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Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the concept of "treating your parents and drawers with excellence" and the use of "the one who is seeking refuge in You from being severed or ruined" as a way to avoid damaging family ties. They also touch on the "way of life" and the "way of life" of Islam. The speakers emphasize the importance of severing relationships and losing family ties in Islam, and stress the significance of the title for the speaker. They urge people to not ignore the title and not be satisfied with their decision to accept it.
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Well either early he'll be here Gemini you know that

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they'll reshare him with Africa I didn't even Hadith here before the Allahu Anhu but calling to do so Allahu Allahu alayhi salatu salam Hadith and a collection of both Bukhari and Muslim right to us by

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the theme of treating your parents and drawers with excellence and towards the end of this week in Charlotte will wrap it up Sunday and then starting Monday off, we'll start with something different in Charlotte, Donna

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let you know the new theme was we're closer and this hadith is similar. I mean, the next Hadith are few nights will be similar to a certain degree talking about the concept of Rahim, the idea of kinship or family ties or blood relations

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and the reason that

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there's really no difference between talking about Russian and middle way the middle way then falls under Russian and when you say when you talk about the concept of certain Russian you talk about strengthening your family ties between what he didn't falls under it so but but when you say blue it doesn't necessarily mean sort of throw him so that makes sense. So the rhyme is an umbrella term in the middle but everybody didn't write under it but but everybody Dean is because it's so important it's talked about on his own as a as a subgroup from amongst Selita Rahim is much more important. So it's talked about on its own, but the world when you hear any Hadith that he's talking about, so

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it's about him, but really what he did is included it says a part of that if your parents aren't you Oh happened and who else is they are the there's no right and without them. So obviously the most important piece however, they're talked about on their own because of their importance and this hadith here's a really powerful one is my favorite. Regarding the concept of Ramadan he says out of your salatu salam pada in Allah kala

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but I'm felt all the men whom karma to him that Allah subhanaw taala indeed created creation once they were done being created. A Rahim the concept of family ties or blood relations took a stand. Well call it rod de had McCollum will EDB criminal Kapil ja

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Rahim took a stand and said, Oh my Lord, the stand that I am in is at the stand of the one who is seeking refuge in You from being severed.

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being heard I mean what I'm doing right now, what I am performing right now is the stance of the one who is seeking refuge in You from ever being severed or ruined. by Paul Rob Boo subhanho wa Taala Nam the Lord would answer and say yes, am I totally been an awesome healer men who are so lucky. Who are an Alpha men kappa Aki. Are you not satisfied and happy with the fact that I will connect with those whom strengthen you and I will cut off and sever those who sever you to call it Bella roll it and then the other one was a yes, I am satisfied with that. to Macau allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam The Prophet said If Allah will either ship to recite if you will, the * I say to him into

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a lay tomb and to see to fill early what we'll talk through our hammer comb hula Ecole de nella Anna hula hula for our summer home where I'm a bizarro whom I Fela Yetta balloon Al Quran Amala KHUDOBIN. Aquifer Luhan. Prophet alayhi salam we say read, if you will. Well, I say to me, what if you're going to walk if you feel or do you think that I say to me is the probability that if you walk away into a later on in if you walk away from my teachings, if you leave Islam, if you decide that the way of life that I am showing you or presenting you with is not for you,

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internally to and to still do for you or that you will leave this and then go and cause corruption on earth? What to potplayer or hammer comb, and you will sever the ties of blood relations and family, meaning when Allah subhanaw taala in the Quran was talking to Khorasan talking to those disbelievers of Mecca and telling them what you're going to walk away. What are you going to do when you walk away? What you want, you're going to walk away, you're going to fill the earth with corruption, and you're going to ruin your family ties.

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It's almost like well, why out of all of the problems this Yeah, out of out of all of the problems and all the mistakes you'll make this will be one of the worst that you'll make. And one of the worst things that will happen one of the worst outcomes of leaving Islam will be the fact that you will go up there or Himachal. You will you will sever all of those relationships within families will equal learning. Those are the ones who Allah subhanaw taala has destined for damnation per summer home, and they have lost the ability to hear while I'm Osada home, they have lost the ability to see with their eyes. There's not a punishment, this is what happened. This is what's happening to

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them as they walk away as they set as you sever the family as you ruin these family ties. Not only

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are you bringing upon yourself, the cursing of Allah, but it says if you can't hear what's being said it's as if you can't see what's what's in front of you. Because no one who can see clearly

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or hear appropriately would do that, unless someone who has decided to draw a blind eye to the truth and refuse to hear what is what is relevant to them. And then they asked

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Do they not contemplate and reflect upon the Quran, affiliate Aw, Quran? Or are there locks upon their hearts? This is where this is instance with Muhammad. This is the context of this area. And we all know this is twice in the Quran. There's another one that's within you said it's a different context. But this one here, this is the context of it. The context is what are you going to do? We're going to walk away, you're going to walk away from this and corrupt the earth and ruin your family ties. That's what you're going to do. But you don't read the Quran. You don't contemplate what Allah subhanaw taala or your hearts locked, or your eyes blind or your ears deaf, what's wrong?

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How could you do that? How could you allow that to happen? That's why when any of the Sahaba would stand and do Dawa, and when Jaffa students in front of the judge and he asked him what exactly does he call to audit your saw to

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the third, the second thing he said, Akata and also out of harmony. He is He has commanded us to strengthen our family ties. He is forbidding us to ruin our family ties and fight with our cousins and fight with our parents and fight with our siblings and fight with the within the tribe. He has forbidden us from doing that. He's told us we shouldn't be doing that we should keep our family ties. Imagine that's what they that's the one of the first thing that stood out to them. The people of Judah Helia stood out to them. That's what he was teaching us that Allah Hadees like to say to them, it's very, very central in our deen families very, very central to the point where you can't

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ignore it unless you truly need a summer home. Sauna home. Oh, I love Hulu. And the only way for you not to see this piece in Islam is that you choose you don't want to see it. You don't want to embrace it. It's It's glaring everywhere within the deen the importance of it. And this hadith is talking in a metaphysical realm. There's no way to understand this hadith physically. There's no way to understand this Hadees physically, there's no way you can't physically imagine anything. But it's in a realm that is beyond our ability to comprehend, that Allah is creating a rhyme which is not even a physical thing is taking a stand. It's taking a stand and it's asking God is seeking refuge

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Oh my lord refuge in You from ever being severed. And Allah subhanaw taala is granting it refuge and saying Don't worry, I grant it to you. Or you're not satisfied that I do this for you and no one says yes I am satisfied. And the Prophet Allah is also recited to you the verses of the Quran that had that power. I hope that's the only a benefit for us to contemplate upon. Yahweh che Santi Mustafa Ali human Hadith EIB holding authority Allahu Anhu calm but in the abuse of Allah Allah you early on in Allah Holla Holla Holla philam Forever minimum mature Brahim Takala turabi Ha ha moolah EDB Camino Katya PHIPA Rob buena Anika Lena and also Elam and masala key what an Apple car and then

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Tata RT ha That's Bella lead to Mikado Salah Hana you early he was selling them EPO either to him for * I say to him into a lay tomb and to see to fill early What are her Macomb will equal the in Alana hula hula fell summer home while I'm at home. I felt that balloon Amala Pulu been so lucky.

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