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Bismillahirrahmanirrahim on hamdulillah al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah for Colombia mursalin wa de was Javi yellowbird in Miami. Oman Talia from Bay sunny la Yama de MOBA, Rosa relize Samir alumina Shivani regime. This layer miner Rahim, Mama sanaka, Allah, Allah Allah Allah Ameen, respected brothers and sisters in Islam. I welcome you all to another episode of unveiling the Muslim civilization. And

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in this

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episode, we'll be continuing Continuing from where we left last week. Last week was part four of unveiling the Muslim civilization. Today is part five, Part Five unveiling the Muslim civilization is going to address some of the aspects we talked about, with regard to

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the Muslim conquest, the early Islamic conquest. And in these conquests we addressed we addressed some of the issues pertaining to these conquests, how did these conquest take place? How did the Muslims take this land so rapidly? How are they able to maintain this

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process of conquest, which went on for a very, very, very long time, nearly sakana law 20 years, 25 years, up to I can say,

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I would say 100 100, up to 100 history.

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These conquests Of course, started after the demise of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in 1183. And up to the year 100, the conquest was still going on. So you can say about 80 to 90 years, the Muslims went on conquering

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a lot of these lands. So if I was to give you a date, to be precise, it would be 9292 83 is when the Muslim conquests reached the climax. Okay, what happened in 92 192 Vg is a very important year in the history of Islam. It was in this year, when Muslims

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had taken land as far as China. And on the other hand, if you look towards the west, Muslims are in Spain, in London close later on, known as a London close.

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And then Muslims are also engaging in some campaigns in India, currently Pakistan, the province of Sindh, right, so this was a very, very, very large territory taken by one group of people in such a short span of time.

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brothers and sisters, one has to basically look very carefully.

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When it comes to these early Islamic conquest, and see what resulted from these conquests, I talked about the golden chain of events in the last episode. So brothers sisters, unveiling the Muslim civilization

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is basically

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a series where we discuss questions pertaining to the Muslim civilization as I explained in the first four episodes, last episode, we talked about the golden chain of events, the golden chain of events was basically to summarize the whole thing.

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The revelation of the Quran number one, event number one, the revelation of the Quran, event number two, or the occurrence or the outcome number two, would be justice that came from the Quran, then event number three in this golden chain would be peace that came from that justice given by the person. And event event number four in the golden chain of events is progress that resulted from that piece. So remember, brothers sisters, to remind you again, this golden chain of events in the history of Islam in particular is important for us to remember so that we can actually see see this pattern of history. Okay, history repeating itself, again and again, in different places at

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different times because the behavior of Islam and Muslims remained pretty much the same, of course, with few exceptions, where people did misbehave, but where Muslims did follow the tenets of Islam, the teachings of the Prophet, the injunctions of the Quran, they created a flourishing civilization. Okay. And it appears to be very, very similar if you happen to be in Central Asia 1000s of miles far apart.

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from Spain, let's say or from India, if you look at the calligraphy if you look at

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the nature of civilization, how the civilization flourished, you will see a lot of similarities in what happened in Central Asia. What happened in India, what happened in North Africa and what happened in in Orlando's Muslim art was very similar. Okay, of course at the same time, it wasn't exactly the same, but there are similar patterns. Okay. mosques, for example, universities, okay.

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Other places of worship, a lot of activities are taking place in these lands at that time. So brothers sisters, please share this video with your context on your Facebook pages, so that others can also join us live, and they can ask questions. If you have any questions, please post them in the comment section and I will answer your question. So now, if you have watched the last episode, part four of unveiling the civil Muslim civilization we talked where we talked about how the Muslims took such a large large chunk of land and and what were the driving factors? What were the driving forces in such a rapid acquisition of land and I gave many, many examples. For example, the land of

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Egypt, I gave an example from the land of Syria. I also talked about some parts of Persia, where Muslims acquired land rapidly despite the fact that they were facing one of the largest armies in the world in the case of Persia, of course, and same can be applied to the Byzantine lines, where land was acquired

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quite rapidly from the Byzantines or the Romans as they are known in history right. So, today, I will be addressing a very important question after having understood the golden chain of events, okay.

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The question now comes to mind, whether this golden chain of events is real, whether whether the promise Muslims made when they took these lands was ever kept, okay, what was the promise fulfilled? For example, right? If the Muslims promised justice to the masses, or the Christians of Syria or the to the Zoroastrians of Persia or to the Buddhists and Hindus of India, did they actually effectively deliver this justice Firstly, what was what were the promises? What was the promise? Okay, if you look at the breakdown of today's lecture, basically today, I will be talking about

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the following points, I will be addressing the treaties. Okay. I will be addressing also the outcome of the treaties, inshallah. And whether these treaties actually worked, is another question, the progress that resulted from the treaties. So, Muslims acquired all this land, in a very, very short span of time in the seventh century See, and the details discussed in the last episode, in part for having acquired this land, what promises did the Muslims make to the non Muslims

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as the demand or the people who are paying jizya as you remember? Well, if you remember, I talked about jizya in the previous two episodes, the question is, what promises did the Muslims make after taking these lands after the Christians and the Jews in the streets and the Hindus and the Buddhists decided to pay jizya which was a tax charged from the non Muslims for their protection, making sure that their property is the life the places of worship are protected, when they agreed to pay jizya what promises did the Muslims make? This is an important question, which I will be addressing today.

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I would like to put the breakdown in front of you today. I will be talking about what happened after the conquest. In other words, what promises did the Muslims make and were those promises fulfilled? So for that, we will be looking at the terms in the treaties Muslims offered to the masses in different places at different times, terms and treaties, Muslims offered to the Christians and the Jews and the Austrians and for example, places like India, okay. And the result of those treaties now the question is those treaties in terms of promises Muslims made to the non Muslims when Muslims took all this land in the center

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The century from all the way to China, from all from all the way China to to to southern France or current day Spain, right? What promises were made, okay? And what was the result of these promises were fulfilled. And we the Muslims, of course claim a golden age, a Golden Age resulted from these promises, the promises, Muslims made of justice or protection of peace, of harmony of coexistence. What are these promises fulfilled? and fulfilled, fulfilled? What was the outcome, the outcome, I will be claiming was the Golden Age, the golden age, and I will talk about the golden age was, what the golden age was. Okay. So the first question is, what happened after the Congress? Briefly very

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quickly, to summarize

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what I discussed previously, the Muslims to call this land in Spain, in North Africa, in Syria, in Egypt, in Persian territory, okay, and then in Central Asia as well. Maybe you can set it to Colombia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kurdistan, an upper China, Northern China, near the borders of China. Okay, Turkmenistan, all of this land was pretty much taken by the Muslims, okay, within the seven, seventh century, okay, what happened after this Congress, I talked about Jesus, a lot of people decided to pay jizya and come under the protection of Islam and Muslims. And all of this was loosely called, historically speaking, the Islamic empire, although there is no such thing

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as an Islamic empire because it was not homogeneous, or it was not monolithic in any sense, because governors ruled in different places at different times, in different ways. But they generally followed the rules of Islam, when it comes to politics when it comes to governing when it comes to making agreements and treaties with the non Muslims and other Denmark for that matter. Okay, so, what followed after the conquests, were these treaties, these agreements Muslims made with the Christians and the Jews, and the Zoroastrians and other people in other places, okay. So, this is what happened, this is what happened at that time. So, now, we will be looking at these treaties

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very, very carefully, inshallah, and we will read what these treaties were, if you remember.

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Last week, I talked about conquest of Syria. I talked about the conquest of Spain briefly. I also talked about the conquest of some parts of Asia. The question is, when Muslims are taken this land, what did they do? How did they actually conduct themselves right. So this is something we will look at inshallah, very quickly, here we have the treaties.

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So when Muslims went, for example, into the land of

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Persia, or let's say,

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Spain or Syria, okay.

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Let's start with the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam, the prophet of Islam, Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, he

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came to Medina, and he became the ruler of Vienna. So he himself personally set a precedent for his followers as to how you treat the non Muslims living in different places, different times, he set a precedent of treaties and agreements. Okay, I talked about jizya tax. But it wasn't always about jizya tax, it was about the protection and well being of the non Muslims living under the domain of Islam. So the Treaty of Medina to cut the long story short, the Prophet came to Medina, he became the sole ruler of that particular region. And in that region, there were some Jewish tribes who were living there, okay. They naturally came under the domain of Islam. And they had to be some sort of

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agreement with them because they were not Muslims. So how do we live with them? What do we do with them? How do we treat them so the treatment towards the Jews is clearly stipulated in one of the agreements the Prophet struck with the Jews of Medina, or the outskirts of Medina.

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Jews living in that larger region, and some excerpts from the treaty are as follows and I will read the treaty for you. It is called the Treaty of Medina.

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It has been narrated by Ebony's Hawk in his era of Rasulullah or in the reception of even his Sham, which has been translated by Alfred Golan, you can actually find the full complete translation of Eben Hitchens.

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Summary of his hawks great work on the life of the prophet SAW the lives of an although this work is not entirely authentic. In this work, there is a lot of authentic information and there is a lot of inauthentic information. So we have to study every sock in light of authentic information to confirm its veracity. So, m&a sock is a very important source on the life of the Prophet but not entirely authentic, because it has a lot of information, which is dubious, it simply cannot be accepted at face value. And we have a system we have a criteria called the science by which we judge the information in such sources. But this treaty is there and many Western academics, they consider this

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treaty to be actually historic, accurate, they do believe that this treaty did take place and it happened it took place between the prophet of Islam and the Jews of the land of Medina, okay. And in Alfred colognes translation, it has been translated as follows. And these are some excerpts In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, The Merciful, this agreement or last prophet, Muhammad shall apply to the migrants Quraysh to the citizens of yesterday, of course, the land of Medina who have accepted Islam and all such people who are in agreement with the above mentioned bodies and sight with them in war. So it is a treat it is a treaty of alliance with believers and non believers,

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people who agree and side in war with the Muslims, right. So we continue, those who are a party to this Agreement shall be treated as a body separate from all those who are not a party to this agreement. It is incumbent on all the Muslims to help and extend sympathetic treatment to the Jews who have entered into an agreement with us. By the way, these are except I'm not reading the entire text for the entire text, you have to go to a sham. The translation of Alfred gelong, which has been published by the Oxford University Press, and the Treaty of Medina can be found the entire text is there. These are some excerpts which I want to present for you. It is incumbent on all the Muslims

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to help and extend sympathetic treatment to the Jews who have entered into an agreement with us neither an oppression of any type should be perpetuated on them, nor should the enemy be held against them.

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The Jews of money have been in a jar. Benny Horace, when he saw Bani Hashim when he owes money, but he thought about but in Japan and bernicia Teva, who are a party to this agreement are and all the supporters of the Muslim shall adhere to their religion and the Muslims to this accepting the religious matters, the Muslims and the Jews shall be regarded as belonging to a single party. If anyone from among them commits an outrage or breaks a promise, or is guilty of a crime, he should deserve punishment of his crime. So here in this paragraph, brothers and sisters, ladies and gentlemen, what do we learn, we learn that all of these Jewish tribes that were living around

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Medina, the prophet is simply telling them that you and us are a party apart from religious matters. You keep your religion, the Jewish people, around Medina, under the domain of Islam, you keep your religion, we keep ours, okay. Apart from religious matters, apart from religion, we are one party, we are politically allied, and we are to be of course, like friends with each other. Okay? We are allies, political allies, allies in war. So apart from religious matters, we are one party I continue the subordinate branches of the abovementioned tribes shall have the same right as are enjoyed by the original branches, okay, so even the subordinate branches have the same rights. If a

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third community waging war against the Muslims and the Jews, they will have to fight united ie the Muslim and the Jews will have to fight united against the common enemy. They shall help each other mutually and they shall be mutual goodwill and faithfulness. The Jews shall bear their expenses of war and the Muslims there.

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Can you get any more fair than this? Can you get more

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generous and egalitarian than this? This is from the Prophet himself.

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terms being offered to the Jewish people living around

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the land of yathrib or the land of Medina.

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Finally, it is incumbent on the parties to treat each other sincerely and to wish each other well. No none shall subject the other to oppression and injustice, and the oppressed shall be helped. So these are the noble terms of the Treaty of Medina, which the Prophet himself offered to the Jewish people living around the city of Medina where the Prophet was governing. He was governing as the ruler of that territory. So this is the precedent, the profit set for his followers. What did you do? What did he do with the Christians is the question now, the next question is, what did the Prophet do sell a lot earlier. So let the Christians what happened to the Christians within the life

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of the prophet in the year 900.

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You can say a few months before the Prophet passed away, salatu salam, okay.

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The year before the last year of the prophets, life, Christians from the city of Iran, which was in southern Arabia, or southern Saudi Arabia, they came to the Prophet, to our discussion to have a dialogue with the Prophet, the prophet invited them into the mosque, his own Mosque, the Grand Mosque of Medina, it is grand today. But at the time of the Prophet, it was a humble dwelling, humble place of worship, it was made of palm leaves, the roof was palm leaves. And there were the pillars made of palm trunks. And the floor was purely of mud, no carpets, no chandeliers, no lavish arches, nothing like that it was a humble place of worship with the Prophet would worship with his

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companions. So the Christians have not drawn, wearing their crosses came to the Prophet. And they had a dialogue with the prophet in the mosque of Medina, the prophet accommodated them in the mosque in the century, and had a dialogue with them. And then they asked the Prophet about the Muslim perspective on Jesus, and God revealed verses in the Quran in chapter three about the queries and the questions. Right. So having heard what the prophet had to say, so a lot of audio salon, in fact, the prophet invited them, the prophet invited them for a MOBA, Allah, the prophet, when they didn't seem convinced, the prophet said, Why don't we invoke the punishment of God upon the liar? If I am a

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liar? If I am not a prophet of God, then may god kill me. And if you are liars, having known the truth, or not accepting the truth, then may god deal with you. This is what we call the mubadala in chapter three of the Quran, verse 59, but clearly read about this incident. This incident took place where the Prophet sallallahu Sallam challenged the Christians on a journey to such

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a solution to their dialogue, and today discussion, the Christian the majority, they refuse to accept that challenge, because they will not fully sure whether the prophet of Islam Prophet Mohammed is indeed a true prophet of God or not. So they refused to accept it accept such a challenge. Rather, they accepted terms. They said, Okay, what are you going to do with us? Clearly, they did not accept the progress of Islam as the as, as as the true prophet of God, or, or indeed, as a messenger from God, they did not accept him as a prophet of God. So now what did the Prophet tell his companions, forced them into Islam, cut them up and imprison them, take them into dungeons,

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and lock them up and throw away the keys, torture them do anything like that? They were under his power, the Christians and redrawn were under, you know, they were in his hands. They were surrounded by these diehard companions of the Prophet of Islam, his disciples, who would die on his one gesture, they loved him so much. Did the Prophet say, Okay, these Christians are not accepting my message, they insulted me. They are not accepting me as a messenger of God, even though I have given them verses from God Almighty, and they are rejecting this true message from God, therefore, they deserve to die. Did the Prophet do that? Did he do that? Is the question. No, no. Instead, the

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Prophet sallallahu Sallam told the Christian Ramadan, go back to your city, live in peace, live in harmony, there is no compulsion in religion, I will not force you Time will tell whether I am a true prophet of God or not. When you are ready, then accept Islam and what were the terms of the treaty. This treaty which I'm about to narrate is called the Treaty of Rome.

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So brothers and sisters, hopefully you are still with me. What am I trying to do here? I am still talking about the golden chain of events under the title unveiling the Muslim civilization. In this golden chain of events, I claimed that this golden golden chain of events in the history of Islam is absolutely amazing, is magnificent. What is it? Number one, event number one, the revelation of an event number two justice that was promised by the Quran to the world. Point number three, or the event number three is peace that actually originated from that justice. Point number four is progress that emerged from that piece which came from justice, and that justice came from the bar.

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So this is a golden chain of events with four locks for events for an justice, peace, progress. Those of you watching right now repeat after me are on justice, peace, progress, okay. This is one golden chain of events. Now we are discussing the matter of peace and justice. And progress, of course resulted from these treaties, as I am claiming and we will see in due course, whether that's true or not. Right. So these are the promises Muslims made to the people that came to government

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after the early Islamic conquest that took place in the sixth century CE II, within the life of the Prophet and after his life. For almost 100 years, for almost 100 years, Muslims went on conquering these lands, fully charged with this religion with this zeal to bring the justice of Islam to the world. The question is, did they bring the justice to the world? Okay. And this is exactly what we addressed. We talked about the Treaty of Medina. Now we are talking about the Treaty of madron, which took place between the prophet of Islam and the Christians of madra. That's why we are reading these treaties. These are the promises Muslims made with the non Muslims in the land they conquered.

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So, having discussed the matters of religion,

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and when the Christians refused to accept the prophet of Islam as a true prophet of God, the prophet offered offered these terms to them and these terms can be found in a book title for token Bolden by Emma and Bella Dory. This particular book has been translated into English it is titled the conquest of lands, okay, or the conquest of lands, okay. This translation is by Philip K. hitty. Okay. And the book The original book is called the TOEFL bill done by mom and polidori. The treaty and redrawn can be found in this particular book. And it goes as follows and I quote, the lives of the people have drawn the Christians and its surrounding area, their religion, their land, their property,

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cattle, and those of them who are present or absent. The messages in the places of worship are under the protection of Allah, and guardianship of his prophet. The President states shall neither be interfered with, nor their rights meddled with, nor the idols deformed. No Bishop shall be removed from his office, the intention being that no change in whatever state, everyone is shall be made, status quo shall be maintained. Neither the people shall be punished for any past crime or murder, nor shall they be compelled to do military service, neither shall OSHA, grain tax be imposed on them, nor shall any army enter the area in any of the people who redrawn demands the rights, Justice

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shall be done between the plaintiffs and the respondent. Neither oppression shall be allowed to be perpetuated on them, nor shall they be permitted to oppress anyone, whatever has been written in this pack Allah and Muhammad, peace be upon in his prophet are guarantors for it unless there is an order from Allah in this connection, and as long as the people are drawn, ie the Christians remain faithful and adhere to the conditions which have been made for them except that someone compels them to do otherwise. Okay. This is again is not the complete treaty, the complete treaty can be found in the total ban of remember lottery which has been translated into English by Philip K 80. And the

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title of that translation is the conquest of lands right. And the treaty is there, okay, in that particular work, and this treaty, or these terms are offered by the prophet himself to the Christian Ramadan. So the lives the property, the cattle, the places of worship, the bishops, everything will be pretty

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protected by the Muslims, even though despite the fact that these Christians had refused to accept the message of Islam, and they did not accept the prophet of Islam as a true prophet of God, and still the Muslims offered these terms to the Christians or Muslims. So these are two precedents, one with the Jews, or the Jewish people, the other with the Christians within the life of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. Now,

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these magnificent terms, are these amazing terms offered to the Christian and the Jews. Okay, were they followed after the death of the Prophet salallahu Salam? Did his followers uphold the same principles? Then they follow the same behavior? Did they follow the same rules and regulations? They follow the same ethics and morals?

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This is a very good question right? After the Prophet passed away, they could have simply turned around and said, okay, Hamlet is dead sort of law so we don't have to follow him. We have to do I mean, every ruler if he doesn't follow rules, or some sort of ethical code can easily become a tyrant and a dictator. So what happened after the Prophet peace be upon him passed away?

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He was succeeded, succeeded by Abu Bakar who only govern for two years. Right. And after that, came to power, Omar, Omar Alfaro. Okay, Omar min Papa, who govern for nearly 10 years. It was in the time of Omer, when a lot of the land from the Byzantines and the Persians was taken by the Muslims, the Battle of Yarmouk in.

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Currently Jordan against the Byzantines and the Battle of policia in current day iraq against the Persians took place in the time of Oman, during the reign of Omar okay. And the city of Jerusalem, which, of course, was part of the Byzantine territory, and was was was part of the greatest Syria. Okay, it was called Bella Sharma at the time.

00:32:11--> 00:33:04

The city of Jerusalem was also captured during the time of Omar. Now when the Muslims besieged the city of Jerusalem, the patriarch of the city, the Bishop of the city, in other words, the Christian Bishop of the city or the Christian leader, the religious head of the city, he demanded that only the king must receive the keys from me. I will not hand over the keys of this great city, there's no validity to any soldier or general. So for that reason, Omar or Bob had to travel to Jerusalem from the city of Medina. So he appointed Olive Olive as his successor, okay in his place in Medina, and made his way to Jerusalem, to accept the keys. Okay, when the patriarch had realized the king of the

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Muslims, I mean, this is how they saw authority. Although Muslims didn't have a king they had a king if they are they call him they call them Khalifa hola or Halima? toto Khalifa Dora

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rasulillah. Okay, he was the successor of Allah on the land, oh, he was the successor of the Prophet of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So this is how they saw him on top the Muslims did. But the Christians, they saw him as the King of the Muslims, right? So when he came patriarchs of fronius, came to see him. And Omar said to him, we will give you peace and harmony, in return for peace and harmony. So submit and surrender, and pieces, your your churches are yours. So to cut the long story short, I will read the terms of the treaty, the terms of the treaty, the Treaty of Jerusalem. So after the Prophet had died, or was one of the successes, what did he do with the Christians? How did

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he treat them? Was the behavior

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similar to what the Prophet did to the Jews in Medina, and what he did to the Christians and madron? Was the behavior of Omar, similar to the behavior of the Prophet sallahu, wa Salaam, we will see. So the Treaty of Jerusalem can be found in the history of human evolutionary recovery. Evolutionary discovery has written a very big history of Islam. Okay. And in that history, you can find the text of this treaty. Okay. The entire treaty can be found again, Mr. Gregory recovery. His history has been

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completely translated, if I'm not if I'm not mistaken by one of the one of the American universities and you can find it in many, many volumes, multiple volumes. This history has been translated into the English language entirely, and you can confirm this treaty in this particular work. Okay. So the treaty goes as follows. This is the protection which the servant

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Have a lot of money in grants to the people of Palestine. Thus, protection is for the life property church cross for the healthy and sick and for all the their co religionists in this way that the churches are not returned into dwelling houses, nor will they be pulled down, nor any injury will be done to them or to their enclosures, not to the cross, and nor will anything be deducted from the wealth, no restrictions shall be made regarding their religious ceremonies, no Jew will be allowed to stay along with them. By the way, this clause was requested by the Christians themselves. This is confirmed by Dionysius of Tel Mahara in his history.

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The Greek historian or the Christian Greek historian I mentioned even previously in my lectures,

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he confirmed that this particular clause that Jews should not be allowed to live in the city of Jerusalem was made or this request was made by the Christian which was of course later on cancelled, and Jews were indeed allowed to live in Jerusalem by the permission of the Muslims by the permission of the Muslim leaders, okay over governing at the time. So, this was a request made by the Christians, okay. So I continue, it shall be incumbent upon the people of Palestine that they shall pay jizya. As we talked about it, like other cities, they must expel the Greeks, ie the Byzantines, who are hostile, and those of them who shall leave the city shall be protected and conducted safely

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to their destinations. But those of them who would prefer to remain in Palestine shall also receive protection, or to pay the jizya. So those who want to stay behind even though as hostile Byzantines, who had been fighting the Muslims for this territory, they are welcome to stay behind if they want to stay in Palestine by all means, do so. But pay jizya Okay, and off the people of Palestine, who would like to leave with the Greeks with the Byzantine, then their churches and process shall be protected and they may safely go to their destination whatever is in this document is guaranteed In the name of Allah and the Prophet by Khalifa and the faithful and condition that the people pages

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here regularly. This document is witnessed by Emily Ammerman, Allah has been often given notice of john dated at 15 1500, literally negative four years after the prophets demise, the prophet have passed away in 1180. This is taking place in 15 history during the reign of Homer venkata, the second pillar of Islam so the behavior of the Prophet that was demonstrated in the Treaty of Medina and the Treaty of Iran against the Christians is exactly if not exactly the same, highly similar very, very similar main clauses are exactly the same same terms, your crosses, your places of worship, everything is under the protection of aligners messenger so long as you pay jizya Okay, we

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will use that money to protect you, we will use that money GCR to protect your properties, and we will ensure that you live in peace, right? So this is Omar, the second Caliph of Islam who had offered these particular terms to the Christians of madron. So there are some questions inshallah I will answer these questions.

00:38:15--> 00:38:16

inshallah, in

00:38:17--> 00:39:01

a few minutes when I'm done with these treaties inshallah, so, it seems, I will not be able to cover the remaining points hopefully inshallah, by the grace of Allah I will cover those points in the next episode, Part Six inshallah. So, right now, we have talked about what happened after the conquest. Now, we are discussing the terms and the treaties, and I will try to cover the results of the treaties very quickly, and the golden age will be addressed in sha Allah in the following episode, which is episode six, or Part Six of unveiling the Muslim civilization, right. So coming back to the treaties, so you have seen that Omar bin Qatar rhodiola, and he followed the same

00:39:01--> 00:39:51

pattern, he followed the same pattern as the Prophet. Okay. Now, we have seen three treaties so far between Muslims and non Muslims. Okay, the Treaty of Medina, the Treaty of madron, the Treaty of Jerusalem. So now, I have another treaty to address very quickly before I do that, I would I would like to highlight a point very quickly. Okay. The question is now, the prophet behaved like that. Omar followed that behavior, that noble, that merciful, compassionate behavior towards the Jews and the Christians did their followers people who came afterwards, let's say eight years later, let's say eight years later, did Muslims follow that behavior if they keep up that moral code or ethical

00:39:51--> 00:39:59

code, we will see in a treaty that was struck in London was in Spain, the Muslims took Spain in the year seven

00:40:00--> 00:40:18

relevancy and this particular treaty was struck between the Muslims of Muslims who were in Spain and the Christians of around seven principalities about seven principalities. This treaty can be found in a collection of documents

00:40:19--> 00:40:24

gathered by Olivia rennell or Olivia rennell has gathered

00:40:26--> 00:40:28

this particular

00:40:29--> 00:41:23

story she has made this compilation of documents pertaining to Spain and I will very quickly gives you the reference insha Allah so that you can actually consult the very book I'm talking about. Okay, reference number okay. The book is titled many evil Iberia medieval Iberia edited by Olivia Rennie. Okay, sorry, Olivia Remy Constable, Olivia, Remy constable. The book has been published by Pennsylvania University Press. It was published in 1997 and page 37. Okay, the book page is 37. So coming back to our treaty, which has been quoted by Olivia Remy constable in her book medic evil Iberia. So what are the terms of this treaty? and I quote, In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the

00:41:23--> 00:42:13

Compassionate. This is a document granted by Abdullah Abdullah Abdullah bin musashino said to build Amir, okay, son of love douche. Okay, establishing a treaty of this is probably the corruption of one of those Spanish names in the Arabic language, establishing a treaty of peace and a promise and protection of God and is profit, we Muslims will not set special conditions for him or for any young so any among his men, nor harass him, nor remove him from power, his followers will not be killed or taken prisoner, nor will they be separated from the women and children. They will not be cursed in matters of religion, the churches will not be burned, nor will sacred objects be taken from the

00:42:13--> 00:42:30

room. Okay, a lot of the times I stopped here very quickly and explained something a lot of times in wars and in conflicts what would happen, people would rush to the places of worship, and especially in churches, for example, there would be crosses made of gold and there would be a lot of you know,

00:42:32--> 00:42:45

utensils and pots made of gold and silver. So they would be wrong. So the Muslims are clarifying that if these two treaties agreed to nothing, or none of none of those things are nothing of that sort will take place and I continue.

00:42:46--> 00:43:07

Okay. They will not be caused in matters of religion, their churches will not be burned, nor will sacred objects be taken from the from the realm. He feared to me remain if he remains sincere and fulfills the conditions we have set for him. He has reached a settlement concerning seven towns

00:43:08--> 00:43:53

are you or EULA valen, Tila Alicante, moolah, bigastro, ello, and llorca. He will not give shelter to fugitives not to our enemies, nor encourage any protective person to fear us nor conceal us or of our enemies. He and each of his men shall also pay one dinar every year, together with four measures of wheat, four measures of barley for liquid measures of concentrated fruit juice for liquid measures of vinegar, four of honey and four of olive oil. Slaves must each pay half of this amount or Raja 94 at APR 713. See, so this is another treaty where Muslims are offering these terms to the Christians who have come under

00:43:55--> 00:44:41

debt the domain these Christians are these seven principalities have agreed to strike terms with the Muslims, right. And the terms as you have seen are very, very generous, right? You pay each of your men who is able who's earning who is rich, or who's who's from the working class will pay one gold coin per year, as I explained, which is equivalent to approximately 48. Durham's 48 silver coins, okay, anyone could afford that it would be about $100. Okay, it would be about 120 $200 which every individual who's from the working class would have to pay to the state for the protection of all the charities, basically the religious

00:44:42--> 00:44:59

establishment or religious places of worship, and even the religion of the Christians for that matter. Okay, so this treaty took place in Spain. It is a historic document well tested, and clearly documented by Olivia, Remy constable

00:45:00--> 00:45:31

Her collection titled many evil Iberia, and you can go and confirm. So what am I trying to do here, brother sister, I'm trying to show you the promises Muslims made to the non Muslims when they conquered all these lands, everyone talks about the great Arab conquest, the early Islamic conquest, okay, for token baudin people talk about the early Islamic conquest when the Arabs with the swords in the hands went and took all the land between China to Spain.

00:45:32--> 00:45:52

People painted extremely barbarically. Okay, but this is exactly what the Muslims promised when they got to these lands. This is what they offered to the Christians and the Jews and the Zoroastrians, and the Buddhists and the Hindus, wherever the Muslims went, this is what the terms of the treaties looked like.

00:45:53--> 00:46:43

Now the question is, the question is, were these treaties ever effectively implemented? these promises the Prophet made, then Omar would have made and later on other Muslim generals and Congress made to other people in other lands? Were these promises kept? Were they honored? Were they fulfilled? The answer will be given in the next episode, inshallah. The answer is fascinating. It is absolutely mind blowing. It will blow your minds away. And I'll keep the suspense. The answer to this question. This very pressing important question about the Muslim civilization will be unveiled in the next episode, Part Six of unveiling the Muslim civilization. So today we have talked about

00:46:43--> 00:46:56

the promises the treaties Muslims made to the non Muslims when they landed in all these alien lands, and that time, the land of Egypt, the land of Syria, North Africa, Spain, Central Asia,

00:46:57--> 00:47:30

Persia, as far as India, all of these lands were taken by the Muslims, okay, within a century of the rise of Islam, and Muslims then made these promises to the non Muslims. And we will see whether these promises were fulfilled in the next episode. And then if these promises were fulfilled, what was the outcome? The outcome? Was it an outcry? Was the outcome Christians and Jews begging for Muslims to die?

00:47:31--> 00:47:40

To go away? Leave us alone? You're oppressive. You're tyrannical, you're tyrants, you're barbaric? Or it was the other way around?

00:47:41--> 00:47:46

Or was it the Jews and Christians are praying for the Muslims to stay in these lands and continue governing?

00:47:48--> 00:48:11

The answer to these questions inshallah will be given in the next episode provinces. I will stop here right now. I'll stop here right now. And inshallah we'll take questions very, very quickly. I'll try to answer some of your questions that have come in comments in Sharla. But humble in law here are bellami. So what are the questions? Okay, let me see. Okay.

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As long as you start, did you eventually debate doctor? No, I did not. Okay. Will you be at the park tomorrow? No, I am not in the country. I'm somewhere else. Okay. Also, any questions? Are there any questions in the comment section? If you have any questions, brothers and sisters, please put them forward right now in the comment section. And later on, please feel free to share this video with your contacts everywhere around the world. And I will be uploading this talk or this particular lecture on YouTube on my YouTube channel. And you can find this talk on live Dean's Facebook page, chill is going to be there. I would like to thank the lighting team for allowing me to use the

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platform and deliver this message and educate people about the Muslim history. Thank you so much for listening. It seems there are no more questions. I will stop here right now. And brothers and sisters hope to speak to you next week again at the same time, the same day. Until then, Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. What how unreliable. I mean