Wahaj Tarin – The Arrival of Isa Explained

Wahaj Tarin
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a group of individuals, including a woman named Mary, a man named Subhan, and a woman named Melissa. They discuss various actions and scenarios, including a decision to open doors, a proposal to a woman named Miss, and a fight between two creatures. The group also talks about a woman named Isola and her supposed role in the situation.
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Are you sad the son of Mary will descend? How will he descent Dr. Seuss, his hand will be on the wings of two angels. He will be covered in two gobs both tinge slightly yellow.

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By age, my tiny while they're on cafe he eila a Jimmy hottie Malika in a way are assumed are in the minority via a Chateau de Marche. Next to the white menorah at the eastern side of Damascus, and Subhan Allah at the eastern door of Damascus, there is a white man out and there is the other one of the Omari mosque, both white men IRAs, they didn't exist at the time of the rhassoul. But now it is there. So he saw will come down and in that place, then he will make his way towards vital markers, or gelato. And I heard him say, the Muslims at this stage are thinking what to do. So eventually they come to this consensus, listen, we can't sit here forever. Let's get out and meet them face to

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So they make this decision at night, that tomorrow we will open the doors and go and take this on, head on. And fudger comes fudger come salata, fudger.

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And as Dan is given, and the line stand up, and a comma is given, and then Subhana Harlock, the day or the area goes dark,

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the area and the size so that a man cannot see his hand,

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it will go down.

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And then when light comes back, they see in a seismometer

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and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, He will lower his head and you will see like moisture on it as though his hair is wet, but it isn't wet.

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And when he lifts it, beads rolls down his head

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like liquid like pearls and they scatter.

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And he comes to the salado fudger and the Prophet says what will be your situation when he said the son of Mary comes amidst you want to come in come and you're a mom is um it's true.

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The mom is there are you Sally his son What will be your situation? So listen, the karma is given and he notices that the ISA alayhis salam comes, so he says to Allah for livina comm lead us in follow. So in one cold, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, He sallallahu Sallam will put his hand between the shoulders of the melody

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and say,

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bow Dooku O'Meara Oba Rahmatullah who Chroma to LA Haley heavy Hill oma. This is the honor that Allah Allah has given this nation you will lead each other

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so I saw will lead behind. I mean, we'll pray behind the melody for this Sala for this Salah, and the coal of the lll Miss, and in another narration, he says the karma was given for you. So lead the Salah.

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And then when the Salah is finished is and the people already we understand they were ready before I sign up for this challenge. That is why when you reach a level, a lot of Melissa will give you a solution.

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So he says, open the doors. So the doors open and from afar. That Jol sees Isola his salon. The false messiah sees the real Messiah. And the Hadith says he starts to melt like salt and water dissolves like salt and water. And he runs and he says alayhis salam chases him and calling he says it is written that I owe you one strike.

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I owe you one hit, and that will come. So he catches him and the Barbie lewd in Palestine.

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And then that place and one narration with a lance and another one with the sword, or bizarrely his Salaam will strike and show the blood of the dead child and his soul and the heart It says had he won not to strike the man would have melted to this.

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And that Jarl and the battle What did that child do?

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be finished. And the Muslims have gone through a colossal test in alayhis salam will come to them and rub their faces out of mercy and kindness and give them the Bashara This is your place in Ghana. This is your place in gender.

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And as this calamity of the digital has just finished

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a lot of bullets overland spy Isola his sudden that Orissa another of my creatures is about to come out and no power on the face of this earth will withstand them and outstand them

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