Mufti Menk – Is that really a SUBLIMINAL message?

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The importance of shaytan in bringing people to their deeds is discussed, emphasizing the need for shaytan to be aware of its rules of worship and not advertise. The speaker suggests that shaytan can lie to people that they have seen him in their dreams, causing them to be confused. The importance of not violating Islam's rules of worship and not being distracted by it is emphasized, along with a video of a famous Islam apologizing for a false statement about a woman named Mohammed. The need for people to be aware of the rules of Islam and not let anyone take advantage of them is emphasized.
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Salam aleikum. Allah Almighty sends signs to us time and again, to actually take heed and as a message for us to be able to become closer to him to take our duties seriously, and to stay away from the prohibitions in a more serious way. So sometimes it's a dream we actually see that would just remind us, it would never, ever be correct for a person to receive new teachings, claiming that I saw the Prophet peace be upon him in my dream, and he taught me something new, a different way of praying, perhaps he might have told you a new act of worship, that is wrong, who you saw was not the Prophet peace be upon him? Yes, we do believe that shaytan cannot depict the Prophet peace be upon

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him. So if you saw the Prophet peace be upon him in your dream, it was him. But what shaytan can do is lie to you that someone who's not the profit is the profit. For example, if you see a clean shaven guy, holding a cigarette with his hair, cut all different sizes, with the jeans, and someone was to have told you, that's the Prophet, they're lying. Or if you thought that that was the Prophet, you're actually wrong, because it has to be upon the qualities that are known. It has to be upon the teachings that are already known. No new teaching can ever come from a dream or from anyone, because Allah says in the Quran, Allah Allah commanded to Lacombe Nah, man drylining

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commoner Mati warabi Tula como Islam Medina, this day I have perfected your religion. I have completed my gift upon you I am pleased for Islam being your dean, I have decided that this is what it will be. That's it. So it's over the Prophet peace be upon him says man, Agatha. emelina. Haha, my lace I mean, who for who, or whoever is going to introduce into our instructions, anything new, then that is going to be rebounding in sin to the particular person. It's wrong. So my brothers, my sisters, one thing we must know is, people say I saw the sign, I saw a sign in in

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you know, in a vegetable or in a fruit, I saw a sign in the back of a tree. You know, what if you really saw those signs they were for you to get closer to Allah to take your prayers more seriously, to take your prohibitions more seriously, in terms of abstention. So it was yours. It's not for you to advertise to the world. Hey, look, look at this.

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Tomato, look at what it's saying. You know, look at the, it's for you. That's what it is. If it is, and it can only be to encourage you to do good, and to discourage you from bad to make you gain further closeness to Allah. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us understand this. But for someone to to say, Oh, look at what this is, and that is to the rest of the world. The other faiths also have a strong imagination, they can tell you look, I can see the cross in everything. Look, I can see the arm in everything. Look, I can see this in everything. They also have a strong imagination. And this is why when it comes to subliminal messages do not get carried away by thinking that everything is a

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subliminal message. It's not not everything is yes, that which is clear as daylight is different from that which people's imagination makes it come about more than anything else. I remember I personally never ever knew a lot of these signs that people have later on said, this is satanic. And that's a tactic. You know, I used to show my fingers in all different ways and whatever else it might have been. And people started saying, This is satanic I didn't ever know. And it was not satanic, just like the term gay used to mean happy until just recently. And so many other terminologies just like the rainbow used to be an innocent, you know, colors of something natural,

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up to very recently. So things sometimes become hijacked by others to mean something totally different. It's a new meaning today. Don't blame those who don't know and have used the rainbow. Don't blame those who don't know and have had certain finger signs or something else to say they are satanic. That is wrong. I mean, that's totally unacceptable. We need to know not everything you think is wrong is actually really wrong. And this is why when it comes to subliminal messages, people say look at the 33 look at the 66 Look at this. Look at the innocent people behind the scenes know nothing about it. You've just created it from zero. So don't occupy your lives in all of those

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things. When it is distracting you from the worship of Allah from learning more about the deen and you're actually being distracted.

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Take heed my brothers and sisters. While that which is as clear as daylight, we will definitely make it clear to people that look, this is as clear as daylight and it shouldn't be those things that are not as clear as daylight. It's not something that you are instructed by Allah to look at. I give you one example. Coca Cola. Coca Cola says,

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In English, they've spelt it c OC a and then C o la, right? Someone said you're not allowed to drink it because it says la Mohammed La Mancha. If you've seen that. So if you look at it, how does it say that they say turn it around and put it against a mirror and look at what it looks like. And then they've come out with Oh, look at this is the meme. And this is the how Allah did not mandate you or instruct you or ask you to turn things around, and to look at them from the other way and see if they look like this. And like that. And even though I could refute that Coca Cola thing from many angles, but I'm just telling you, it is not LA, Mohammed la MK, and you're not mandated to do all of

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that. The same applies to some sports brand. And something else. People say, Oh, this is what it says. And that's what it says, if it is loud and clear, and there is no scope of it being what it's supposed to be in the language they say it would be, then perhaps you might want to stay away from it or something. But if you've had to stretch it in order to get to your conclusion, it's not, it's not something that others need to actually listen to from you, they could arrive at a different conclusion. If you take a look at the word air, you take a look at the word air, if you were to write it in small handwriting, and you turn it around the other way, you'd probably read Allah, you

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know, somehow, you've probably read Allah, depending on how it was written. That doesn't mean every time I write air, I'm actually subliminally insulting Allah, to actually have Allah written on it. That's not true. Take it easy, guys, you don't have to actually get so excited about these things, you know, in to the level that you've pulled that which doesn't belong to a place to a place. Why May Allah guide us, my brothers and sisters, I hope these few words can actually make us from those who can strike a balance. The reason is, there are people who have who are spending their lives picking on others who are so innocent, and and not only innocent, it actually means what the person

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who wrote it intended for it to mean, and not what your imaginative mind has made it seem because of that strong imagination that you have. The same applies to the clouds. You look up at the clouds, you can't say Oh, today's a good day because I read Mohammed on the clouds. People have asked me this. Come on, take it easy. If you wanted to say sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, by all means do so. But please don't come about and say, I saw this. And I saw that when it was just your imagination. In my imagination, my own imagination, I can look at almost anything, and I can make it be almost anything that you want it to be. How's that? How's that? And then what are you going to say? I can I

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can extract every one of yours names from most patterns and designs even on a carpet. I could do that. And even on just some random clouds. I could do that to a certain extent. But I tell you what, that doesn't mean that they wrote your name on the clouds. They had these funny faces here. They had this that's your imagination come down. Do the dhikr of Allah fulfill your Salah, dress appropriately. Get closer to Allah stay away from haram do that which you're instructed and inshallah you will be heading in the right direction. May Allah protect us from shape and the funny thing is or the sad thing is, if he cannot come to us directly he wastes our time with all these

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things. Let's not allow ourselves to get there. Thank you for listening. May Allah protect all of us akula Kali hada was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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