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Kamal El-Mekki
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Salam Alaikum hasta luego de kado Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen

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wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah meanwhile Allah, He will be here Jemaine, am back. So we've come to the last class on the life of Muhammad Rahim Allah, even though there's actually a lot more to discuss in his biography because we skipped that his methodology, his myth hub, we skipped his students, his with the books that he authored. All that was well, actually today being the the last episode before Ramadan starts on Ramadan, we have different programming. So it makes sense that we ended off right here without going into too much detail about the knowledge and the books of the Imam Rahim Allah. So we're going straight into his illness because we left off where our kin had

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ended the fitna and now he is towards the end of his life. And that's where we're going to begin here. This is from his son Abdullah, the son of Abraham, Allah who said, I heard my father say, I have completed 77 years and entered upon the 78. So he entered the 78th. And I somehow remember that one time I said he was 80 years old, but I don't know if I said that or not. But if I did, that's a mistake because he died at the age of 78. So he says, I have completed 77 years and entered upon the 78. And he began, his son says, and he began with a fever that night, and died on the 10th day.

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saw that, of course, the son of Florida said, At the start of robiola, one of the year 241, after the hijra, my father suffered a fever on the night of Wednesday. So we'll keep track of the days now he got a fever on on Wednesday night. He stayed in the house with the fever and his breathing was labored and heavy. I was aware when he was weak and used to look after him when he became ill.

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So I said to him, my father, what did you break your fast upon last night? So we'll see what's going on here. So that means he was fasting the night before. And then Wednesday night, he got this fever. So I asked him, What did you break your fast upon last night, he said, bean soup. Then we he wished to get up. So he said, What via D take my arm or take my hand. So I took him by the hand. But when he reached the restroom, which is where he was going, he was very weak and had to support himself by leaning upon me. Then he says more than one physician used to visit him, all of them Muslims, one physician prescribed that pumpkin should be boiled for him. And she and then he should be given that

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water that was boiled to drink.

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This was on the day of Tuesday, and he died on the day of a jumaane.

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He said

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he said he saw that I said at your service. He said do not boil it in your in your house, or in the house of your brother that when you boil the pumpkin don't do it in your house, or your brother's house. Why? Because remember, they started to accept money from the halifa. And he didn't want their fuel their fire any anything from the money of the haritha. Then at first have Mr. Hill came to the door to visit him but I prevented him also he says I've been really jacked came, but I prevented him and many people came. So he said what do you think I need? A mama is saying what do you think we're preventing all these people from coming? I said that you should allow them to enter so that they can

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make the offer you. So Mohammed said I will seek a lot of guidance, but it's Takara. I'm going to make I'm going to praise to her about that.

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So that means then you can see that he allowed them because it says so they entered upon him in crowds until the house was full. They would question him. Yeah. And how are you? How are you doing? How are you feeling and make the offer him and then leave and another crowd would enter the people. The number of people became so large that the streets were filled. I want you to imagine how now everybody knows that the Imam is going to die or is on his deathbed. So the streets became filled. And we close the gate to the alley actually the governor sent and he basically for crowd control. They closed roads and they tried to organize the crowds. A neighbor of ours came having died his

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beard and my father said in Nila in Nila Roger, you ha and Mina Suna for this even on his deathbed. His son says

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that his neighbor came and he died his beard meaning here

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He had white heirs, and he died them. And so Mr. Muhammad said, I see a man who has revived something of the Sun now. And it gives me joy. Even here caring about the sun until the last minute. News of his illness spread so many people.

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There were too many people that came. And they like I said, they tried to organize the crowds and the close roads. But some people wanted to see him so badly. They didn't want to, you know, take their chances waiting with the crowds. So they would go from neighbor's house to neighbor's house jumping walls, or from roof to roof until they would make it to the house of mud. Rahim Allah.

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A messenger from the governor. So the halifa during the death of mud, and moto kill is out of town. So the governor was in charge. So a messenger from the governor comes saying that the governor wants to see him, meaning come see the governor, strange request. So my response that is from what I dislike, I find that difficult and I don't want to go and the Amir, the hollyford, moto kin has pardoned me from doing anything I dislike. So he has this blank page pardon from the halifa. If Mr. Ahmed is bothered by anything, do not force him. Nobody bother him No, and make him uncomfortable. So he used that past when the governor said I would like you to you know, to meet you. He said the

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halifa said, I don't have to do anything. It makes me uncomfortable. So I would I would like to I declined basically.

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A messenger.

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A man comes to solid. This is the son of your Mohammed. He says, Let me see him. I was there the day when he was whipped. And I didn't defend him. So I want to ask his forgiveness. You see, so the day that we met, he says I was in the audience, and I just stayed quiet. I didn't defend him. And that's bothering me. So please, I want to ask his forgiveness. Please give me permission.

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So sila tells him wait.

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And he goes and asks him, I'm mad. And then he comes in, he allows him and he stood in front of him at this man. And he cried. And he said, Yeah, Abdullah, I was of those who were there that day you are whipped, and I have come to you, so if you wish, you can punish me. Or if you wish, you can Pardon me. And I'm and of course, as you guessed, he tells him I have pardoned you with the condition that you never do that again. So the man was so happy that he began to cry. And he cried so much, that he affected those who were present and those who were present began to cry.

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Mm hmm. Mohamad while he was ill, he was in a lot of pain. But he used to dislike a Nene and a Nina's one the sick person is moaning and making sounds because they're in pain. Now, just so we're clear.

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There is nothing in Islam that says that is disliked or, or harm or anything about any. But

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again, for his high standard, he didn't believe it was appropriate for him to make sounds of moaning to indicate that he was in pain, why, according to him, and for his standards, he said, I need will Martha shockula and in Madiba, chuckwalla. Anyone I the way he saw that if I keep saying or making it sounds like that, it's as if I'm complaining to Allah, or complaining about Allah or what Allah put me in, like, I'm making these sounds to show displeasure. So his son then says, from a hot climate, so he never made a single sound, moaning and or sounds of pain until he died.

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What's interesting is that 50 days before his death, a new child was born to him, and he named him sir eat. So he's on his deathbed and he asked for, say, eight to be brought over to him, and he kissed him, and in a sense, bade him for well, farewell. Sarla himolla the son of mad he says Mohammed had a his own pouch of money. So he tells Saleh to take money from it. He says I found only one dyrham so I looked into it found only one silver there him and tells him by some dates, and give it out as a kuffar on my behalf, like as an expiation on my behalf. During those days when he was sick, he would pray seated, sometimes he would pray lying down, but he was always in salah and his

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son put a toast which is like a like a big bowl or something has some huge container under underneath him.

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And he says, I saw his urine. He says, demin Avi upon

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I'll be it a bit hinayana Jani Hollis Jani. His blood he was urinating out of the coma. A pure blood, pure blood, obviously only pure henna. It was just pure blood.

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Thursday, his son helped him make Waldo. And while he was helping him make although his father's telling him how Lil Wayne Fabiani, do that, which is from the sooner that you run your fingers between the fingers of your other hand. So even at these moments, he's caring about the surgeon, if he just waved his hand that would have been sufficient. But he wants to fold this in the even at the last moment.

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Friday, he was so sick, that they thought he had died. And he just kept on saying La ilaha illAllah.

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A man by the name of Mujahideen nimasa. He came and he he's giving the Imam glad tidings. He says, All these people out there, bearing witness that you are from the people of righteousness Yanni, this beer, have be happy and rejoice glad tidings to you that 1000s of people are all bearing witness that you are from the people of righteousness. As you know, from the Hadith of the Prophet limits, it's like almost like the testimonial of the people at time of death, you know, comes his truth, right. And so he tells them, their old bang that you from the people of righteousness, and then he begins to kiss the hands of young met, while he's crying,

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saw that, his son said I would sleep next to him at night. And if he needed anything, he would touch me. And then I would wake up and I would assist him. He says one of my father was dying.

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This is his son, Abdullah, this time, she was when my father was dying, I was next to him. And he would fall in and out of consciousness. Or he said, I had a piece of a piece of cloth in my hand to wrap around his jaw. And he would sweat and then come to meaning regained consciousness and gesture with his hand gesture with his hand.

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But not yet, not yet. He did this several times, he'd go unconscious, then he would wake up and he would say Not yet. Not yet. So I said to him all my father, what are you saying? And your mama says you don't know. So Abdullah said, No,

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no, Mohammed said, the shaitaan is standing beside me, biting on his fingertips and saying, you got away from me. You got away from me, I couldn't get you in this life. And I'm saying to him not yet. until I die. What does that mean? So basically, the shaytaan is coming to him at the time of death. And he wants to tell him, he wants him to die upon pride or arrogance. So he's telling him, you know, I get everybody, but I was never able to get you so much knowing this. He didn't fall for it. He didn't tell him Yes, you didn't get me and then die arrogant or die proud of himself. It's not a good death. So he tells him not yet. I mean, you're saying I didn't get you didn't get to me, but

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I'm still until I die, you still have a champion is is not saying arrogantly like, you know, keep trying. He's saying. Okay, understand, right. Anyways.

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So the question really is, is this possible? Does this really happen? I mean, this is a shaytaan come at the time of death. So let's look at what the scholars said about this issue.

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This is a this is a hadith actually narrated by Mr. Muhammad Rahim Allah called a police. A police says to Allah, what is the ticker la abre.

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He says, By Your glory saying to Allah subhanaw taala I will strive to lead your slaves astray, so long as their souls are in their bodies, Madame akaroa home field, study him, I will be a field study him. So I'm gonna strive to lead them astray as long as their souls are in their body. So that means even until the moment of death, it's fair game. But what's beautiful, is that Allah subhanaw taala responds, where is the T word generally, because it at least tells him by your glory. Where is that? So Allah subhanaw taala says, By my glory and majesty,

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law as a fellow of the pharaoh law, whom I will continue to forgive them must offer only as long as they seek my forgiveness, as long as they asked me for forgiveness.

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What's interesting also is that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to seek refuge with a lot from the shade upon overpowering him at the time of death. This is a hadith also narrated by Imam Ahmed Rahim Allah and by others as well by Buddha Odin and he, and maybe saw Salaam would say Allahumma inni. Are all the bigger mineral hadden.

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Oh Allah I seek refuge in You from being crushed or there's a better word when

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a building collapses upon you or something collapses or being crushed in Aladdin. Well Oh the bigger minute Terra de and I seek refuge in You from falling from a height, dying to my death falling from a height. Where although because I mean a lot of T one harati will harm and I seek refuge in You from drowning and being burned, burned to death and from senility mean becoming senile, an old well the bigger and yet to have Bhavani Shea upon in Del Mar, this is the part we want, and I seek refuge in you that the shaytaan will have control over me at the time of death or confused me at the time of death, where all the bigger and a motor vehicle Madeira and I seek your refuge that I die with a

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turning my back meaning running away from battle, fighting for your sake while you become an amateur lady and I seek refuge in You that I die from event of venomous sting or bite.

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that some of the scholars and explain what that means that shaytaan gaining control over and confusing

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and they're they're saying here that it means some of them said specifically it means at the time of death that's to ship on coming to you and trying to confuse you will call the rahimullah said this meaning that the shaitaan will confuse me with his evil whispers and cause my feet to slip and create turmoil in the mind of suburbia Rahim Allah He says, the prophet SAW Selim soft sought refuge with Allah that the shaitaan would confuse him at the time of death, which refers to the shape on gaining control of a person at the moment of his departure from this world and misleading him and preventing him from repenting or preventing him from setting his affairs straight and restoring

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people's rights or making him despair of the mercy of Allah meaning lose hope in the mercy of Allah. May he be exalted, or making him hate death and preferring the life of this world so that he's not content with what Allah had decreed for him of dying and moving to the hereafter. And this causes him any of these things will cause him to have a bad end and meet Allah when Allah subhanaw taala is angry with him when it was a bit long.

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So then, then he mentioned still a puppy saying, it was narrated that the shaitaan is never more eager to harm the son of Adam than at the time of death. And he says to his helpers, he says, Go after this one. Because if he gets away from you today, someone on his deathbed if you get away from me today, you will never catch up with him after today. That's your last chance and quote from Bobby.

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that's why the process he instructed at the end of solar after you finish your childhood, and there is also love said, and this is inherited by Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Bukhari, either to Shahada hadoken folia stays below him in Aruba. If you're in your Tisha hood, then seek refuge with Allah from for yaku Allahumma inni Rosa Vika mean either be jahannam which is what we say in Salah or lie secretly with you from the torment of the Hellfire woman as I will cover on the punishment of the grave woman fitna till Muhammad and from the the trials of life and death. Women shall be fitted merciful Massey had the job and from the evil of the tribulation of the digit, this has been so Eva

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Hari, and Muslim. So I've been hotjar quotes another scholar, a great scholar by the name of Eben allayed. Rahim Allah, He says, quoting him with regard to the trials of death, it may be that what is meant is the fitna at the time of death, and it is mentioned in conjunction with it because it occurs close to death. That's why saying life, the trial of life and the trial of death, that means it means as you're dying,

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based on that, or is saying it could also mean that the fitness of the grave the punishment in the grave, but remember, he already made he already sought refuge from the punishment of the grave, right? I mean, that'd be Johanna. I mean, as I will cover, human fitness dilemma here, Walmart, life and death. Anyways, so the question also, and I know this is a little bit of a tangent here, but I don't want to leave the story and then leave doubts in people's minds. So the scholars and discuss the issue, this issue can then appear to people appear to you, and you see it in front of you on your deathbed and he comes and speaks to you.

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So the scholar said that there is nothing specific in the Hadith that says that and what is known is that what is proven in the Hadith is a

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Chapin comes and he whispers to the dying person and tries to tempt him to be dishonest, and so on and so forth.

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That then they say even though that is not mentioned in any specific Hadith, they're saying we cannot deny that either. Because the shaitaan has many tricks and ways and he can appear and is able to appear to a person in various different forms. So that could happen to people at the time of their death. Then a quote from scheffel Islam Ibn taymiyyah Rahim Allah, He says, that is something that happens that he says that is not something that happens to everyone now. So these are just various quotes from him concerning this. He said, it doesn't happen to everybody. Then he says, nor is it ruled out in the case of everyone, meaning it's possible. But at the time of that the shaytaan

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is most eager to attempt to sons of Adam, because it is a time of great need. This is a time when they're in great need. It's a difficult situation. He takes advantage of it. No Mercy doesn't say, Oh, you know, I've made him do I caused him to do a lot of bad things in life. I think we're good here. He's dying. No, even to the last minute like let me do something worse.

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And then Mm hmm. Even Tamia Rahim Allah mentions he says the narration of the above the law.

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Ahmed bin humble. He says Abdullah, the son of Imam Ahmed with his father in law do not yet he mentioned that story.

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Remember to be also mentioned that story. And he mentioned another story he says, I heard our ship, Imam Abu Abbas Medina ignore Morocco to be in Alexandria saying when the brother of our ship Abu Jafar Ahmed Mohammed Al Cordoba was dying in Cordova, Cordova, it was said to him say Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah. So he said, No, no la la. When he came to when he came back to consciousness, we mentioned that to him and he said to Shelton, two devils came to me from my right and from my left, one of them said die as a Jew, for it is the best of religions. And the other one said die as a Christian for it is the best of religions. And I was saying to them No, no end quote from a quote to

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be Rahim Allah. Anyways. So that's that's that. That's what happened. And this is a famous story, well known story that happened to him. Ahmed Rahim, Allah shaitaan, came up to him and trying to make him feel proud and make him die upon arrogance. And he knew that so he's telling him not yet I mean, I still haven't died. So, you have, you can,

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you cannot throw in the towel, so to speak yet.

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Solid said

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he suffered various aches and pains, but his mind remains sound. Then on the day of Juma on the 12th of robell. Well, after two hours of the morning, he had passed, he said, After two hours of the morning had passed, he died.

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And he says that his mouth kept moving until he died all throughout this time period making the greenest of far until he died. And when he died, saw that his son went out and he informed the people of his death. And the people began to cry, the population and the scholars, everybody began to cry. And the governor, Governor of Baghdad when the news reached him, his name was Mohammed bin Paul here, and he sent them scented shrouds, the shrouds, like fancy and had nice scent on them. And he's telling them his sons that I am doing what the halifa would have done if he were here. So he's saying the halifa is not in town. But if you were here, he would do exactly this. So I'm trying to

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do what he would do.

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And his sons responded, the Amir has pardoned him during his life, from what he dislikes, you know, he will dislike this, these shrouds with the sentence, especially coming from you. So they said in his life, the halifa pardon him, so please, so they turned it down. And they brought a simple shroud. They brought a simple trout and they bought water. Why did they buy the water and you see the obedience of his sons, they of course believe that the work they're getting is harder. But if their father didn't believe it was permissible, and he didn't want water from their homes, so with with other money, they bought water just to wash him with it, and then they showed it to him with

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this simple shroud.

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It says that, above the law, Mr. Muhammad Rahim Allah He instructed when he was about to die, if you remember when he was being whipped, he had the pouch that had three hairs from the Prophet sallallahu sallam. It is said that he instructed that the hair should be placed when he shrouded one hair on each eye, and one upon his tongue. And then they said that was done when he died. So they fulfilled his wish. 100 of the people from the house of the halifa came to see him

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Meaning after he passed on, and they would come and they would kiss his forehead and they would make for him. The streets became crowded with men and women, people just waiting to pray over him. Admiral de, he said his funeral was brought after meaning his janazah was brought after the people finished the Juma prayer because remember, he died on a Friday. So people finished the Friday prayer and they brought his generosity. Abdullah said the prayer over my father was led by Abu Muhammad Abdullah, even by her the governor of Baghdad. He says he overcame us in leading the prayer over him. So he insisted you typically what would happen is that relative of the deceased would lead that

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Salah, but I've been talking to the governor like wanted this. It's a big deal and he wanted this honor and huge crowds. He says he overcame us in leading the prayer over him. But we had already prayed over him along with 100 or so men of bunny Hashem within the house. So already funeral prayers were starting inside the house or praying over him from the home until after people kept praying over him.

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And the halifa was away and methodical was away but when he got back, he says to

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Abdullah bin Taha here Abu Mohammed Abdullah bin part of the governor, he tells him to by luck, it's like glad tidings to you. So later Allah Ahmed Mohammed said like, what he's basically telling him glad tidings for you and or like like how we would say today how lucky you are you prayed over a family been humbled for him Allah

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Abdurahman a big heart and He says, I heard a Buddha say it reached me that ultimate overkill ordered by Holly for ordered that the area covered by those who prayed the funeral prayer over I met should be measured. So the area that people were standing measure this area where everybody stood. And it was calculated that the number of those who prayed there was one and a half million people. We have estimates that range from 700,000 what is the minimum estimation to 2 million, but here you see this one they measured the area and they said it was like one and a half million people would fill that area. One estimate says there were 1.7 million people in the funeral prayer not counting

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those who prayed on ships and boats because remember, you know in the city, but that is the the river runs right through it right. So not counting those who prayed on top of and on the on the ships and those who prayed on their boats. Even the people have bid out came out to his funeral. Even the people who didn't like Mr. Mohammed came out to his funeral as well.

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Abu hammam a sakuni, he said

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I was present at the funeral of Shrek and the funeral abubaker of nyesha. Walker is another one of the great scholars of the tambourine. And I saw how many people were present. But I have never seen a gathering as large as this meaning the funeral of Mr. Muhammad Rahim Allah Swami said I was present at the funeral of an alcoholic along with a dark Watney. So when he saw the number of people of those gathered, he said I heard Abu Saud Eben Ziad say, I heard Abdullah have not met a lot of Sonic, I'd say, I heard my father say so now we're quoting Mr. Mohammed,

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say to the people of innovation between us and you is the day of the funerals is the day we die. He's saying, Yeah, you you will have the power, maybe the ear of the halifa the positions, but what's going to separate us from you is that they have our funerals. And so I haven't been able to remember this man, I'm happy to add the one who rekindled the fitna throughout the reign of four of the Holika when he died,

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only government workers that had to go there, just a few government workers and whoever digs the grave there were the only people at his funeral. Vishal muricy, who began and and really rekindled the fitna the brains behind the operation during the reign of mourn when he died, just a small handful of people were there to bury him. But for him I'm 1.7 million people. Even casier Rahim Allah He says, Allah subhanaw taala has made truthful that speech of Ahmed the number of men and women who prayed over him could not be counted.

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Abdullah and walrath he said, we have not heard of a gathering in j heliyon. So this man listen to what he's saying. He's saying we have not heard of a gathering in j Hillier.

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Nor in Islam, larger than the gathering of Hamad funeral. He's like even in Julian or in Islam, we've never had, you know, 1.7 million close to 2 million people gathering like that. And it remains the largest janazah for almost or for about 1200 years. It was the largest janazah in Muslim history until 1999. In 1999, it was the death of the great scholar, the allama.

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Abdullah Abdullah bin basil him Allah had been Bethlehem Allah died in 1999. And they said his funeral prayer had about 2 million people. And and everyone who was there was saying this is the largest genocide in Muslim history. And it's the it just beat for the record of 1200 years. The Genesis Imam Ahmed Rahim Allah

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Muhammad Ibrahim, a Sufi, he said, one of the scholars known as Abbey Jaffa, one of the scholars at that time. He said, Do you know whom we buried today? Of course, they know who is buried, but he is going to tell them the level of this map. He says Do you know whom we buried today? They said Who?

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He said the six of the five. I will book armor. Earth man. I Lee and Omar Abdullah Aziz and Ahmed bin Hamad. The Imam Muhammad Abdullah Ahmed bin Humbert died on the day of jumada, the 12th of robiola Well, in the year 241, after the hegira May Allah Subhana Allah have mercy upon him, and reward him the best of rewards for his patience and for his steadfastness. And for remaining firm so that we later receive the correct Islam and the correct teachings as taught by the prophet sallallahu sallam. With that we come to the end of the story of the life of Mr. Muhammad Rahim Allah. Thank you for following this whole series from day one. Thank you for tuning in for your

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attentive listening, some robotic Allah Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

Final Days of Imam Ahmed’s life

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