The Quran Is The Book Of Guidance & Mercy – Recite & Reflect #23

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the use of the Quran as an instruction book for humanity, rather than just a source of information. They emphasize that the title is meant to inform everyone of the healing potential of the book, and that gaining mercy from the title is a natural consequence. The speaker also mentions that they are a grandmother and want to teach others to treat the title as an instruction book for healing.
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In this ayah, Allah subhanaw taala is addressing the entire humanity and telling them the purpose of revealing the Quran that this is an instruction manual. This is not the book of just the stories without any lessons. This is not the book which you have to just read and gain Baraka. No, the real purpose of this book is to guide us. It came as an instruction for all the humanity Subhanallah and in specific for those who believe in it, it is a healing whatever lies beneath their hearts. It is a mercy in their lives and it is absolute guidance for those who believe in it. So my beloved brothers and sisters, treat the Quran as an instruction manual. Treat the Quran as a book of healing.

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Consider gaining the mercy from the Quran be an ally to Allah