Universe by Chance – vs Confused Ex-Muslim Atheist

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Speakers Corner (4_9_16)

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Okay, wait, wait, I'm making a point. So this camera is not an accident. You're you're claiming.

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Thank you very much. You're I, I one of them is more a lot more sophisticated.

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Do you know do you know? No, no, I'm not. I'm not. That's the camera. Your eyes a camera?

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Yeah, this is a lot basic than your eyes. Okay, so now you're claiming that this is not an accident but the eye your eye?

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For powerful focused on this camera.

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Good. Good. Good.

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This is the point. This is the point. What about whatever so this is the point.

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Can you see?

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Can you see me?

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Am I good looking?

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You see me?

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Can you see me? Can you see?

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My stinky socks? Yeah.

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Does he have a purpose? For people made socks?

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My socks?

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Yes. If you ever walked in a desert

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on the floor, what do you

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Was it put together by someone? Or is it in blue? The sun came out and it rained. And lo and behold, there you have

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it. I'm talking about my stinky socks. If you see socks in a desert, would you ever think it came that it was made? By chance? Okay, once it is the socks no conflict for the universe.

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Are you seriously thinking

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you might exist

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Be honest, honesty.

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Which one has?

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Okay, universe is a billion times more complex. And I sent you what you believe.

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If the universe is more complex than myself, how do you see the universe? The universe is not designed random.

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He made a claim Hold on a second, he made a claim it is not designed. Okay. Before we move on to the question.

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You can you can you can you can. You can. You can another example I want to give a bit more a bit more

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relevant example, you saw if you saw this piece of cloth in the desert, but yet, he picked it up. It's got a pattern right? Would you think is accidental? No. No. Okay, wait, a peacock. It's to have you seen the peacocks tail? Okay, if you saw a peacock feather, okay. Would you say it's accidental? Yes.

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Amazing. Amazing. Now, why? well explain how you

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both have patterns. your jacket has a pattern. peacocks tail has a pattern on it. Which is more beautiful. Which one is more beautiful. Thank you.

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By nature, nature is blind. Nature is blind. Ah nature.

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Nature what nature

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we're not talking

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about anything.

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It's not about reasoning. Out the window.

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Just be honest with us. It doesn't make sense. It's not correct.

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It is something personal. Emotional. I don't like going I don't like

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tell me why you need a main reason. Yeah. All right. You know, when we live humans, okay, we all live in

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a universe right?

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It has to be everything has to be ordered, okay? Yes to be. It's not like this one thing that you don't take one thing and put it above everything else. Every has the existence like a harmony, right? And Muslims and Christians what they do to take one thing God and put it above everything okay.

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say something the Christians and the Muslims did I did not understand

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don't come and say to me, my socks

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Don't try to justify this

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there is a deeper reason

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when we use reason when we use reason to reason you cannot possibly reject you

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know you can't

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be able to give him arguments we have

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made the argument that

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you have a random sequence of characters

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take a random sequence, and it's like a million miles long, okay.

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Okay, in that whole random secret, there's not gonna be a few ways.

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You might

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have a sentence.

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Many times, if we threw sand a billion times in the castle, truly a trillion times we're throwing sand, a bucket of sand. Okay, quadrillion, okay, quadrillion, whatever. Yeah. Okay, wait, wait, no, no, no, that's the same exact probability. It's the principle of formula. You throw sand in the air a trillion times? Will you ever ever get a sand castle? Have you seen

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if you throw sand

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you ever get sandcastle? No.

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Big Bang. Big Bang is one of the most as the Big Bang is on the most plausible theories.

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There was a big bang, there was an explosion. Okay, in the beginning, okay. astrophysics

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after the Big Bang, we our solar system, our solar system is more sophisticated than a sandcastle Would you agree or not? Yes or no?

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Thank you. Thank you. So we can have a billion big banks. Okay. Can we get something like that? You I? You are in with your eyes within this planet? Your eye? Your lungs your heart Your brain? Yeah. Your cognitive ability intelligence and other question intelligence the ability to understand assess analyze situations. Can it come from blind unintelligent process?

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It can intelligence come from unintelligent Oh come from disorder.

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Can intelligence?

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Yes. Yes. evidence.

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Do you have a random

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Give him give me an example. A real example that works.

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Yeah, I'm telling you that.

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So what you're saying what you're saying is

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random letters. Yeah. For one thing doesn't mean one word and what you're saying is gonna be Shakespeare? Yeah.

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Do you ever get a Shakespeare? Do you have a long enough?

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if we are right, if we are right.

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We went from reasoning. But I gave you my socks. You said he can't come by.

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We can get Shakespeare from a random process of

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I don't need to ask anyone because I know that's important.

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can't have anything my friend yo Jackie came by

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living in an

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RV? No, look at this. Look at the dimensions. Wait, it doesn't start where it starts. Wait, wait, it starts with radiation and light from the sun. Okay, then we have our solar system and the planet.

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Finished please

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forget, I'm coming down in earth, slow one by one afternoon. And then we have then we have the wind, we have the stars, we have the cloud, we have our grass and trees, animals. We have birds. And then we have humans, we have brains, we have lungs, we have we have organs, for example, kidneys, we have ourselves we have molecules, everything becoming micro, micro upon micro upon micro and and the smaller we go, the more sophisticated it gets the cell in our body. Everything is designed, everything is there for a purpose. So you're telling me there's not only one accident, you're telling me there are trillions of Shakespeare's in that process. In that line of words, there are

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trillions of

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so how big is the planet Earth? That's the question. How big?

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How big is my friend? My friends, my friend? I'll be discussing the planet Earth, the universe. The universe? I have no idea.

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Let's go talk about something.

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You're looking for any reason

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to believe discussing the planet earth

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are we discussing the planet Earth right now? Yes. Okay. Within the planet Earth.

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I'll tell you why a billion planets.

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Shakespeare's Do you agree we have a trillion Shakespeare's trillion miracles if you want to call them that trillion intelligent, intelligent systems working to serve particular purposes, right or wrong? trillion accidents? We have a trillion over a trillion. sandcastles, right wrong.

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We need cells, we need blood running through our veins. And we only have a certain amount of blood mathematically calculated the amount of days we remain in our mother's womb, mother's womb calculated the amount of sperm we need to be reproduced, calculated, okay. Everything calculated everything calculated.

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You can you can you can you can look.

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That's a separate question. We're discussing a question here of whether there is intelligent purpose. Okay, when there is intelligence, are you intelligent?

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Okay, okay. Okay. Okay. And your intelligence came from a blind unintelligent process. Yes.

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Stone a stone can produce intelligence and no stone. Yeah.

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So you're telling me it's complexity, isn't it? No, no, no complex? Your your ability?

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No, no offense. You

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don't want to be

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random crazy people.

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The evidence we're giving you

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change your own mind.

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change your mind.

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Look, the big the big bang for the Big Bang.

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I'm asking you Okay, why?

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We don't believe in the

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perfect book.

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Define perfect. Find perfect.

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What was before the big bang? I don't know. I'm asking you. The Big Bang happened just did it come from your thing. mimicry itself?

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Can something come from nothing?

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Looking at the arguments, we're

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looking at arguments, looking at the arguments we have presented. What is more plausible, a god in existence, or no God? looking at all the arguments we have made

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Be very honest, what is more plausible, a planner or designer who made trillions of Shakespeare's or random blind, uncontrolled, unplanned process random blind