Islamic Core Value – Incorruptibility-Istiqamah 7

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Walk later to nauseam about like how you set up Alexandria, Minnesota TLSAE de moda y'all Rasulillah early you're so happy Oh no I love I mean coleambally are solid is that I have generalized bliss at night a lot of baraka and tonight as soon as the peace your salah upon the Prophet alayhi salatu salam in every good deed you will remember walking with him was steady he was entered in hustle and Mohammed ebene ob kamshet and Marie and OB he call them Karina the buzzword databook that's our nurse who either Lily Hijri or the Illuminati him this hadith is in the collection in my Muhammad has a reasonable generation rate to us by Mohammed even become Shcherbakov Michelle and Marie is one

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of the Sahaba Muhammad is a terribly he's a son, and what will come she has one of those Sahaba who was there for the battle of to book and this is within the theme of course is Tacoma or incorruptibility, or anti corruption, or integrity or whatever you want to call it. It's just a comment. Our dean has a really important part. What we stand for. There's a beautiful hadith is a bit long, but it's very meaningful. And it tells us something that happened when they went for taboo. So when they went for what he said or the law, I knew that people went for taboo with the private area sideways and they came across the place called ledger.

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So we'll hedger is where ThermoWood was right this way half is where it was originally what was the mood was, so they came by my second third mood, which is called ledger and they saw where Allah subhanaw taala punished the people of Assad had a histogram. So they ran into the into the area you're checking things out.

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But I'm fine with Garnica now then there'd be your son Allah why didn't you earn your Salah masala to Jamia when the Prophet alayhi salam saw them do that he said our Salah to Jeremy I mean everyone needs to come for Salah immediately. So they came the whole day to pay the Nidhi use of Allah Allah He early he was telling them well, he couldn't be better at providing understanding and he's holding on to his

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camel Jaco method Hola Hola. Hola. Calm in the huddly of Allahu Allah him What are you Why Why are you running to into the homes and the places the placements of the people who Allah subhanaw taala showed them His wrath where the love of Allah subhanaw taala was was shown to these people Why are you in such a hurry to go see them? Because you know hijab woman whom your rasool Allah He went to to be in awe of what they did not just needs to for you. It's curiosity and it's also wanting to kind of see what happened into record audio Salatu was Salam. I don't want to be UQAM

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be Maharaja boomin Vanik however, there's something more interesting than that. Raju lumen and fusi come by as the as the hula hula fique whom you are limo come habarana Canon Americana Fabula poem or MA Hua in How to tell you something more interesting a person a man amongst you are lots of other sent to you to teach you what happened before in history what's going to come to you he's thinking of himself article

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for stuffy mu was at the do

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in hola hola but will be either because he was a yachtie Aqua moolah you have seen winner against our unfussy him fishy.

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So he said, I'll hear salatu salam, Sylvester cream, something more interesting for you then anyway, ruins of some people before you is what you were taught why you don't need they're not going to add to anything. Something more interesting for you as someone sent to you to explain to you exactly what your history means and where you're going in your future. So listen to it and it's stuck and you follow it, follow it clearly. Follow it with integrity with his stick arm was said to do and do your best. Said that is when you try to do your best to do you're trying to hit the target to the best of your ability. You may not always do it but you're trying your best. First a theme was said

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to me Listen to what's being taught to you and try your best because Allah subhanaw taala it costs them nothing to punish any of us.

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In Allah Allah Yeah, but we'll be either be CompTIA mean it means it cost him nothing supine to punish all of us as He punished the people before Why are you running to a place where his punishment was? Are you that? He What are you doing? You know, that's where he punished people. So you're going to run there to do what to do what? You don't fear. You don't feel Allah's punishment. You think it's an attraction, you want to stand in front and collect $15 for tourism. What are you this is not a place for that. This is where Allah subhanaw taala punished people. You go run, what are you running to do? This is a plate if you go there. That's why another Hadith, the whole tamale

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in parotid kulula Back in, if you enter your own, only enter in a state of sorrow, of sadness of crying and tears of fearfulness of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. Don't get distracted. See, he talked he was very good at the Alia salatu salam he was he's impeccable when it comes to that. Never distracted ever. Never, not nothing, nothing. Nothing distracted him. And then the number of things that were there for him to be distracted by were almost endless, but it was the clarity of his vision. You know, he made it seem so easy. Like he made it seem so simple as if it did took no effort. Honestly, it's impossible to do and he

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He just he made it he did it with such grace with such perfection with such said and excellence that he made it made it seem as if anyone can do this. Just stay focused, not lose track of what actually matters. And important moments pull everyone back. First a team was at the doodle Runden look at their ruins they don't be afraid if anything, Allah subhanaw taala cost him nothing to punish all of us. And a group of people will come later, who will be so lost, they'll have no way to actually they'll have no argument to rebut Allah subhanaw taala as punishment if it were to come. Now Allah subhanaw taala promised him out of your slot to ascend, he wouldn't punish his Oma. But there'll be

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key what he's saying on his side is that people will come later, who have no reason not to be punished. There's no reason like if you compare them to other people before them, there's no reason for them not to be punished. They're worse than the people who were punished before them. But because of the promise he gave me, he won't. But people like that will come why because they're so distracted. And they're so unfocused, and they lost their SD karma, and they lost their Sadad. And they lost their clarity that they are worse than the people who were punished before them.

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And that's the scary part of this hadith, that he he actually took a moment to point that out a time will come we're living in this area are people who are more worthy of punishment than those who came before them but and they'll have nothing to defend themselves with luggage by owner and foresee him be sure they have nothing to defend themselves. So don't don't run into their focus focus. Well, first of all, I love that out of all of this, this is what he first came over said you do, walk that straight path and do your best to stay focused, don't get distracted and it's a meaningful thing these days to

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we are at

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I'm not convinced, but I know many with clarity with certainty that this is a very specific turning point in our history as an OMA at least in our modern history in the 21st century history of the Muslim ummah. Not everything is going to be

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documented. But this moment will be important these this year and what happens after what it does and how people behave afterwards and how people what people decide to do with their lives after this is going to mean something the Muslims before this and after this everyone said all that happens something occurs and Morteza you will occurs. Does it gonna mean there's more differentiation between those who know what they're here to do and those who don't? So make sure that this these events actually allow you to to have more clarity, not not less. You're gonna email more I'm gonna do a famous study he be sent out in Hassanein and Muhammad evening OB cab shuttle and Marie Radi

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Allahu Anhu IV fun. La mcConathy Elizabeth Etobicoke tessera nurse who either Helene Hijri here the Kelowna ra him for Sammy it can be another use it Allah Allah Allah wa salam fnf and Nursey our Salah to Jamia bada for a day to fade and never use Allah Allahu Allah you early he was selling them wealthy forms he couldn't be better at Hear Your Call will matter to follow in our home in public Allahu Allah you him to follow Now gentlemen Emery him ya rasool Allah Takada I know buco be Maharaja boomin Dalek, Raju Loon, Minh and for cecum batha hula Hubei in a comb, your bureau comb hubba Rama Kana Fabula ko mama Huacaya interim by the comb festa Ki Moon was a de Duve and Allah

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Allah I bet will be either become che was a yeti Aqua on Lagen for owner and footsy him in either Billahi che. So the Quran sunnah is Allah Allah Allah CyberSource myClub Huntington Allah Allah.

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Allah wa Salam o Baraka