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a chance to gain re

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spend on

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solar mannerheim salam aleikum wa Taala rakata Welcome back time to please Allah and jump right into inshallah, and continue on we're talking about, you know, the proofs that Jesus got from the scriptures, and we're inviting people to study these proofs. We're also inviting them to study the counter proofs or the you know, what they're learned people tell them and their proofs and see, you know, sincerely and whether these makes sense or not, whether these are backed up by scriptures properly, or they're just, you know, played with Charla

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for the last 10 minutes, before you

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just just to address this, this little point that people talk about the Son of God, right? And even actually, you call it, you know, Chapter One of the verses saying, you know, the Son of God.

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And when they people hear about this, and you know, I'm coming from a Christian background, we actually used to think that Jesus is the Son of God, right? Obviously, theologians will deal with this depending which

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they follow in different, you know, manner, but I mean, what scripturally speaking, we know, we want to put aside, you know, the different understand, what does the scripture you know, say when when you know, what about the Son of God, in a nutshell, the scriptural perspective about the Son of God, this phrase, it's used to be very common in terms of, you know, a metaphorical term of using

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Son of God. It basically indicates that you're a righteous person. For example, Book of Romans, chapter eight, verse 14, it says, as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God, which means if you are a righteous person, righteous Prophet, righteous, you know, person who is practicing and believing in God Almighty, you're, you're a son of God, because it cannot be limited to Jesus Christ. Please be one because we find that for example, Luke, chapter three was 38. Adam was the Son of God, you know, Ephram, was the Son of God, Genesis chapter six, verse two, we know that there was so many people like for example, David, you know, he was the Begotten Son of God and

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Psalms chapter two verse seven. So it's important that word because exactly the Christians like to point that out john 316, right. Yes, yes, which is actually taken out as a concoction as a fabrication exactly by the Revised Standard Version, revised by 32 scholars of highest eminence and 50 cooperative denominations, they revised it and they took it out from the King James Version published in 16 111. They revised it and you know, in the 1952 and 1971 version, so, this son of God is a metaphorical term, it is used as a as a righteous person, and things like that people have to really, you know, understand the consequence of telling these words are matters of belief, like even

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for, for instance, you know, attributing divinity to Jesus Christ was born the result of it, and they will face it, may Allah subhanaw taala guide them and help them understand before they die, that the result the consequence of it is so grievious It's so horrible. Allah says in whom I use it Billa

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will not one will not one man is Dolly Minami.

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This is what if, you know, a person has to really sincerely understand if I miss this opportunity to worship Allah, which is, you know, a very limited period of time that I'm here as a stranger. The result would be whoever associate anyone besides Allah. Allah will make Jenna paradise Heaven, haram forbidden for him. There'll be no helpers for them. They will be in the Hellfire forever. Hello, this is the price I mean, you can't just play with your belief. So they need to be sincerely investigate this and study this the consequence of telling you know, Jesus is the begotten son of Allah Allah reacts very strongly all

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Ramana WA, I mean, this is something to a man who is the master of everything, how can you attribute such a lowly attribute as be gotten to Allah Rama? So, people need to be sensitive as they are sensitive about their own future if I have to you know invest my 10 years of degree I must you know, certainly in in in somewhere I must have this position. They think beyond in every aspect and issue of their lives. But what about their future which is going to be forever? Anyone? JOHN, Peter, AB de la Ramesh today's everybody they can never, ever deny death. Everyone has to die. And after that one, this is the first thing that they will be questioning, we will be questioned. And this has to

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be clearly conveyed to them. And they if they're watching this, let them start thinking now. What

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The angel comes on your grave, and that's not rob buck. And this is

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what he can't answer. I gotta say Jesus, or Krishna or this or that you're screwed up, you're done, man, seriously. And one of the things which I would like to touch in in few minutes about the crux of their belief in the current day, Christian, as Paul says in first, in First Corinthians chapter 15, verse 14, if Christ is not rising from debt, you're breaching his reign, in your teaching your practice is everything, as they call us, fill the racks is nothing. So, for the Paul, Jesus died for the sins, which means he was crucified, and the concept of atonement which means that there was an original sin, Adam and Eve, a sin, and that is continuing and continuing, everyone is born with a

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sin, and there has to be a man who has to sacrifice his life, and that has to be the Son of God or the Begotten Son of God. This all is a concocted formula, given none other than by Paul. And this is not supported. On the other side, as we discussed, Jesus says, keep the commandments. He says, you just believe one of the Christians, you know, scholar again, while my introduction he says, not just believe, just believe and you will receive, can we believe, when he didn't say that he died for your sins and my sins and Bible, it basically condemns and clarifies the stand in terms of the atonement. It says Noah's in two different places in Matthew as well as in Ezekiel, he says in 18, Chapter,

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Chapter 18, was 22, that the soul that sinneth, it shall die,

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the son will, will not bear the iniquity the sin of the Father, neither the father will bear the iniquity the sense or the son, if you have done something wrong, you will be punished for that not me, because we simply ask the question, if this is continuing from the from the day of Adam, you know, the original sin, then did Adam ask us to, you know, before committing that, sir, no, it's illogical. So the Bible condemns this, because, you know, in the current day,

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according to my understanding, this is the crux of their belief, you know, people are not talking much about Jesus being God, or Son of God. People say just you believe believe, indigestion,

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and joy. That's it, that's a true believer will not commit sin. I mean, this is something which is not supported. Again, if you really believe in Scripture, this is not supported from the script. This is the invention of Paul and people needs to identify and understand and scrutinize this claim. Because when we study the Bible, the crucifixion, the alleged crucifixion, it did not happen, we know the sign of Jonah, it was not fulfilled, right? As we know that, you know, Jonah was three days and three nights he was alive. And so as the son of mentioned, be the Jesus Christ, he was, you know, he was supposed to be alive, he was supposed to be alive in order to fulfill that side, he was

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dead, he was dead, according to them. So that means either now to be loved, we don't believe that a prophet is a liar. Or you're telling that you know something else. So we believe that he never lie. And he always mentioned, who is Allah, and he always mentioned that he was a prophet of God, he always mentioned that you need to keep the commandments in order to have an eternal life. So the belief of crucifixion, the belief of atonement, it is not supported, again, from the biblical scripture and the point of view, going back to how we started, I mean, these will be some of the arguments and some of the ways we can approach our Christian you know, friends and neighbors and so

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on. And of course, as to be done with some Hickman You know, sometimes the arguments, you know, get very, very hot, right, and, and the Muslim has to understand that he has to have some kind of an approach, a proper approach, that they shouldn't get into, like a shouting match like that. Because obviously, then the Christian was shut off and say, No, no, no, no. And we see them. Sometimes we see these debates. And then in the end, the Christian says, same thing, you know, you have a vision or your answer to Christ, or Hallelujah, and and I believe in Jesus. And that's it, I don't know, but I, you know, so we need to always take our time and know that Tao is not just something that can

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come in overnight, it takes time and investment, and you have to, you know, go slow, slowly, and Islam has blessed us with two things, the hug and how to convey that hamdullah we get the speech in front of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you have the heart and you should present this up in the way that Allah is pleased with you. So that's, that's very important. I mean, a point because a lot of people you know, especially the youth, when they get to, you know, dow, for example, we didn't touch, you know, much deeper on the subject of Bible being the Word of God. You know, people when they got to know that there are contradictions in it, people know that, you know, awake

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magazine, Jehovah's witness said 50,000 errors in the Bible, these things they should not throw at the first instance itself, you know, this will create negativism, and this is not the spirit of doing our that was not to defeat person, but to you know, bring it back to the truth. So a lot of

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people you know, all your Bible mentions in your old their errors in a contradiction, five scientific discrepancies. And you know, Allah says that you have, you know, done it for the purpose of getting the prize. So these things has to be dealt in a way that Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam has taught us, we have his guide, and you know, guidelines and every aspect of our life. So, it has to be balanced, you have the passion, you streamline your passion in terms of professional and organized way that will help you for a longer term, always the spirit of doing the hour is not to defeat the opponent, it's to bring back him to the right path in Sharla. To guide exactly that

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should be always our intention.

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Try to renew our intentional time and try to any spatola and mention them you know, positive points about you know about the Bible. For example, you know, Bible mentioned about the prophecies of Mohammed slotland says, The Bible says in gospel of john chapter 16, was 12 to 14, I have yet many things Jesus says, I've yet many things to send to you, but you cannot bear them now. How be the spirit of truth shall come, he shall guide you to also for he shall not speak anything of himself but whatsoever he shall hear, he shall speak he should show you things to come, he shall glorify me. So when you say that look, Jesus says about promising Islam and this is exactly it's fitting like a

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glove we praise we believe in Jesus Christ please report them on the testimony of Mohammed Salah Listen, we know that the first you know person to receive about the praises of Mother Mary the versus you know, it's called a Mullah. Katya Maria mo in Allah has de facto hierarchy was de facto Alani Sylar let me say these are the first verses revealed to Muhammad Rasul Allah, he wasn't talking about the Jews. This is something amazing he was a truthful man he revealed what was revealed to him and he said to his counterparts who were all Arabs, about the Jews, why would you do that? So when you say these things, these are positive things this this makes sense you know being

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an Arab talking about and praising about Mary you know, mother of Jesus Christ people are talking about good things about you know, he said the closest to me you know in relationship is received no money so when you say these things, they will get closed and that's your your spirit when we get engaged it's not our I want to debate you know, I want the debate now that's not the spirit of dow dow is you know, next to hikmah and hikmah demands that you do right the right way, right place, right people and right strategy, inshallah.

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Allah is a great, very useful show and I hope that you listen, I hope you took notes the help that you can, shall benefit from this and you can shall take it further with your colleagues and so on. That was not easy. There's a lot of, you know, difficulties involved in breaking the eyes getting to the people because the Sharla you know, the most important things, make an intention like have an intention that you want to do some doubt ask Allah to open the ways and you never know spam just things will open up for you and come to a last point or guide someone through you in sha

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Allah Hara inshallah, we'll see you next week on another episode. Do not forget to visit our Facebook page a time to preserve Allah And don't forget the GoFundMe project we started to fund a time to prison lunch on a donate and spread spread to your friends. tell everyone about the show and the benefits of the show and Sharla qumulo Hi Ron shallow. See you next Thursday. Live from Dubai a time to please Allah salam alayka Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

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a chance to gain re

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spend on you. He says

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good deeds are opportunities sparkling bright and true. Raising you in the sight of Allah and adonia for you. So rush to three.

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Don't forget

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