Her Zina was Forgiven

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used to treat the sinners and the ignorant people with too much kindness, because he understood when a person doesn't know that they ought to be taught.

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A person a major sinner came to the promise of the law it was sent him saying, I committed a major, major sin.

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What should I do the promise I send them said to him, do you have a mother said, My mother's dead? Do you have a father? He said, My father is that he said to him, Do you have an auntie meaning the mother system?

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That's what comes after the mother. He said, Yes. He said, go and be dutiful and kind to her and allow forgive your major sin. become much mercy from saw Selim has. It didn't tell them you want to be stoned? No. Well, that woman who came to them and said Dr. Salalah, I am pregnant from Xena stoning

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upon Allah, He turned away from the first time maybe she's drunk, maybe since she's ignorant, giving her a chance to go away and repent one way in another way. So she returned back to him.

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A pregnant woman from cinnabar purify me, stone me to them from Salt send them turned again, away from trying to ignore the third time. And then a fourth time, when she did witness four times against herself and insisted he said to her, go back until you give birth to the baby that

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was either or should he die with you. So she returned and in the hope process and hoping that she will not return and ask a lot of Parliament's are given because of lies and to hide it. Nine months later, she returned.

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As she said to him, he is my child. Now purified.

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Go back until the child has been

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shot no longer needs your breast milk.

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So she left and after two years, two or three years and nine months she returned back to the processor, one processor and saw that she was insistent on it. And she wanted the forgiveness of a last minute dial. They took her and she was stunned. And then the people they thought like they felt like she's a bad woman. When the prospect of send them saw this attitude, he stood up before everybody and made a legacy for her which lasts till today into the last hour. He said one law he

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loves Anna Medina, Tina was the auto mama and this woman has repented such a repentance before the people of Medina wants to commit the same sinner and you have to play some of the scale. Her repentance would have overcome them. But one of them will equal her