Ahmad Saleem – 094 Jumuah Khutba

Ahmad Saleem
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I see I know

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oh you're hi you

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in Al Hamdulillah nama do who understand you know who want to start a funeral. When I was in LA he mentioned Rudy and fusina Amin say Dr. Molina, Miyagi Hiller who Philomel de la mejor de Lille follow her the Allah wa Chateau a la ilaha illallah who are the hula shreddy Cara well I shadow Anna Mohammed Abdullah who are soo Amma bags? We'll see C'mon FCB taco Allah Takata Amaran Allahu Allah Allah He Kitabi Han Karim

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Allah Himalaya shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Yeah, you know top Allah. Welcome to Poland study the you slept Lancome. Lancome oil ferula comes back home. Well Manuel de la hora Sula, who suffered the first photos and my bags.

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The news of his arrival Salallahu it alayhi wa sallam reached Medina

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and every single morning

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at Fudger the entire community would go out to the outskirts of Medina at this place called Sania tilba dar. And they were all huddled there waiting to see when Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is going to arrive Medina

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they heard the news that the Hijra has started but you have no way of knowing when is the exact date of arrival. Because there is only three people in that journey. It is Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Allah along with Rasul allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and Raju don't relate to him. And there was a Google Maps with him. Right Google Maps by the name of Abdullah bin read, he was well he knew the terrain of the desert. So much so that hurry Allah in Arabic language is called the maps and could lead is a person who's an expert in traversing and navigating. So his name was Abdullah and on island, he never accepted Islam. So these three were coming, but we have no way of knowing when he's

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arriving. So they keep coming every single morning

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until it gets too hot and slowly slowly people will start dissipating and they will go back.

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And then the news arrived that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam has arrived in Cuba.

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He has entered Koba. And that was on Monday.

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And another narration it was on Tuesday. He arrives on Monday, and he stays there until the first Juma

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and the Sahaba has they're all excited. They have believed in this person. They believe that he is going to be there, nubby and they have chosen him as the leader and every single day they're coming to Seattle Lauda because he is so close. He's just right there.

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And one day

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there was a Jewish man who was on top of a tree. So the Jewish people used to work in the day palm gardens

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and he was on top of the needs the tree and he saw Rasul Allah from the top of the tree

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and he called

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named and he exclaimed loudly to the community. And he says this is a great day.

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This is a great day for you in Nana Videocon atta your NLP has arrived.

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When Rasul Allah arrives, the other yahoodi Abdullah ibn Salam

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who became a Muslim leader, and he was the rabbi. He says the following Hadith, he says, Lama Kadima, Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam, ala Medina when Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he came and he entered got close to Medina, in Jaffa, Lana su la vie. There was groups and hordes and hordes of people from Medina, they all came out

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to greet Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam in Destiny theologia at the point of sunny Florida, which is the highest point, this was a space or a place where people of Medina would walk with their traveler until sending it to Lua because from there on the journey begins. So you would see us people with the highest point of the park, that's what it actually means. Ascending means the high point of a mountain Alveda is where you see off your loved ones. So that's where they would meet and that's where they would greet people because that was the highest point of entry. So rasool Allah enters from the highest Allah subhanho wa Taala from the highest heavens, Allah chooses him, and

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then he gives him the highest MACOM then he gives him the highest book, then he gives him the highest among then he enters him from the highest place in Medina

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in the city that has the highest Macomb

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he enters and everyone is waiting, as all of you are waiting for my first husband. But this is not my first. They're all waiting for Rasul Allah has first kitab. Now I want you to have the backdrop.

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Right? You all accepted me as a foreigner into your community. But I was not running from persecution. There was no nobody who was trying to to run after me or after my family. There was nobody who was after my life after my money after my honor. Nobody was doing that I was comfortable in my life. But Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and his companions.

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They faced so much persecution at the hands of the kurush.

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And when you have left forcefully by trying to save yourself, you have no choice left in your land. As Rasul Allah is leaving, he turns back to Makkah, and he says, Oh my God, if your people had not kicked me out, I would not have left you.

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So he's hurt, emotionally, physically, financially, all angles. And he arrives. And here's a group of people that have accepted him wholeheartedly. He's got power.

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I am in charge.

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I am the manager.

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I'm the father. I'm mother. We say this all the time. Right when we get power. I'm in charge. I'm the owner.

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He arrives What do you think is first above is if any one of us got this power.

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We would want to take revenge

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would be like your house and Hassan Masha Allah, two of the travelers that have been fighting for 200 years with one another experts in fighting. Now I will take your rage and we will channel it towards Qureshi and look at what they have done to me and today is the day of revenge and retribution. And that's what we're going to do is that what his thought was known

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of the law even salon further and carries on he says

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karma rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam katiba He got up

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and he kind of like postured himself. 100 says he got off the camel otherwise he was still on cassava. He was still on the camel and he gives the hotbar from the camel. The live in Salem is a Yahudi he has never heard any speech from prophets, Allah Salam except his name.

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So he hears a speech and here's how Rasul Allah begins the speech. He says,

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Are you Hannah, us?

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Oh, people, a few Salam. spread peace.

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within your communities

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were up remote

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and feed the people make feeding amongst the people who needed the food a norm

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was cielo or ham all of your relatives your closed Cara and

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kriva all of them stay connected to them well suddenly OB lane and pray in the middle of the night, oneness with the Yang

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and people are sleeping. He pray while people are asleep.

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What's the result? Yeah rasool Allah if we were to do these simple things that the whole janitor the Salah,

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you shall enter paradise with ease.

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Let's look back over here in the hotbar first part Rasul Allah recognizes that there's more than other one demographic that exists here. Yeah, you oneness. So he recognizes the Zoroastrians that were there, he recognizes the Jews that were there, he recognizes the few Christians that were there. He recognizes all of them, he said, My I am your leader now. But let's make sure that we change the society irrespective of your religions.

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As Muslims in this society, there should be some normative behavior of ours that should ooze out of our misogyny so the rest of the people around us should feel our presence in a positive manner.

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So yeah, you harness Oh, people

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have shoe Salem. spread peace. The message has dual meanings for the Muslims. Make sure that you say salam to one another. No, lots of Hadith that can talk about it. Right? That Rasul Allah says, say salaam to the one you know, and to the one you do not know, as long as two brothers are holding hands with one another, and they're shaking hands usafa Ha, Allah, their sins are being dropped.

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This is something that's taking place we don't see it. Your sins are being wiped off as long as you're shaking hands and saying salam.

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Similarly Rasul Allah says about what he says make Salam, the one who enters the Mejlis

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he is the one who says salam provinces that I'm said the one who wishes that people come and say salaam to me, that person is a cursed person.

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He has an element of Kibera in his heart.

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So there is an adverb of salaam Imam now he says, The adverb is not to say it properly, not to say Sonico Assam how are you? That was not

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a Salam or Aleikum, you're making dua for your brother, that may Allah's peace descend upon you.

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So even if you don't know that we'd say it properly a Salam or Aleikum? That's first Adam. Adam. Number two when we look at a person who's new, and that's one thing I love about this masjid, right. Firstly, I walked in, nobody knew I was entering two people. The two people came up to me said Imani, how are you new in domestic area? The first question very good. say Salam to the people you don't know any people you don't know.

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say salam to one another. Because Allah's blessings descend upon us. Number three, when you say salaam, to that brother to the sister, what ends up happening, you are making dua, but you're also sending this message that you know, externally from my existence and I'm nowhere he says, only peace will come towards you.

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And when you are habituated of saying salam consciously being mindful of the salam, using Salam as a form of very Dada not as a form of culture

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it's an A Bader for us as believers, then Salam becomes the norm. Because you consciously are saying, uh, salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh, right? The hadith of Rasulullah who says that I'm on a call him for that person, that who Allah so he gets 10 the one who says I said, I'm gonna Rama to Allah, he gets 20 rewards. And the one who says I said, I was going to Allah, He Barakatuh he gets 30 rewards.

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On average, if you say salam, and you can do the math, right, on average, if a person says salam to run 30 people a day, right? On the Day of Judgment, if you happen to live for 60 years, you walk away with some 2.9 million has an ad.

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Okay, it's these consistent deeds of hours, they'll add up, because on that day, you'll be like, Ik, I just need one.

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Why, right? This Salam may be the one that will make that difference for you.

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So use it as a source of entering Jannah. Use it as a source of inciting not fear, but love in the heart of your brother, let them feel at home. If you see somebody who is not from this message say salaam to them, if you say somebody that is different from you different ethnicity go up to them get to know them. So where are you from? I am for the get to know one another. The second part of the salam beautiful meaning is that if you happen to be the non Muslims there, that within your communities, peace should be the norm, ie a Muslim society, a Muslim community is known and recognized by people feeling at peace. When they enter, when they enter a Muslim home, they should

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feel different.

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There's something wrong, there's something different about this place.

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They should feel that. And one of the prime examples of that was Qatar, when they did the World Cup, they are presented that version of Salam and peace and hospitality of that that religious aspect of ours, which sometimes is become cultural, they're presented in a, you know, the best possible manner that people were talking about it, no matter how bad the media coverage was on button. People were like, No, it's completely opposite of what it is on the ground. So let the community here also feel let your neighborhood feel that you're a Muslim and you're are a value add to that community. And we all have to do work on that including myself. The second part we're out there anymore, Tom,

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feeding I II as as our communities, we should be known as a community that makes sure that nobody goes hungry within our societies, whether it is soup kitchens, whether it is hot meals, whatever we can, we have to find pockets, we have to run food banks, whatever we can, in our possibility. And again, it's not the community, this is community work.

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Somebody within the community has to take charge of that. Right you Allah has given you the ability to manage you do that Allah has given somebody else limited ability to listen and obey meticulously and get things done. They're doing their part, everybody does their part. But the focus is that as a community, when we are displayed on media, when they come and talk to us about Hey, what happened with this earthquake, we want to get your sentiment, they should walk away with the feeling that these people feed a lot.

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Not to ourselves to the others. Okay, the next part about Tom was signal or ham, and mending ties of our relationships and kinships bruh, ham or ham are the following. You're in the center.

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In Isla, we're in Suffern, whatever is above you and whatever's below you, ie your parents, your parents, parents, your parents, parents, well, how she home and whatever is on the wings, uncles and aunts. So parents, uncles, aunts, grandparents, brothers and sisters of grandpa, everybody is your direct seller. When I say direct Scylla you are directly required

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to have a connection with them. Below you were in several your kids, your kids kids.

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And on the sides, then when you've taken care of the top and bottom, then it is your and your your brothers and sisters and their How are she they're sorry. And their kids. So your nieces and nephews they come and I'll talk about what Scylla is in a minute, then everybody else so if you have not taken care of what is above you and below you, and you're focused with the sides, or the brothers and the sisters are the bottom but your parents and your children and your wife they are being neglected or your husband

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then you're not doing you're doing selective worship of Allah. You choose to do what you want.

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But you deceive yourself by saying no no but I'm so I'm going to my uncle. Cha Cha I'm being nice to them. I'm being extremely rude to my dad, but I mean nice to my daughter.

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That is not considered Scylla because you've left the primary Silla of yours. Now, Celesta, Rahim has certain conditions. Number one, you Allah to stay at home. So first element of Salah Al Hamdulillah. Inshallah everybody of you are in that category is you don't block off any communications with them.

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Just coming before coming to over here to Atlanta, I think three weeks or four weeks ago came across a brother. They got over a dispute when their father died on some fancy car that their father owned. And for 17 years the two brothers never spoke to one another

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That is a two year total and you have cut him off from communication. So the first element of Scylla is that if you have a brother, if you have a sister, if you have a father, if you have a mother, if you have a son or a daughter, or a granddaughter or grandparents that you have cut them off from communication,

00:20:23 --> 00:20:31

then be the first one to walk away from here and be the first one to mend that relationship. Do not sleep tonight until you fix that.

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The next part of Scylla is the ones that are right above you and below you, you are required to not only stay in connection with them, but also to be aware of their needs.

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It's not a fifth class, but you need to be aware of their needs. Your parents needs, your children's needs, your wife's needs, your spouse's needs, they have to be fulfilled. And the Hawa she decides the peripheral seller, whether your brothers and sisters and their niece and nephews or your uncles and aunts, the peripheral, they're on the sides, they're not the direct up and down, they're the sides. Those, you have to make sure that you call them on your eat, you greet them. You are there when somebody dies in their family, you are there when there's a marriage, you are there when there's new baby comes in. So you're involved in their life at their moments of of joyfulness, and

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sadnesses, you're part of them, and if they need help, then you support them.

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This is what's the law, what's the rule are, as a community, we lack a lot in this.

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We lack a lot in this, you all have a lot of work to do on this. There's no excuse that my dad and my parents are away, I can have Scylla with them. Especially with this. You're gonna have a video call. I know of a sister

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Subhanallah even after they got divorced.

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So she has a kid. And every night, she makes sure that her son sends a voice note of goodbye to the Father divorced and to the grandmother every night, every single night and she's been doing it for the last four years, even after divorce. That is Scylla. It's those consistent small things that we need to do to stay in touch. Next part.

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Well, Sal, Looby Lane oneness with me and pray in the middle of night when people are asleep. And some people might think, Oh, that's a very difficult thing to do. But us living in North America, an average person goes to sleep at 10 3011 If you want to know when your friend went to sleep in the morning when you wake up at Fudger you see last seen on WhatsApp.

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Okay, you will know exactly when they were awake. Right? Sometimes 230 and three o'clock, then we say Oh, I can make a procedure.

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Right? I think we need to look into that. But your last scene should be nine o'clock. Again, if you don't have if you should have that. But if you really think about it, our night, this four lane technically after 11 o clock begins. So if you cannot get up for tahajjud SaLuSa lane at least dunas for late the adhesives like half of the night. So from the nest for Leila and a past 11 If you're still awake, right? Just make two rockers make will do two rockers before you go to sleep. At least you enter in this Hadees was a noble line that I'm praying when asked when yam when people were asleep, right. Muslims may not be asleep but the rest of the community is asleep. Right? We didn't

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yesterday, you know somewhere we had to go. And I think it was like 830 and we accidentally went into a different wrong house. I think it was a white person and like lights out they didn't even recognize that we went to their driveway we all got off got off we got in the car was like the wrong house. We went somewhere else. But they didn't wreck it because they're all knocked out sleeping. It was 830 or nine o'clock they were all sleeping at night. didn't even recognize that we went all the way to their front door and came back. Nobody came out of the house.

00:24:17 --> 00:24:42

So if we want to be the Fajr warriors, we have to develop the sleep habit of sleeping early Insha Allah we ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant us the ability to truly practice and be from those who enter the Hadees for St. Louis Lane wanna Sunni that whole Jana Tabby salaam that we enter Jannah with ease and peace in sha Allah BarakAllahu li Walakum what is that and what's the mean first of all find the whole hospital

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Hello Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Milena we have Adam

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and then we ask Allah Subhan

00:25:00 --> 00:25:39

I don't want to add that you truly grants us as a community, the ability to connect with Quran We ask Allah subhanaw taala that he gives us the ability to truly understand the message of Allah in the Quran, and makes us from those who use Quran as a source of Baraka in their lives, but also as a source of guidance in their minds. We ask that Allah subhanaw taala gives every single one of us emaan that never dissipates. And we ask Allah that are in line every single day of our lives that we live in this dunya it only increases and never decrease. We ask that Allah gives us this ability to truly worship Him before we meet him. So when we meet him, we look forward to meeting Allah subhanaw

00:25:39 --> 00:26:17

taala We ask Allah that the best of the days or the last of our days in this dunya and those are the days that when meet Allah subhanaw taala we long to work meaning of Allah on the day of judgment. And we gives us that grand sustainability to truly say the Kenyan Isla Ilaha illa Allah Muhammad Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as he rucola Amina Amina dunya the last sentence that we say from the sperm, and we ask Allah subhana wa Tada that the people that are over here in this community and the people who are struggling, the people who are having any ailments and diseases that Allah subhanho wa taala, cures them, and grants them ease in their lives, and makes it a source

00:26:17 --> 00:26:59

of expiation for them. We ask that Allah subhanaw taala gives every single one of us Eman in akhira, and gives us the Yaqeen to be able to face the challenges of these lines. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala that this new beginning of ours together becomes a fruitful beginning. It becomes the beginning of Baraka, it becomes becomes the beginning of sincerity, it becomes the beginning of change, positive change in the community, it becomes the beginning of us being the source of inspiration for the entire North American continent. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala that this hall today may have some space that in few months, we run out of space in this space, and we have to look

00:26:59 --> 00:27:41

for other places. We ask Allah that this place gets filled with individuals and people that come and flock from all other places for the work that we're doing. And Allah accepts from us this work. And if Allah chooses to test us with not having people that we still are steadfast in our work and able to serve for the sake of Allah, and we ask Allah subhanaw taala that we only only work towards his pleasure and we make him noticeable and we make him our focus, a focal point of our lives, everything else revolves around in the end we ask Allah subhanaw taala to give those who manage this masjid, the community members, everybody that as part of it gives them the suburb gives them the

00:27:41 --> 00:28:02

patience, give them the tenacity, as well as the karma to be able to carry on doing the work they have to do and the ones who are on the sidelines. Allah gives them the trophy to become active and get involved in the masjid. According to Cody ha That was tough for Allah. How do you want to call Melissa in must I mean, first of all, for in the whole world of afforda Rahim optina Salah in the Salah. tettenhall And in fact if you want to monitor your buzzing, you're ready to calm down

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