Sulaiman Moola – Tribute to Mufti Taha Karan R.A

Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The loss of the culture of the waif, which was found to be deteriorating and causing sad sadness, is discussed. The success of a quotation in a book is also discussed, along with a former student's quote on the importance of the Prophet's message in the context of the "radula movement" and his legacy. The use of lithium ion to prevent depression and personal transformation is also discussed, along with the potential for a vacuum in the future. The segment ends with a call to action for action.
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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim, the moment I received the news that the health of monona bahara Kamala was deteriorating and that his condition was rather precarious. I had a lump in my throat. I retired to bed Thursday night, cautiously optimistic of a miracle. But Friday morning as I woke up and nervously embraced my phone, and mustered the courage to switch it on, lo and behold, there was an influx of messages echoing the sad news that this intellectual giant and this erudite scholar has passed on in Lila he were in La Jolla, Raji rune in tatata. Vanessa, there is a narration that a companion of what Mr. Ravi Allah Hanuman says, When Abdullah when they took nefab raviolo one who

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passed away We sat with Abdullah Abbas or the Allah on Houma, and it was a very sad day it was gripped with sadness and somber and I'm delighted now buzzer the alarm and whom I pointed to the grave of a Dubner Thabeet and he said Lukla, Duffin and young merrell Moon Cathy, today, in that grave, a chunk of knowledge has been buried today, in that grave a chunk of knowledge has been buried. And surely we can echo of course, no comparison to the knowledge of Sahaba but in contemporary times, we can safely say that in the form of the feeling and the feeling and the burial of Mufti Bahar Rahim Allah, a great chunk of knowledge has been buried. I had once read in the

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writings of Shahab Abdel Fattah aboda Rahim Allah, in his famous books of Hartman Sabri linamar Allah shuddha ed Lyle, in which he writes about bisher haffi Rahim of Allah. Ibrahim halaby Rahim Allah used to say ma ba da da Adam Matalan Minho, that Baghdad has never produced a more intelligent man. Then bisher haffi Rahim Allah got an equally sharp Malati Minho, Atul. It was almost like every strand of hair on his head was an independent brain. Lo Cosima to know who Allah Holly Baba de la Sol Ocala hamanaka Sabine Remi, he said, if you were to distribute his intellect and his wisdom and his knowledge to the people above DOD, everybody would walk around with it with a handsome brain and

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an intelligent mind and it would not diminish his intelligence in any way. And in contemporary times, I can safely say that if the intellect of manana Baha Rahim Allah was to be distributed on the people of strand, Lhasa rock Allah, they all would be people of intelligence and wisdom warmer notice I mean, I mean, he say, but it would have not defected or diminished his intelligence in any way. When abuse of Rahim Allah had fallen ill whose actual name was yaku when he was the distinguished student of Abu hanifa Rahim Allah and Imam Abu hanifa came to visit him and then he looked at him and he seen that his health was not good. And he was slipping away. He said lecanto

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Emilio kabara dealing nurse, I had great hopes that you will continue the legacy post my demise whether in OC Bonaire Subic layer Mouton America Relman, Kathy, and our use of if you happen to buy a pass away in this illness of yours, then with you a chunk of knowledge will be buried with you a chunk of knowledge will be buried a quick reflection over some of the many achievements, accolades and feats of this intellectual giant Rama hula. To start off in heylia. To Alia, under the chapter of shahara, I came across a quotation in which Abdullah bin mobilock, the erudite scholar of Hadith used to say that ketubah Malaya, Sophia and authority Sophia Antonia Rahim Allah once wrote to me,

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and that was the practice amongst the pious, meaningful, objective, brief, comprehensive and concise, but voluminous with meaning. He said to me that spread your knowledge spread your knowledge worth there is shahara but stay away from fame and prominence. When I lead this quotation, Allah is my witness. The first person that came to my mind was none other than Chef molana moved to baja camela, a man who was consumed and immersed in the sciences of knowledge, but he was the furthest away from fame and prominence. He didn't seek the fame or the prominence. In fact, when it came his way he would shun it. And like I always say that the seller for Sally hain would take more time to

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avoid fame than we would take to do.

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gain fame. In other words, they did more to remain unknown than we would do to become known. So that's the first thing. He was the humility personified. I had two close interactions in many years, amongst other, you know, casual interactions. One was a conference in 2012 in Canada, in Toronto path to piety and myself amongst others and the honorable venerable lady Mufti bahara, Kamala was a guest speaker, and of course, both from South Africa. So we had more time together as well. And Subhanallah Shah had also conducted a workshop in the morning, which was in followed by the conference in the latter part of the day. And then when we sat down for meals, I asked him, I said,

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How was your workshop? It was four hours long. And he said, I tried to commence the first page. I tried. In other words, that was the depth of his knowledge, that was the depth of his knowledge, I could not conclude or encapsulate or, you know, address all the aspects, I tried to commence the first page. And after the conference, there was a q&a in which the entire panelists were on the panel. And of course, in His presence, one becomes very cautious about your words, etc, knowing that the knowledge he possesses but a very calm person, a very collected person, he would not intimidate you, he would not give off the the notion of the knowledge he possess. In fact, I was listening to

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one of the tributes. And this really blew me away, where one of his students said, we as students did not know, the knowledge our teacher had. And honestly speaking, I don't think our teacher also knew how much knowledge he had. Wow, I don't think our teacher also knew how much knowledge he had. That was so profound.

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And then Alhamdulillah, I shared platform with him in Cape Town on a Sahaba, dosa and Subhana. Light was a huge audience. And, you know, he spoke prior to me and then I spoke there after and we had some warm, amazing interactions. A second quick reflection about the late move to Bahama hula, and this is well known and documented and his friends will tell you about this and his students as well, that he will study the late hours of the night. And that reminds me of the stands of Imam Shafi. Rayalaseema, hula, be to sahana Duda with a V to who Noma A B to sahana, deja weatherbeeta, who Noma

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that I would spend the night studying, and you would spend the night sleeping. And then you're optimistic that we could be united in Jannah. And he would often say, in fact, a friend of mine said that sometimes he would be studying on his phone till 12 one, and then jokingly, he would say, I better shut my phone off, because my wife might get suspicious that I'm perusing some other material. But of course, it was nothing other than studying books and studying, you know, Dini literature. So Subhanallah this was the caliber of the person this was the caliber of the person. Now the question is where to from your where to from here. And in that regard, I wanted to share a

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verse of the Quran a quotation and move on and tie it up with the, you know, paying homage and tribute to him. There's a verse in the 24 Jews of the Quran in chapter 14, in verse 34, in which Allah subhanho wa Taala conveys the tale and the narrative of Roger no movement, the pious believer who was addressing his people, and he said to his people, what occurred to me also forming cabelo bill by younai defoamers, il twofish at Kimmy majha convey and that's the beauty of the Quran. You know, regardless of the situations in which we find ourselves, you will always find a cue and direction and inspiration and motivation from the Quran. And like I was saying the other day in the

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dog, a believers compass he said never his government is the Quran. And the Quran never lose a signal. You and I might ignore the signal of the Quran, but the Quran never lose a signal. So this Rajan amendment this pious believer was addressing his people and he said to them, well after the use of human capital bill by you not previously, the prophet Yusuf Alayhi Salam caimans, you will pay you not what clear signs from Sal Tim Fisher came in my job to convey but you remain in doubt you were apprehensive you were reluctant you will not convince on the veracity of his message had died in our Halak. Until use of alayhis salaam passed away Colton, then you said layer Bertha Allahu

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mimbar de emeth li Rasulullah I doubt the world will ever see a prophet like Yusuf Alayhi Salaam, again. So when you civilize Salaam was alive, and then you could see interested in osmani in the footnotes and Asha number five, the quotation of shahzeb Rahim Allah is made mentioned there that when say the use of was present amongst the people, then there were many people in Egypt that were not convinced that did not fully oblige and embrace his message.

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When saving the use of alayhis salaam passed away, and they seem the main hum that followed post the demise of use of alayhis salam, now they started reminiscing over the glory days of use of alayhis salam. And furthermore, Allah should be familiar with money then writes that the value of a bounty is only appreciated when it is lost, and never meant to either physically that or in fact, and they are meant to either forget to refund. So my message is my message is to echo and amplify the sentiments of whom the Quran refers to as a radula movement. In chapter 14 in verse 34, the use of Allah in Salaam has gone now Allah has blessed you with Musa alayhis salam value his presence,

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surely the man in the name of molana Mufti shell Baha Rahim Allah has passed on, but on this earth, there are many other bajas arrive. There are many other bajas in the form of other scholars, maybe not on the same caliber, maybe not as erudite as learned as knowledgeable, but the message is values those that are present amongst you. Furthermore, the Allahu anhu he once addressed to people of Damascus and he said to them, my bad, okay, what's the matter of what's the matter with you, that your scholars are leaving this world your scholars are leaving this world what your higher no come later Allah moon and the layman, the ignorant amongst you are not pursue in knowledge. So there's

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two messages here. Number one, some of us might not be engaged in the acquisition of knowledge. and many others might be to lab of item might be students of item. But then again, even if we are pursuing it, we pursuing it at a very basic, rudimentary, mediocre level. And when we look at the personality who we are paying tribute to, there was in hammock, there was still a lot, he was completely immersed in knowledge. So we need to up our game, we need to up our game. And that's the message from the legacy of chef da Kamala. And I think the other unique thing about him was that he walked the dog. And hence, if I can use again, this opportunity from his legacy to say that those

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probably who might be listening to this, you know what tribute and homage and have devoted years of knowledge, then this is your opportunity to convert your myeloma into my amulet, to convert your myeloma into my moulard meaning take your knowledge and internalize it, imbibe it and executed. So that's the next message. And then going on in terms of, you know what, understanding that we need to move on from here, when St. namorada The Allahu anhu was in the throes of death. And those present around him started weeping started weeping. So he asked him why you bekijken what makes you cry? So they said Nokia artillerymen levy and pathirana in demotech, we cry, because with you goes a chunk

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of knowledge, and we won't have that knowledge. So say now Mahabharata your loved one was said in Larimer, when he Myrna McKenna, Houma, Isla Yomi, Yama, I am going to pass away now there's no doubt and he mentioned that and he was experiencing that the last moments of life, but knowledge and emotion will remain many but Allahumma wadjet, the Houma The one who searches for knowledge, he will definitely find it. And by virtue of searching and pursuing knowledge, I think I will he bahara him of Allah rahimullah was definitely a beloved and a friend of the Almighty. Two days back, my wife said to me at the hour of the head job, I got up and I was making to her as my regular practice. And

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I made Dora for monana ba Rahim Allah. And as I was making to her, I just found myself tearing, crying, wailing and sobbing. And then she says, I'm asking myself, but why am I crying so profusely? I wasn't a student of the show. I'm not a family member of the show. I wasn't actively following his discourses. I wasn't an avid reader of his fatawa or his verdict. So my relation to him was somewhat remote. Why am I crying so much? And immediately she said, the ayat came to my mind in the levina armano where I'm you know, Sally had say, yeah, Jai Lula, Manu da, those who obey Allah and who do righteous deeds, Allah will instill the love in the hearts of people. And it is this piety and this

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nobility, and this is so hard and this airfloss and this terroir, and this island, and this tobacco and this aroma in this individual that has left every one of us, you know what, just wiping our eyes on my last words of advice to myself to the oma and in particular, to his near and dear ones, his disciples and his students. So there's a verse And again, that's the motivation

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from Quran there is a verse in the third chapter in the fourth Jews of the Quran verse 144, in which Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about the incident that occurred in the campaign of ohan. Of what occurred in the third year of his reign in the month of Shawwal, in which there was a rumor of the assassination of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and momentarily this had created anxiety and stress amongst the companions of the Allah and home, and rightfully so, subsequently. cabra The olana God's sight of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam echoed this good news to the companions gave them the reassurance that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was alive. However, the verse was then

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revealed after him murder after him murder, oh cotulla in collaborative ma Begum. So one day if by chance when Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam does pass on alpha imagine Oh Putin, or he is assassinated in collaboration, Allah Akbar become, will you turn on your heels? Will you abandon the course? Woman caliber Allah RTV following Allah has shaped us and if any person per chances turns on his heels, he cannot harm a lot in any way. I am dispensable, you are dispensable, I will perish you will perish Allah is indispensable under this idea. It is mentioned in biannual Quran den let in that little area Allah them mill physically studied well SF in Berlin, Allah Modi Ahad Mina Shu

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chama who are either two XL more attacchi Dean Amina value house Avon what can that the one more more Baca it then Billa Nasir Allahu Akbar

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this idea releases a sharp warning to inform us that when we lose a scholar when we lose a mentor when we lose a DJ that let him I mean physically should eat our grieve our sorrow should not incapacitate us should not leave us lame and lethargic. What are the lithium ion?

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batteries Sinead? Well SFL belif Allah multi Ahad ministry you come out who are harder to accurately monitor the demon and like many general disciples will lose hope carried spirit drive momentum to say well my scholar has passed on I have no more drive for life. No, no, that is wrong. Rather we should stand up and preoccupy ourselves with the very passion for which he gave his life his life was knowledge and that encompass his entire life when Abdullah bin Mubarak was us now and Allah Oh ha la casa Anika me you don't Elijah Yama and Dasani alone. If Allah were to tell you that these are the last moments of your life and you're going to die before the sunset, what would you do? He said

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I would be studying and I heard from so many people whenever you met him whenever you met him, there was a book in his hand. In fact, in this very last Ramadan, I was in Cape Town for some lectures, and Allah is my witness one day I said, let me go to strand and visit Marana baja and spend time with him. But unfortunately, I did not oblige to that thought later, and he felt I just regret and I wish I had done so. So what's the message that the death of a person should not incapacitate you, but rather, it should propel you to continue the legacy and to also commit yourself to that cause? What cat that the one who more Baca Indian Bella Nasir. And likewise, it is wrong for you to slip

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into depression and say, well, who will rescue this institution who of course there's going to be a void. And of course there's going to be a vacuum. But remember, this is the Dean of the Almighty and he will preserve it. We ask the almighty to envelope monomer home Chef bahara him of Allah in His special mercies, and we ask the almighty to bless his immediate family, his honorable venerable Mum, his respected spouse, his beloved children, and in the form of his children, both his soul B and rowhani is biological and spiritual children with sovereign Jamil and to blastoma with a net promoter battle a good substitute amin, your beloved amin

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