Yasir Qadhi – Lives Of The Sahaba 49 – Abdullah Ibn Abbas – PT 02

In this talk by Shaykh Yasir Qadhi, we get drawn into the life and times of Abdullah Ibn Abbas RA in more elaborate detail.

We are enlightened with details on the wives and children of Abbas RA.he was a handsome phis wife is most famously referred to by her kunya – Umm Fadhl but her actual name was Lubabah bint Al Harith RA. she is the second woman to have converted to Islam after Khadija RA.she had children from Abbas RA and the most prominent amongst them were – Fadhl RA, Qutham RA, Abdullah RA and Ubaydullah RA.

It has been said that in the times of Abbas RA, his family was attributed with the traits of beauty , knowledge and generosity. It was acknowledged by the people that Fadhl RA was an embodiment of beauty, Abdullah RA was an embodiment of knowledge and Ubaydullah RA was an embodiment of generosity or Taawun.

We are then divulged details on the Ghusl of Prophet SAW for his Janazah and how the sons of Abbas RA were amongst the key 4 people who were  part of this prestigious moment – Fadhl RA, Quthum RA.

The sons of Abbas RA also fins another unique way of some connection with the Prophet ﷺ and that is in the way they share a unique resemblance with the Messenger of Allah. The gifted 4 people are :

  • Hassan RA
  • Jaffer Ibn Abi Talib RA
  • Qutham Ibn Abbas RA
  • Abu Sufyan Ibn Harith RA.

We also get to know the various Hadith that have been from the Abbas RA clan.

Narrated/Authority of Ibn Abbas:

The Prophet ﷺ said, “I have been ordered to prostrate on seven bones i.e. on the forehead along with the tip of the nose and the Prophet pointed towards his nose, both hands, both knees and the toes of both feet and not to gather the clothes or the hair.”