Adnan Rashid – Dirty Language of Qadiani Prophet vs Qadiani Murabbi

Adnan Rashid
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If I called him this word, he would be deeply offended. I know that his heart would break he would struggle to speak to me and like me and under wanting to hate me. Okay, if a prophet is preaching to his opponents, Why is he calling them haram Zadi You bastard children isn't a jazzy because he said become halal and accept the victory rounds and they cannot change in what he is a visa Hanami he's always helped me here as you can change and become this shows he's using it majority since

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they are ill ha Allah sent down according to you the word Randy Randy Bazi haram curry Qadiani is listen to me right now comedies around the world. These words you claim Itza was more him he had alarm. Writing at the scene of the Quran came from Allah he's a prophet of Allah to you. And the words Randy Randy Bazi haram carry out to LA Gama was a villa coming from Allah subhanaw taala.

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hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah new topic with Rossi, I am claiming that Mirza was not a prophet of Allah for among many reasons, for one specific reason, that he was an extremely foul man, he was in decent in his behavior in his language and in his demeanor and he abused his opponents with extreme language even when he was teaching his own followers. He used extreme language extreme explicit language that any decent family in the Indian subcontinent may not use Okay, whereas he might try to bring Arabic terms from the Arabs that cannot be used in our discussion here because we are dealing with the Indian people who read or do they knew the Punjabi language and they knew these

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words are foul. So because Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani was an extremely foul person not only to his opponents, but even to his own followers. He cannot be a prophet of God because a prophet of God is not foul. He is not someone who abuses people in these languages now Mirza in one of his books, and I'm quoting from Rouhani design volume 21 page 193 He is commenting on the Quran, okay. And he uses language for example, I will wrote Okay, pass.

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Okay, welcome. Jassa can not fog can be haram carekit torpor kisi Randy Kaye and Amina honey may porta to is maybe where he lives that in Nevada, where he lives it looks for dilemma lako hozelock da Jessa gabbing EBV Cassatt so Mesa is saying that, just as during haram Chari during haram car is a very bad word. Okay, because the word Rosie my take from this is Xena Xena is a polite way of saying adultery but haram kar kar is a street language, okay? It's strict language. Okay? Just just as someone doing this evil act with a randy which is a prostitute, but this word Randy is very, very ugly, very important and very, very foul. I dare any Qadiani to use this term in the family

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gatherings they would never do that. So this will continue.

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So one second,

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restart and restart.

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As it dammit the lesson was the greatest father of Rasulullah sallallahu so many challenges people that Allah revealed to me that God loves to feed them Amara Makahiki of Allah Tokuda show me anything in my life which is against Quran and Sunnah No one dare to step up Azuma couldn't step up now he's raising false allegations against has it definitely some No you said as it definitely some used foul language now here I had the fear $100 challenge I will wake you the whole night I dare Adnan the sheet to read the focus your whole never open his mouth, because it's the greatest of sera sera Momineen. ever written in the history of Islam, which is why he had to take one sentence out of

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there now in his turn, he has to read Kalami Ilahi and also these two Hadees and explain them for the viewers what it means with the commentary of his Alma they give me how jealous Can I like for example, Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Anhu Singh, OMSAS Bibi brother a lot. What does this mean? Say that at the dinner table in front of your women family, then also nobody says I'm saying montazah biaza Ilja Helia for it do who were Lakhta Can you read it in front of your female members and explain to them I also have a DISA here to hurry that he needs to read at the dinner table chiamato company will never dairy these things because he knows that context matters. Now as for the future, this is

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beautiful as it definitely is and is giving the example of wushu and Salah in Surah Momineen. Allah mentioned the stages of spirituality then the stages of creation where Allah mentions route for Allah and Madiba. So in the stages of spirituality, Allah says those who are humble in their prayers as Emerson says some people pray they cry a bit the few over the world but the mythology of the Spirit physical life is done.

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are not fun. If someone has a physical relations with their wife and they release, it doesn't mean they get that pleasure that true pleasure Allah desires for man, which is when the need for goals and the woman and her husband wife have relations, the sperm cell is protected by the dam. This doesn't happen with the process. We tend to people that don't get excited over one or two kids. This is like that example. There's nothing wrong in this stuff. See, we're all from a sperm cell unless it's in the Quran just as the smaller minority and just as Rosie beautifully explained it in civilized language, why couldn't the prophet of God not do it? Why couldn't you do it? Why didn't

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he? Why did he have to use I mean, he wants to read all the all the fee. We're not talking about all his stuff here. We're talking about the parts where the problem is, he is doing a comparison between Huzoor insula with having * with your wife and actually * inside her. It's all there. It's all there. Nova is basically your * being poured inside your wife guys. I'm sorry. Please, please forgive me. Don't shoot the messenger. Okay. There's a neglect over governorship. Okay, documenting. Cofer is not covering itself. I'm just Detroit this is for the Qadiani community. I would never bring this up. Okay, but this is for you guys. For for you to understand that this guy

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is not a prophet of God. okay for him to use this language. He has to be a street guy he has to come from street his mind is dirty. To compare how your diligence in Salah with having * with your wife and pouring inside her literally the words I'm quoting the word ask him to deny these words. Why is a prophet of God using this language to do a commentary on the Quran and he's bringing examples where we Bacardi Allah Juan was angry and he he lashed out at a cover for insulting the Prophet and him okay, and he's using none of these the same Meza mirrors using Terminal Randy. Randy Bazi haram Chari these words Allah He I want Llahi I'm not being a hypocrite, Wallah he I would

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never use this language in the presence of my parents or my family Wallah he, my mother would slap my face, she would slap my face. This is a profit writing industry. Randy Randy body haraam curry.

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You know what Allah He I cannot explain. The caveat is know this, be sincere with Allah don't reject the truth. You know the truth. This is not the language of a prophet. Time's up.

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One second, okay, so Adnan Rashidi, through Nabi SallAllahu Samui to has it Abu Bakr de la Hui now to the Quran we're in Surah ydF Timon

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do we do it in his turn?

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Restart the timer.

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In surah Momineen Allah says cut off law has don't read. I know they said don't worry, they'll be visible in the camera. Okay. No laughing No fighting. No. Okay. Okay, any more jokes or jokes? I'm just reacting the way you're behaving I'm sorry. It's fine. So online the Quran is giving dismissal of God or flood me know now Adnan Rashid has an allegation the word note for which is called the Quran. So today he took the Quran under the bus as well. Now he's raising allegation has attacked lesson giving the example of a prostitue he misinterpreted and what has it that lesson missing that when you read namaz, you feel the horseshoe one or two kids? Does it mean you have to look with

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Allah, just take those evil people, they have relations with their wives, the develop color of the good people, but the evil people have it with prostitutes, they also feel that same feeling but no Taluk is developed. So do not think with the few kids you read, reach that spiritual birth. Just like when you have relations with one's wife, then you feel that spiritual feeling when you have or learn in the second kiss with those who have relations with parsers. They do get that feeling. There's a reason Adnan Rashid will not dare read this tafsir in context because he knows it's such a beautiful example of who he is. I read his own words right now I'll read his own words. He says,

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Look how beautifully Razi explained that 100 Allah Imam Bukhari said he accepted that this is a beautiful tafsir and the wording of hubitat NASM is amazing, which is why he's afraid of reading that oh pm to read it to his use. He will he wants to take it out of context. The point of as a demo lesson is beautiful note Fi is not a bad word, unless you're born from a neutral which comes out same thing as it doesn't say this in the Quran. But he doesn't want the Quran that's why he threw it behind his back. As for they can laugh all they want they're laughing

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and ask for kilometer Allah He Adnan Nasheed has to read his Columbia Ilahi I challenged him read this I give him to ah DCD adjusted Nabi someone because according to him, it's Gustave now the biller, he doesn't believe he can read in front of his mom or sister and he accepts this that's really good that he could the example of a case study

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was angry Rasul Allah was there he affirmed it but it was appropriate for that. This is the most beautiful to see I give him Colombia and I challenge him to find this

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and this hadith

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they'll never read it

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Yes they will. You have to read it all.

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Stay here, okay, I promise you I will give you 100 Does you have to read it or work through it the entirety of SEO. Okay, let's Let's start.

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Let's start 20 Guys Guys guys start my third round.

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So does he he keeps insisting upon alternative Well, my problem is not the word not far. It's in the Quran. That's why it's in the Quran. Okay.

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The term the problem I have is okay is Randy Randy Bazi haram curry I'm sorry. Again guys. I have to get my hands dirty and my tongue dirty in order to clean the mess these Qadiani is and their profit so called profit is created. Okay. Very foul language very foul man. I would never use that language in front of my mother, my father my family, okay, let alone write it into See he keeps saying read the whole the fear. I said I don't want to read all the fear. I don't want to read it because he's writing this stuff. Okay, why would I read dystrophy when someone's writing this stuff in the field? Those who wrote the Punjabi language and most Qadiani is do listen, this is not the language of a

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decent man, let alone a prophet of God. And you know what? The problem is he's comparing Allah with the womb. He's saying just says in Kyushu in Salah, you have a connection with Allah is just like you having a connection with the womb, when you pour into the womb and Dom and Dom in a hurry, which means *. Sorry, *, okay.

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Like yeah, yeah, I'm sorry, guys. I'm sorry. I'm using these words. Because he is doing a comparison between Allah and you know what? Yeah, so another gem I have for Rosie because it's about mythos language. Okay. And Rouhani design, volume nine Mirza, having lost the debate against Abdullah atom. Okay. And those people who are saying there's a lost the debate, this is what Meza has to say, or hamari Fatah kajioka nahi hoga the soft from Georgia Vega que Isko Waldo haram Bonica

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showcar what haram sadhana he had the one who does not consider me victorious is a bastard child and is not a legitimate child. This is my dog alarm Qadiani

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one second you have amadas a Hancock I

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know you need him.

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luck on your wavy shaman

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or whatever, I'll just call it I haven't memorized you can.

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stomata mati so Adnan Rashid accepted that notifies in the Quran but he has an issue with the word of prostitue he forgets to not be cutting off time but again the word is the Trade Center in the way the word

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the word Randy which here lesson uses for five short word deposit to the noun to say I said it brother can restart again this is the issue yeah both to be buried again. Listen, Okay listen, do you believe that you by reading that you get reward Yes. Yeah. The word we do

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you do this? Do you do this be this is this suspect? All laughing you guys get this be of this edition now be system plus one does a big one believe reading

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every word has to do with your

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question I should get extra time. This is

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no this is extra time because you cut

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for time and see if this is

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not always used. You took your turn you started is this point?

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No this is a sport because he started for us.

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So I took my fourth

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My next one is for you took the three chairs This is okay. This is 34

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do a question Give me a minute to answer let's see I didn't even take 10 seconds

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please so he says in the Quran Alhamdulillah on record he accepted that the seer I did of sunnah move into his always will haunt him tokuyama He said Look how beautifully Razzie explained it so his issue with the word. Randy prostitue or fireshot word he forgets the NABI system in our disk

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For those who follow the John O laden mommies, he has to translate that in history. Then he said do you do test B of this? Does he do this give this hadith sahih al Bukhari whereas Natasha mentioned four types of Nica that were before Islam I did him to read a Kiama will come in Buhari sentido shiver reading this, because he is against his own soul. Please show me the time so the next point is that he mentioned that drill bit this be this we read district says the greatest of sin. His friend said he won't be the after I will pay my $100 I doubt he would dare read distance, it's the greatest of sin. Now, speaking of the, he said as if that lesson compared in a mass to other hand,

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this is offered. I have here the book of his wujud Did Shah is smite Shaheed said Kiama can come we can never disown him, he will lose everything if he disowned it set out the Mr. Game. In this book. He says Kay he mentioned the remembrance of Allah and he says do not remember not be CISM Indian namaz, he says is Sibbett that hair get what God did get suited consorts law. He compares this to the SU license. Don't think of novices. I mean, you know, man, it's better you think of a donkey has it down. Let's give the example allows us to shy away from giving examples. His Mujaddid says think of donkeys in your namaz but don't take a preschooler. This is blasphemy if we go by his as soon as

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president lesson it's clear. People have relations with wife that attire Lucas, you know made them is protects the sperm so a child is born. As for those who have relations with prostitutes, it's destroyed their progeny the RAM doesn't protect the sperm so it goes to waste in the same way through who shoe is what protects you and gives you information. Not for shoe to

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wear words any unpleasant words said by anyone but disown them whether they are set by my father, my grandfather, my grandmother muchacho my mommy Mottai makalah whoever shows me shade included Rahmatullah Lee, we do not agree with his wording. We do not disagree with it. We just own that particular wording. Okay. That's it, period. That's done. Okay. Moving on. You cannot discern His words. Those words are ye they are in harm Allah is sent down according to you the word Randy Randy Bazi haram curry Qadiani is listen to me right now comedies around the world. These words you claim Itza was more him he had alarm. Writing at the scene of the Quran came from Allah he's a prophet of

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Allah do you and the words Randy Randy Bazi haram carry out the will La Palma with Allah coming from Allah subhanaw taala. Not only that, where he said to his opponents, Don't wallow, don't harass. You are bastards for not thinking or not accepting my victory over the latter. This is how he's treating people. All those Muslims who were telling him you lost the debate because you had people apologizing, he's calling them bastards. Not only that, people who resist it the British colonial rule in India, he called the Harami. In his writings, haram he called them Harami bastards. If you resist oppression, as the Quran commands interrupt. If you fight against oppression, colonial rule,

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destructive genocidal, racist, tyrannical colonial rules. If you resist oppression, You are a bastard

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you are a Harami all the Billa tomorrow's vlog guys I'm sitting in the machine. And again Nicola Cofer Governor Basha I'm using these words because Mirza landed the Qadiani is in this quagmire. So now defend these words how can someone resisting oppression according to the Quran, as the Quran commanded you call them bastards because you love the colonial masters so much that you want to lick the boots

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and hamdulillah Adnan is shivering now he accepted that distance he was beautiful when I explained the Alhamdulillah now he's saying I disown shiz my cheat Alhamdulillah one Why are you cutting me off again?

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Let him speak borboleta your I just wanted to do it

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let me finish

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as a brother

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the lie Why do you rely no on my camera on camera everyone? Everyone heard me on those particular words.

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Okay, okay, so why not stop? Stop cutting me off. I said Shall we literacies revelation and then he apologized when in prison I knew

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guys What is this? Let me speak Afghan to that as well too now.

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Control yourself if you don't like what I say respond in your turn.

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Yes, folks. So he does own the state. We have SHA

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It's my treat Alhamdulillah even that's enough for many years deobandis brevis said it's Gustave he said as a term lesson, use these words and compare them to Allah. This is good Starkey. Now the biller he threw scheisse mentioned under the bus. Not only this Asha Polly Tandy septic Viettel Imani compares and murabba Nabi system to die of Bucher and genre he has to give the fatwa on that as well. Then he said he has issues with the word prostitue. Randy I already explained the hazard templates and stuff see is beautiful which is why his friend I challenged him $100 reward you will read this word for word I will reward him before I leave we will have an honor and record inshallah.

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Then he said he mentioned one point that such language is not used a bastard haram zada he doesn't mean for hungry as we in other audiobooks, it makes it clear that haram and haram Haram is used for Sharia as well on the CP it has a definite substance if you want to be halal rather than affirm this victory a little Herranz they cannot change to Allah Azza the Deschutes us majaz he says this Al Quran uses it for disbelievers as well as the name the Sahaba said this means what to do Zina so he to Sahaba and did the buses when he knows doing this evening Tamia that Mala and much more Fatah he said Axel Oxford not to use the term one that does not diminish sherried He doesn't understand this

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on the CB does it timeless and says that if you say Muslims lost Islam lost in Christians one then you are not fulfilling your right as a believer and this is the Quranic chimney terminology is the name and whatnot I give him a shout out louder mommies he never addressed that he said as a template Some said that those are Harami who do not you know obey the British government but Todd he said the same thing is Shawn just said no space.

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Okay, so start your forms. Okay, I

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promise continue. It will stop just now just now. Okay, then start the record for your phones on your phone so that you have the footage? Yeah. Oh no, I want my own click on Get that footage for copyright reasons so I can't upload down No not you cannot you have your camera. We've stayed my last game in that I just said because how long do you continue but as long as how long the last two minutes had gotten it didn't record for two minutes. Okay, so And let me do this turn again then. Okay, okay, let me do this turn again. Do you want my phone? Yeah, can you can summarize you can summarize to be fair, you can summarize it no I want that's not fair. The let me get this portion

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from your camera but that just this portion. But I'm not going to wait for you for me we do this. But let me at least allow you to switch the mics onto the phone quickly. Okay, let's take a break two minutes, or quickly do this. No, you're gonna have to hold the bro. Okay, so just take off that mic and turn off the camera.

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I need the top mixer. Take this thing.

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My turn is the next Pick the last Nicki Minaj

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Okay, normally discussion right now we're on this to just do

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not gonna need about 10 minutes to read all these lockers

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let's keep it for a second.

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Okay, so it should be working at number eight this is going to be hard yeah, but I hope it's not too bad man. I apologize. I don't know that memory correct. 200 gigs what memory credit you guys using? Some B's memory

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is this recording answer? Yes. Do you have maybe

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you want me to run out as well? No, no, don't worry.

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Just keep it rolling. Oliver keeps

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wanting to be organic. Just let it go as it is. No conversation.

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Sorry. Does he come and do it later? Start your

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cut it's cut off. Yeah, I didn't get my last last two minutes before the rest.

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Two minutes again.

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Do distribute you can sit down and generous I am. It must say

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that's the basic you can do brother we came to meet you

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this Yeah. Do you want to say can you not do you mind if he can just get some books? Rewarding me to do math and whether you cannot imagine? Yeah, I'm asking him why do you need to do complicated stuff? We don't need doing stuff. Okay, number one.

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Get tired. Spice it down to

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just sitting down.

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making a big deal in my bag and just leave the phone on the back

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issues but Assam can I how do I know that so then just do Houston energy tip is squeaky data they don't want to give us the books it's fine Allah

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we're not depriving your books

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helps us believe

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it's fine it's

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not make sure the quality is on us both yeah we'll do that let's let's stop let's not wait I don't want to because our cameras rolling I don't want to start two minutes ago

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and hamdulillah Adnan the sheet has thrown shots may check on the sun shines man cheated under the bus for hundreds of years deobandis Braille this condom Gustave the school for this same about it and he fell into my trap and said we disowned this we don't accept it so according to him because as the definition wrote this and he says it's called for blasphemy he accepted that this is way worse any dish

00:25:56 --> 00:25:58

read the day was that necessary?

00:26:00 --> 00:26:00


00:26:05 --> 00:26:05


00:26:07 --> 00:26:49

please discussion my brother's don't interfere okay. Please continue to do so my point is he through shines made shade shades him under the bus Braille these deobandis called them Crawford gustavian is suited for this a bartender today in Imam Buhari center. The representative of all the freakin accepted the AMA there's a Han and the deobandis there right? He wasn't good start. This is his own view, not mine. Then he has the issue with the word prostitute. Randy as a temp SMC is beautiful that those who are reading namaz when they have a few kids sometimes they think that you know we reached our spirituality such as Sam says no, this is wrong. Few kids mean nothing that doesn't look

00:26:49 --> 00:27:25

the Aloka the tar look of the namaz. The birth person with Allah is not manifested to a future there has to be ongoing. Then you get the spiritual birth. Then he says in the worldly sense it only in Surah Woombye. Noon mentioned the spiritual stages then the stages of the click he mentioned is not fine. He mentioned the stage of birth. If someone has relations with the prostitute, that neutral goes to waste. It's not the same as when you have relations with your wife and the dam protects the children and you have a child that happiness you have when you see have a child it's not like that of people who have relations with prostitutes. This is the deceit inshallah Anons friend has agreed

00:27:25 --> 00:28:03

that for $100 You will read this entire to see we will record it inshallah I doubt he'll ever do it $100 will be given to him today. Now his next point was such words of haram that are not appropriate I showed him on the same page in invalid Islam has done this and explains that this is my jersey because he said become halal and accept the bakery or haram that they cannot change in what his epistle Harami he's always around here as you can change and become halal. This shows he's using it majaz he says ama there's a concept was asked about this he said it's may mean Shaleen for hunger spear other addictions also say say mean he should even the team in much more fatawa said most

00:28:03 --> 00:28:13

people use this to mean evil to throw them under the bus as well lasting batavi also said those who oppose the government are haram it means eventually do not to bother the government.

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Miss Mala Mala Rahim I have clarified that all the unpleasant words of any scholar of Islam, we disown them, we don't believe in them. And we ask Allah to forgive them. Whoever they may be, I mean, Yara, okay, but Mirza was a prophet. He should have known better, is not just a scholar. There is no comparison between Mirza as a prophet and ordinary scholars of Islam, because they're not prophets. Prophets are very few scholars are 1000s. Right. So for Razi to use keep using these words in defense, any sincere Qadiani or comedy out there listening to these words Harami avanzada. Randy, Randy, was he him defending his profit? You know, there's something wrong there. I just want to

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reach your emotions, and invoke your humanity and your decency that hearing these words, even when he's defending Meza, do you think this is normal? Do you think he's actually talking about a normal person who had a decent mind and a decent heart using words like Harami Rama he said it's metaphorical. This is all majority. Or he said this means Sherry Ferrante are Sofia. Rosie is lying, because then you open for Hungary and Serbia and use the third is look at the term haram zada it has three meanings which he skips and goes to the fourth meaning because three meanings are bastard child will does. A lot of haram and all of that. Okay. Now, because he says this means Sri

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mischievious I believe as a sheriff, I believe he should leave. He has shot in him. He is naughty. If I call them haram zada how the biller? Don't want to do that is a beautiful case. I don't want to call him that.

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Please don't get this wrong, but I'm just using it as an example. Okay, if I called him this word, he would be deeply offended. I know that his heart would break he would struggle to speak to me and like me, and I don't want him to hate me. Okay, if a prophet is preaching to his opponents Why is he calling them haram Zadi You bastard children will they ever believe time is up me up give me one last

00:30:23 --> 00:30:28

last second I just want to walk through the 100 a lot of a lot I mean

00:30:30 --> 00:30:34

this is just amazing. One second wisdom had this page OH

00:30:35 --> 00:30:50

Not that one the one with nubby systems are a DS as you can't even organize his papers Yeah, it's too many allegations by the 100 I'm able to answer his last his last his last No no no it is organized strong Schmidt Doha DC

00:30:52 --> 00:30:54

Yeah, just like ICT

00:30:55 --> 00:30:57

internet International Court of Justice they lost the papers designers

00:31:02 --> 00:31:10

need them I haven't memorized anyways. So let me just which people had just right on the designers lawyers also lost the papers

00:31:14 --> 00:31:21

you know when you're defending bottled paper Get lost you don't you look there is no Alhamdulillah this is Allah's blessing. This is not me. Look, I have nothing in front of me.

00:31:23 --> 00:31:24


00:31:25 --> 00:31:28

And their leader. Okay your time my time is starting.

00:31:30 --> 00:31:57

Now again at Nanda she'd rejected Rasulullah sallallahu Assam and has it Abu Bakr de Allah on he said you cannot use these words if you are even discussing with your opponents I just give him example of Abu Bakar at the Allah Who homeschools because it be buzzard A lot can you read that in front of your female members in explain that she's seen he can say yes to do that and record the reaction and also the addition of Nabil some way he says Manta azubi Why do you need to do this

00:31:59 --> 00:32:00


00:32:01 --> 00:32:01

not stop

00:32:05 --> 00:32:09

looking just continue continue we start the time we started

00:32:10 --> 00:32:14

oh my god you do that when those guys did that to you look at that camera when they did that

00:32:16 --> 00:32:24

that's my that's my key Deacon see Deacon slap me if they want you guys shooting interest right no problem 30 More seconds later yeah they don't they don't

00:32:25 --> 00:32:27

listen don't get

00:32:29 --> 00:32:30

lost yeah

00:32:32 --> 00:32:33

let's let's let him finish.

00:32:37 --> 00:32:40

Just did that fear of Nabi SallAllahu lism and

00:32:42 --> 00:32:47

the reason you can see a boy has been missing or do whatever you want, and I can show you

00:32:49 --> 00:32:49

again cutting your

00:32:52 --> 00:32:55

approval. If I don't put it then you can see.

00:32:57 --> 00:33:35

Let him do this continue to time. Let people decide what he just did the fear of Nabi system and hesita who Bacara de la Hana. He said you cannot use such language even about your opponents when nobody says him said that does a bill Jai Leah this was the not about people was that not first language and Abu Bakr Adela who use their bow lat ohms be buzzard Allah, there was a bow upon it. You know what ebony Hodges says in fact the body he says this is worse than mocking one's mother. This is why Abner Hodges says so acquainted nanosheet Abu Bakr Delano Nabi system, they're all gone. He starts from the old Amma, but his goal is to throw away all the Gambia this is the point I'm

00:33:35 --> 00:33:51

trying to make this is my mocha Dima, then he said that, you know, I lied against for hunger spear. The other three meanings we agree on. The point is context matters for hunger. Hamdulillah. Adnan accepted that one meaning of Ramadan is Sharif he's saying if someone if I said

00:33:53 --> 00:34:11

I'm going to answer no, this is the problem. Now you said Can I call you Carranza give me 10 extra seconds can he say these are these to any of these brothers Nabi system said it aboubaker The hola hola Sen. The person who are robbing Massoud to wall Adnan he said Can I call you Harami? Can you use these

00:34:13 --> 00:34:46

Sallalahu listen lism against people on the street I challenge him go on the sheet get a random guy columns and him telling to hold on to his for this private part and then also tend to suck on his God's private part. Would you say that to someone on the street you will slap him in the face. This is the point he keeps asking me Can I call you this? Quran is full of such words he calls people donkeys monkeys pigs. What do you say that to anyone he sees on the street? Of course now granted shuttle Berea What do you use these words should any of his brothers here when he called them hundreds he killed the tune? What do you use these words really come shuddered. But here or here,

00:34:46 --> 00:35:00

man. These are in the Quran. I said Allah, other mommies? Will he use that for these people? Will he tell these people now the biller to do the Hadees I mentioned of Abu Bakr de la Honda and whatnot. He says and said this is his point. He's using the

00:35:00 --> 00:35:09

Shoulder Masimo the lesson to throw the profits away this has been hodgin Ebola they don't have to sue they just reject all dunbia and humble in LA

00:35:10 --> 00:35:15

presented our cases people can decide where the Hawk is where the truth is

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