Adnan Rajeh – The significance and etiquettes of Jumaah #14

Adnan Rajeh
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and lecture that's occurring here as a part of the mem develoment Academy in today's shifts Ian place will continue with Hadith course you're welcome to, to sit around and listen and attend if you would like or inquire about it just we would I would ask after the short call to. And we have a brother who wants to take his shahada today here again so we'll do it and show it and then we based on that and then if you want to attend you're welcome to if not, then maybe if you want to do with it or you want to chat, just maybe in the extension have fun so that the shift can can give this lesson a shot with Allah. Allah here just as a reminder, this is going to be installed almost every

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night. Aside from the weekend.

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Y'all will imam or even Zima to visa he was telling

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me why not tell the Allahu Anhu clinical interview sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had eaten a collection of even Hoceima with the authentic generation nature, so maybe Hurayrah and this is obviously we're still within the theme of significance of Jamar and as we said it sounds very kind of collaborative, a comprehensive Hadith he kind of talks about the whole thing either either Canna yo mudra mighty, especially la Raju, whereas our Casa la razza home to multiply yerba min LTV LTV to Milan visa mean x and Ethiopia he Maha Raja e la sala de Walla new 39 Tomas Diana ina Imani Wolfie Ebola who mean I'll do more it will do more it was here to sell 30 a year. So he said on his Salatu

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was tell me if the day of Jamal comes in person does Olson and washes his head specifically and puts on the best of his fragrances and gets dressed in the best of his clothing and goes for Jamar and does not move people let me first explain his name he doesn't come and push people away to sit to me he sits in an empty area is not trying to get up front he just sits wherever he he finds a seat and he listens to the man

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for joining me he does all that last year I know whom He will be forgiven this person will be forgiven from the gym or to the gym I plus three days. Why? Because it hasn't I've actually been third Hmm. Right? So if you do that and you perfect your gym, well, then you get seven days plus three is 10 more days of forgiveness just for that one day because every person has times by the time it's 10 fold, right? So that's why he's saying this a lot. But he explained what you need to do now has to be the the sequence has to be taken care of. You have to the hosel the plebe, the Thea, meaning you have to you can't do that without prep. Basically, you can't do all that if you're you

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can't rush all that you can't rush getting a shower and making sure you're dressed properly to come at a time where you're not pushing and shoving and, and you're listening. It requires psychological and physical preparation, which is what he's trying to explain how to heal salatu salam ala read email Mubin o Hussain Matthew so he visited your site and be loyal to all the Allah who want no cultural interview Salah Allahu Allah you early he was sending me there Cornejo Mazuma it I've tested what you do because salat wa salatu salam ala yerba mean lcbp Whenever you mean as an easier be to mahalo je la sala de when I'm your favorite Akabane as now you need to Mr. Ma Eman Wolfie

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Allahu Allah who fear Allah whom you know do more anti you know do more it was that was that a young sort of crossover he said Allah Allah He was like, that's not gonna happen. You wonder

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what Allah was LM

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