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The speakers discuss the importance of morality and the spread of Islam in various countries, including the expansion of the Arabian Empire and the use of nuclear weapons. They also touch on the history of the Middle East, including the rise of Muslims and the use of backwards-loaded weapons. The speakers emphasize the need for accepting the standard of the referee and not giving a judgment on the referee. They also mention the history of the Middle East, including the rise of anti-ism and the use of crusades and Jesus as aational figure.

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No, no, I'm not saying all Germans, of course not all Germans, right? German, some Germans. And the majority they were in the majority because Hitler. Hitler won the elections. Hitler.

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Hitler, Hitler and evil man who came.

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You know, this is how it works. Donald Trump rings a bell, right?

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We don't know what's gonna happen in the future. We don't know. We don't know what's gonna happen when Hitler came to power in 1933.

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You know, he looked like the guy who's gonna lift Germany out of Oblivion, it was it sent into the First World War.

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No, no, you can you can you can trust me, you won't do a good job defending Trump, you won't. You will sign in condemn him in a minute. If I start to give details what he has said and what he means by what he has said. Leave Trump aside.

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Currently, there's no comparison between Hitler and Trump. I agree. I agree currently, right? Potentially, what happens in the future? We don't know. Okay, so Hitler was chosen, or elected by the German people by landslide victory, right? He had convinced the masses in Germany, that this is what I think of the Jewish people. No, he wasn't appealing to the anti semitism. He appeals to whatever the Jew what I'm saying whatever it was, he was elected in 93. The Jews were killed in 19, whatever it was, whatever it was, I don't care the god don't care about the future.

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So socially, socially, when things are agreed upon, sometimes doesn't necessarily mean those things are right. Okay, just because there is a social consensus in a society or on something, alcohol, for example.

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Let's talk about a more homely example. Our goal here in this society where we live now, our goal is normal. People use majority, I'm talking to the majority, right? There's nothing wrong with having a pint or having a shot here and there. No problem with that. Right. Right. But we know our goal is directly linked to 80% of the violent crimes taking place in Britain. Right? That's true. That's I mean, if your idea

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is directly linked to more violent crimes in this country, let's take my word for it. Go and do some research. It is Yeah. Okay. So now, your social consensus point goes down the drain it doesn't because morally, you cannot use social consensus to support your morality.

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Your morals come from?

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Somewhere was a bad

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but what Haven't you said? Good. It's a circular argument. When you say good, what do you mean you're gonna say but it's moral and moral because what is good? What is good? What is good? You're gonna go around in circles. You have to have a referee. Yes, thank you. Otherwise, otherwise, it just destruction, chaos on a grand scale, global destruction thing which we do try to disagree such as what the referee claims that women or anyone in court after after Lindsey the man, not referees wrong, if you claim that

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you I know what you're talking about.

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The same referee, the same referee tells you the same if you paid attention to that referee, otherwise, he tells you that the testimony of a woman is absolutely equal to a man in the same court in the same court, the same referees.

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Gentlemen, did you know that?

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Not only that,

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let me let me finish now. I haven't seen it yet. The same referee?

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Can I finish? The same referee tells you that a woman is far more superior than a man in stages, the same referee tells you that

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you're laughing? Okay. So there's a bigger picture you've missed. Right? In chapter 24. Wait, wait, wait, let me let me let me fit. And men are allowed to mistreat women not to treat them as their property but they exalt the right. Okay. Now Now when you're going to talk about these things? Firstly, before we get to these things is absolute. I'm completely open to these questions. And I will show you why you may have misunderstood these points in our faith, or why you may have understood the referee. That's why you reject the referee because you don't actually understand the referee. So that's why you don't accept a judgement. Now, before we get to that point. I want to

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know the standard you're using to judge that referee. Where does that standard come from? And why is that standard, worthy of our attention? Why shall we Why shall we now follow that standard which you have come up with?

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Sorry, I see no evidence whatsoever of the referee even existing, the I believe that all rules ultimately stem from and he's a completely different question.

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Now we are jumping from morality to another question of God's existence. Can we stick to morality? No, I'm asking you a question you as an atheist, you as an atheist, what standard Do you have to judge the referee or anyone else for that matter? And where do you get this standard from? And why is that standard? even true? Are you asking me how we judge a referee or asking how? We don't have a referee? Yeah. Let's go with this.

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Thought that people like yourselves, right? Yes. I don't have morals because we don't have we don't believe the referee is giving us the external referees give us the models, by which we must believe

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why we're jumping the gun. Why are we going to the referee for I'm talking about your standard. You believe in certain things. You believe referees. You believe referee is wrong. The referee is wrong wrong wrong. I'm asking wrong based upon what what do you mean by wrong? First of all, I definitely the referee exists. But secondly, okay, that's another question.

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exists, I'm merely taking you in my thinking doesn't matter. I'm asking. I'm asking you about your thinking. Why do you think things are wrong? What do you mean by wrong? Okay. morality, as far as I'm concerned, is created by man. Because we live in communities. We live in commuter societies, we make rules and low stress rules to regulate the way we interact with the time then we call it cause destruction. Do you agree?

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Thank you so much. So we agreed we both agree that men when they make laws and rules, those rules and laws eventually lead to destruction on a on a on a massive scale. Construction often,

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often than not more often than not, today. Okay, let's, let's, let's discuss the existing loss. Let's discuss the existing loss.

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the bottom line is,

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the bottom line is, you have no set definition of wrong you, as an atheist have no set definition of wrong the word wrong. Hence, you cannot use

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what standard you use to reach that understanding of your standard that we create as a society. I've already shown you I've already shown you that committed standard has failed again and again. So it cannot be used for all well being.

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That communal standard has led to massacres and genocides of a grand scale.

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I don't need your protection when you obtain 6 million Jews. When you're killing 6 million Jews. I don't need your protection. I don't need your protection when Native Americans were completely wiped out of the map of America. Okay, I don't need that protection when when 11 million.

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You don't get robbed when you come up here to speak. So you get attacked, you don't get killed on the street. You don't get robbed every day because we have laws, the laws.

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I agree you're protected. And these laws are very religious in nature, I believe. Okay, did you know in the 10th century, but got it and they stopped.

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By though this is not my doing? I didn't plan this. Yeah, this is

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we started talking.

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So in the 10th century, we had discussions are you listening between atheists, Christians, Jews, so called heretics and Muslim theologians having debates between each other in a perfectly harmonious society coexistent coexisting with each other? And no problem. The Romans torturing them? Did you know we didn't have any witch burnings in the Islamic lands? We didn't have any heretic burnings. That was all happening in Europe. Okay. And then after

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conquered by the sword?

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That's a good question.

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That's a good question. That's a good question. How did Islam spread from an Arabian settlement called Mecca to places like China and southern France? How did that happen? Okay. When you asked me how did it spread, Islamic?

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I mean, at least two kinds of spreads, but one was territorial. Right. And one was religious. How did Islam spread as a religion is a separate question to how did Islam or Muslim price break the distinction between the two? Now there is a distinction.

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distinction is that Muslims took the land by force no doubt, I'm telling you categorically. I'm not one of those people who's gonna run and hide and

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and be apologetic, be apologetic about ice cream by force, the Muslims, early muslims for the Byzantines and the Persians and the Chinese in some cases, and the North Africans and Spanish King wrote

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Because they believed they believed that these empires and kingdoms are absolutely oppressive. And why was the spread made so fast? What happened? How did it happen so rapidly? rapidly? Some historians the enemy

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didn't have any nuclear weapons or towns.

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That was Wait, wait, wait, no, they will not have you. I mean, again, this is an area where I have thoroughly studied the spread of Islam, the early Islamic expansion or the early Islamic conquest. There are, there are people like Carol Hillenbrand, who has written on this extensively. She stated that the Arabs had no special weapons to conquer the Byzantines and the Persians simultaneously, the largest standing armies on the planet, the Arabs had no special weapons. What are the reasons historians forward for this rapid expansion of the Arabian Empire is that these empires were very oppressive and the masses the people on the land, the peasants supported the expansion. They came

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out to help the Arabs, they welcome them as liberators. This happened in Syria. This happened in Egypt. This happened in Persia, this happened in North Africa, this happened in Spain, when they landed when parmesan landed on

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on Spanish territory, the Jewish people, the Jewish people came forward to welcome them as liberators. So this is how the expansion was facilitated. This is the

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way that's a very good question. Since when, since when?

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You said

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No, sir. Sir, for over 1000 years, this is this is where I love the park because here we get some education, right? A lot of people come with misconceptions in their minds, and then they get some education and in return, I get a ticket. I get taught by many people. I come with misconceptions. And I'm corrected so many times. This is why I love the pop. Gees people for over 1000 years. Listen to me carefully 90% of the Jewish population of the world lived under the protection of Islam for over 1000 years, who says so a Jewish historian called Bernard Lewis, in his book, The Jews of Islam. I'm not saying this, the Jewish golden age was in Spain and a London was what they call the

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ornament of the world. Okay? The Jewish people writing in, in the Arabic language. In the Hebrew alphabets, the character for the alphabets were Hebrew, but they were writing in the Arabic language like Maimonides, he wrote in the Arabic language a guide for the perplexed, he wrote this book. So major Jewish scholars and academies, you know, the oldest Academy, Jewish Academy in the world, whether it was

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in Iraq, Babylonia, the Jewish existed in Iraq, for as late as 1940s, after the after the creation of Israel, after the creation of Israel,

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the relationship went sour things went sour people, you know, Muslims because of Palestine, they started to have you know, and then the then the Jewish people,

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some Zionist Zionist, hijackers, you Jewish religion, for the cause. So, these are political issues. Historically, it was an important phenomena. This anti semitism is a European phenomena. It's a Western phenomenon. It's not an Islamic phenomenon.

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This is what it Semitism.

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anti semitism existed in Europe from the day one Jews were accused of die fight, you know, die side sorry, die side, which means killing, killing, killing of God. Okay, so Jews were accused of that repeatedly tortured, the books have been throughout the Middle Ages. They were banished from England, by Edward the first and then from France, and then ready to go, ready to go to the Muslims. They went to Spain. And afterwards, when they were expelled by by Ferdinand and Isabella, in Spain, they went to the Ottomans. So a large Spanish Jewish community ended up in Jerusalem or in Salonika in

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even in Morocco,

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Tunisia, Morocco everywhere. Yes. So the point is your point. You know, your you have a misconception about our history, Islam.

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distinct from religiously? Yeah, you're saying you're just another religion of Islam. So you conquered lands? Yes. Yes.

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And you persuaded the local populace? Yes. How do I know this? Muslims or Muslims were in power in Egypt.

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Until now, until now, okay. Since Muslims took Egypt, it has been in the hands right.

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The oldest Christian community in the world, arguably is the Coptic Christian community. Muslims were absolutely able to

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Anytime in the history for the entire population into Islam they didn't do it. The oldest churches in the in the world are in the Muslim world demolished, right?

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What is now the Muslim world, the Middle East, in the Christian world, thank you. But it has been.

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Even the crusades, which was very fun to play as aggression by the West. There was all we're doing is trying to reclaim Jerusalem which have been taken from them by the army in the first place. So he's over conquered Jerusalem. So the Crusader response to that

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was when did Islam conquer Jerusalem? Of course they did.

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Sorry, Islam, Muslims took Jerusalem in the seventh century 636 36. See,

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how can you call crusades, the response to that, when crusades are taking place in the 11th century? There's a gap of five centuries between

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flame wars, this is

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by the pole kings by the Pope and by the king, right? They said, what happened in the Holy Land from the infidel? Right? Okay. Which is what you guys call us. But what what's your name? Greg, Greg. Greg, when the Crusaders came into the Middle East. You know, what happened? With the Jews for the Jews, the Jews fought them. The Muslims fought them. The Middle Eastern Christians fought them, because they saw them as barbarians who have come to disrupt the peace process. Sorry, yes, Christians. Yes, there 40 million Christians fought against the Crusaders, because they were they had a perfectly harmonious existence with the Muslims. Muslims are not, you know, the holy, replica

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Christians and, and, and, you know, again, all of these things, even though I'm surprised that an intelligent man like yourself, hasn't been able to so far study the history of Islam, to see this side of the picture. Okay, what you see, I don't blame you. What you see on the media, a bunch of islamophobes going on, including atheistic activists. Some of these atheist activists who put up videos go to Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, or Christopher Hitchens.

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And Dawkins.

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So you agree with Sam Harris when he said that we should preemptively nuke the Muslims. What do you say? What do you say? Shall I read what he said? Okay, what do you say? What do you say? If he said if he said it if he said it?

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I said he didn't

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find to find where

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he said preemptively when should nuke the Middle Eastern countries find me?

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Sam Harris or New Kingdom Muslims it's very easy Google monster Google.

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Let's see how reasonable use timers on New Kingdom Muslims.

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We should profile Muslims or anyone who looks like he or she could conceivably be a Muslim.

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Friend it

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is there. Simon is the new atheist and anti muslim animals. Glenn Greenwood What did he say about New Kingdom Muslims?

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I show you the quote and if you read the quote and if he said it if he said anything like it will you condemn it on camera? As an atheist You certainly like that okay, that's that's very reasonable. I read these books I got all these books.

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Okay, have you come across any statement like that? No. Nothing like that. Okay

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the court once again

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Wait, wait wait nobody's waiting this video I want the specific

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sizes that

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God is

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he wrote the end of faith. You want to kill us all you don't want to kill him. I just said he doesn't want to.

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But he finds a lot of

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religion generally.

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It's very easy for you guys to come up here and make these wild statements.

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I made a video

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he was asked about this on that very video. He's talking about it and he responded to it but I didn't mean that. He said something. If I want something like that in one of my books, you know, where I would go any idea? Any idea?