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Mohammed Mana
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So Allah Subhana, Allah tells us many stories in the Quran. Okay? But a story that is mentioned, the most number of times is the story of Musa and Benny is like, what do you say most number of times? Like how often are we talking? It's mentioned in multiple places in the world. Okay? So there's got to be a reason for that. Okay? And what's really interesting, something that I'm really looking forward to in this course, is not only to talk about the life of Musa and what lessons we can take from the actual story, sure, but how is the story told in the Quran? Okay, so exploring these different verses in different parts of the plan, and how is Allah subhana wa Taala telling us the

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story? That's the first thing. The second thing is that out of all the different stories of the prophets that we have, what makes the story of Musa really unique is the sheer number of characters in the story of personalities. Okay, good and bad.

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So many, so many different individuals and personalities that we will talk about, and that we have to talk about when trying to understand the life of Musa I don't think I've ever heard a narrative of the life of Musa from the perspective of, like, I might have heard like, fit, right, but then they only just mentioned to say that, right? Or they might enjoy. They mentioned musanze around, but it's like how like, what are the different characters in here? Right? Well, we have so many other individuals that we're talking about, I mean, from the beginning of his life, okay, his mother, his sister, okay. You have other people in the court of their own, like, follow and have men. And when

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you're talking about the story of Hitler, you also have Fatah Musa, the young man that was with him on this journey should have been noon. And then during the time, post Exodus, you have different individuals from vinyasa in like a semi, you have his brother, how long? What about during during his exile? Like Were there any special characters? Absolutely you have his wife is the person who eventually became his wife, his sister in law, his father in law, a lot of interactions with different with different individuals. And what's what's interesting about that is, I'm very confident that every single person will be able to directly relate to the story of Musa either

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because of his personality, or his experiences, or by one of the personalities or characters in the story. And again, whether that is something positive, or it's a vise, because there are many different vices that are addressed, that are relevant to what we're going through today. Whether it's the struggles of power, the tribulations, of wealth, of influence, of being closely tied to a person of influence. Look, at the end of the day, every single one of us have different struggles that we're going through, and Musa and he said I'm struggled tremendously. Also, like I said, alario send them in one occasion, when he was also tested. And he was in a situation where, to the point

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the narrator even Mr. Rude, says his face became red. He said, I'd like to sit on your hands. Hello.

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May Allah have mercy on my brother Muslim, he was harmed way more than this. But he was patient, you know, just recall, sort of buckler, right, like his story going from saving his people from the pharaoh seeing the sea split. And then after that, during the Exodus, you've got Manoa Salah, and you know, the golden calf, and was that it was it was there more, there was way more. We're talking about years and years of experiences with many and slightly in that particular stage. And that's just one of the stages of the life of Musa that will be that we'll be discussing, but so many difficult struggles that he endured, that to the extent of which even up until his death, he died,

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and he swam just outside of the city of Jerusalem, not having entered the city. So a tremendous, tremendous set of struggles that he was going through. We're going to be discussing all of these and extrapolating lessons from them that relate to our lives. These are just a couple of them. They're way more that we will be talking about in our upcoming seminar the life of Musa

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