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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the history and use of the term "has been" in various context, including personal matters and the return of pastime. They also touch on the importance of avoiding false or inaccurate statements and bringing back pastime. The use of lard in people's recipes and the potential consequences of taking it out of honor are also discussed. The speakers also mention a partnership with Mina and a female student who will be doing a session in the night.
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inshallah we're going to carry on our discussions in the Kitab, or the topic of Quran character. o'clock. Caronia. And in that we went to the topic of listen and protecting our listen because one of the first commands that Allah subhanaw taala gives us in the Quran is well Kodali NASCI Husna talk to people with good speech. Now good speech, it could entail many, many things. One of the things that are necessary for us to have good speech is to be able to understand what our tongues utter, and how can we control some of that which are tongues out or, and in that we talked about the various different diseases that our tongues can be afflicted with. And we're going through that

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particular sequence for those of you that you know, need a quick refresher. Last time we talked about point number four, was that

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actually, point number three was that it's an absolute Iijima of all the scholars that Reba is considered one of the, the grievious sins are a Backbiting is considered one of the grave sins in the eyes of Allah subhanaw taala and we talked about a few of the verses from the Quran today, if we get some chat time in sha Allah will present some of the Hadees that are related. And hopefully I've tried to find a hadith that are

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that are not very commonly mentioned in these about Riba. So some of the Hadees that you're going to hear are so you had these but they're not very common. They're very severe in nature. But they're not usually found in lectures and hot tubs and stuff like that. And they are from you know, so he started from a double Monferrato phenom Buhari and Abu Dawood and all the other various things. Last time we mentioned this hadith al Muslim, a whole Muslim, Muslim is a brother of Muslim Liahona who he does not he's not dishonest to him, he does not betray him, what I hear because people who and he does not lie to him. What I do know who and he does not humiliate him cool Muslim, Muslim, eHarmony

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every Muslim upon another Muslim their honor, all of these things are haram. Allah has absolutely forbidden that.

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While Milo who will demo who will Taqwa who and all of this, that anything, whether it is his money, how religious he is, how not religious he is, all of these discussions are of grave nature and grave, grave consequences in the eyes of Allah subhanaw taala. But more importantly, Allah subhanaw taala has drawn a line, we shall not and should not cross that line.

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The next Hadith, this is a very

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severe Hadith Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam once upon a time he got up,

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and he gone on got up on the member. And this was not a day of Joomla.

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What that tells us is this was a custom for a Prophet salallahu Salam that he would get up of times, here and there whenever he got a chance and it was an important matter, he would get up on the member and he would actually give a hotbar although it was not Jama on that day. So the Hadith mentions the Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. He got up and he said, Yeah, Masha Rahman, my Nabi Lisa, and he, he started speaking to those, so hobbies, and individuals who were there in the hutzpah,

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whom Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam felt that there is a variance between their statement of la ilaha illallah and how they're acting.

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So he singled them out in the hotbar without pointing to them but a group and he said, all those who have said La ilaha illa, just with your tongue.

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I eat two things that we learned from this number one, the mandate of la ilaha illa. Allah is it's not just the tongue, it's also our iman. Number two is if it is only our tongue, there is a problem.

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Hence, rasool Allah is identifying that problem for us. So he says, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Yama Arshad and Abby, Lisa, Annie, all of those who have said La Ilaha illa Allah and you have believed with your tongues while M yet the whole al Iman

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el bajo but Iman has not penetrated your hearts. May Allah protect us from that? I mean, right we c'est la ilaha illa Allah and we want that Allah penetrates that Iman in our hearts and protects us from those who are of this natures. So Allah is like and all those who have said La Ilaha illa Allah but the Eman has not penetrated their hearts.

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The first quality that you're going to find is that individuals Rasul Allah says that I'm sad and commands them to rectify, he says, la da da boo al Muslimeen don't do riba of Muslims.

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While Wallah, so what does that mean? It don't talk about anything that harms your brother. Don't talk about things that he dislikes. Don't talk about things that he doesn't want to hear other people talking about.

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Alright, we mentioned in detail about that don't talk about somebody's new car if they got a new car, maybe he doesn't like it. Even if it is something that is good about him he may not like it.

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Then the next thing he says while at the Bureau our IT him and don't seek out to figure out what is happening in their personal affairs and lives.

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Oh, did you see his son did this his daughter did this. The Hijab was half not full. I saw her and him all these discussions. We hear this all the time.

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I was at a shoddy man. It was all like Subhanallah like we had to be there. But it was all about this escape hatch in a truss called escape but like it's just Subhanallah our entire conversation is predicated on not talking about others.

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What are double double Muslim in our data, who our team don't seek out their personal affairs and don't follow that W means like, you know, this happened and this happened in this lives and this happened. It W almost like following them.

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For in the home money dev our team. Why is this so important for us to remember? He says whosoever goes and follows the personal affairs of a Muslim brother.

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Yet Dubba Allah who our auto, Allah will start following your personal affairs.

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Allah will start checking you out on every single corner in turn.

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And we will have no place left to run where would you run from Allah?

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Where are we going to run from Allah if Allah decides to take this into account?

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That's what Allah says right? If Allah decides to take us to an account,

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he shall not leave any living creature on this earth would ever survive if Allah comes to take us for an account.

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Well, my name is Debbie. I love our writer who. And here's the consequence if Allah decides that he's going to follow your personal affairs, he is going to follow you in every nook and cranny and going to be very particular about you.

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You have the whole who feed bathe.

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Allah will will humiliate you in front of your own wife and kids.

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You will have no respect left in your own home.

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It will start from your home your demise will begin from your loved ones.

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The next Hadith the

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Prophet sallallahu sallam said

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almost almost all ignatia died Radi Allahu Ana Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam are all

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men Akella Biraj within Muslim in a kiloton

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now this hadith is very figurative in its nature because there's a lot of figurative feature. So it says if you ate from your Muslim brother, a small bite at Latin if you say it's like Latin to small bite,

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if you say okay Latin one meal or eat like lunch dinner breakfast, right? Either it is a cloud Okhla Allahu Allah both can be applied. I eat you just had either a morsel or one mean off your brother. How you doing? libo

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for in Allaha utar amo who

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miss La who min Johanna

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if you took that one morsel? That small morsel just little wink of an eye about your brother or your sister. That little wink.

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Allah will give feed you for that libre that you did.

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From the fire of jahannam.

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Woman Kooskia Sobhan bureaux Julie Muslimeen. Now you backbite someone and you gained some brownie points with a group of people or that particular individual.

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And he's like, man, you really really saved me from this person. It's all a lie. You've made the Rebbe and it's all either name email or your your backbiting him. Now because of that backbiting you earned a fever of a person who was interested in hearing the news about the third person that you back by did and now he is so happy with you that he bestowed some fevers upon you.

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He gave you a job he gave you some clothes to wear.

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Then Allah subhanaw taala says for in Allah Hi eksu Allah is going to also give you clothes on the on the Day of Judgment

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Miss Lowe exact same type of clothing that was given to you

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mean Jahannam but it will be from hellfire

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woman Armand B Raju Lim mahkamah sumartin. What year in

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Now You came to a person came to a gathering and you started the person started saying oh, you know what? I know this person he is such and such he has no caliber, he's no good does this this and they're like, man, you really saved us from this person. Now you placed him in a position but you got a position because of that backbiting.

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So you didn't denigrate it a brother or sister of yours and you elevated yourself MACOM you gotta MACOM because of this, there on the Day of Judgment, Allah subhanaw taala is also going to

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place you in a MACOM

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and expose you in front of all of the mullah and the Hadith mentions the explanation of the Hadith scholars say that you will be placed in front of everyone while you smell

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as our book your other job the punishment that the person will be given those screams will be heard with with by all of the people of national

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May Allah protect us from that

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a group of so hobbies they came and they were our hobbies they were Bedouins.

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I mean, they didn't have much knowledge. So they got an opportunity to meet Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam they arrived Medina

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and when they entered Medina

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Sabado Yes. Aluna Nabi sallallahu alayhi salam, they started asking prophets of salaam questions. What about this? What about this? Is this halal? Is this haram? As I mentioned, you know, to one of the brothers yesterday in a voice note, I said I was in Walmart, my first shopping trip the first photo I give

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him himself is this halal?

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Right so similarly those people they find Rasulullah and now like they have like series of questions they're waiting for right like we need to ask him Halal haram Halal haram Haram is not heard heard not heard. Finally, Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says the Rebbe Allah. O servants of Allah. Listen

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What are hola hola Raj. Like, if you accidentally ate a bread that you did not know an ingredient. Allah has a heritage ie a mistake that you make what the? Without knowing that that was a mistake.

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Allah has put that aside for you. He's not going to hold that accountable to you. It's how much happened? You did not intended it. You were just you know, not aware of it. You ate for example?

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A butter tart.

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Right. And most of the butter tarts, you know they happen to have lard right most of the butter tarts that are made they're made from like pig lard. Right? Unless and until it's specific specifies it's kosher or something else. Right? At least in Canada. I don't know about here. So you ate a butter tart. You did not know the ingredients. And it happened with me. We were driving some farmhouse and something we had coffee that like you want butter tart. You don't think about it like you're out and picking strawberries. You're not looking for ingredients for a homemade butter tart. The next time around we come. We're like oh by the way. I just have a question. This is Botox. Do

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you put lard in exists?

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That's called hemorrhage. You did not know you were not aware you were not consciously deceived, deceiving Allah subhanaw taala so Allah says, well, the Allahu Hara promises and said Allah has set aside anything that you do from Heritage

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except one heritage that has not been set aside.

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Money Taraba and it'll be a fee shaitan for that ecology, heritage wahala

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the only accidental sin that will destroy you is if you take away from the honor of your Muslim brother with riba.

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That's not even accepted like you're okay you ate something that's haram no problem. But this accidental is how Raj not acceptable

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in another Hadith, Prophet salallahu Salam This is an Abu Dawood he mentioned. He says, I'm sorry, dibujos aid Radi Allahu Allah all and then the BIA sallallahu alayhi wa sallam are all in Amin, Riba and Estep, Allah tofi Harold the

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Fear had a little Muslim behind it happen.

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See, we're all concerned about interest rebel.

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There are two types of rebar in Islam, a mortar of rebar that we all know which is the money in money that brings money, right? Coloma in your bow for whatever, right every lwml in general enough Hatton for whatever every money that generates for you profit that is considered the rare mortar off the one that people don't know is and that's what Rasul Allah is saying, when a person he speaks about a brothers, your brother or your sisters honor.

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You speak about fear that they will Muslim behavior.

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Are you ready to does that mean what like you were not in a court case? And they were asked to speak about your brother, that in that particular case, you have to speak your you've been asked to give a testimony. Right? Or in a particular case, a fight happened and you witnessed you have to speak about your brother. You cannot say no, no, sorry, I can't do it. But today

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shall let's okay. You know, brother died. No problem, but nobody but for me, right. Those are called mawatha. Falchuk, we're going to talk about that where he is allowed, and it's coming. But in this particular case, you spoke about her brother, the lady had been theoretically he in his honor without just cause that is the worst type of Riba.

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And that's our province and said, I'm said, mean Erber Reba, it's like the worst

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kind of Riba

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is that when we speak about the honor of a Muslim brother or a sister, be ad hoc, without just cause may Allah subhanaw taala. Grant us don't forget

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to practice.

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I know it's a heavy note to start. But this is what we had, I was like trying to find something easy. I was like, Man, this is the topic we have to start with that in sha Allah, Zack Allah here for everybody in sha Allah, just a few points that I would like to share.

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Hamdulillah you know, I traveled to two different cities, Memphis and Augusta, and got an opportunity to be with the community, both centers, Memphis Islamic Center, and Augusta Islamic center. And obviously, got a good learning experience in terms of where we are doing really good. But also where we need to improve a lot. Right. And it was a lot of learning in terms of me, you know, figuring out that, you know, how the shoes were kept in the masjid, and that, you know, denotes the culture, how the bathrooms were kept, right, but all the on the, on the contrary, you know, and Hamdulillah we have at least people that come to pray.

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Other massages don't have, right, it's so you can have an entire jet, like, speaks back center. But if nobody's coming to pray, what's the benefit of that? Right? So it was a really good contrast to look at some of the goods we have and how we can inshallah adopt that hopefully, we'll have some discussions within the community as well as with the management and stuff like that and see how we can bring some of those learnings together via Nikita Allah. And the second point, you know, that in the travel that I really, really realized was that

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the generosity of generally when you're going through these smaller towns of the American people,

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like it was so evident, like we had a few incidents and stuff like that, like they don't know us and and tell us, my wife wearing the niqab. And sometimes what we hear in the city and things that take place are is very different when you're out in the countryside and, and how people treat you and stuff. It was it was literally like, Canada, people don't treat you like that, trust me. We've been in maybe in Calgary and Alberta and those places but not in Ontario. We're very agnostic and very non religious, and, you know, no values and stuff like that. So that was something a really good experience for me to experience the Southern, the South and the southern hospitality that everybody

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talks about, was something really, you know, inspiring that, you know, we should also inspire and learn from their model that you know, it's like, smile all the time and hospitality and everything that was something very warming and welcoming. The only other person who smiles all the time is the SharkBite in the masjid, you'll always see him he's like always smile even though the most difficult thing he'll be like.

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Like he's puts his head and he'll have a smile like it's a difficult situation. He's sweating with he's still gonna smile. So I think we all can learn a few things with everyone here inshallah. We are back with our programs in Sharla. So Thursday, Chanel will begin for the youth program. You know, there will be a couple of delays so we have different events happening. There's a Sunday sisters youth, only halacha happening upstairs. It's for young girls from two

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12 to 20 specifically about the heart rate. So there is a female scholar that is coming from Toronto, she will be doing the session upstairs. So if you have, you know, registered it's done through Almagro as a partnership, and they will be doing that appear so we won't do the our youth session because it will conflict and so focus on that let them do their event in sha Allah and then the week after.

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No, the week after, after that. We're doing the camp. So Hamza Islamic Center partnered with Mina, Muslim youths of North America. So we have a lot of community members who have registered their kids for camp and Salonika, and that camp is seven days. So that's the only camp that Hamza is doing. That's the reason why I never did a camp, because I always believe that we should do collaborations, let's not invent a camp. If somebody's doing a camp, talk to them and try to bring the camp here and let them do the logistics you manage, you know from your end and inshallah hopefully, it's successful so I'll be gone for that camp in sha Allah. let you guys know the dates and then

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afterwards we begin all of our sessions together we in the night Allah insha Allah Zakka Lafitte bark loving Santa Monica Mara to live a cat