New I Ramadan Reminders Series #6- Importance Of Additional Prayers In Ramadan

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The speaker discusses the importance of asking questions during the benefits of using the wordams in the context of the topic. They emphasize the need to engage in Lordzik, Phil Salawat, and to perform additional prayers in order to gain benefit. The speaker also mentions the need to establish stronger fate through additional prayers.

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over to La he was Barakatuh Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah welcome again to our series, Ramadan reminders with my son Abdul Rahim Hamdulillah we have been engaged in discussing various aspects of Ramadan. And we did touch base on some of the most important aspects of Ramadan. In the nfbc you have lots of questions, mashallah related to Ramadan. And I think they are really valuable questions that can be asked by perhaps everyone in order to gain right answers and, you know, gain benefit by reminding ourselves Insha Allah, so, what's your question? Yes. My question is, how about the Odysseus bears in an old one? Right. So as we said, like Ramadan is a beautiful

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opportunity, you know, it provides that spiritual environment, it gives you the platform to practice goodness because the devils are changing. So we Muslims need to take opportunity, and perform additional prayers apart from obviously the obligatory five daily prayers. We need to engage for example, that's the reason we have taraweeh we have to learn and we need to engage in Lord Navarre, Phil Salawat, so that inshallah de benefit is we can establish ourselves a you know, with Salah V become more stronger in our fate. With Santa, we become more closer to Allah subhanaw taala through Salah. So yes, indeed, you know, in order to answer your question, we are definitely asked and

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encouraged to perform additional prayers in the month of Ramadan. Insha Allah

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