How do we talk to our kids about what’s happening in Gaza

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I actually know families in Gaza. I know, I personally know families whose children's are actually seeing these live and yet I'm in its privileged position here where I can protect my my sons and daughters where he says, I know you guys can't see this, it's almost kind of like, treacherous of me to, like, hide the truth from my kids, about the fact that this world actually exists is the world that they actually living in. I think that there's always these conversations are 100%, they have to happen. These images have to be seen at some point. But there's a time and place and when your kids are that young, they're not accountable for nothing. You know, they don't have to practice their

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religion to do nothing. Allah lifted all of that from them, to put them now to see something where immediately, you're risking their ability to comprehend it understand and internalize, don't throw your kids into something, whether it be in this particular conflict or anything else, without just gradually introducing it to them in a way that they can understand and comprehend that despite how horrific This is, I also understand, you know, why Allah allows these things to happen. I also understand that okay, you know, how to control my emotions, how I can still go to bed at night and have not have nightmares because those things traumatize young