Shocking! The Trinity Church Drowned

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Salam aleikum, everyone I am at the lake Nicaea in the city of Nicaea, currently isn't in Turkey. Why am I standing here on these blocks? Okay. These are the very foundations of the Basilica of the church where Jesus became God. You may be thinking, what am I talking about? This is where the Council of Nicaea took place. If you look behind me, that is the Basilica, where 318 bishops got together to debate the nature of Jesus Christ, who is he? Is he God with capital G? Is he God in an inferior sense? Or is he a prophet of God, simply a man of God, okay, Christian bishops came together, because this was a huge dispute among the Christians at the time. And Emperor Constantine

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got all these bishops together to unite them because he wanted to rule Christians with peace. This was the Eastern Roman Empire. This is where Constantine had established his capital in the city of Constantinople. And Nicaea is not very far from Constantinople. So he built a palace here and close to the palace. This Basilica, this church was built by

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his family. And he invited all these bishops to come and debate the nature of Jesus Christ, because he wanted the Christians to unite. Bishops came together from all over the Roman Empire. And they debated for days, and they couldn't agree upon a doctrine, or a creed. Right? And opinions were divided. Arias was one of the Christian preachers. He argued that Jesus cannot be God because he was born, he was begotten he was generated. And if he had a beginning, he cannot possibly be God, God cannot have a beginning. And he was right about that. But another man called Athanasius, argued that Jesus was God with capital G,

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on par with God the Father, and he was another manifestation of God, in the person of Jesus Christ, basically, right. So God, the Father is the supreme deity in the heavens, and then God on Earth, walking among human beings was Jesus Christ, but they were both the same being they were both of the same essence, but two different persons. This is what Athanasius argued, and majority of the bishops did not find that very convincing, they didn't agree with that, they were more inclined to the view of areas. And majority did not agree with Athanasius. But for some reason, Constantine had enough of this. And he said, Okay, enough is enough. We have to unite. And he forced everyone to sign up to

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the current creed of Nicaea that you can find online easily, you can go and see what the creed of Nicaea is, basically, it declared that Jesus Christ is God with capital G, he is not a god in an inferior sense. He is not a prophet of God, just a mere prophet of God, but rather he is God in flesh, God with capital G on par with God, the Father of the same essence. And Constantine used a Greek term that was imposed upon the Christian bishops at the time, and they had to agree with it and the term was whose he is the essence. Okay? Basically, God the Father and God, the Son, Jesus Christ all have the same essence. They are basically the same thing. Okay. Same being but two

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different persons. This is the absurdity that came up here. This shook was established at this

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at this very spot, this Basilica, okay. And now look at it. Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, Allah will redeem money, Rahim serum will fund guru cave Akana, aka

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the land and see what happened to those who came before you. And look what happened to this place. This is where Jesus became God in this very spot. Okay, and look at it now. The city of Nicaea is in, in Muslim hands today. This is a Muslim territory. This is Turkey, isn't it? The city of Iznik. And Adan is called every day five times a day, and in this very spot, Jesus became God. Millions of Christians around the world still believe in that. And only 300 bishops got together here. And majority of them were forced to agree with this position by Constantine, who himself later on this own this position on his deathbed, he was baptized by an Arian bishop. He disowned this very creed

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which he himself imposed upon these 300 Odd bishops, and many other major councils were held by same bishops who were present there to cancel this creed, but they couldn't do it because later Christian Emperor's like Theodosius they forced this creed upon the masses, the Christian masters of the Roman Empire 50 years after 325 C, after the Council of Nicaea and other council took place in the 50s after the Council of Nicaea that took place here in 325 C in the year three

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You want see in the city of Constantinople, the creed of Nicaea, or it was developed further. And the third person, the Holy Spirit was added to the binary that was established. And it became a trinity, okay in the year three at once. And then Emperor Theodosius, who was willing at the time, he forced that creed upon the Christians of the Roman Empire. Okay. And that creed is called Nicene Constantinopolitan. Why am I telling you all this, it is very important for us to join, for you to join us on these journeys to learn this history so that you can be on the ground and take inspiration from history on the ground. We do these tours every few weeks, you can join one of these

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tours to Turkey and to Spain, insha Allah Tala so that you can learn history with myself and other historians on the ground in sha Allah and take inspiration, because it is very important to visit these places and contemplate and ponder upon these past events that are so important in our world today. Okay, on that note, thank you so much visit Hull For future dates. There is a tour of Spain coming up and there are more tours of Turkey, Ottoman Turkey, in particular in the future. Join us on those tours Islamic