Quran Recitation Really Beautifulrecite & Reflect #5

Ahmed Hamed


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The speaker discusses the importance of protecting each other as believers and not showing weakness or embarrassment. They emphasize the need for continuous reflection on one's actions and the importance of prayer in obtaining the Mercy of Allah.

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lung disease on hankie dream, power, love. And we actually reflect on this idea. It teaches us how we should be as believers towards each other, that we should be the protectors for each other, meaning that we are not there to backbite each other, we're not there, to despise each other, we're not there to humiliate or insult each other. Rather, we as believers have this mindset to be as protectors for each other. And the real protection is to advise each other for that which is good, and we need to remind each other whenever there is any form of disobedience happen, and Subhan Allah, the continuous reflection on this idea is that the prayer the prayer is important. The

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compulsory charity is important and Subhanallah the price of doing all of this is you and I we all can deserve the Mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala