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An Ummah that Feels like One Body


AI: Summary © The transcript describes a disturbing and seemingly random behavior of a woman named Hope, who has been living in a house with many people living there. She has been parked and broken, and has been laying on a mattress and waking up to a loud and loud music. The transcript also describes a woman named Hope who has been laying on a mattress and waking up to a loud music.
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Japan a lot less than two weeks ago more than half a million people were living here enjoying their life yet fans Subhanallah and suddenly at 417 Alas Ponte either have another plan for them

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it's beyond description, complete destruction

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and then on my right side you can see this is a car that was parked Subhanallah in front of me can see this building. Some of it is still there. But most of it is cracked. And they don't know how many people are under this. Under this rubble law Halima loving the Euro hydro Mahara Bucha are Sheila I'll leave it I had a law from Priscilla Flora barrage from with Samoa Kyoto Buddha or Bora Bora Rashid Karim Nana Kuru Ilana your finger on Bernal gonna

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fail la hamdulillah quiere Han

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Lee Angelica

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Venus IV

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lady Masha

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one o'clock

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Hina doll we need to

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long in our door media

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beat Angelina

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GZ one

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been a long

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one and we'll sit all day

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my phone call here

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I haven't come back

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no G number three oh what is your country to rather Sumati assault declared right at the center of the denier

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theory about the planet

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so you

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can say

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okay I

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better no matter when we're not on my side, but

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when we

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have done it

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Sophie can sort of cancel the lens

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Ma has

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a one man

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she had a heck of a

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fifth date they should if I hadn't if I hadn't been issued if I hadn't been issued so glad I

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got that

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then that said how best number to take

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hi I wouldn't say he's had the cause like but

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does it now

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oh do that

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because palapa?

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Good morning

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other places tend to be better

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those who want to stay are staying in.

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Lesson learned to

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keep you safe

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am protected from law harm which is

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now a lot easier trials Allah

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oil recovery or health

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providers provide you the best

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provider the best

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on behalf of the kids and Texas is Sonya Zara and Sophia

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I tell them I heard that the turkeys are very loud and strong I'm not seeing this go back to

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the bottom in a moment

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Allah Allah Allah

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Muhammad Rasul Allah Allah

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we love Turkey

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Turkey Turkey

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Mohammed Mohammed,

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Tabata Kalia Sophia Muhammad, Muhammad, Bahamas, and Tao what I saw

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while we've now mean florid

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come solely for the turkey so these two kids that I'm assessing right

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by him as you have as in that city

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that can it can Halleck

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give a dark

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side or how a man

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blazes that can be any

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all Nana darkness anatomy and double TM you have

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to remember Dr.

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but her German

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German is only silence and dad for holding mine you

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know in German

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Your man

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is calling us from New

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Orleans community let's make a note of what has been really interfere

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but there was a very sad I don't mean American any I just had an auto feeder to Officer Wilkie for under beheaded him sad continues to be from the law it hasn't any any Muslim either had the time to find out

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you know was that the manner we made the drilling a beam can hold any had any hedges and had them who have a border wall does handle that and it looks like a V and M I can tell you don't have any panic teach if not have you observed on my boat Vicki it John Marshall not about a cola but go to Norfolk to start medicalized of the lexicon hola Allah

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Allahu Malik Al hamdu had todo Wellock Al Hamdulillah

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Al Hamdulillah and Allah, Allah amatola Amana was the shenana What are the kin Illa pushing a little further I want to call them indolic Arabella and I mean, Allah we ask You for protection for our families, for our children, for our families Yoruba Lila mean, Allah we ask her for protection for our families, our livelihoods, our households, Yoruba we ask you that your Allah you bring peace and tranquility in our lives who are blind I mean, they are Allah we have seen destruction in this life your Allah we asked them to protect our families from this era banana mean? And we asked you to alleviate the suffering from those who suffer from this horrible enemy. You know Allah we know that

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you have Heckman wisdom behind it Yoruba Allah, you know that we ask that you give us that, that understanding of your Hikmah your Allah, Allah we ask you you are a burner we ask you that you bring peace and tranquility in the life of those who are suffering in this dunya era but I mean, Allah we ask you to make us among those who will be used to help others there have been Island your Allah you love those who help you Allah so we ask you to make us among those whom you love, and also grateful to your manual. But hamdulillah brand new salon