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The speakers discuss the use of descriptive language in Christ's teaching and the confusion surrounding Jesus Christ's teachings. They express their disapproval of the gap between the time of Jesus Christ's birth and the time of the Bible and urge the audience to clarify the truth. They also discuss the importance of Prostration and the holy resurrection, as well as the use of " Cole" in English to describe the holy father. The speakers also touch on the history of the concept of "med strict" and the confusion surrounding it. Finally, they thank their audience and hope to continue sharing their thoughts on the topic.

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one must resemble to Jesus

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essential or ontological words are not in Jesus descriptive text prescriptive.

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Thank you for your question. Very good question. I don't see any contradiction there, okay. Descriptive can be prescriptive, prescriptive, do you agree?

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Right, right, especially when you have been commanded to follow right when something is described, and then you are given commandments or when you are given instructions to follow the description that is prescriptive, right. This is how we reconcile between descriptive instructions and prescriptive instructions, or when instructions when descriptive statements do become instructions. So this is how I see it. So when it comes to resembling Jesus, right, there are two ways to do so. Following his description or his appearance, right outwardly, and following his prescriptions, which is his teachings, right? So we follow both. We resemble Jesus in both. This is how I view Jesus

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Christ. We look at him, how he worshiped, how you walked, how he talked, how he gave charity, how he abstained from swine eating swine meat, because he was a strict observer of the Jewish law, the Mosaic Law, not Jewish law, the Mosaic law. And when he taught how to, for example, prescriptively, he taught how to worship God, and we do the same thing. We worship one God was universal. So

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what's gonna happen is, if you do that, then an avalanche of Yeah, of course.

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So I think we stick to the plan, if you don't mind. Yeah.

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I caught it from what you quoted out of Atlanta,

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Georgia, in 58. Yes.

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Also, you quoted john 2028, in Greek are

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very impressed. I wanted to ask you the question, since Christianity is a product of Judaism,

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why is it that in terms of what were called the Hebrew Scriptures, the Septuagint has no indication whatsoever, as a distinct beer, or person called called?

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What Well, actually,

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that would be part of the See, I believe that the Trinity is revealed between the Old and New Testament. So the fundamental revelation of the doctrine of the Trinity is in the incarnation of the Son and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. That does not mean that there are not images or almost a prophetic type of

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shadowy statement because there are kista sunless to be angry with you, there are these references. But for example, even in the Messianic reference, in Isaiah nine, six, or Jesus, I believe Jesus is very clearly in view where he's called Avi odd the father of eternity, you're not using Trinitarian terminology there, you're referring to him as the creator. So I think it is due to the reality of the the fullness of that revelation, requiring the actual incarnation, and then the outpouring of the Holy Spirit to be understood. But to me, the overwhelming argument is the name yawei, being used of Father, Son and Spirit, when Jesus's followers use that of him, that, to me, closes, closes the

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deal, shall we say?

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30 seconds for me. James said that

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Trinity was a real between the Old Testament and the New Testament, then why did it take Christians almost 400 years to clearly define it? Why were the Christian for the first three centuries struggling with the notion of the divine nature of Jesus Christ?

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Why were the Christian church Church Fathers not able to read all that into the scripture? It took Christians 400 years to clearly define the doctrine of the Trinity. This in itself is a huge problem, which is still pending, pending an answer. Right, next.

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Sorry, can we do it like this? That one question for me one question for Dr. White and you know, in order so this question should be for me, because

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yeah, yeah.

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in Leviticus says about God.

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And in samsara, he says,

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Firstly, Mohammed was a messenger of God in that line of messengers, we believe he was a prophet. For told in the Old Testament, clearly, to me, it's very, very clear like that, like the son, Isaiah 42, I believe is a direct reference to an Arabian prophet. Because of the verse 11 of chapter 42 waste, it actually geographically mentions the location of the person or the people who need to rejoice. Why do the Arabs need to rejoice? Let the villages of Kdr rejoice let them shout from the top of mountain mount Sela, which is in Medina, right? So in that very chapter, we are told that he will bring a law

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after the Mosaic law, the word for law in verse four is Torah, a new law, a new way of life, we believe that is definitely Prophet Muhammad. And if you read the rest of the chapter, you will see why we believe that Muhammad, peace be upon him. So if he brought a new law, he is perfectly in his right to tell us what he allows and what he does not allow, like previous prophets, did. They change rules and laws accordingly, according to the situations and their circumstances. Thank you.

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I'll go ahead and

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I won't take up 30 seconds, I'll just simply say that, right now, we are intending and planning in early November, here in London, major debate on whether Muhammad's prophesied in the Old Testament. So keep an eye out for that we will go in depth on on those things. And I will be joined by a eminent Old Testament scholar on that very issue, so it'll be

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Look like Shabbir Ali?

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taller, taller. But you

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know what I'm

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you the revelation of Islam came

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600 something years later, historically, the story so why should that be followed is a game so

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late after the revolution of the gospel, so to speak, I think

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you may have misunderstood what I was trying to say. But go ahead and clarify if I can, if that's the case, because you know what that means.

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The Jews follow the Torah, have an argument against the

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gospel, to say this game, so

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good luck, robbery, 17. Three, it says that the Jews knew who they were was. And if they found anybody worshipping

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their forefathers and our worship, or any new gods,

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the death. So they have the right basically, to

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if this is what Jesus was saying, to try and stop it, because he was a God that he did not know what the forefathers in Deuteronomy stated clearly that they didn't know who God was and who he was.

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Okay, an answer to the second part, no, because Jesus is yoplait. He is there God, He is the one who made them. And that was the whole point of john 858. Before Abraham was I am he uses the very same terminology that a law used in responding to Moses, but you misunderstood my point. In regards to the other issue. What I was saying was that there's a 600 year gap between the time of Jesus and the Quran. And there's no historical evidence for any of the statements of Jesus that are in the Quran during that 600 years. There's only there's everything in New Testament is first century. Now you've gone 600 years later, if you're going to question the accuracy of what's in the New Testament, then

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you better six times question the accuracy of what's in the Quran. And Muslims don't do that. I find that to be inconsistent. It's not the time gap. It's the issue. It's the lack of historical material in those time, that time period.

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Okay, very quickly. That was very good. Thank you,

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Jesus, for that very reason. They use the same logic, and we don't accept that rejection. Jesus was indeed for door pocket to the Jewish people. And

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also, the last point you mentioned was

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Koran is truly a revelation from God.

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correcting errors in

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the New Testament.

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I haven't set for a minute. So 30 seconds, I've got to come up with a different sound.

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I would never make it as a radio announcer I'm sorry, it would just, he'd be going into the news all the time. Just

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frustration has been quite a significant part of your argument. Yes. I wouldn't like to go through and, you know, by example, they had one and john chapter 11. Were to Lazarus. And

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then you just look up and say, follow me. Equals Lazarus. The question was, as does prostration make the

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efficiency of Korea or the efficacy of the Korea more likely or what's the

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very good question. Thank you for that question. You see, there are two ways to look at how we worship God according to the Old and the New Testament, okay. One is the general way. And one is a specific way. Okay? How do we know general ways of worshipping God? Right? Looking up, raising your hand sitting down, okay, bowing, all these things. But there is something very, very consistent about prostration. Every single major Prophet of the Old Testament, prayed by prostrating, Joshua did it according to 514, Joshua 514, right numbers, we are told Moses and Aaron, both of them did it. Number 26. Genesis 17, three, we are told Abraham did it. Then we are told in Namibia, that then

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they bow their heads and worship the Lord with their faces to the ground is very specific faces to the ground. Okay? It's not only bowing, it is face to the ground, which is the most important aspect of prostration. Right, David does it. David David and the elders of Israel who were clothed in shock loss fell upon the faces. This is very, very consistent with what Jesus did. Sorry, James, again, you can take

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just very briefly, the mere fact that prostration took place, like I said, does not mean that that was the normative means of prayer. That was not how the priest did that during the worship in the temple. Jesus did not do that every time he prayed and the father heard him, I just think it needs to be recognized that the the singular act in certain situations does not make it normative for all people at all times.

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Now, for me,

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it's what James James

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just wanted to ask, because

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local debates on election night

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on the basis of

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Muslim scholars, on the issue of promotional Will you forgive me do another debate this year? Yeah, I returned the first one. Yeah, that was really good. Yeah. And

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again, this year,

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it's gonna be a long year.

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So the question

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for me the main kind of contention, she seems to be around the Trinity with

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all three of them,

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as far as I mentioned, and so obviously, it's funny, because we'll be officious the Jews and some degrees, like home, you're kind of perspective of the world debating Muslim scholars. What is the main stumbling block?

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Most of the times was, it seems to be the kind of the gap.

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Okay, I'll answer that by saying that. For me, the frustration is that I believe that

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I believe every Muslim does this. Historically, the Koran comes after both.

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But when you turn around and make the lens through which you look at what came before it's the end up changing the fundamental message of what came before it.

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I would invite anybody who's interested

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number two,

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years ago, I preached 85 sermons on the book of Hebrews. Hebrews is one of the greatest examples of the deep, intimate connection between the Old Testament leaves us with the New Testament writers knew what the Old Testament was, and they they accurately represented it and brought it into the very fabric they put on never does satisfy the Old Testament, that's always the stumbling block, is it's very difficult to get past that so that the other side can really hear what he has to say.

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I'm not sure that shouldn't have an answer to what I find someone walk

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Okay, I'll take a question. Yes.

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Very good question who is being spoken about in Isaiah 53. I believe, according to the Jewish commentaries and Jewish rabbis and looking at

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the views of many Jewish scholars, it is a state of so not state, the tribe of Israel, okay. The tribe of Israel is being addressed there. Some people even say, as Jeremiah, prophet Jeremiah was being addressed, why can it not be Jesus for a very strong reason? Psalm 91, is also very important with Christians very often ignore. If Isaiah 53 is about Jesus, then who is Psalm 91, talking about? In Matthew, chapter four, we are told that Psalm 91 is actually a reference to Jesus, if it's a reference to Jesus, that Jesus cannot die on the cross, he has to be rescued. Because when you read Psalm 91, you'll know you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. I leave that to you to reconcile

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Psalm 91 and Isaiah 53. If you can reconcile it, please do come to me. And I'll be happy to more than happy to listen to you. Change Your turn. Exactly. One minute, I think that's the first time you ever did that. Congratulations. Very well done.

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Very well done.

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I will answer your question right now Jesus addressed you. He rose from the dead. Oh, that's the rescue of the Messiah, just that summer? Is that simple?

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Questions for me.

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75. Yes. So

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with regards to the passage,

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this reading,

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the only true God and Jesus Christ

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have brought you glory on earth when finishing the world.

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And then it goes on to say, and now Father, glorify me in Your presence to you, before we will begin. So when I say to you that Jesus explicitly says that the only true God that we mentioned about

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God and different sets that we have not also mentioned about the juice

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is useful. Moses

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when he actually says the only true God, now,

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according to Jesus, not true, what is the true God? What? What?

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Yeah, okay, here's, here's your genius, over and over and over again, when we were supposed to be gods.

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So, you know,

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I think that was your main contention of interest to settlement. And how is it possible for Jesus, to have glory with the Father, from the beginning? And I think you use the word coal enormous. Now, just like

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in Isaiah when it says the father, my glory

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is unknown, and it's money.

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What does that word Lord, do you see in your translation there? All?

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I could think of but is it all capitals? Well, if they didn't have capitals in April, no, but in English.

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Okay, let me let me answer the question. The reason I was asking you the question that you didn't want to answer for some reason is if it's an all capitals, that's the English Bible Translators way of letting you know that the underlying Hebrew is Joplin. That's Yaqui speaking. gotway says, I want to give my glory to another good lord is in capitals. Yes.

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That's the point if that's your way speaking, and why do New Testament writers consistently take those passages and apply them to Jesus just as Paul does?

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Currently Krissy, as john does, and john 1241, in regards to Jesus, see, that's the point when you talk about the one true God, there's one true God gotway. But the New Testament taken as a whole of the Gospels, Paul, everybody else identifies as the father is Yaqui. It's the father, who in Isaiah 53, lays our son of sins upon the side, identifies the sudden as your way, so I'm going to 2527 apply to him. And the Spirit is the Spirit of the Lord Lrd in caps, the spirit of the off way, one name three different persons, one being of God, three persons, that's called the doctrine

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of the Trinity.

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You're assuming unitarianism as

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my response to that, yes, you did not answer the question because glory.

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When we believe is the father speaking in the Old Testament, and this is how the Jews understood it, according to the book of Isaiah, chapter 63, verse 16, Father is speaking to the Israelites, it is the Father. And how do we know this in the Gospel of john again, chapter eight, verse 58, Jesus confirms that that you the Jews, it is the father of glorifies me. Who do the Jews actually worship as God? So the Jews only knew the Father, and the Father is telling them I will not share my glory with anyone. Why do the Jews have to believe that now, if the New Testament authors are claiming that there is now glory for Jesus Christ? Also, why do they have to believe that new version does

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not 30 seconds gone?

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Next question for me, yes.

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Sorry, sorry. Well,

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what's the final question for hormonal changes?

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I've heard from you as well from the majority of humans that

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basically, the question was added to the Bible, especially with the New Testament.

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Partly Yes, yeah.

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Now, considering surah, 547

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and sewer 568, which would both indicates Christians to judge by the

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as well as to afford it.

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And also considering now it says, judged by what God has revealed there in in, in the gospel of God. And it's one gospel, by the way, because the Quran does not acknowledge the plurality of gospels. So

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the Quran is saying gospel according to Jesus. Do you have that?

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Do you have the gospel according to Jesus?

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Considering that the

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ferns clearly that those are reliable switches, and they also affirmed that

00:23:24--> 00:23:24

the Quran

00:23:25--> 00:23:36

in surah 355. It says that Allah promises to make the true believers of Jesus superior to those with these beliefs.

00:23:37--> 00:23:44

resurrection? Yes. So what are the words we follow? That since we are the ones that are here?

00:23:46--> 00:23:50

And we know, basically, historically, or the

00:23:51--> 00:23:53

ones that have worked for

00:23:55--> 00:23:57

us, basically, what do you make of this?

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very good question. Thank you. Firstly, very quickly, let me comment on Psalm 91. If you read Psalm 91, clearly, James said he was resurrected, and that's how he was saved. Psalm 91. Sally says, You will only observe

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no harm, no harm will come, no harm will befall you. You will not be harmed. Isaiah 53. He says he will be paid, he will be damaged he will be all those things. So that's that's what I was talking about reconciliation coming back to your point very quickly. Quran is talking about those followers of Jesus who actually followed his true teachings, and they were superior for four centuries. And after that the Muslims became the true followers of Jesus. This is how the debate went that way. I showed conclusively that Muslims are actually true followers of Jesus Christ.

00:25:00--> 00:25:09

that resembled Jesus then not outward practice only, but in inward practice only. Also, sorry, my time is up.

00:25:12--> 00:25:35

But I can answer if you want, if, when is the Day of Resurrection? No. And and we the Muslims, we believe the Muslims are the true followers of Jesus Christ. Firstly, for the first four centuries, Christians are majority, the majority of Christians, they were Unitarians. They were not trinitarians, by the way, and if you want to talk about that, we can talk about that. Okay, he can stop.

00:25:37--> 00:25:38

I took your permission.

00:25:41--> 00:25:42

30 seconds.

00:25:44--> 00:26:08

That is a subject that I have debated before, and there needs to be a much fuller debate. Because I think certify 47 is one of the from my perspective is one of the clearest historical and logical problems for believing that the Quran is actually from God, I really do believe that. And I would love to have the opportunity of doing that in a much fuller discussion, we can do it in 30 seconds.

00:26:19--> 00:26:22

Right, so my question is actually regarding

00:26:23--> 00:26:33

what has Jesus ever said that he was the Bible, God, and that nature? And from my reading, Revelation 2230.

00:26:35--> 00:26:47

So what's your understanding of what Jesus says? Oh, there are a number of texts in the book of Revelation, I just would assume, most of the time, I'm sorry, whoops, hey, you took a bunch of extra time. Um,

00:26:48--> 00:26:53

I'll just borrow some of the back most of the time when that argument is made.

00:26:54--> 00:27:15

The Muslim is limiting the statements to only the Gospels, and not anything outside of that. And normally, the book of Revelation isn't included. But yes, Jesus identifies himself as the Alpha Omega, the beginning of the end, the first and last is identify as Lord God Almighty in the book of Revelation. He's called our great God and Savior in Titus 213, our God and Savior in Second Peter one, one.

00:27:16--> 00:27:43

It's, it's all through the text of the New Testament. But that's in perfect harmony and consistency with Jesus's own statements, where he says before Abraham was I am not my memory, not my knowledge of in Gods for knowledge. I am, I was in the presence of the Father glorious, and that's why he accepts Thomas's worship as well. So there is a wonderful, beautiful consistency all across New Testament on that.

00:27:45--> 00:27:47

My 30 seconds

00:27:48--> 00:27:54

30 seconds. See, see this little hand right there? And the thing there, see how that goes. Okay, I look at it now.

00:27:56--> 00:28:26

So ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for listening to us again. today. I would like to thank you all for being an amazing audience. I would like to thank James again, for being an amazing interlocutor. And God bless you all. We love you all. I hope to continue in this spirit for the coming years. And hopefully, we will find out if not in this world on the Day of Judgment, whether Jesus actually was a Muslim or resemble Muslims more or not. Thank you so much for listening. Thank you.