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Christians, when you put a family from the family of prophets on what they all have certain characteristics which are common, then you look at the Christian

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eating and drinking wine.

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Not a theory, not trainline.

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Everything you just mentioned

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there's something called

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you must have

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do you

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look like

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imitating a broccoli?

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On your fridge by praying like

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God is almighty, who is immortal.

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God is almighty sunlight. This question is basically immortal is all knowing he's not subject to anyone. He's the highest authority

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I have.

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When you look at Jesus, and his mother, even according to the Bible, even according to the Bible, and then you look at other prophets such as Moses and Abraham. And as we claim that he is a prophet. When you look at the lives, there is a lot of consistent consistency in their behavior. Number one, they pray like

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the prayed like, often they fasted. They circumcised all of them, including Jesus, the circumcised. Okay.

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Wait, wait, wait.

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let me finish my brother, what's the problem?

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I have to

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speak to so for when you look at Christians, when you put you put a fence where you put the family of prophets on one side, they all have certain characteristics which are common. Then you look at the Christian

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eating pork, drinking wine, looking like you know, not very not praying like

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everything you just mentioned, is gonna form

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there's something called form

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you must have both.

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Do you know? How can you

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look like marry? imitating a prophet? No, no, no, no, you

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have to do your practice every single day. It has to be in your practice and everyone

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understands when you practice I pray like Jesus

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Prayer has been important.

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Okay, we pray like, wait, wait, I want you to

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is this a discussion? Discussion?

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Discussion? Discussion?

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Discussion? Okay. Do

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Do we Muslims pray like Jesus yes or no?

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God, talk to

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Do you have five children? I have four. Okay. One of them naked.

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One of them is dead. One of them. One of them, one of them. None of them in

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their own different way of understanding. And I'm the father and I love them dearly. I will give the same message to the one I like, I'll give the same message to the one that

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I'll give the same message.

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At the end of the day, none of them is having a different message from the same God. You need to understand and please stop talking about

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do we pray like Jesus?

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Continue. Jesus,

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good habits.

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You have the family of prophets. They all have the same characteristics. When they pray, how they live,

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how they preached, how they behave. Then you have the family of Christians put them all in one basket. Whether they are Unitarians. Trinitarians mannitol radians, or Nestorians or Jacobites monitor sites do besides Protestants. Seventh Day Adventist Catholics, Orthodox Greek Orthodox

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rushing in to put them all in one basket. Do they look like behave like and do like that from your profits? Simple question. Very simple way of looking at it. Do they know because everyone's got different.

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I'm talking about all of them. You know when you love someone like, if you love Elvis Presley, you want to dress like if you want

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what's called basically

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right Jesus was your role model your idol. You would like to basically imitate what he does like the way the Muslims do it.

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That is called a man who loves Muslim.

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Yeah, dressing like

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at least praying like in

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modern life, no one's gonna dress like

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us in modern days, many people still dress like Elvis Presley, like in the 70s and 60s, do they not? That is what have you been? Have you been to Dubai?

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Have you been to Qatar, they have technology.

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Maybe 20 years ahead of

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their money. Dubai.

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Highly modern, highly modern. You look at them. They look like Jesus. They're all very long robes. They have beards. They're walking around, the women look like married. The modern dress like they have the best cars. They have the best hotels, they have the best shopping centers, and they are you looking like Jesus to marry. So modernity doesn't mean that you're divorced Jesus and His way of life, from our age, day and age. It doesn't mean that you don't want to dress like

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that is a spirituality the guy was talking about. He said prayer like that. The whole idea of prayer is that you basically bring your spirituality in connection with God. And that is what prayer is. But the guy for me it wasn't important. For as long as the close ignore it is a very spirituality.

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When you when you start saying Jesus is God, or basically is part of the Trinity. Is there any words in your entire bible that support the notion of

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this is your core doctrines on that?

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You will go here and we'll go with the Trinity Jesus. What made you believe when you know the history is not in the Bible? It's not in the Bible. It's in the first three centuries of Christianity, it doesn't exist. The most learning is smiling smoking because

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the most learned men be the most learned men.

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The Trinity, Trinity. None of the none of the early church fathers for the first three centuries of Christianity. Yeah. Who are these people? They're the ones collecting the Bible for you. They're the ones who are commenting on it. They're the ones explaining it. They're the ones who are documenting it closes today, Jane, Greek, in Hebrew and Aramaic. They are the ones who know it, right? None of them. I'm challenging anyone. For the first three centuries. Believe in the Trinity. There's only one man to say it's a trillion. Who describe the Trinity. I'm not talking to him.

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Okay, I'm scared, too scared of him. So, so the Trinity is not there. To Trillium, when he was explaining the Trinity. When you use the word treat us, in Latin, treat us he meant the drug three persons who we venerate and respect. But these three persons are not co equal. They're not quite eternal. Father, wait, let me Father made the policies today. I'm sure you don't even know what that is. For trillion.

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trillion, I'll give you the father made the son from His suffering, His own essence. And the sun made the spirit from his essence. So the sun is inferior to the Father, and the spirit is inferior to the sun. So the sun and the Spirit are subordinate to the Father. This is not the Trinity Christians believe it, right. So none of the three centuries. Church Fathers, early three centuries are the first three centuries of Christian history. None of the patristic Church Fathers believed in the doctrine of the Trinity that only starts to emerge in the fourth century.