Qualities Of Success People – Recite & Reflect #27

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Subhan Allah in these first five ayat of surah Al Baqarah Allah subhanho wa Taala declares who is upon guidance, and who are those successful people. And Allah begins with a powerful beginning, stating that this is a book Allah guarantees that there is no doubt whatsoever. So my beloved brothers and sisters, the condition of seeking guidance begins right now to declare that this is the book on Quran in which there is no doubt whatsoever. There is no space and scope of doubt whatsoever. And this is indeed guidance for those who are conscious of Allah. And what is the definition of conscious, the one who believes in Allah, the One who prays the one who gives from

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that what Allah has provided them, the one who believes in the revelation in the Quran and what came before it, and the one who has certain faith in the hereafter. If a person has these five things, then indeed, those are the people who are upon guidance, and they are the ones who are successful.