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Adnan Rashid
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You see, you see the world we're living in and

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we're not moving on until I find the quote here a long time. No, we're not gonna be over a long time.

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Like Sam Harris nuclear first strike? Yeah, look, look, look, let's go to the video

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phrase the first

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one of often I can

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skip, skip, skip, skip,

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skip here.

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Sam Harris had written in one of his books that we should nuke the Muslims

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do you think it all mistaken on you guys

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to die?

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Have you ever cried?

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Because these coats with you people did take some clothes.

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For example, the testimony of the woman, I mean,

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can someone find a quote from the nuclear

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transaction but this person will find in the Quran saying to the woman that says to me is exactly the same as the man. So it's not all the time something which is we will say

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maybe you should have

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seen his book, which book is this handle.

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If history is any guide, we will not be sure about way the offending warheads, or what the state of readiness is. And so we will be unable to rely on targeted conventional weapons to destroy them. In such a situation, the only thing likely to ensure our survival may be a nuclear first strike of our own. Needless to say, this would be an unthinkable thinkable crime as it would kill 10s of millions of innocent civilians in a single day. But it may be the only course of action available to us, given what Islam is believe. Sam Harris.

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Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

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Wait, wait you,

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We read the quote, Sam Harris said that, that we should we should do a nuclear first strike on the Muslim world to prevent the Islamist taking over the world. Okay.

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And although it may kill 10s of millions of people, it's not 1000s or 10s of millions, or

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10s of million people. But that would protect us that will never guarantee our survival, our projection.

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Again, if

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that sounds like a terrible thing to say, right? So this is not this is not survival of the fittest.

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be honest about this.

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No, no, he should. But

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I'll be honest, if I wrote something like that, in one of my books, even vaguely, even vaguely, what do you think would happen to me? Nothing. Nothing. I can show you example that people have not even squeezed. Forget about saying something. They haven't even sneezed. They end up in Belmarsh, they end up in Guantanamo Bay. Sometimes they kicked off the plane for single hamdulillah. You know, when we sneeze we say prays to God. In Arabic, when you say when you say that in a plane in the wrong plane, by the way full of amazingly most of these planes, it doesn't happen in the Emirates like going to Dubai, it doesn't happen because Emirates is run by a Muslim. Mostly, you know, Muslim.

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If it's a flight, like let's say, Pacific, American Airlines, or one of the European airlines. It happens.

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You will be kicked up

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next time you fly given the prevalence of Terra.

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Terra, bye

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Okay, okay.

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When you say,

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who do you mean? People who profess to represent Islam? Are they evil? Are they wrong? based upon what? What do you mean by wrong?

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Exactly, exactly. You're gonna come back to? This is why with an atheist with an eighth with an honest atheist.

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You cannot give me a set definition of morality as an eighth. You can't. You can't use what we as a society create.

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Perfect I know I'm not saying it's imperfect, I'm saying it's destructive. Mark my words. I'm not saying it's imperfect. That's a polite way of putting it. I'm saying it's destructive to put

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away any concept that we're up to make our own laws and why don't?

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Why don't we look at those that was allegedly that come from some mythical God.

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Okay, I can put God aside, put God aside for a second. Let's say God, for argument's sake, God doesn't exist for argument's sake, we have we have, let's say, for argument's sake, as an atheist, as an atheist, you want the best for humanity? I agree with that. Okay. Okay. And I would agree with that.

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And for that, we need to look at different legal systems in different times in different places, and see which one works the best, put God aside for a second, and see which one works the best, which one enable humanity to coexist, live in peace, and make progress in due course, okay. When we look at all of these legal systems, we come to realize throughout,

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let's say, for the last 1000 years, okay, when you look at the history of Islam, and Muslim societies, you will see Jews there, you will see Christians there, you'll see Muslims living side by side together, studying teaching in universities, going to hospitals, as doctors, as physicians, and working with philosophers. Now, as I see Muslims fleeing wars, what you are observing now is the millennial powers. It is the doing of colonial powers. Okay, Muslims.

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When does it start? When does our history start? 634? Thank you very much. It starts in the seventh century. It doesn't start in the 1990s. Since the bombings going off, right kamikazes. Were there before us? Tamil Tigers have been doing it for a long time. My friends in India have been doing it for criminals in Colombia.

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We're not the only victims, or we're not the only culprit.

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As you already acknowledge, our history starts in the seventh century. So why don't we start from our history and start seeing how we live throughout

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history? And what's changed suddenly in the Muslim lands? What happened suddenly due to change?

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There's a war in Syria. There's a war in Yemen. There's a war in Libya, what happened? So let's go to the causes. And when you honestly study the causes, you have come to realize that it is not our doing. We don't want that for the world. We as Muslims, we want peace. We want harmony. We want love. We want compassion to rule. We don't want destruction, terror, cruelty to rule. So what's happening in the world is not are doing and what has been happening in the world is also not

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a better question would be is ISIS a creation of Islam? The answer is no. Who created ISIS?

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ISIS medic who created ISIS, the American invasion, the American invasion, that's the answer.

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ISIS doesn't read the Quran, J Smith.

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J. Smith.

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Do PhD in computational.

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This is a must read. This is a must read.

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Howard Zinn. You're not

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a student.

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We're all students away. Nice talking to you. By the way.

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