Quranic Concepts #3 – What Is Tawheed

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Probably the most fundamental concepts to the Islamic faith is to hate something called toe hate until he refers to literally linguistically it means unifying or making something into one and what it signifies is making the Divinity one or making the divine entity one or conceptualizing or realizing the oneness. Let's put it like that. Realizing the oneness of Allah's divinity, what does that mean? Okay, that means that Allah has multiple names, he has multiple attributes, he does multiple different types of actions, yet the entity doing all of that work and you know, that we described with all of these sort of different descriptions is one it's not multiple deities, not

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multiple gods, there's not a god for rain and a god for the trees and a god for this and I got for that it's all one god, okay. It also means that by you know, the result of that, or the implication of that is that that is the only God that that is the only correct object of worship. If it's the only true God nothing else is a God really, even though it might be taken subjectively as a god, there's no objective God except for Allah. Then it also refers to our singling out that God for our worship and making our worship exclusively for that God Allah and nothing else. And worship is something that it has to do with not just bowing and prostrating it also has to do with our hearts

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with our fear and our hopes and our intentions and our these sorts of things our love, right? So those two things that Allah is one unique, there's nothing like him that yes, he has multiple names, he has multiple attributes. He has multiple things that he does, but it's all the same God and that all of our worship what defines Islam and sets Islam separate from every other religion out there every other you know, faith community or whatever you want to call is that our worship is exclusively for one god Allah. That's how he