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Ahmed Hamed
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a chance to gain me

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spend on

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Santa Monica de la rakatan Welcome back, it's time to please Allah Buddha tv live from Dubai. And if you might have not heard last time, I was talking, given a little

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update about a time of our last show, which might be cut short due to some funding issues. So we're actually reaching out to the people to fundraise for the show. And we started a GoFundMe project, Charlie can check out a time to please on Facebook, and you'll see the ad and you can basically click on it and you can go on, you can shala fund us, you know, I mean anything $5 $10 whatever it is rupees Durham's, anything that you can give, inshallah, this might help. I mean, I'm sure that there's at least, you know,

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more than 100,000 people watching this show, I'm almost positive about that, if not more, I know in Nigeria alone, and, you know, certain African countries, there's more than that.

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And because you also tell us, you email us and you message us and so on.

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So, you know, it takes a little bit, a little bit of help from everyone to basically make this show continuous Sharla for another good year, and bring you know, more guests and benefit the people through, you know, talking about these these amazing topics, you know, teaching people to give our teaching people about, you know, that proper believes that was fertile and so on that I mean, if you look through our previous shows, you'll find that there's just a lot of beneficial a lot of,

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you know, things that regard youth and the whole minor at large and especially specific things very to the 21st century's current issues and saw, so please, we need your support, again, visit a time to please a lot and you'll find the GoFundMe link, click on it. And it's very easy, you basically just deposit you know, whatever summit is whatever you think it's it's generous Charla, you can choose to do that. And this will help the show continue, shall if that does not happen. So I've had a lot, and we're trying to reach out to different ways to come to LA to different people. But if that doesn't happen, then sadly to say but the show come to a halt. And

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that reminds me about a beautiful Hadith. You know, when you contribute for something, you know, where people are going to get larger inshallah

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you have a numerous numerous reward, I mean, this is the time to please Allah, this is the way to please Allah subhanaw taala, Allah always mentioned, like, you know,

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that you invest your own self and your own wealth. So I think this is a beautiful opportunity for all the viewers in Sharla, to, you know, help and support this process for any actor that you know, you know, will get from the show and show that they will share in that that's, that's beautiful thing without reduction of any ones. Yes. So till now the agenda was contained. Now it's open for everyone, for you, the viewer, so I'm not, I really don't like, you know, fundraising and, you know, trying to

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let me put in nice words, I don't like to use, you know, the words of Allah Deena to like, Come on, guys, give us you know, look at this hadith and look at that, sometimes, you know, I'm, I'm apprehensive about that. But I mean, you know, sincerely and if there's a benefit, you know, and something, no doubt that people should contribute and share it. I mean, it's a benefit for them. Yeah, I'm there, no one's getting paid Al Hamdulillah. You know, no one's making money from this, I think this is very clear, and very upfront, okay. So no one's gonna benefit except you and us inshallah, by giving Tao inshallah and making this information reach out to people and hamdulillah

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it's being broadcast that in many, many countries, that's being live streamed all over the world, and I believe it's moving into Europe and also into America, when it is being broadcasted on to the USA. So, you know, inshallah, this is, you know, something that you can contribute a lot. That is a lot. Let's get back to our topic. And we were talking about getting into their scripture, we talked about the position that Muslims take, when it comes to the, you know, what do we believe about the Bible, right, right.

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Right, like now, so we are very clear, we use this their scriptures, only because they believe in it, and we use it as, as, I think, a very effective tool, because, you know, they won't deny their own scripture. So they have to contract themselves in order to you know, deny anything which is mentioned in there. So, this approach, you know, to identify, to verify, to investigate there beforehand, their evidence, then we get to know Okay, this is what they believe in. This is the actual, you know, teaching of Jesus Christ, peace be upon him in terms of the concept of God, the fundamental thing that everyone has in common, essentially, you know, especially the Abrahamic

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fates who claim that they have revealed you know, revealed scriptures with them. The fundamental common denominator is that we believe in Allah subhanaw taala worship Him alone. And that's what Jesus Christ is appointed mentioned. That's what Moses Peace be upon you mentioned and we find it in both the Old Testament as well as in the New Testament in the Old Testament, you know, Moses, peace be upon him. He says in Deuteronomy, chapter six, verse four, Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God is one lot. And the same, you know, teachings followed by Jesus Christ peace be upon him because of Mark chapter 12, verse 29, he says, Here, O Israel, the Lord our God is one law you should love the

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Lord your your God, you know with all your strength with all your love it all you care, so Jesus says, Our Lord, Amen, his Lord as well of course and as we're also very clear in the in the Quran, when a Salah Salaam and he says, When Israel Abu Dhabi or any other Surat Mr. And Mrs. Draper. Exactly. So why are the Christians then saying, Yeah, one Lord, one or but three and one? Why, why this confusion, this idea of, you know, triune, God, or Jesus being God, this was started, you know, with the teachings or the contamination, so to say, in the Bible by Paul, okay. Now, that basically gives a big question that is, you know, always we are getting engaged with the Christians in a very

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noble and nice way.

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very emphatic of rhetorical question is Jesus God. So, when we, you know, again, investigating, verify and study the Bible, the Bible says, No, for instance, in Gospel of Matthew, chapter 19, verse 16, and 17. When one comes to him and says, Master, good Master, what good thing shall I do that I may have eternal life? This is why you call me good for imagine, he didn't want himself to be called as good. He said, Why are you calling me good for and this is something amazing, because Muslims have this type of or practicing Muslim should have this type of understanding. When someone praises you, right? You deny that praise, right? And we

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attribute all those factors. Exactly. So Jesus emphatically says, Why are you calling me good? For there is none good, except one, and that is God. And if you have entered into this, you know life, keep the commandments. So Jesus says, keep the commandments, of course, okay. That's the teaching of Jesus Christ upon him. On the other hand, the teachings of Paul, it goes, you know, if you have to believe in Christianity, you have to believe that Christ died for your sins. And that is the only way for your for your salvation and soulmates are

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not existing, but they're important. Exactly. I mean, it is overshadowed almost. So, when we study the Bible, Jesus Christ is broken, he clearly outstand this, I am not gonna you know, God, of course, when we, when we when he meant, while calling Good, good in terms of God, not obviously, we know for sure that he was one of the mightiest messengers of the last panel, but he was definitely was best of that time. So but when people have that kind of, you know, ideology, that notion that you are equating someone with God, that they deny themselves to be as good as you know, as God. So we could actually list down five essential reasons why Jesus is not God, okay, which is supported

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with logic, regeneration, based on the scripture as well. Number one, he never claimed to be God, right? For a person for people to you know, attribute him as, as you know, God, then they have to have a claim that he said, So, if our Master Jesus Christ, peace, be upon him have so upset, so please bring it to us. Now, let me let me stop you there. Some of the Christians might be standing there, but didn't just say I am the father of one is something that I use all the time, right. Now there are so many indirect statements which are derived in a in a way that indicates or denotes that Jesus is God. And there are numerous ones. One of them is this where Jesus Christ peace be upon him

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the gospel of john chapter 10, verse 30, he says, I and my Father I want and then full stop. That's it. That's it. So now, in terms of this, we basically tried to share and make them understand, look,

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just, you know, catching this para verse or the statement does not solve your problem, if you want to really understand it. Look at the context, the context means the tax that goes before and after the context of this. It starts from verse number 23, of you know, gospel of john chapter 10, verse 23, onwards, and it basically says, in terms of the purpose,

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God and Jesus are one one, okay. And he clearly mentioned his gospel of john, two verses before and gospel of john chapter 10 was 28. My father is greater than all

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And then he said, My father is greater than me, and who no one can pluck them out of my father's hand. And then he says, No one can pluck them out of my hand, which means that the purpose of God is to save mankind, the purpose of prophets and messengers, same, it's the same as light, in the same purpose. We all are one, if you have that notion, that ideology that care, that common, you know, or concern, and we all are one, and correct me if I'm wrong, but going down a few verses after Jesus talks about his disciples, and all of them being one exactly in the same word as us them by believing him in Greek and, exactly. So if that is true, that's true, then, you know, your Trinity,

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and then 12 disciples and 15 gods, so that that doesn't make sense. And nobody, no Christian accepts that. So we find these, you know, implicit verses or, you know, VS code of out of context, if it is understood with the context, then we can definitely solve the issue and mentioned very clearly that Jesus is never, he never claimed himself to be good. So that's number one. He never claimed directly, explicitly that I am God, or worship me, let me just interrupt again, for our viewers, if you have a Christian friend or someone or you know, someone who will make sure you give a call to watch this, and I'm reminding you that it is a live show, and we do accept phone calls, phone

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numbers on the screen, if you want to give us a call. You never know, you know, someone might be listening. And this panel, I remember I met a few, actually a friend of mine, who was how he became he became Muslim by watching a TV show.

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From Buddha TV.

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It's amazing, definitely, we don't know how Allah will, you know, guide people and missionaries. And so that's, that's number one that we can you know, Muslims die is, they can engage and ask a simple question. Look, we are told in the Quran to produce, you know, to ask, and you know, produce the the behind the evidence, or the proof, proof that Jesus claimed himself to be God or worship me, they cannot bring so that's number one. Number two, on the contrary, Jesus peace be upon him, he said, and attribute it that qualities that are not God, see, God is greater than me, God is greater than all. So on the contrary, he mentioned these things, which indicates definitely he is not God. Number

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three, Jesus peace be upon him, he professed he preached, and he proclaimed himself as a prophet of Allah as a prophet of God. We read in, you know, Book of Acts, chapter two, verse 22, even of Israel in Jesus of Nazareth, a man approved by God, appointed by God, doing wonders and miracles in the midst of us, as you yourself, is a witness, Jesus peace be upon him, he himself says in gospel of john chapter 14, verse 24, the words that you your mind, but the father who has sent me now this is the engagement and the inspiration that comes from Allah are to the prophets, not to anyone else. So third reason he is not God, he professed himself as a prophet of God, as the Messenger of God.

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Number four, Jesus Christ, peace be upon him, he worshiped God Almighty, He worship God Almighty. Now, if somebody says, then if he is God, and He is worshiping to God, so well, he was whispering to himself. We can't you know, we can't buy that argument. Right? So Jesus, as mentioned in the Gospel of Matthew, He moved a little further, and he fell on his face, and he prayed who he was praying to, he fell on his face, though, if he exactly like Muslims, or Muslims pray, hammer. Well, I

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was impressed if I have to say we are more Christian, in terms of following Christ than the Christian themselves. So we grow beard like you, when you when you say Christian, you mean like Christ like so people dress like a follower of Christ? We are true, sincere, don't misunderstand. Exactly, exactly. So that's, so these are the understanding or the arguments or the regional, you know, things that we can share with them, essentially, to prove that Jesus Christ peace be upon him. He never claimed God. And the fifth one is that he always distinct himself from God, like for example, the qualities of God are unique, you know, it resolves and it is suitable only to God. For

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example, Jesus Christ, please be part of me says, In Gospel of Matthew, chapter 13, verse 32, no one knows the future. So you know, not neither the angel, neither the Son of God,

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except God Almighty. So the future the knowledge all knowing the attribute of Allah name. It is only for Allah, Almighty God, it's not for him. So he didn't know what was going to happen. The knowledge of the hour, the knowledge of, you know, resurrection, all those things in the future.

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So he himself was limited in knowledge and that cannot be a quality of God. Similarly, he says in gospel of john, chapter five, verse 30, I can have my own self do nothing. As I hear I judge and my judgment is just because I seek not my will, but the will of my Father was sent to me, that means he was a powerless God, if he's got was Apollo's and we can't accept that God is powerless in any way. Something very important that you said is that he did not know the hour, when he's asked about the hour, he doesn't know. And so patola even the process of sending money last month isn't alone. And he said, that's good for the hour, right? And last one, they respond, you know, in different ways

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that they you are from it science or you know, this knowledge only with Allah Subhana Allah, exactly. Any person, you know, you have like Nostradamus, you have a lot of the philosophers and so called prophets or port tellers, you know, that, you know, guests, you know, you have the Incas, and so on people in this South America 2020. And you know, people getting ready 2000 and millennium, right, people have guests over and over again, throughout our history, and they failed, and they failed. But that's the interesting thing. If someone would have wanted people to come to Him as their, you know, the leader of a cult or religion. Let me draw people to me, they would never say, I

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don't know, exactly say, Oh, yeah, I'll give you a let's say, let's make it 5000 years from now, I'm going to be dead anyway, people, you know, will will come to me So, but he said, I don't know. I don't know Jesus.

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So, Jesus, I don't know, Mohammed's awesome say, I don't know, all the prophets, none of them ever said on and they're not scared to say, Well, people are not going to follow him because they see all this. They all said that this knowledge rests with Allah. And he says that I've hidden this from anyone. No, not even the angels. No. And even the the the angel will blow the horn, right? He doesn't know he doesn't know he's waiting. He's waiting is like about but he doesn't know when it's gonna answer. I mean, that's an amazing you know, exactly a profit. Exactly. So, these are the profit shop, you know, they are they are I mean, they are trustworthiness, they are honest, they

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speak only that, which Allah commands them to speak. So we can list out the Christian viewers, if they're watching. I would like to, you know, or request them, analyze these five reasons and judge yourself. Yeah. He never claimed himself to be God. He said something contrary to you know, being God. He said, you know, things which as, as a prophet says, He never, he always worshipped God, God Almighty, and he has distinct qualities than God. So these are the vibrational, you know, things that we can at the same time, I also invite the people, you know, the Christian, to actually analyze also the arguments that their pastors and their leaders, give them to convince them that Jesus is

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God, and to see if these arguments make sense, number one, and whether they're backed up by scriptures, and are the scriptures here are people trying to, you know, men do mental gymnastics, and, you know, play with the scriptures? Because that's very important, you know, because we don't want people to go, you know, I'm an engineer sitting there, you know, behind the camera, talking about things they don't know, because my pastor told me all, you know, 10 verses that proves that Jesus God actually read those verses, actually analyze those arguments very carefully, and see whether Jesus agree with those were the scriptures agree with those? And what is not we've just

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quoted you so many different proves that Jesus say no. So why would these two contradict and what's going on? They cannot be the both of them are true. And the whole concept of, you know, full man, fully man, 100% man and 100% God, it was made to respond to those kind of you know, allegation. Well, yeah, those verses are true. And these verses are true, because Jesus was fully man and fully God. I mean, this is an fatica Lee refuted by the Bible, the Bible. So it says in Noah's in two different places, in in Book of Numbers, chapter 23, verse 19, God is not a man. God is not a man, chorus or a man that he shall lie. Nor assignment. administrator Panthers. Exactly, exactly. And

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then in Book of Job, chapter 25, was three to five or three to six. It says, How can man be justified with God? I mean, how can you equate man with God when he in terms of you know, in comparison with God is like, it's like a mega, tiny creature. Nothing, no creation at the end of the day. So how can you equate, you know, God with man? it I mean, this is something derogatory, coincidentally, as you said, you know, when they go back to the the pastors, their own leaders, you know, learn what people one of the things that happened, you know, I had one of the dialogues with one German scholar, and the audience were not common people. They were Muslim students, and the

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Christian students, I mean, Christians who are learning the students of Bible and interfaith basically. So we had a very selective gathering. And during the, you know, dialogue, after the dialogue, I've been mentioning the you know, court of, you know, proofs regarding Jesus Christ, peace be upon him, not God and about crucifixion and things like that.

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This one of the students, he goes back and he asked the pastor, he will saying this and this and this, what do you say about it? This is you know, I will not answer you Jesus will answer you, oh sleep and you will have a dream and you will have vision of Jesus. Allah says one day pass second day parents.

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So Masha Allah, he accepted Islam.

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So this is I mean, this is something truth. And truth is always appealing, should is always attractive. Truth is very authentic. And truth is always clear and simple. And that's why we claim that our conception of God is clear, is simple, is complete, is authentic.

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So that's what we need. I mean, the people as as Paul says, God is not the author of confusion, especially in the matters of God. So pawsitive taken some some lessons.

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So we say that look, study, study, study, you will verify the truth in Sharla and this business here and it's very important that people you know are sincere and they're not looking for what they want or no look into some kind of specs that someone else has you know, dictated before but they're actually sincere. When you click are less or less break inshallah giving the last thought shall, again, our phones for lines are open if you want to give us a call. So we're gonna take a short break and we'll come back with the last few thoughts and shout from Mohammed and myself.

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a chance to gain re

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