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Light Upon Light Event in Glasgow


AI: Summary © The speakers discuss their desire to be a good Muslim and connect with people who have a good attitude and believe in their values. They stress the importance of protecting oneself and finding forgiveness, as well as developing a relationship with Allah. They stress the need to perfect one's prayer and not let anyone's comments affect them, as well as to practice the concept of perfecting one's deeds and not wasting time. They also emphasize the importance of showing respect and appreciation for one's actions, finding one's own chance to express one's values, and learning to reach out to others.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah, who Allah, Allah, he was happy to remain. We praise Allah subhanho wa Taala we send blessings and salutations upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his companions, his household, may Allah bless them, bless every one of us, Grant His goodness, and open our doors. I'm very, very impressed by the people of Glasgow. May Allah bless you. I've heard a lot about the people they say when you come here, it's like drinking water from the nail, you know, you always keep going back. So Subhana, Allah, Allah, I think it is true. I've had an opportunity to interact with a lot of you during the meet and greet in the book signing. And

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I really believe that there's some warm hearts in this cold city of Glasgow. So in handling that, I really want to appreciate that, you know, you and I are connected because the same maker made us so we're all connected. We're all related. Somehow, some of us distant some of us, a little bit less distant, and some of us perhaps going all the way back to the Prophet Noah. May peace be upon him, but we're still connected, right? So if I say, Oh, that's my aunt, I'm not telling a lie. She is mela Subhana Allah Allah Allah bless you, all my brothers, my sisters, something I want to say. Every one of us loves to do things perfectly. When you attend the function. You want it to be done

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proper. Sometimes when Muslims make or arrange things, don't you agree? They don't do things properly?

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Don't you agree? They don't do things properly sometimes.

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Don't you agree? They don't do things properly sometimes. It's a fact. So we try to please Allah because Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us through the blessing lips of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the LA HIV bombing had become either Amina Amal and unmute kina, who Allah loves from you that if you were to do anything, do it perfectly, do it properly. Be proud about what you're doing your work your activity, make sure you do a good job, something professional, something when people look at, they want to be a part of. So this should change the mindset.

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To be a good Muslim, you need to be not a perfectionist, but you need to aim to perfection and we will probably get somewhere near

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nothing will be perfect. But we need to do a good job. We need to make sure that we make people feel like they are definitely part of a broader family. If we don't we chase people away from Allah. And today we want to talk about our connection with Allah. We want to talk about what Allah wants from us, and how we can perfect that connection, how we can perfect our deeds, because the Almighty has definitely chosen for us a certain path, he wants us to worship him and him alone. Subhana, Allah has created us. And guess what we are going to go back to him, I speak to people who don't have faith at all. And every time they get stuck, when we say Where did you come from? before you were

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born? Where were you, just like you thought when you were in the wombs of your mothers, and as you grew as a fetus, that perhaps there is nowhere to go now.

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And things are just going to come to an end. Because I can't even move anymore. Right? in the belly of your mom in the womb of your mother. As time passed and you grew and you became bigger and bigger. All you could see was this world around you known as the womb with this fluid all over. You used to swim the ocean when you started. But the ocean became not even a river, a little droplet at a time to you because you couldn't even move and you thought to yourself, did you know what? I am probably going to end here. At that time a huge pop happened and what happened? You

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just came out into this huge pleasure. Wow, I didn't imagine it existed. I didn't even believe that there would be such a big existence outside the womb of my mom. I didn't even know it was just a womb. But guess what? Allah told you that way back. The same happens to us. When we're when we grow older. When we are terminally ill May Allah give Shiva to all those who are sick and Ill say I mean, mela truly grant clear to those who are struggling with sickness, amin

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And may Allah have mercy upon those who have passed on. As you get older, terminal illness, something happens. You know what? Yes, it's a frustration. I tell you what you're hoping the mercy of Allah keeps you going and it should keep you going. You're hoping the fact that you're definitely not going to be abandoned should keep you going. You're hoping the fact that you have a merciful Lord should keep you going. You're hoping paradise must keep you going no matter what

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You've done, develop a link with the one who made you in the first place, because you know, you're going to go back to him. Subhan, Allah Subhana Allah. And one day as you think it's all coming to an end, I can't breathe anymore. I can't breathe in it.

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What happens? Wow, what a great hero there is much bigger, much better than the dunya. I was in just like when you were in the womb, you transferred into what was known as the earth. For you. It was something amazing. No one could have explained it to you when you were in the womb. And this is why I tell people who say that, you know, when I'm in Ghana, I don't want this and I want this and I want that. And I say concentrate on getting to General, once you get to paradise, you will love it. And you whatever you had on Earth. Don't worry, don't worry to that standard. It's not going to be there. So Panama No way.

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You want a car there? no cars? No way. Not these ones.

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So you mean, I'm not going to get my Lamborghini that I was wishing for all the time? No, unfortunately, it's not in general. You know why when you get there, you're going to see something. It's like the fluid that you have in the womb of your mom and you wish Oh, I wish I had that protein. It really helped me. And I wish I had that little piece of sugar. It really helped me once you get out that protein and sugar is not there the way it was completely, totally different. So you start thinking, gosh, was I even thinking of that protein and sugar. Same will apply to us. You say I want this in general and that in general, when you get to general you're gonna think Gosh, was I

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even thinking of those things? May Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive us. But there is a question in our quest to get into paradise and to one certain things. Sometimes we want them so badly that we forget you need to develop a relationship here with your makeup in order for you to get there.

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That relationship is not difficult. It requires dedication, perfect your deeds, perfect your relationship with Allah. We read Salah we fulfill our prayer, don't we? We try try. That's a very, very important word. Try is something none of us can ignore.

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I must try every day to stay away from what will displease my maker and to do that which will ultimately please him. I'm weak. I'm a human being I falter. I make mistakes. But the Lord above says you know what? Don't worry, I'm the most merciful no matter what you've done, come plugin once again.

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telling my worshipers who have transgressed against themselves,

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never lose hope in the mercy of Allah.

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Never lose hope in the mercy of Allah who's talking Allah, whose words are they Allah? What is he saying, Don't lose hope we know what you've done. We know what you get up to. We know your weakness, but keep trying and come to us and keep seeking forgiveness because we know that seeking forgiveness ultimately means you believe in Allah.

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If you say Oh ALLAH forgive me, I was wrong, I did bad. If you felt bad upon the sin, it shows you believe in Allah. That's why you felt bad. If you didn't believe you wouldn't have felt bad. So if you commit a sin and you think to yourself, gosh, I shouldn't have done this. What did I achieve by this? That's a good sign. The good sign is not the sin part of it. But the good sign is the fact that you regretted it. What are you doing? You're protecting yourself. You're protecting your relationship with Allah by seeking forgiveness of Allah. And don't let the comments of people make you become further away from Allah because people will comment. They will say things they will say

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everything in anything. You could be outwardly the most pious looking person and they will say Look at her She thinks she's a little God.

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Yeah, the impasse comments. Look at the guy look at him. He thinks she's What? Look at this extremist. Those are the comments you get. If if the people's bad comments affect you to become a bad person in your your own comments to them or in your own attitude, then you lost. But if you can protect yourself, if you can mend your relationship, not just with Allah, even with others, you will teach them that no matter how badly you have commented, I'm still going to smile at you. I'm still going to look at you and say hi, or Hello or salam, aleikum. Subhan Allah, imagine I make dua for peace for you. When you're not in peace. It's a blessing. I can see you that war with yourself from

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comments and I'm seeing Santa Monica which is me Peace be on you You probably needed more than ever before right now

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but we don't look at it that way we get angry we get excited so we become bad we dropped because others have dropped why drop? Are you not high in your character and conduct when I say high I mean you know have a high level

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I hope weed is not legalized here by the way.

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And by the way, there's a huge difference between social return medicinal weed, i hope you know that right? One is Tad weed. That's okay. And the other one is weed weed as in smoking weed, that's not okay. But getting to the reality my brothers and sisters, you develop your your character, your conduct, it will show when you're made angry when people look at you and you think they looking down on you. That's the moment when you've got to rise and shine, right? Yes. And you've got to show them no matter what you think of me, I know who I am. My relationship with Allah is going to be developed. And I'm not going to be feeling like I'm useless. Because Allah told me I'm not useless.

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For as long as I'm trying, for as long as I'm trying, and that you have to be truthful with yourself. Because you can't say,

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trying, you know, I'm trying hard and you you've got the bottle in your hand and you actually drinking like, I don't know what, that's not a trial. Come on, you've got to drop the bottle and say, I'm trying really, and I seek forgiveness in Allah. And I'm going to read, I'm going to fulfill my prayer. I tell you what, prayer is a cornerstone, it's a pillar of Islam. Why I promise you the book speaks loud and clear, in a similar

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If you fulfill that prayer correctly and properly, it will stop you and create a barrier between you and immorality. It will stop you from sin and evil. That's what the Quran says. So if your Salah is not in order, you're going to have a lot of other issues. So perfect your relationship with Allah by perfecting your prayer, many of us pray, don't

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lie My brothers and sisters, I went to a certain area a certain part of Nigeria. And I must tell you, I was so so impressed by the amount of people who actually get up before salat, and fragile for solid tahajjud. And I'm thinking to myself, this is a corner of Africa. This is where the poor poor people who probably don't have as much as we do. And their connection with Allah is so powerful. They would embarrass me with in my connection with Allah. And this is what motivates me. Do you know what I promise you? when I'm sleeping? Early morning? I tell myself No, man, I can't let those guys even do more than I'm doing. And I get up Subhanallah because I've seen it with my eyes. And this is

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why I say you want to perfect yourself. Look at those who are doing much better. Just tell yourself I'm gonna get there. Just like in business, we have role models, and we have people who have earned and they are driving fancy cars and their everything. It's we're becoming so materialistic, that we're forgetting a lot. It's not bad to have some good things in life. No, it's not bad at all. But it must not compromise your relationship with Allah. So if you are trying to fulfill your prayer to start with, how can I be a Muslim? You know, I asked someone to people here pray five times a day. They said they were Muslims. But do you guys mean do you pray? Are there Muslims who don't pray? And

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I'm like, okay, sorry. Sorry, my God, you know, meaning? The thing is they even believe that other Muslims who don't pray, and I couldn't even answer that question because I know things, you know, things but their communities poorer than ours. And I'm quite certain we're going to see them in the way ahead of us. May Allah grant us Jana Bella, give us paradise. I mean, we will enter Paradise by the mercy of Allah. Allah knows our weaknesses. He knows the fact that around us there is a lot of pressure. There is so much happening sometimes we are so weak that we falter here and then perfect your relationship with Allah. Keep trying, keep trying, don't let go. Don't think for a moment

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you're useless. And this is why we say when you have an Islamic event, it's important for us my brothers and sisters,

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to give hope. Yeah, to give hope.

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I know I could scare people a little bit but don't worry. My braces are not that bad.

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We give hope because why we want you to get closer to Allah. And we want ourselves to get closer to Allah. And we don't know who is closer. You could be closer to Allah than I am. That's a fact. I'm not here to judge anyone.

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But I'm here to tell you my brothers, my sisters, the mess

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For myself, and for everyone else, keep trying. Keep trying. Don't lose hope in the mercy of Allah, the verse I read earlier, do you know what it says? Allah will forgive all your sins were indeed his most forgiving, Most Merciful. But when you fulfill the five daily prayers, we have another issue that people need

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to be advised about.

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If I were to ask you who prays five times a day, a lot of hands would go up but how do you pray answer the question, right?

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the next thing you don't and you up and you're done and people who are watching, what did you just do?

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When they see you, they should see a calmness of coolness, perfect your deeds perfect your prayer when you say Allahu Akbar, the brother a little bit earlier saying, oh, there is a sister, or brother in law, and I'm thinking, you know, if they were not Muslim, sharing their luck, but they think you've just been terrorized.

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Because they don't even know Allah is the worshipped one. He's the one who made the one who were going to go back to, he's the only one we put our head on the ground for. So therefore we call him Allah, meaning the worship one. When I say Allahu Akbar, I'm actually saying, He who made me He who,

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you know, he who controls every aspect of my existence, he whom I'm going to go back to when I die is the greatest. That's the meaning of Allahu Akbar, he's the greatest, whoever made me is indeed the greatest. But with us, I swear. Think about it today. How many of us say Allahu Akbar, without ever thinking of what it means?

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Am I right? You start Allahu Akbar. You haven't thought what you said, your mind is nowhere near. That's what we want to change. When we say perfect your deeds. We're talking of starting with the Allahu Akbar itself. When you're starting the prayer, you're supposed to think to yourself, Allah is the Greatest, that's what you just said, Is he really the greatest according to you, so Han Allah, then what do you say? Then I start off with my little dualist. If you know a little, they call it Santa, and whatever else we need to read, and we start with zero to 30 109. All praise is due to Allah

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Subhana Allah, so amazing, what powerful words I'm saying. But our deeds, we don't even concentrate. Honestly, we don't. We don't even think of what we're saying.

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And then we say our Rahmani Raheem the most magnificent, the Most Merciful Subhanallah imagine how beautiful these words are. Allah has chosen to call himself Lord of the worlds the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful Owner of the Day of Judgment, you alone, we worship you alone, we seek help from Guide us to the straight path, the path of those whom you have favored, not the path of those who are astray. Those who have endure anger. Wow, are those who are stray? And then we say, I mean, but we don't think about it, we just like

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am I right?

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We're gonna change that. Why? Because we're going to keep trying, we're going to keep trying, I promise you many times we suffer we struggle and we say but I'm a Muslim, or I believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala in the best possible way, and trying Why am I struggling? You know what, because you just need to concentrate a little bit more. You're not thinking about what you're seeing. This is why we say you need something like a man Academy to be able to help. You need to understand read the books, see what's going on. See the meaning checking. We've been reading this sort of Fatiha for years on end, there is no excuse for you not to know its meaning and try and think about it. Keep

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trying. So people say what I lose concentration,

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it's fine to lose a little bit of concentration, keep bringing your mind back, keep bringing your mind back, keep bringing it back, and you will find a great benefit from it. So canon law, because it happens to all of us, my concentration is never 100% but you keep trying. Sometimes you have concentration to the degree that you won't know whether you read one unit or two. So what do you do what I tell you it happened way back at the time of the Prophet peace be upon him with some of his companions, either Salah hadoken Villa Mia de Sala, Amina take the prophecy Salam says if one of you is reading, Salah is fulfilling his prayer, and he forgets he doesn't remember whether he read one

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or two. So he gives you a solution. What does that mean? It happened already at the time. You're not the first for that to happen to get my point. So don't become despondent. Keep trying. That's it and Allah loves you with your trial.

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Allah once goodness. I like it so happy when you turn to Him. And when you perfect your deed, you know what happens? You move from a stage of doing something because you have to do it to a stage of doing something because you want to do it. What a big difference. Those who pray for example,

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The duty is what is called follow. I hope you understand that your obligation, the obligation, that's your duty, you want to get closer to Allah, when you've got to add a little bit more to that you've got to do something yourself now. So if I did my duty, I've done what I have to do or have to do. If I do, if I go beyond that, and voluntary, I read much more or fulfill much more, it becomes something I want to do.

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Imagine you meet someone you really love.

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And they've given you five minutes of their time.

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And they enjoy it so much, or you enjoy it so much.

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And you're just sitting for one hour, wow. And you just can't get enough of this

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happens. When Allah comes first, Allah comes first, take your time in Salah, your life will change.

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Take your time in prayer, your life will change.

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And what's very important is for you to for you to realize, for you and I to realize that everyone out there loves Allah. Every one of us wants to develop a good relationship with Allah. We all do. So stop pointing fingers at others. Because by pointing fingers at others, and by

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looking at what they have been up to,

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you're not looking at yourself. You're not able to introspect, you're not able to correct yourself because you're bothered about that person's doing this, this person's clothing is this way, that person's not walking in the right way. This person just did that. That person just did this. No worry about yourself. If you want to guide people say it in a good way. Say it in a lovely way. Don't make like you're preaching down to them. No, you're talking across to them. You're one of them. We're all together by the will of Allah. We are all trying to perfect ourselves to become better

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and to earn the help of Allah. So my message for you today, don't become despondent. Don't think that you know what, I'm not getting what Allah has promised me. You will love your prayer. When you read it correctly when you fulfill it. I swear, the day I get up very early, and the day I defy

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my sleep, and wash myself and sit on my prayer mat a little bit earlier than usual. That's the day I feel the spiritual upliftment. I feel so close to my Lord. So Hanauma, I'm sure you agree. And I'm sure there have been days when you have done that, too. I'm not the only one.

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Feel better.

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But you want to change your life and you're not prepared to change for the positive your relationship with your maker. I don't think your life's gonna change positively. It cannot.

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And this is why we say when you do something doing genuinely when you give a charity don't show people. Right guys, this is 100 pounds. Take a picture, take a picture. That's good to quickly. Come, come go nice. Conan is show hopper show me the amount of your clothing. Take the picture, okay.

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My charity, the Hadith says a charity that is given in a way that your left hand doesn't know what your right hand is spent is probably the best. It is the best at times. In order to encourage people you might want to put up your hand for something because you're encouraging others your Nia is not to boast and brag. You know if there are a lot of millionaires here, and one guy stands up and says I give 100,000 another guy who's a richer guidance he gave 100. I'll give 120. So what did you do? You just encourage the others you get a reward for your 100 and for his 120. So in those cases, it's okay to do it publicly. No problem.

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But when we're boasting, bragging, and when you give a charity, do it with your heart,

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give it correctly understand those you are giving this to have been placed by the Almighty. Imagine if they were not there. How will your charity is going to be accepted? How are they going? When everyone is wealthy? What do you do? You know, in Africa when we eat, we're so fortunate that in my country, talking of my own country, Zimbabwe, in when we eat and there is a little bit remaining. There is a way of packing it correctly. And we could give it to people not very far from where we would stay possible.

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So it's not really wasted. But I visited countries where when there is remainder from the food they've been eating, there is no way that that can go besides the bin. In that case, you need to have slightly less and not wasted than to have more and throw it in the bin. I'd rather be slightly hungry because the sandwich I bought was a smaller one than to have a bigger one and throw parts of it away. This is quality.

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Do you understand what I'm saying? This is quality whatever

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Have you done, you've refined yourself, you've become a person who has better deeds, perfected your eating, somehow, like didn't even think of that someone might say,

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learn to reach out to others in a beautiful way. But I want to tell you something. perfecting your deeds shows in your character, the moment there is a person, and like I always say, even if you are outwardly so religious, but if you don't know how to speak to people, and you belittle them and make them feel small, you're nowhere close to Allah because Allah don't make anyone feel small. Allah doesn't do that.

00:25:40--> 00:26:09

Your character should shine the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him Look at him. He spoke to people with respect, even those he disagreed with. Even those he really disagreed with those who harmed him. He spoke to them with respect, there was always that beautiful speech. Honor, why I'm carrying myself in the most beautiful way. People must know what I stand for. And guess what? It comes back to you in a good way.

00:26:11--> 00:26:19

You give people that time, the moment the good words at home, especially, many of us are struggling in our houses. I wish we could lay back and talk about it.

00:26:21--> 00:26:40

We are struggling because we don't bother to speak to one another in a beautiful way. It's a deed isn't it? smiling is a good deed. Why can't you improve your speech go to your spouse, husband or wife. Go to your spouse and say some good words. Out of nowhere, like tonight Just go and say

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you know

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and your your spouse will be like

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without even saying a word you've already like appreciated. What happened? Something happened here. I just heard a good speech. I need to improve myself. But like

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I need to say good words your daughter, no matter we haven't even told our daughter sometimes how much we love them our sons. We haven't even said I love you. I appreciate how can I say that I come from Pakistan we don't ever say that.

00:27:18--> 00:27:23

You can come from anywhere. If you come from Pakistan, you gotta say I love you.

00:27:24--> 00:27:46

Mashallah. So what it's, it's amazing. You need to show that connection because if you connect to your children and your family members, together, you'll be able to connect with the maker. But if there's no connection, each one tagging along, and each one you know pulling to a different direction, what's going to happen, none of us are going to be able to focus on Allah.

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Help each other. Your daughter comes to you, your son comes to you, your family member comes to you brothers, sisters, parents, in laws, or that's a topic on its own, by the way, but make life easy for people make life easy. That's when you know that my Salah is good when my connection with Allah is powerful. It shows in the way I speak to my family members because the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him says the best from amongst you are those who are best to their family members. So definitely if I have my Salah in order, I cannot be the best from amongst all the people. If I'm not good to my family members, I become conscious of Allah. So I would love what he loves. What does he

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love, he loves you to be an easygoing person with your family with those around you with those whom you work with those who work for you. It doesn't mean they're your slaves.

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A lot of the times is because of them.

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That you're earning money. They work hard, very hard. You probably sometimes pay them peanuts Subhanallah maybe not here. I think Glasgow is quite a nice place to come to learn. But my brothers and sisters inshallah I asked Allah to help us all starting with me, to improve ourselves to be such a beacon of light that when we talk to people, when we interact, just our presence can make people feel uplifted. That's the way it should be as a Muslim. That's the way it should be as a believer, we have to make people feel like they are valued. Their value will only be appreciated if you are prepared to acknowledge it. Subhana Allah, and you know what, nearly all of us will improve when we

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feel good. And when we're made to feel good. So keep trying, don't lose hope. If you want Allah to have mercy on you learn to have mercy on others. If you want respect, learn to respect others and you will be respected.

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And by the word of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, I ask Allah to bring us back again and again here to this beautiful, beautiful place. And really, I hope and I pray that the few words that I've said would actually penetrate deep into the heart would make a difference would make a change. Like I said, find concentrate in your Salah, keep trying, and, you know, take your time in prayer, take your time, it could just be your last prayer. Take your time, even if you're just feeling the farther than rushing inshallah, you will increase

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One day, but remember there are two things one is the quality and the quantity more important than the quantity is the quality. We are going to work on

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we love certain milk right? A lot of us read it so often right? You know what the second verse is? Allah re holla

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Santo Ramallah It is he who has created death and life in order to test you who from amongst you has better deeds. He didn't say who from amongst you has more deeds

00:30:36--> 00:30:41

you need better deeds. So let's improve on the quality of our deeds.

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Let's improve on the quality of our deeds inshallah. And I pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala open our doors May He give us the opportunity to read part of the Quran on a daily basis. It doesn't take you much to read a few verses every day, a minute or two or you can even play it in your car and just read after it inshallah a minute or two and let's try and spend our time constructively in a way that when we leave this earth, we definitely go to a much much better place. akula Kohli hava masala Salama Baraka Allah Amina Mohammed Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.