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AI: Summary © The journey of hams is fruitful and beneficial, and practical tips are provided for achieving success, including finding sincerity, seeking guidance from Allah Subhanossu, and being mindful of one's plans. A personalized schedule is essential, and plans tailored to suit the user's needs are important. The importance of having a fun environment for learning, keeping a clear plan, and being mindful of one's plans is emphasized.
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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah al Karim while he was have he a Jemaine

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A salaam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh, my beloved brothers and sisters, welcome again to our part three of the cities hubs, the greatest journey? Well, hamdulillah in the past two sessions, we talked about reasons associated with those reasons, benefits. And we also talked about some of the challenges that one faces during the time of hevs Subhan Allah, and we also touched base on the solutions, how one can actually overcome those challenges will hamdulillah in this session, again, I'm joined by fun, and Abdullah had to take you through with a very significant session and that is practical tips to do this journey of hives when hamdulillah so guys, how are you doing? Again, I'm

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sure our viewers are enjoying the sessions when hamdulillah when we talked about the reasons, we talked about the benefits and show they're inspired and excited to take up this journey. We also talked about some of the common challenges that you personally have faced, that you have personally faced, and how you actually overcome it, and you felt that it was worth overcoming it right? It was the fruits are so beautiful, that now you feel that it was worthwhile. Well hamdulillah

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our idea insha Allah to, to address some of the tips, the practical tips to our viewers in sha Allah to take the journey of hevs. So dear viewers, in order to facilitate you and to make it more clear and easier, what we had, what we'll be doing in sha Allah is we will divide the practical tips sessions into three parts. We'll talk about the journey that you take the before the journey of hopes, what are the practical tips that you would require to keep in mind, we'll talk about during the time of hives, what are the practical tips that can help you out Inshallah, and then we will also address some of the practical tips after completing the phase because that's very, very crucial

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and important Subhanallah all Alright, so let's begin with the first part of the practical tips. Inshallah. So, before even we get into the journey of herbs,

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what do you think that we should do as the first tip sincerity? Oh, intention is very important, because if you're doing have to show off and show other people, it's a waste of time, and everything is waste, the sacrifices are waste, everything is waste. So we need to have the intention that we are doing for Allah subhana wa Tada Subhan Allah and, and this is an A great failure, it's absolute loss, that you did so much of struggle, and at the end, you would be punished for that. So I think this is something which is the essential, you know, pillar and essential element for our deeds to be accepted. And that is sincerity. It should be done for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala because

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he's the one who is going to reward us a lot. So the whole purpose of doing the entire hips is to make sure that it's for his sake, Subhan Allah, as Allah subhanho wa Taala says, pull in NASA T one also key Omega Amati Lillahi Rabbil Alameen Say, Indeed, my prayer, my rights and sacrifices, my living and dying are for Allah subhanho wa Taala Lord of the words, and it makes perfect sense. I mean, yes, I find it makes perfect sense because at the end of the day, Allah subhanaw taala is going to reward us so obviously we do it only for his sake and this is a fine deviation by the way from shaitan. So he will make you memorize the entire Quran. But he puts you a notion of perspective

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in your mind to show off with the people saying that you know what, I memorize the one jurors in for example, one day or in just couple of days, I remember I saw this showing off even after doing such a

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First and such, you know, hard work is going to be punishable not just waste, it's going to be punishable as well. Subhanallah and another thing is that it will also increase the chance of you getting an evil I only show off a lot that's true. That's true. For example, if you're like, I finished doing a heavy in one week and for example, and then someone does the someone gives me an evil eye.

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Because they're suddenly shocked to me. They don't want to purpose but it doesn't change the fact absolutely absolute. So so the first step before even you embark the journey of herbs is established sincerity. Keep it clearly and purely for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. I find what's the next step that you want to talk about? I think seeking Allah's help is something that's very important, because

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we need to make dua and we need to make sure we never lose hope and DWIs want to do is to do do after prayer, dine water. We need to increase that a lot. We need to do a lot of diet and I think that is one of the biggest ways they can help ourselves when we're beginning have the loss of parents Allison's answer Kamala Fela, Ali, welcome. Well, el conferment the Libyan sort of command body, if Allah subhanaw taala supports you, then there is no one that can make you fit and if it was parent, and that doesn't support it, and there is no one that can make you win. So I think seeking the second level was present is extremely kind Allah SubhanAllah. So even to embark the journey of

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the lives of the Quran, we have to go back to Allah to ask for help and support only by his support, we will be able to facilitate ourselves in performing this journey. Amazing. So the tip number two is seek dua seek help from Allah subhanho wa Taala and make lots and lots of doulas so that you this journey is fruitful, enjoyable, and beneficial. Inshallah. Yes, Abdullah had Yes, we have to prepare our mind to say no, often to things that's quite tempting. Subhanallah I think this is quite relevant, because you can carried away very easily you know, somebody who is very close to you very beloved to you while you're doing your revision, for example, he comes and then you start playing

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with him, you start going around, and you can easily be carried out. So you need to be prepared to say, excuse my beloved brother, I love you a lot. I love you for the sake of Allah. But please, excuse me, I can't join you now. So you need to be confident and you need to be brave enough, courageous enough, in a respectful way, you need to say no to people, yes, I think sometimes, you know, when people are going out, we're also tempted to go with them and so that we can have fun and we can enjoy but I

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think we have, as we told the, we need to sacrifice we need to sacrifice a lot. I think this happens a lot with the elders as well, you know, it's just not with children, with elders with us. Subhanallah there are many more things that are more tempting to us, you know, sometimes work sometimes business sometimes shopping, sometimes other activities, sometimes leisure, sometimes travel. So these are the things that you know, could be tempted by the people and we have to be clear in this journey to say no to people so when you say no, you're actually doing what you're saving time and you're clearly showing up your dedication, your sacrifice for that Subhanallah and I

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think my advice is that for example

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if I always finishes with if there's someone who's doing better than my house

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if there's anyone in your environment who's doing have I think we should try to

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we should try to make sure that we don't distract him you know, sometimes when we go out of we should stop going out often because it's also very tempting for the person who's doing has to have a little bit of fun so I think as people who are within the home yeah within the home, I think we should try to avoid going out so

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that we can help the person absolutely absolute. So tip number three is be prepared to say no to people in order to continue your hips journey properly. Inshallah, yes, I find is there any other tip that you have in mind, before even getting into the real mode of doing herbs? I think keeping away from sins is Allah Subhana Allah? I think this is this is very, very essential my beloved brothers and sisters. Quran is absolutely pure right. Quran is a beautiful book and the speech of Allah subhanaw taala and it will not bend

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If you if you keep sinning, right, and even if you memorize, you actually forget very quickly why because you are committing sin, right? And it's quite strange actually and very useless to actually even think that you want to commit sin and then you go come back to the book of Allah, the purpose of the Quran is to guide us to help us away, to get us away from committing any sin. So, committing sin is something which comes as an obstacle in our journey. So you need to make sure that you start making Taraba you start repenting and turning back to Allah subhanaw taala, asking his forgiveness so that you can embark the journey No, now as I am speaking, I'm talking about things that you need

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to do even before you actually get into the journey of EVs. Alright, Abdullah, is there any other tip that you have in mind? So we need to have a plan, as we discussed, scheduled? Correct. So we need to organize things and keep a time for every single thing, because sometimes, some things we use too much. And that is not good, really to keep a limited time for every single thing. Right. I think I think this is very, very crucial. My beloved brothers and sisters, we did touch this upon about the plan and the importance of plan and not actually having a plan is itself is a challenge. We talked about it. But before even we embarked the journey, I think this is very, very crucial to

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chalk out to make a plan, clear plan and plan for people. It could be different, you know, for some, it's a one year plan for some, it's a two year plan. For some, it's even, it could be a five year plan. And some it could be three months or six months plan, right. So based on your ability and your availability, you need to tailor make the plan so that that suits you well, and then you embark the journey. So as we said, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail, so this is the greatest journey. And before you actually get into this journey, be very clear, have a clear roadmap of this greatest journey of herbs so that it can help you be an ally to Allah. And I think there's a few small tips

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that I want to say I think one of them is having a personalized almost half is very important because there's many people who still have the most of the the use to finish with maybe like 10 or 20 years ago, because it takes care of that it was tough as something very important because that this column Allah and it's straight in our hands, you need to take care of Romans have and have a specified massage so that whenever we do mistakes, we can mark them, we should not be randomly picking animals half and then I'm reading I think that's that's really very important. And I remember Subhanallah when moved him when he came to Dubai to lead the rally here, I saw him revising

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in a very old must have, you know, this must have I asked him you are memorizing this. He said yes, I have to carry it with me SubhanAllah. And he memorized the Quran at a very early age. So it's it must be yours altogether. But he's still refers to that myself. So I think you will get very much familiar to the most have and you are accustomed to look at it and it becomes easier for you, I think to to memorize the Quran from that particular Moussaieff SubhanAllah. Yes, I think timing is very important. Right? So whenever you wake up in the morning, the first thing you should do before even eating a breakfast is memorizing the Quran, that's the peak time for you, you're fresh,

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energetic, your your brain cells works. Absolutely great. That's the time to catch up. So scheduling, being a part of the plan, I think that is again, should be clearly, you know, laid out and helps to make sure that we basically follow that schedule tightly. And I think for again, timing in the schedule, it goes, you know, different with different people. So for example, someone is a full time in school for them is a different schedule. Sometimes he was fully dedicated for two three years for them is a different schedule. So I think based on the person, he has to actually draw his schedule accordingly. Right. Yeah. And I think writing down a list of your friends and he picked the

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right friends because the professor said I'm said, while I didn't have a list that means a person is on the religion of his friends. Yes. So in to be with friends who will try to help you in this journey other than divert you and distract you from doing right like as Allah subhanaw taala says to our Albery what Taqwa so cooperate in the matters of goodness, so that's again a very powerful way. So even before you

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To the hips, these are the things that you need to keep in mind that you pick up your friend, your brother, your neighbor, your, you know, your loved ones, who can actually help you to execute your journey inshallah. So this is kind of before even you get into the journey of SubhanAllah. What else Abdullah had do you have for our viewers? Yes, atmosphere is very important. Because we need to have the environment as fun told, we need to have a scheduled place to go and memorize with the chef or where wherever you're, you have a place to go and memorize. And you can't just memorize properly with distractions. So we have to keep all the gadgets away and stuff.

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So you need to be very clear that if there is a supportive environment, only then you will be able to facilitate your journey of ribs Subhanallah that's amazing pointer and a tip for for us Subhanallah are fun. Like, you guys have too much of tips, mashallah, as I told you, having the right teacher is very important, right? Because having a teacher I think, is very necessary. Because when you're memorizing with yourself, you basically set your own tasks. And but you need someone to kind of tell you to do this and do that. Because when you tell yourself, you're not easy, that shutdown will take you away.

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When, for example, if I tell you that you have to do this task, you will do but if you like, if you told yourself, they don't, like I'll do later, I'll do later because it's your own thing. But when you have a teacher, he can try to be with you. That's really good. I mean, whether a teacher or a mentor, they play a crucial role. So you try to find out a teacher who can help you out, help you out and be and become your partner in this journey of hives. SubhanAllah. So they share the guide, they help the support, they take you through the entire journey. Insha Allah be Israelite Allah. And also this one point of which I would like to mention in highlight I find is that, you know,

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sometimes in some countries, it's not really easy to actually get the teacher so this should not be an excuse for us, actually, to not do the memorization of the Quran. In fact, I know some of the examples where they learned it by themselves listening to the Quran, as we said, right. So making sure that you become a person who is dedicated to become a harvest. We as teachers, Jeff, definitely very important. But in case if you do not have the availability of the teacher, that should not discourage you not to embark on this journey, right? That's exactly, but it's preferable, but sometimes when you can't, then you have to carry on exactly, exactly any other thing that you would

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like to share at the hat, we need to be the only person who will wake up before everyone dry. So, as we said, I think from the perspective of before doing the haves, these are the tips that you could actually take in a note and implemented in your life. Inshallah, I am sure these are the tips which are, which are really helpful and beneficial for us to be able to take up the, you know, journey of herbs. And I think

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the attention of every one of us to focus on what we need to do beforehand is really important, because I think the better the preparations are, the better you can actually progress and grow in this journey, because the this is the greatest of all the journeys. So obviously the preparations the way that you have to actually invest your time. So you should be mentally prepare you should be physically be prepared, you should be emotionally be prepared, you should be spiritually be prepared as you as you said, you know, we have to be away from the sins. So there are a lot of preparation that goes in the journey of ribs, even before you take up the journey of herbs. So Subhanallah we

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talked about so many tips that you need to do that I need to do that we all need to consider and keep in mind even before taking the hips. Fundamentally as we mentioned, sincerity is the key for all the deeds to be accepted. So you need to keep the intention pure and SubhanAllah. When your foundations are strong. When your intention is pure, then you are bound to get the help of Allah subhanaw taala when you do it for him. My question is why will Allah not help you? Right? If you want to do something amazing that is

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memorizing the Holy Quran, why will Allah not help you, He will certainly help you to gain this momentum and to gain this honor from Allah subhanaw taala and that is memorizing the Quran SubhanAllah. So, having the intention in place having the right strategy, part of the strategy is to make sure you have a clear plan, clear roadmap, having the right teacher putting up the right schedule for yourself, keeping the plan quite realistic, achievable and making sure that you have your own personal must have as I find you highlighted very important point. And you need to also keep in mind that you have to be away from the distraction so making sure that you have a supportive

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environment this is also very, very important. You know, tip even before you get into so you have done all of these, you know Subhanallah preparations and you're now all set to go to embark the Greatest Journey of herbs, the journey which will take you to the levels higher and higher Subhan Allah in this world and the hereafter as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, the people of Allah subhanahu wa taala are the people of the Quran. So my beloved brothers and sisters, let us be the companion of the Quran. Let us be the people of the Quran. And I'm sure these tips before you start the journey are sufficient and insha Allah will be beneficial enough for you to insha Allah

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embark the journey in our next you know session. In our next session, we should focus on what are those steps that you need to keep in mind that I need to keep in mind that we all need to keep in mind during the journey of homes Insha Allah, Allah Tala we will cover a lot of points, a lot of tips in that, but then the for now Insha Allah we ask Allah subhanahu wa taala to help us learn from these steps and help us to benefit ourselves in order for you to be able to get excited, get geared up in sha Allah to ready to embark on the journey of the Quran, the greatest journey in sha Allah. Until then, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to help all of us to be able to pick up this journey in sha

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Allah for his sake, walk you through that runner and in hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen