a while making just making it with Oh Allah, Allah forgives us

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when we say amin and this is one of the lies was saying I mean loudly after repeating after the Imam because there is a level observed when the

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person who's praying says amin and the Malaga also say I mean after sort of advance here and these two I mean coincide that lots of Arabella forgives.

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So therefore, that is what I'm saying. I mean, with just anybody that is also reinforcing it silently. So whichever word you follow, you follow but I'm just telling you there is a delete also saying it loudly.

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Then there is you get the word Rico and you get up innocence of a loved one. And miserable Allah, Allah and Allah, Allah forgives it.

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And then of course it says that

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you make that Allah Rhonda forgive sins. Allah, Allah forgive sins When you give her away to give charity Allah subhanaw taala for the absence.

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Then when a person

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decides to do a good deed,

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he hasn't done it yet. For example, He decides that I will wake up tonight for

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less than $1 order the recording angels to write one good deed in his favor.

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reality and done the deed he only made Nia only decided to do it.

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Then maybe he had his good intention of making about agile but he fell asleep so he didn't wake up. But that one good deed of the Nia is still there.

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But then he wakes up for that reason.

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Actually that

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gives him anything from 10 to 700 times to whatever it was

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for that particular rate.

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You bet it only one.

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But Allah, Allah will give him a minimum of 10

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Mangia I will have sanity follow through I'm Dahlia Allah does is the one who come with one Hazara one good date Allah Subhan Allah will give you 10 likewise

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the Buddha's

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target of the Hajj he gets reward for big praying to delegate

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inshallah. And then of course Allah Subhana Allah late sous vide with Allah in

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social worker I mentioned the compared the one doing good deeds to the person who plants a seed and from the seed comes out of plant and the plant has seven branches seven years and each one has 100 seats in it, which means one is to the 100 to 700 types and this is Rama, Rama and then Allah Serrano, Dara, in addition to that, in the zip is dead, and Allah subhanho wa Taala will increase that as he wishes

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the laser

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so this is one doing on good date.

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So he made Nia he got one good deed in his account, he actually did the deed and he got 10 to 700 1200 vests, he asked Allah subhanaw taala to give us in keeping with his majesty and grace, not in keeping with our deeds,

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I'm showing you how the deck is actually stacked against each other and people who want to do evil. And that's why it only lasted if somebody lands in the janam, then is really getting the reward for working very hard for it.

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Because if you can beat all these artists till Ellen DeGeneres, them, he knows what he really wanted with him.

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Then a person makes the near to do a bad date. And of course, this is not the Sharon, this is not the condition. This is not the you know the sign of a believer, you don't actually decide to do a good deed, do a bad deed. If something if some sin happens, then it's something for a believer, of course, obviously, nobody's free from sin. But if something happens is it should be a matter of forgetfulness, or it should be something that's happened without your intention. So actually intending to do a bad deed is not something that a believer should do anyway.

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But for the sake of argument, the person decides to do a bad deed.

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So the balagia, the guardian angels, now what do they do? What is for them? I think nothing. He has not done it yet.

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And then, since

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then, this person changes his intention. For example, he decided that he's going to go and slander Mr. yahveh big in this particular meeting.

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But nothing has been written for it. So now when he goes to that meeting, he decides No, no, no, this is not a good thing. Why should I talk? Why should I bad talk somebody behind his back? It's not good. So he decided internally, you know, nobody knows. internally. He decides No, I'm not going to slander so and so.

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So Allah subhanaw taala writes, gets the angels to write a good deed for him in his account because he decided against doing

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an equaliser

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then, a person decides to do a bad deed and actually does it

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he actually does.

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So the end of the hour, so yeah, well, I mean, what should we write? Which

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don't identity

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you have jobs to make Toba.

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Now, he decided to do a bad deed. He did it. Nothing is the reason he makes Dawa.

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Now what happens? Allah Serrano's data gives him what

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he gives to the world.

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Now he does not make doba the need is there, but it is there. So at the end of the day, the recording angels write down the value. Now how many times do they write that down for the good deed? What did they do? One is one to seven and one is to 10 is to 711 always but for the value only one

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only one.

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Then he does his bad deeds. He doesn't maybe he does all this stuff all his life. And may Allah protect us of this this is not the ideal for continuing to do sin very, very important for us to understand that. But supposing somebody continues to do evil all his life, and then five minutes before he dies, he gets Toby for wellness rather than any mixer now whatever. Not only does Allah subhanaw taala forgive

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All his sins, but he converts them all into good deeds

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in Surah Furqan and as well as that, as mentioned, this is as you convert the bad deeds into good deeds.

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You've got the you've got the law who say, the him has an act and laws around them data will convert the bad deeds into good deeds.

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And then five minutes later the man dies, he dies. And he goes into gender

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with a with a record book full of goodies.

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Obviously, this is not available to continue to do evil, because we don't know when that when that will come and if it did comes to you in the state of evil then you are cooked.

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So that's we don't talk about memory visibility in retirements. Coincidentally, these things

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happen. The point I want to remind myself a new is that despite all of this, and Allah knows best what else?

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If somebody still lands in Alba, then what do you say? Well of course.

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So therefore we are We remind ourselves, number one, to stay away from evil to stay away from everything that they can tell them remember China has all kinds of arguments in favor of this in favor of that. But

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this the sensible person is the person who lives life in a simple straightforward manner. What Allah subhanho wa Taala has permitted is what is Jaya Jaya is what is haram is Allah, the original Salah? He said the halal obion or haram Avi, he said what is halal is clear and what is haram is clear. And by you know oma Buddha shabbiha he says between the two are the doubtful things. So he said leave the doubtful things for that which is not doubtful. Now what is more? What is more simple than this? But if we want to complicate our own lives, and we want to create all kinds of convoluted DeLisle in order to support sin, believe me, at the end of the day, when you stand before Allah Subhana Allah

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none of those Delilah going to stand with you

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fool yourself as much as you want makes no difference. Makes no difference. People sometimes get into the spin, where the thing that is they can argue and make the other person Shut up, then they have won the argument. You know what, nothing. You are nothing because if you are wrong, you're wrong. Yes, because the bars are opposite. You wasn't able to give you a

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you know, the deal to prove to you that you were wrong. It doesn't mean anything. It is not the job. Sorry, as in what it will it is not the job of the interviewee to convince you. It's not the job of the other person to convince you.

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His job is to inform you period. stories or

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be convinced Don't be convinced that your problem was it's not anybody's job to convince you.

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And if you vote unless that is a you know, I was committing sin because also didn't convince me. That's your problem.

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So the issue is to understand very clearly and stay away from sin. And if anything happens, and if you do commit some sin immediately immediately to make our

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there's a lot of times that when a believer commits a sin, it is on his head like a mountain.

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He feels that he will fall and crush it. So he immediately makes our and he's ever a disbeliever commit sin. It's like a fly sitting on his nose. He thinks he just waves it or it'll go away.

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And therefore we remind ourselves to be like believers. Don't commit sin. And if it happens immediately make Toba and remember Allah subhanaw taala has actually stacked the deck in favor of you.

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It's all in your favor. It's against said that.

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Despite that, if somebody

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ends up in the wrong place,

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as well as at large all volume is around the edge.

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If you will, and in that place, then you are only getting what you will work very hard for you as well as Mandela to save us from all that is displeasing to him. And to make it easy for us to do all that is pleasing to Him and to accept our work for his sake. And to fill our lives in our near and our work with your class. And to save us from Maria was Allah Allah Allah will Karim Allah Allah He was heavy as rain