Ahsan Hanif – 04 Umdatul Talib & Bulugh Al Maram Shaykh

Ahsan Hanif
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button it just didn't What would you have to do

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it wasn't just sworn you have to do

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it wouldn't have to wash it off, you will just have to make all

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right. So you know these principles that we've mentioned, the beginning of every chapter is very important to know them and be very familiar with them because they've summarized for you the different rules.

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One of those rules is that everything that comes out

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either the private parts from Toria breaks, although that's one issue. And the other one is that if it's not just what you have to do with it has to be washed, what sort of factor process and I'm joined between the two shows that it is

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as opposed to * many

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because he didn't order the hair to be washed off, but he did come in that you make awesome from it.

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Because it comes out from the private area.

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The fact that you don't have to wash it off shows that it's pure.

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We learn from the de la salatu salam ala Rasulillah Adi or Sami woman who Allah my bad. So inshallah Tada we're going to conclude the reading of Kitab taharah from these two books from the Taliban political muram and we are in the reading of the chapter of removing impurities and the nature from Boko Haram

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as an ally Aleikum Babu is Allah teenagers that you are by Anwar chapter removing impurities and NHF and then Sydney Malik in lovely Allahu Anhu. And who on so email also lies on Allahu alayhi wa sallam annual Caminito taco Kala, Allah, Florida home Muslim and incinerated Allah's Messenger SallAllahu sallam was asked about taking wine and turning, turning it into vinegar replied No collected by Muslim. This is the Hadith that is used by the writer to say that if you do it on purpose, it's not permissible, but it transforms by itself, then it's permissible or it's transformed by someone who doesn't consider it to be haram. Like for example, a non Muslim who lives

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in the Muslim lands under the protection or like from the people of the book. Then it is also permissible

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to lovingly come, who and who are now who con lemak and Yamaha Ybarra, Mr. Mazzone Allah he's on the Maharani he was telling them about her. Fernanda in nulla, how Allah swallow in Allah O Allah rasool Allah who in any command home in como de la le, for in Reg, whatever Pune, la He also narrated on the day of labor, Allah's Messenger SallAllahu Sallam ordered a bottle had to announce Allah and His Messenger forbid the meat of domesticated donkeys for the impure agreed upon. This is the Hadith of the Hannah Bella used as we mentioned before Salah for the ruling of what the domesticated donkeys are

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ledges domesticated donkeys are nudges.

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Sinhala who were enamored Niharika Donal the Allahu Anhu in Hong Kong called Baba No, not sort of Allah he's Allah Allahu Allah He was a llama be Mina well who are allowed or hated the Buddha Yes, you know Allah KTV according to Te fi and Allahu alayhi wa, wa you see, you know, Allah Getify of Raja who did maybe telemovie you also have an even harder generated Allah's Messenger is Allah Islam gave us a sermon in minute whilst on his mount, and its saliva was dripping on my shoulder collected by Timothy authenticated, and so to shows that the saliva of those animals are halal to consume is also pure, as we mentioned before the sauna. And this is an example of that because the saliva of

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the animal is falling onto the shoulders of this companion. And he not wanting to repeat although he doesn't consider it to be impure images.

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As an ally in a while and I shut down on the on long run. Call it Ghana also lives on Lola when he was a lemma Iago see don't many to Mayor de la sala de vida Nick as well and Bordeaux either Athletico sleepy with deaf upon LA when a Muslim in LA called the contour fro coming Toby monsoon in LA he's Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam Avanca for your suddenly V

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A lawyer they confer you're suddenly V where V love Villa La caja contour Hakuho ya be sent beautiful Freeman there will be

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an a la la comme la parte contour Hueco yabbies and beautiful for him in the Toby. I generated Allah's Messenger SallAllahu Sallam would wash the * off his clothes, then leave for the prayer in the same clothes and I could see the signs of his washing agreed upon in the wedding of Muslim I would scrape it off the clothes of Allah's Messenger Salallahu Salam, and he would then then pray in it in another wedding. I'll scrape it off with my nails after it had dried. What does it mean? What's the difference between the two generations?

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One's about washing one's about scraping off. Why the difference?

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refer to the same thing we all are to do with many but one she's washing and one she's not. Why the distinct why the distinction?

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Yeah, because once it's dried, then it can be scraped off. Before the strides difficultly can't really scrape it off. And so it should be washed if it's still in liquid form, but once it's dried, but anyway this hadith of the Buddha said is also used to show that it is by the fact that it could just be scraped off and doesn't need to be washed.

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SN Allahu Aleikum, WA and maybe some pain on the long run who I know God, Allah rasool Allah, He is someone law who I think he wants a lamp, you will sell him in Ballinger area while you're assuming bound in a colada, who aboda Will the oneness he also came up with something narrated that the prophets Allah Salam said the urine of a girl is washed, and the urine of a boy is sprinkled, collected bubble that would an unnecessary and unauthenticated biohacking which boy urine which boys sprinkle

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a child that has yet to eat solid food, once you eat solid food, then

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wash it by each man by each man. And so it's about the child, the male child who has yet to eat solid food and this hadith of troublesome troublesome is one of the servants of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And as far as I remember, this is the only Hadith that interrupts This is the only Hadith that generates

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send Allah welcome. Oneness ma bien tip background la vie Allahu and Homer and the Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam up on FeedDemon you will you'll see both film their home to some magical grammatical rule so home Wilma, from Madame wha hoo hoo tomatoes on Levy, multidisciplinary snap into a snap into biblical narrative that the Prophet sallallahu sallam said about menstrual blood on clothing. scrape it off then rub it with water then wash it and pray in it agreed upon.

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Well NLB hula you're not done all the Allahu Anhu under Hong Kong on that hola ya rasool Allah for lemmya HERBIE them all on your Creek in valuable rocky I fell across the whole thing maybe you

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didn't maybe you are sent to hold life. Ebola narrated hola said asked, Oh messenger of Allah. What if the blood is removed? He replied Otto is enough and its traces won't harm you clutched by Timothy and its changes week. In Bloomerang, you will find the times that they will have to Rahim Allah to Allah He made certain errors certain may be out of forgetfulness, maybe was extremely busy. Maybe he was writing some of these Hadith from his memory. And so he made certain errors when it came to providing the references for his narration. So this hadith, he says is an activity plus not in a Timothy. The hadith is in the Muslim the Rebbe Muhammad and the Sunnah webydo in the Muslim ummah,

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Muhammad and the Sunnah never be that old. And you find this amongst the scholars, especially the profiled, because often what they do is they generate from memory. And if you memorize 1000s and 1000s of Hadith, and it's not beyond the realms of possibility there was often you're going to get confused or miss referenced something, and so on. But this hadith shows what shows that if you wash that blood to the best of your ability, and she says but still after the Messenger of Allah, I can still see it meaning the trace of it, meaning the color of the blood, right, because sometimes you can't take up the color especially in the olden times, now we have these stain removers and all

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these other chemicals that you can use with all the time certain types of cloth and material is going to retain some of that discoloration, the process, some said it's enough what you did. And that what remains a small trace that discoloration doesn't make a difference. And that's an example of something you see or something negligible, or it's something which the shipyard doesn't hold you to account for. Okay, we now come on to the final chapter of this book of the Hara. And there is a chapter of menstruation

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and we have a number of principles.

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First principle is that menstruation

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prevents a woman from doing eight things.

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And stration prevents a woman from doing eight things and the author will mention them.

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Number two

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whoever has marital relations with a woman in her menses must give the sadaqa of a dinar or half a dinar.

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Whoever has marital relations with a woman in her menses must give sadaqa meaning expiation as expiation sadhaka have one DNR or half a DNR

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number three

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once the blood has stopped

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then only fasting and divorce become permissible.

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A woman's in her monthly cycle her bleeding stops is finished. What's allowed for her to do now too fast and for her to be divorced

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when will the rest be allowed for her

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after she makes a whistle after she beats that's what it means. So we're speaking about just as soon as the blood stops

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number four, the Mr. Halbach

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is the woman who has an irregular blood flow.

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She she's the one who her bleeding exceeds 15 days.

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After 15 days you still bleeding.

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Number five

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for the one who has an issue like that,

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these are all like incontinence issues, or irregular issues. Someone may have urine incontinence. Someone may have wind incontinence, someone may have is to have bleeding incontinence, all of these people. Then for every salah, they wash their private area and they make model.

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They wash their private area and they make wudu

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number one on Bromium.

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Number six,

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postpartum bleeding,

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only fast is like menstruation, except in those things that have been made exceptions and exceptions will be mentioned by the author. So the fast and the higher are more or less the same in terms of the rulings except for a few things that are pre made exceptions.

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As an allaahu they come burble hail, Yemen, Yemen narrow loco sled em narrow locos Lella who will will do our solid our will do will fit Allah so meanwhile our nyrt Caffeine one V Farage Illa Lehmann Biggie Sheva can be shouted at well he will be heading out on our knees for a fella by your stemmed the Roman Habima Duna Bhima Duna verge

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prevent a prevents one from bathing from it, although prayer and its obligation, fasting, tawaf, aitikaf vaginal penetration, except for one who fears haram otherwise with its condition. Somebody except for one who fears harm, otherwise with its conditions. In this case, he must expiate with one dinner, or half of it, he can enjoy of her other than that.

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The author Matata begins with this chapter, and he says that it prevents one from a number of things eat things, as we said in the principle, the first of them is bathing from it. What does that mean bathing from it?

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What does it mean bathing? From what what's what's the it?

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Yeah, she cannot bathe from her menstruation. Is she allowed to be for example, if she goes into the state of haram?

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She wants to take a whistle to go into haram. Is that allowed? Yes, it's allowed. And that's why he says a last level, he puts a condition on it. So it's not just any type of whistle. So she can do it. For example, if she wants to, if she wants to do that, or, for example, she sees a * during demonstrations, or she wants to just take a listen for the sake of that. But what she's not allowed to do take the water with the intention of finishing demonstration. Because administration hasn't finished. That's what we are referring to when you say bathing from it. That's what it is referring to. Number two, Chicago MC will do. Because we will do it will be invalid. Number three,

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she can't make solid. She can't pray.

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And number four, what would you buy her? And its obligation is also prevented from what does that mean?

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What does that mean?

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Well, that's number three, right prayer. But when you say and this obligation, what does she have to do also make her up? Doesn't have to make a law. So after the seven, eight days of her cycle finished, does she have to make up those prayers? No. So what does it prevent also, not only the solid and she complete them and then it also prevents the obligation from coming upon her. So she doesn't have to make them up either. She doesn't have to make them up either. Number five fasting, but the difference in fasting is that he doesn't say after it. Well, would you bow audits obligation because in fasting, she does have to make it up

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as is seen in the hadith of Aisha

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With the Allah I know that the author will mentioned that's what the Prophet said him is to obligate on the women that they don't have to make up the Salah, but they have to make up their

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Number six the power of the economy Tov

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and therefore people who make or Umrah or Hajj women who are in their menstrual cycle, they can do everything in the house except for the tawaf and that which is connected to the tawaf.

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So what's connected to the two of

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the two records of the wife and the side, because most scholars consider it to be something which has to be done, the site has to be done after the after the off.

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Number seven here at Caf, because what is it a decaf?

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decaf is to

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seclude yourself in the masjid, to remain in the masjid. So she's not allowed to sit and remain in the masjid the RT calf is the name for a brother in seclusion in a house of Allah azza wa jal so it calf. Contrary to popular opinion amongst some communities can't be done in the home can be done somewhere else has to be done in the masjid. But because she's in that state, she's unable to make it curve. And number eight work on V Forge. And likewise, vaginal penetration.

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That's something which also is haram, because she is on her menstrual cycle.

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And then he says Rahim, Allah Tada, except for the one who fears hum otherwise Ill they'll even be Shabbat.

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Shabbat in Arabic language is when a person without being too explicit and graphic doesn't feel that they can hold back their desires. And if they were to do so, it would actually bring about harm to that part of the body to them. That's what the Arabs called Shabaab. So condition. Building is a very common condition. But apparently, some people are like that they have to have a release, otherwise it will cause them physical harm. So we're just talking about someone who can fast or someone who can make the Travelon someone who can just, you know, they have the strength and the ability to hold and control themselves, to speak on people who feel for themselves physical harm.

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And because there is physical harm, that means you that's why the author says here in lemon, lemon be Shabak, except for the one who fears something like this bishop d, with its conditions and the conditions briefly without going like to go into too much detail again, over this issue. Number one is that the fear of physical harm. Number two, that nothing else will satisfy their needs, because as the author were mentioned, as the process and will do, is that he would enjoy the rest of his wives bodies without the actual act. And that for most people is enough. So if that is enough, then that's what they do. But this is a person who even for them, that is not enough. Number three, that

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they can't, they don't have anyone else, meaning he only has the one wife. And number four, that he can't marry anyone else either. So if he can get another wife, because that's his condition, he needs another spouse, then it's obligatory upon him to do so. But if he can't, and he's unable to, this is a very limited, limited situation. That's what he anyway, that's what he's referring to. He says, Well, your job will be here. And if that is the case, and that does happen, then, then what must he do is a sin and he must make Toba to Allah azza wa jal, but he must also give an expansion of a dinar or half a dinar dinar is approximately in gold for a quarter grams 4.25 grams. So grams

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4.25 grams would roughly be what the DNR used to weigh the time of the Prophet senemo half a dinar and that is a token, so the pathetic use because he realizes that he did something, which was haram wisdom to Romeyn Habima Duna forage and it is permissible for him to to enjoy from his spouse, every other part of her body, except obviously, the part that has been specified. And we know as we will see in the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to command his wives to cover the private area. And then he would spend time with them solid law already also limit now

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to allow illegal while he then COPPA ILM yoga club levels Lenovo Euro zone in water the water COVID So my la sala weather Hey walkability sizing wala Bader calm Senior Center. While Am I am? Well lujo Manuel Lena work fellow who comes at ASHA, while volleyball hosted to no server.

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When it ceases, nothing is permissible before ritual bathing other than fasting and divorce. A woman makes up fast but not her prayers. There is no menses before nine years or after 50 years or whilst pregnant, its minimum is one day and night and its maximum is 15 days and is usually six or seven days.

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daughter Hamlet Allah says and this is one of the principles we gave at the beginning and when it ceases meaning the blood ceases, then nothing is permissible before ritual bathing other than fasting and divorce. So the woman wakes up in the morning, and she finds before the time of Fudger, that her bleeding has stopped. But she doesn't have much time now before the time of Fajr is going to come in, only has 10 minutes or so she doesn't have enough time to think also, that fasting is watchable punish, she can fast she doesn't need to take a lesson before the fasting starts. Nor does she need to take the muscle for her husband to divorce if that's what he wants to do. Because the

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prophets of Saddam forbade people from casting divorce or pronouncing divorce, whilst a woman is in her hail demonstration, she is no longer in a hail. Stop now. And so therefore because it stopped, then it's permissible for him to pronounce that divorce. But other than that, from the things that we mentioned, the eight the six other things that she can't do at Caf tawaf salah, have relations with the husband, all of those things, that's not allowed until after she makes the whistle. We'll talk the slow mo Salah and a woman mix up her Fassbender, her prayers, and that is by each man that the woman doesn't have to make up her prayers. But she does have to make up her fasts. And then he

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says, the minimum age that menstruation can come upon a girl is nine years old,

00:21:25 --> 00:21:31

nine years old, and the maximum age is 50 years.

00:21:33 --> 00:21:36

And a woman that's pregnant also doesn't go through menstruation.

00:21:37 --> 00:21:48

This is the method the method puts a puts a number on this gives you a minimum gives you a maximum. So if a girl who's eight years old starts bleeding now what would you say that is according to the method.

00:21:50 --> 00:21:52

Say that it's irregular.

00:21:53 --> 00:22:29

That's not menses. ORMAN was 55. When she starts bleeding, we will say that that is according to the madhhab irregular bleeding snipe. That's what he's essentially saying. Its minimum meaning the duration of the menstrual period, its minimum is one day at night. So anything that's less than a day a night, according to the madhhab wouldn't be considered to be menstruation. We just consider it to be irregular bleeding and carry on as normal. So its minimum must be a 24 hour period one day and night. It's maximum is 15 days according to the method. And that's why we said

00:22:30 --> 00:23:13

in the principles that after the 15 days, what are we going to say now that blood has become irregular bleeding is to hover. Right? This is the method and it's usually usual duration is six or seven days, six or seven days. This is one of the ways in this program to party that the author Rahim Allah Tala has made this issue easier if we were to go through the same chapter in that Zadran stockinette. goes through a great more detail in terms of how to determine these issues. And what if a girl's never blood before and how do you understand this and go through a lot of detail but the author Matata here, he just removed a lot of that because it is very difficult and very confusing in

00:23:13 --> 00:23:15

certain ways to understand.

00:23:16 --> 00:23:30

But anyway, this is the method what you see in front of you. This is the method and as we've said before, these are all issues of difference of opinion terms of the minimum age in terms of the minimum duration terms of the maximum age the maximum duration, but these are the positions of the madhhab

00:23:32 --> 00:23:34

as an Allahu ala con,

00:23:35 --> 00:23:45

or any story about Malachite that wouldn't be injure was a demo hack. Are you jealous at her in the early metab while Sophia Taniwha Kodaira TransAm and I had that in high yield.

00:23:47 --> 00:24:02

woman had to order in one year or zero Mahala who I should Mahalla who I should do it what lowly worked equally Salah Walla to almost the habit of learning how often Annette while you still have boho slow Halekulani sada

00:24:04 --> 00:24:46

if the woman with a regular cycle content continues to bleed past the maximum length and has a known cycle treats treats it as such if she knows it, vaginal discharge during this time is also menses. Whoever has continuous impurity washes the area covers the area and performs although for every prayer, he does not have relations with he does not have relations with such a woman unless he fears for his chastity. It is recommended for her to ritually paid for every prayer. Both are Hamlet Anna Anna goes into the issue of Misty harbor and St. Hala, as we said is an irregular bleeding, irregular bleeding that women that women some women have. And similar to it, or any other types of

00:24:46 --> 00:24:59

issues that come across medical issues of a similar nature, where a person cannot withhold an adjuster from leaving their body. So a very common example of that would be union contents. Some people are not able to stop urine from coming out from them.

00:25:00 --> 00:25:38

Our bots, just a medical condition, they don't have the ability, which is going to keep coming out. And so that's a medical condition. And so the classical scholars speak about St. Hava because that is the one that the Hadith addressed that was the most common in the time of the Prophet Salam, or the Hadith speak about that. But the similar conditions, we take the same rulings because they fill, fulfill that same criteria of a person or being able to control an adjuster from leaving their body, right, this person can control it, the woman was Mr. Haba. She has no control, always coming up doesn't have the ability. And the Hadith some of the female companions, including one of the wives

00:25:38 --> 00:26:19

of the prophets, and Omar Habiba are the Allahu anha. It has said the hurts to have lasted for a number of years, to three years before he finished. So it can be something which is a long term issue for some, for some women. And I think now hamdulillah like with medical advances, there's probably more things that they can do and stuff for anyway. He says Rahim, Allah Tada, if the woman with a regular cycle continues to bleed past the maximum length, and has a known cycle, she treats it as such, if she knows it. So here he is going to refer to a woman who knows that at the beginning of every month, the first week, I usually have my head, I have my menstrual cycle. But now she is in

00:26:19 --> 00:26:59

a period of as to how she's always bleeding. But she knows that that was the norm was established normal routine, the first week of the month, six days, seven days, that's when I was bleeding. What do you do, then we say to her, you treat those six, seven days as hate. You're always bleeding anyway. But six, seven days, the way that you used to call it hate, that's what you do. So for those six, seven days, you can't pray, you can't fast. You can't make Attica you can't make throw off all those things that we said you can't do. You can't do. As soon as those six, seven days finish. Just say for example, seven days, seven days finish, take a listen. And now you pray. And now you fast.

00:27:00 --> 00:27:14

And now you make your decaf. If you want to make dough off if you need to whatever else it may be. That's what he's saying here. So she if she knows the cycle, then it's easy for her to base it upon what was her usual cycle?

00:27:15 --> 00:27:44

What the author misses out here is what the exam is mentioned, which we're not going to cover. But just so that you know that this issue is a very, very detailed issue, because he's spoken about the one who knows what about the one who doesn't know? What about the girl who is about to have a first period. And now all of a sudden she's bleeding all the time. So she has no way of understanding these types of issues in that he went through all of that in detail. For the automaton he missed a lot of this out because I think he considered it to be too confusing at this level.

00:27:45 --> 00:28:13

Eden says Rahim, Allah Tala, the types of vaginal discharge during that time is also considered to be menses. So if it happens during the time of hail, we consider it to be hail. If it happens after the time of hail, we consider it to be not from hail, right? So it follows the same ruling. He then says Rahim, Allah Tada and whoever has had a thunder in continuous impurity, they do three things. Number one, they wash the area,

00:28:14 --> 00:28:51

meaning the private ponds. Number two, they cover the area. So the milestone in Surah or during the masjid, none of the impurity is going to fall on to the masjid or the ground or whatever else they are. And number three, they perform wudu they perform Moodle, and the Moodle is only if something comes out. If nothing came out, they don't need to do anything because some people have continuous bleeding, but it doesn't mean 24/7 they're bleeding means that they have periods when it comes in periods. That doesn't mean stop for an hour then come for an hour and so on and so forth. And so therefore there may be times or at certain times, likewise with urine incontinence like people

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sometimes have moments and other moments. So only if something leaves the body then we would say yes, you don't use all of this but if it doesn't, then that first we'll do is still it is still valid liquidly salah, and as we mentioned already before, this is for every seller, every seller, so the Messiah, the woman who has continuous bleeding, we say to her, you must make will do for every son and according to the madhhab

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it is recommended for to do what to me also, because of the Hadith as we will see in Sharla, Thailand boomerang como Habiba or the Allahu anha.

00:29:29 --> 00:29:45

The author Hamlet Arden says and He does not have relations with such a woman unless he feels for his chastity that men have and this is one of the unique positions to the hungry madhhab that the woman who has Mr. Homma it's not permissible for him to have marital relations with that woman

00:29:47 --> 00:30:00

unless he feels for himself. Why? Because he has no way of determining whether she is on her menses or not. And so what does he do? What did we say was the general overarching principle of the honeybee when it comes to

00:30:00 --> 00:30:14

Bara is erring on the side of caution, trying his best to stay away from the jassart. And so this is the position of the HANA villa. And then as he says, it was recommended for her to reach the bave for every prayer

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I said Allah

00:30:17 --> 00:30:25

will XL niversity out of Arizona Yo Ma, what had Delia Conley for in Tahoe not for heat for in Baja right here

00:30:27 --> 00:30:46

in Tahoe, Latvia Delta Herat was a lead or ukara what what will have he had, for in added their movie fee have Mieszko confy there's one more to suddenly watercoloring so, there's one more to suddenly water COVID sama fraud. Well, who are the Heylin fie mad at them.

00:30:47 --> 00:31:07

postpartum bleeding is 40 days maximum and there is no minimum. If she becomes clean before then she purifies herself and prays and is disliked to her relations with her with her during the remainder of that time. If the bleeding returns, it is dark for blood. So she fasts and prays and then makes up her obligatory force. This blood is like the menses in what has preceded

00:31:08 --> 00:31:28

it also maternal comes to the final issue, which is the third type of bleeding that women have, and that is postpartum bleeding and postpartum bleeding refers to the bleeding after childbirth. We call that per postpartum or sometimes postnatal, bleeding. The madhhab is that there is a maximum of 40 days, but no minimum.

00:31:29 --> 00:31:40

So the maximum is that the bleeding postpartum bleeding could be two days, three days, five days, 10 days, there's no minimum, but the maximum is 14 After 40 What are we going to say it's not become

00:31:42 --> 00:32:23

irregular, it's now become irregular. He says are him Allah Tada for into Hora TFIIA Tata Hara to solid and if she becomes clean before then meaning before the 40 days elapses, then she makes the harder, she takes a hustle. And she starts to pray, right, because that's the maximum. And as we said, there's no minimum. So it's very possibly conceivable, and many women do finish the bleeding before the 40 days finishes, however, well, you could have what you have here. It is disliked to have relations with her during the remainder of that time. So the method is that if the woman she finishes her postpartum bleeding after 20 days, we're going to say to her do what Quantico Wilson

00:32:23 --> 00:32:46

start to pray that all of your rebar that, but we're gonna see to a husband is disliked for you to have * with or relations with Why? Because she's still in a period where that blood might come back. She might start bleeding again, she has elapsed, the total period. So just again, to err on the side of caution, to be extra cautious, just stay away for the remainder of that time period.

00:32:48 --> 00:33:08

And as we said, this is McCrone Muharram. So if there is a need, he can't stay away, what did we say if there is a need what happens to the Cara? It is lifted or removed? Right? The general principle amongst the 100 biller is that every macro if there is a need to do it, then there is no longer CRO. As we said yesterday,

00:33:10 --> 00:33:15

he then says or Hamlet Tardif the bleeding returns is done for blood that fall in what sense?

00:33:17 --> 00:33:18

Was it alpha was the duck

00:33:21 --> 00:33:28

so this woman after 20 days, she stopped bleeding. After seven days, she starts bleeding again, we're still in the period of 40. What's the doubt?

00:33:30 --> 00:33:39

Is it irregular or is enough as we don't know. And because it is doubtful, what should she do? She fasts and prays based on what

00:33:40 --> 00:34:12

based on the fact that it was irregular. But then we say to her after the 14 days make up those fasts just in case it wasn't irregular and it was really fast. So again, like the play both sides if you like so because there's a shock carry on, but we want you to err on the side of caution. Those five six days that the bleeding continued those five six days that you broke off or that you fasted during that period in Ramadan, for example if it's in Ramadan, the now make up those fasts as well just to be on the safe side.

00:34:13 --> 00:34:36

And the blood is like menses in what has preceded as we mentioned before, with some you know, some exceptions but anyway generally speaking it is associated the woman in the fast calm play she can't fast kind of marital relations with ash comic Attica she can't make bow off right all of those things but what can you do

00:34:38 --> 00:34:40

those Miranda what can be done

00:34:46 --> 00:34:49

it will mentioned reading Quran anyway in this.

00:34:50 --> 00:34:57

He mentioned eight things right the things that you can't do. Which one of those can you do for me FASB con two for Hi

00:35:00 --> 00:35:01

relations with a woman in her new office.

00:35:04 --> 00:35:04

What can you do?

00:35:06 --> 00:35:09

It's too far my dimension is too far. He mentioned eight things.

00:35:10 --> 00:35:28

Right look at the beginning of the chapter eight things he said he can't do. What did we say sada erotica, tawaf beatings he mentioned which one of those can you do funny fast because he said it is the same halo on the fast and all of his rulings. But there's actually one exception that he doesn't go into.

00:35:29 --> 00:35:30

What can you do?

00:35:35 --> 00:35:35


00:35:43 --> 00:35:44

onto something here.

00:35:47 --> 00:35:49

Um, no, the moment in human systemic harm,

00:35:50 --> 00:35:51


00:35:53 --> 00:36:02

Divorced in the first why? Because she's the whole reason I'm not pronouncing divorces what just in case she's pregnant. She just gave birth optional pregnant.

00:36:03 --> 00:36:11

And so therefore, that Allah or that reasoning is no longer there. And so divorce is the exception that we mentioned at the beginning.

00:36:13 --> 00:36:56

So Sinhala, Alikum, burble hail, Chapter demonstration, and as you shutdown on the Allahu Ana and call it in validly meta bien bien de Bie homepage, Gannett is to stay healthy for Karla Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in Adamle how you leave them on us? Why don't you roll off for either again, Danica for Leakey sownload leikam for either Ghana there Nikki for MCQ aminos salah, but either again, hello Fidel what you will suddenly Baba Hua Buddha will the oneness, you also have no Hibben while Hakim was 10 color who hurt him? Well, we had EPS been to maize in the Aveda Ward literalists female who can either

00:36:58 --> 00:37:38

send Allah really dead jellies female can for either or So flatten vocal filter or test in your body will also the host Lenoir ADA whatever dessaline MongoDB Malaysia it was Lanois ADA whatever Jessie little fidgety or slept with a double bow female by another lick. I generated Fatima bint Abi Hebei choose to have continuous bleeding. So Allah's Messenger SallAllahu sallam said, menstrual bleeding is recognizable dark blood. If you find that then stop praying and for other than that perform, although I'm praying connect to the Bible that wouldn't necessarily an authenticated by Ibn Al Hakim, but rejected viable Hatem the Hadith, of faulty momentarily herbage which you will have

00:37:39 --> 00:38:09

already mentioned previously, when you're speaking about an asset and so on. In this wording, the Prophet said I said to her because she had is the harbor. He said the blood of the menses is one known recognizable to some women may be able to recognize it, but a lot of women can't recognize it. They can't tell the difference. And so if you can tell the difference, then that's one of the ways also one of the signs that you can use to turn between what is healed and not hope. But also there are many women who are unable to discern

00:38:10 --> 00:38:24

10 Alajuela come in the narration of US map into a maze collected by a Buddha would let her sit in a tub and if she sees a yellowish discharge in the water that Habib for borehole and acid and again for monthly Benicia and again for Fajr and make holdover everything in between.

00:38:25 --> 00:38:46

One have never been dejection call it controls the halvah how you vote and Kevin you're not insured either. But they do nebbia some not Allahu alayhi wa sallam SFT Hiva called in NEMA Hirakawa minute show you one for the year but you see that you also buy from mother test really for any effort

00:38:48 --> 00:39:03

alone for investing cortiva Suddenly a robot and why you should in a hotel attenuation while sue me he was suddenly for inother Lika UGC. Okay, well cada Lika Valley karma Taheebo Nisa for either community Island.

00:39:05 --> 00:39:35

Some lonely for incongruity Island to accelerate bajawa to ajilon also to matter Odessey Lena Delta hoodie in our two Celina booth, Royal Ascot Jamia, so Matthew asks renal mother dibawa to add Gillian and Aisha to Matakohe dessaline Our two water drummer in Boehner sala de Neva Valley, whatever dessaline And mas sobre where to start lean on well, who are eligible Pomerania la wa who comes into Illinois as he also held in MIDI your Hassan Al Bukhari.

00:39:36 --> 00:39:58

I'm gonna be Jesh narrated, I used to have strong continuous bleeding. So I came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and asked him, he replied, That is a kick from Satan. Observe your menstrual cycle for six to seven days and then ritually bathe. When you are cleanse, pray for 24 or 23 days and fast and pray for that will suffice you do this as a woman who have a normal period do

00:39:59 --> 00:39:59


00:40:01 --> 00:40:38

Do this as the women who have a normal period do if you have the strength to do so then delay a borehole and bring Assad at at his earliest time, then bathed when you are pure and pray Valhalla NASA together, then delay McRib and bring a shirt to its earliest time, then bathe and pray them together, likewise paid for Fajr and private. He further said, this is more preferable to me collection by the five except NSA and authenticated by an attorney. Al Bukhari declared it as sound, this hadith experience therefore, the previous original SMAP into Hermes that we just covered, right, and that is the process of missing to be. However, in this narration, he seemed to display in

00:40:38 --> 00:40:50

this this companion Hamner, while the Allahu anhu, which shows therefore, he says to her for inequality, if you have the strength to do so, meaning is not an obligation or recommendation.

00:40:51 --> 00:40:56

Recommendation, you seem to if you have the ability to do so, then take a whistle

00:40:58 --> 00:41:23

by delaying one of the solids and bringing the other one to its earliest time making a single Olson and putting both. This is a combining of Salas that we call what what is this called this type of combination, where you delay lawn until its End Time Ring also to its earliest time. Likewise, Mallory Benicia. Today Maghrib until its end time bringing Russia to its earliest time, we call that what

00:41:27 --> 00:41:29

that here is when you delay both to the latter time.

00:41:33 --> 00:41:39

Talk demons opposite when you bring both to the earlier time here is you bring each privates proper time.

00:41:41 --> 00:42:04

Yes, he said to a delay one until it's in time meaning it's still time for the horse to bring the other one to its earliest time. So it's still the time of acid. So she's playing each one. So she's not making Takimoto here, each one of them is being played as correct time. But it looks like to the observer that what's she doing? Combining? We call this something? It's called gem suuri.

00:42:06 --> 00:42:21

Gem Saudi Saudi means an image looks like it's been combined but in reality she's not combining. That's what it's called Jump Saudi. And so this is what he's recommending for these companions that if you want to make Olson why because otherwise how many also does you have to make a day?

00:42:22 --> 00:42:44

Five times a day, that's not an easy thing to do. Five Austin's a day, not easy to do, right most of us struggle to make five we'll do a day and five also the day one also looks like a struggle, sometimes five lessons a day. So he's saying to her, make it three combined between these prayers, and then pray in this way and clearly this is for women because women obviously you don't need to do what

00:42:46 --> 00:42:52

we're in gemera Come to the masjid pray Jawara so on and so forth.

00:42:53 --> 00:42:55

10 Allah really come

00:42:56 --> 00:43:38

when I shut down all the Allahu and and all my hubby but I've been digestion check at 11 Rasool Allah is Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam at them. Farrakhan uncoating cada Rama cannot be Sookie hallo to Quito mellitus hilly volcanic Devatas Hiroko la Sadat our home Muslim are very quiet little Bacardi what what Unicode Lee so that we're here early I'll be there what are you what are you at him in watching her? I generated on Habiba been just complained to the prophets Allah Salam have a bleeding so he said refrain refrain for the days you used to men straight then ritually bave so she would pay for every prayer collected by Muslim in Albuquerque his wording and make although for

00:43:38 --> 00:44:15

every prayer about that word in other another transmit this from another way. So sometimes in the Sharia these terms are used interchangeably will do an apostle both types of bathing or washing. So sometimes they used interchangeably and that's what Buhari added the wording the clarifies what this type of wasn't means in the Hadith OMO Habiba and that is the same to make wudu for every Surah but Omar Habiba herself will do what she would make awesome, because she knew that the Prophet Salam consider that to be recommended. And the wives of the of the prophets of salaam are the best of the women, right, the wives and the Mothers of the Believers, the wives of the problem are the best of

00:44:15 --> 00:44:24

the women. So she would go the extra length to do that which is recommended, as opposed to only sticking with the minimum Habiba is one of the wives of the Prophet salallahu Salam.

00:44:25 --> 00:44:31

Salam aleikum. Wa and omy Alia Donnelly Allahu and her call it canola and

00:44:32 --> 00:44:53

St. Louis they come with me I'll tell you I've done all the along we call it canola narrow drill Kudarat I was so flattered by that Tony Shea. Our whole Bacardi you or Buddha or Allah Tala will matter. You said we never used to pay any attention to vaginal discharge after being cleansed, collected while Bukhari and aboda would and it is an it is a lattice wording.

00:44:54 --> 00:44:59

And as you know, all the Allahu Anhu Analia who they can who either How about in model Atala mu k.

00:45:00 --> 00:45:00


00:45:02 --> 00:45:40

you actually do some lawyers and Alia who are either Amelia who they can do either How about in model to them you Kealoha the call the call and never use Allahu alayhi wa sallam, your scenario and kulesza in England Nica or how Muslim and it's directed that Jews would not eat with their menstruating women to the Prophet sallallahu sallam said to everything except * collected by Muslim. So therefore the shows that everything else is permissible, permissible for you to eat with her to travel with her to sleep in the same bed with her to do everything else. Right because that is what this hadith is showing. And Allah will come when I shut down all the Allah who I call

00:45:40 --> 00:45:47

it, Canon Law solo lines en la la who Allah He was lmao morani for a desert over Yuba SharonI Well,

00:45:48 --> 00:45:57

what Deaf Hakuna la Aisha said, Allah's Messenger Salallahu Salam would ask me to wrap my lower body and he will then follow me whilst administrating agreed upon

00:45:58 --> 00:46:15

well and even the ibis and all the Allahu and Houma and in Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Phil levy Demerol at the hula here, you're all here there's what there could be a beginner in our next video. But well who comes also who will help you move up in a pond or a Jehovah Euro home out or

00:46:17 --> 00:46:20

sunlight or Raja Yoga Houma roof

00:46:22 --> 00:46:59

and Lola calm or Raja halka Euro home work, even our best rated at the Prophet salatu salam said concerning the one who has * with his menstruating wife, let him give in charity a dinner or have a dinner created by the five and authenticated by Al Hakim, and even Katan and others said it is authentic as his statement and this is from the mother but remember Muhammad Muhammad methodology is that even if the Hadith doesn't seem to be authentic as a hadith resulting because the position of the companions is a statement of the companion or non position amongst them, he would rather you follow that position of the companion than anyone elses position. And so this is

00:46:59 --> 00:47:05

why he says the same thing in the madhhab that if this happens, you give the sadhaka over the narrow half a dinar

00:47:07 --> 00:47:49

as an ally nickel comm one visa in the lobby Allahu Anhu in Hong Kong on Soleimani Sanlam Allahu alayhi wa sallam a laser either a laser either * but glim to suddenly one I'm just home with Def Con la vie Hadith about a narrated Allah's Messenger SallAllahu sallam said that she not stopped praying and fasting was on her menses agreed upon the all Hadith a show that these acts of worship are not permissible for a woman who's in her menstrual cycle, right? So he's just bringing them together to show evidences that point to some of this 10 Allah will come when I shut down all the Allahu anha and call it the magic necessary for him to call and abuse Allahu alayhi wa sallam, if

00:47:49 --> 00:48:31

rally myofibril Hajj Allah Allah, Allah Allah The movie will be the hit that holy, whatever con la vie Hadith I generated when we arrived at Sedef my menses started so the Prophet SAW Selim said to all do as all pilgrims do except for tawaf of the house until you're cleansed agreed upon. This again shows that the Torah for something which is not permissible, but the woman performing Umrah or Hajj because everything else, she goes into the state of haram, she arrives in Mecca, and if it's hard, she would go to Mina and Arafa and was deliver and she will do all of the actions that are Hajaj do of slaughter and trim the hair and so on. The only things that she cannot do, are the often

00:48:31 --> 00:48:35

sigh until after she has become cleanse after she has finished her cycle.

00:48:36 --> 00:48:50

I sent alone a gum, one more another lovely Allahu Anhu and who said and Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa salam, Mallya Hillier, Raju, Lehmann, Emirati, we're here on marathon con is lava, who a Buddha who

00:48:51 --> 00:49:02

narrated that he asked the Prophet salallahu Salam, what is no forum for man of his wife whilst she's menstruating, replied, What is above her lower wrap collecting Bible that will then he declared it week.

00:49:04 --> 00:49:10

Because the scholars differ. Some of the scholars said that it is only the private area that he has to avoid.

00:49:11 --> 00:49:24

The front private area, the frontal private area of the woman under the seat based on this hadith, that everything between the navel and the knees must be avoided. That's why the author is mentioning this hadith here for those scholars who hold that position.

00:49:25 --> 00:49:48

And Allah we may come. Well, I know Missoula, Montana, the Allahu anha. Paulette, Canada in Nova Alta Corrado, via della sola is Allahu alayhi wa sallam about identify as he had a little bear in law will come set to inland as he will love Talia Vida would feel of the law, while a mere mortal Hanabusa en la Allahu alayhi wa sallam be Acaba and saw that in reverse, also hold her Kim.

00:49:50 --> 00:49:59

I'm Solomon aerated. The woman who gave birth during the time of the prophets, Allah Salam would count for 40 days when their postpartum bleeding began. collected by the five except in nessa

00:50:00 --> 00:50:13

In the wording is of Abu Dawood in another wording of his the prophets, Allah Salam did not command how to make up the prayers during this period. This was authenticated by Al Hakim. The result we come to the end of the reading of the top of the Hora from his two books

00:50:15 --> 00:50:51

by Shaquan Sorel the Houthi Rahim mahalo Tada, the Buddha will maramba Even 100 Plus Fulani Rahim Allah Who Tana And I know that this course has been slightly strange in terms of our timing and speed and so on. But I've actually been very unwell over the last few days and I find it very difficult to come and go through this weekend. But I didn't want to miss it also because the show our next course now will probably be in September because there's someone's very busy the machine has a lot of programs going on and so on. So I apologize if my energy wasn't very high with my explanation wasn't as clear as it should have been. But Hamdulillah we managed to finish the course

00:50:51 --> 00:51:16

and so the Shala we're not going to do any q&a or anything else. We're going to stop here and conclude the session insha Allah Tiana and inshallah within the next week or so inshallah we'll announce the next course which most likely will be an RP the course going through some of the early texts of al Qaeda inshallah Tada building on some of what we already covered in our other archy the cost is that we covered over the previous year also Baraka low FICO masala,

00:51:17 --> 00:51:21

early here are some big main cinematic rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh.

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