Abdul Wahab Saleem – Barakah – The Lost Element In The Pursuit Of Happiness

In this lecture, Sh. Abdul Wahab Saleem shares some of the ways to increase barakah in one’s life. Here is a glimpse into the barakah (blessing) that Allah had placed in the time of Al-Ḥāfiḍh Ibn Ḥajar al-‘Asqalānī (r):

1- He read all of Sunan Ibn Mājah in 4 sittings. Sunan Ibn Mājah collects 4341 traditions.

2- He read all of Ṣaḥīḥ Muslim in 4 gatherings + 1 gathering of khatm. It collects around 4000 traditions if the repeated ones are not counted. When counting the repeated traditions, some have estimated it as much as approximately 12 000.

3- He read al-Sunan al-Kubrā by al-Nasā’ī in ten 4-hour long gatherings! Al-Sunan al-Kubrā is sold today in 12 volumes. It collects close to 11 949 traditions.

4- He read al-Mu‘jam al-Ṣaghīr of al-Ṭabarānī between ḍhuhr and ‘aṣr. It collects 1198 traditions.

5- He read Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī in ten 4-hour long gatherings. It collects 7563 traditions.

6- During a short stay in Damascus which was just under three months, he read about 100 volumes, in addition to other work he was doing.

He also wrote and copied many books in very brief periods. For instance, he copied Ibn Nuqṭah’s al-Taqyīd in just 5 days which is around 800 pages in a modern print. That would mean he wrote around 160 pages a day!