Your Past Doesn’t Define You

Fatima Barkatulla


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Is living in the past holding you back? Many of us carry the past with us wherever we go. When we look into the future all we see is our past sadness, past failures, past obstacles. Fatima Barkatulla asks in this clip: What if you filed the past in the past? What could that do for your future? What if you saw the future as a blank canvas? It would change your life!

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The past does not define a future. Many of us we live in the past. When we look into the future, all we see is the past, you know, our past failures, our past problems, things that defined us or things that people said about us in the past, we allow that to be the vision that is ahead of us. But you see those past failures, they were just things that we could learn from and keep moving forward. When you see somebody who's successful when you see people who have excelled and have had high aspirations, and succeeded, then people who had some kind of superpowers, and they never ever had problems, they're not people who never had past failures. No, they have plenty of failures. And if

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you were to sit down with them and ask them about their path, you would find that, you know, they might have gone bankrupt, they might have, you know, the whole project may have fallen apart initially, people may have abandoned them, all sorts of things may have happened, you know, they may have had health problems. So many things of stickles came their way. But it's not that those people had no obstacles, it's that they approached those obstacles and those failures or those mistakes in a different way, to the average person, what they did was they just learned from them, they just learned from those failures and said, Okay, so that's not the way to do it, I'm going to move on and

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find the way to do it.

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They kept moving forward, when others gave up. So if we only decided that we would leave the past in the past, okay. And when we look into the future, we see a blank canvas. This would help us so much in being people of high aspiration and continuing on that path. You gotta imagine that you have these filing cabinets, right, the past, and the future. And all of the things that have happened in your past, you acknowledge them, they're part of who you are, they've built you and made you what you are today.

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They may not be pleasant, there may be things that make you quite sad or make you feel quite demotivated. However, you take those things, and you put them firmly into the folder into the filing cabinet that is labeled the past, you make sure that they're not in the filing cabinet labeled the future. And the filing cabinet labeled, the future is empty. It's ready for you like a blank canvas to paint on and to do whatever it is that you would do on because a lot of times Allah hasn't told us what the future holds for us as individuals. Yes, we know that Allah, Allah has decreed. And he has written these things, but he hasn't told us So who are we to say, I cannot do this, who are we

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to say I can't achieve this, that would be wrong. Instead, our belief in other our belief that Allah Subhana Allah holds our futures in his hands should make us feel even more bold, and to step forward confidently and say to ourselves, the future is an empty canvas. And it's there for me to forge and create and a lot of Canada Allah will help me in that partner

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to be domiciled

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enjoy the

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