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Tila Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala should have freedom be able to study in her mother Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam does live in Cathedral cathedra Hamamatsu

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my brothers sisters elders

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How do you enter Islam?

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If somebody says I want to enter some What do you tell them to do

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how do you enter Islam?

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You don't know

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either recite the shallots this editor

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so what is the shell?

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Can somebody tell the shell?

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What is it?

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The Hi Lola in that Illa who in La Jolla? What is the Shahada? Can somebody recite the shower?

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What is wrong with you? It is not Joomla

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then what is the difficult

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eyeshadow? Hola Hola. Hi Lola. Shana house. All right, fellas.

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So what is the statement

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what is the statement

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Yeah, okay.

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Justify Oh, that is a translation what is it?

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nature of the statement what is it

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there's no that's it that translation

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bearing witness.

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So you are informing somebody of that there is a lie is only one and which also law is wrong? Is it?

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Is information

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is it a Statement of Information yes or no there's no exempt there's no past there's gonna fail there's no punishment there's a gray bar does nothing right. Talk What

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are you What is the statement is it information nation proclamation information

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certain, just certain

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certain earlier Allah

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let me ask one more question. What is the first question of the grave and the very simple just not really be varied somebody

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Murghab book? What is that statement? What is the question? What is he asking?

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Who do

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Is he asking who is the rub of the LME?

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No, the question Who knows this right?

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mancha or Nikita Do They Know Who is Allah? They don't know who is Allah? You know?

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So why are they asking you

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why they're asking you then already

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about you they know they know who is out there saying who is your

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mark rabuka.

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Now, take this back to the shadows what is the Shahada?

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Rabu coming God who is your son?

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What is this is this this is talking about what there are so many kids in the masjid who in all these 20 kids here who is your son means what that is a statement of what

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statement of your son is what statement of

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Question No.

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Father who's of all meaning what this is what what do you call this thing? Father and son What do you call it relationship in the law he went through the vital relationship What is your relation to it? What is your relation to Imran?

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Your religious man Rob Booker means what? What is your relationship with Rob?

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What is your religion you know? What is your relationship? La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasool Allah is a declaration of what

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I was not a Muslim till yesterday. Now I come I take the shahada means what? I am acknowledging the Hoja the Declaration the acceptance, that I have a relationship with my Creator

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with Allah

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Allah was Allah I was Abdullah whether I accept it I did not accept I was atheist. I was Christian. I was Jewish. I was Hindu I was anybody that did not change. Allah is the Huacaya who alcoholic Anna mean?

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Hello Hello, this is

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then this does not change

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but in the math LOG IN THE insan and gin, there are some who accept and acknowledge this relationship.

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Yes I acknowledge and accept as hadoo Allah Ilaha illa Allah, I bear witness that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah means what I bear witness that I will not worship anyone other than Allah. He is talking about his relationship with Allah

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who has had one more Hamadan rasool Allah, that I bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the Rasul of Allah, and he is the one who I follow.

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This is the meaning of the he this is the meaning of Islam. This is the meaning of entering Islam is to accept and acknowledge this relationship.

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And then to maintain this relationship by

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obeying the orders of Allah subhanaw taala. And the way the method of obedience of these orders is called what the Sunnah of Muhammad Rasulullah

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sallallahu is

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the most important The first of them is Salah, which we did just now visa shadow Allah, Allah Illallah I bear witness that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah. So at the time of Salah, what do I do I stand up as I'm ready.

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I acknowledged that I bore witness and I'm I declared that there is no one worthy of worship except to and I'm here ready to worship you, but how should I worship what is the method of worship?

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What is the method of worship? Should I sing a song should I dance should I be drums? What should

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the people who do all this right, there are people who do all this

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Allah surrenders it do what my intermediate

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so Rosa has an absurd sir Lo, Kumar I Timon Usili. Pray as you have seen me pray.

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So if you take the color shahada sha Allah Allah is Allah is to accept the needed reason and need for Salah and to stand up for Salah and I should one hour her mother Rasul Allah is the actual salah is the method of the Salah. We just prayed Satya Nadella the rocket This is how it is to be done. This is how you enter Salah with a beard the hair Eva This is ru and salat wa salam and in between that they will remind the salam you make so many record and so many pseudo then you do this you do that you decide this or that

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statement of that who is a Muslim? A Muslim is the one who has an acknowledges and honors the relationship with Rob gelatin. No.

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It's not somebody who has everybody has. Everyone has the relationship there is no there is no escape from it. Right? You have three children, they are your children.

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May Allah make them obedient and may Allah Subhana Allah give them increase them in the repertoire and increase them in the in all goodness. But we have situations where some child will rebel against the birds,

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leaves the home goes away.

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He's still your child.

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You can't change that. Even if you want to change it you cannot change. Even if you're in your ankles, you are no longer my son, he's still yours.

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You can you can reject that said, the genetics what Allah created the blood cells, the genes are the same. You can reject if you want no problem. He's still your son.

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Even if he leaves Islam, he cannot inherit from you because he has left Islam but he's still your son.

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On the Day of Judgment, when he is called who will be called by whose name you want him.

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Philander been fallen.

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So our connection with Allah subhanaw taala is is Allah is not dependent on anybody who can say do not say don't say to reject it, no probably you are still the slave of Allah.

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The Muslim is the one who accepts this since Al Hamdulillah. I'm very happy to be the slave of Allah. And I will show my obedience by obeying Allah subhanaw taala the first and foremost of that is Allah

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first and foremost, listen.

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So I remember as I remind myself when you let us think about how

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How can I strengthen this relationship so that when

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in the cover when I've asked

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for a book

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The answer will be clear or be Allah

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or maybe at that time my voice will say, who I baddie

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somebody else will answer for you inshallah.

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Hoselton away,

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not possible it is possible if Allah wishes

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whoever whoever the

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or Abdi, he is my abs

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he asked Allah subhanaw taala

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to help us to live a life in which where Allah subhanaw taala himself will acknowledge that we are his earbuds

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because Allah Allah Allah, Karim, Allah Allah He was a board member Africa