Kamil Ahmad – The Strangers Episode #19 Purification of the Soul

Kamil Ahmad
AI: Summary © The importance of focusing on inner things and rectifying one's heart is emphasized in achieving spiritual health and body strengthening. The concept of "will" is discussed, which can be used to fulfill desires, and three types of souls are discussed, including "remser", "will" of the soul at rest, and "will" of the soul at "will". The importance of purifying one's soul through actions of the Prophet sallavi is advised, and against committing sin to purify one's soul is emphasized.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah. While early he was such a big Marine, and welcome back to another episode of the strangers. In this series of episodes, we've been looking at that hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, where he said that Islam began as something strange. And I will again return as being something strange to give glad tidings to the strangers. And there's no doubt that the times in which we're living in today are times of the strangeness of Islam, the same strangeness that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam spoke of. And so in the last few episodes, what we have been doing is giving pieces of advice to the strangers

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out there, the strangers, the Muslim strangers in the world today. And so in this episode, we're going to give another very beautiful piece of advice. And that is for the Muslim stranger to focus on something very, very important. And that is purification of his soul, cleansing his heart, rectifying his heart and purifying his soul. So if we were to analyze the data, when it first started in Mecca, with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and his few companions with him, and how he gradually moved on until the end of the makin stage, and then how they moved on to Medina, we find that in the first few years of Islam, there were not that many legislations, there were not

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that many do's and don'ts, commandments, prohibitions, rather, the main theme that Allah subhanho wa Taala was revealing, for the Companions was focusing on building them, building them from scratch, so that they were strong in their foundation. And that foundation is the inner soul and the heart that the reason for this was because these new Muslims were coming from Jahai Lea, they were coming with a lot of baggage, a lot of ignorance, a lot of immorality, a lot of tribal issues. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala wanted to rid them of all of that, how to do that by getting and get rid from their hearts and attaching them to Allah subhanho wa taala. And so this is what we find in the very

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beginning stages of the Dawa. And so the only way to rid oneself of the diseases of the hearts is by focusing on the very essence of a human being, and that is his soul. It is the soul of the human being. That is his true essence, it is that that will come on the day of judgment and be brought to account. And so it is the soul that commands the heart. And as a result, the heart commands the rest of the body. And this is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, that there is a piece of flesh in the body, that if it was to be upright, if it was to be sound, then the rest of the body would be rectified would be upright. However, if it was not upright, if it was corrupted, then the

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rest of the body would become corrupted. And then he said, Allah heal calm, indeed, it is the heart. And so, if the inner soul is purified, it will be the driving force behind a person's actions. And so unfortunately, many Muslims today, even the strangers among us, they have an incorrect perception of what it means to truly be religious. And so they think that to show my religiosity to show how religious I am, this is what is important. And so you find some brothers having the longest appearance, you find some sisters covered head to toe, but they're the worst of people when it comes to their hearts. And so that is why the most important thing for the stranger out there to focus on

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is his heart, rectifying him and his soul, purifying him.

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And so one of the companions abou Amara, Sophia and had been Abdullah Radi Allahu Allah. He came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and he asked him Oh, Mr. of Allah told me something of the deen of Islam, that if I was to ask you, I will not need to ask anyone else after you. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said once again stressing the importance of Islam

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As something holistic, not just something outward, but also something inward. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Cool and to Billa to Mr. Krim say I have believed in Allah, I have believed and then remain firm upon tight, and then remain firm upon that. And so, what is important is to rectify both the inner and the outward actions of a believer the interactions are those that are related to the heart. And so the real meaning of being a stranger is to first rectify your heart. That's why Allah subhanho wa Taala says that it is this heart that will matter on the Day of Judgment. Yo mela Yun Varoma loon will have alone 11 at Allah be called bin Salim on the day in

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which nothing will avail not the will benefit a person, not his wealth, not his children in Lamin Attila be Khalid bin Salim except one who comes to Allah on that day, with a clean heart, a purified heart. And so it will call him the famous scholar of Islam. He says that everyone agrees that enough's the soul, it cuts the path between the heart and reaching ALLAH SubhanA, who were to Hydra, and that the only way to reach Allah is by defeating that soul, by what by defeating that soul. And so the soul, it is corrupt, it is inclined towards evil. And so we need to strive hard against it. And this is the whole meaning of purification of the soul in America, and he also says that there

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are two cures for the heart, there are two cures for the heart, from being overtaken by the soul. And so the soul because it is inclined towards evil, it overtakes the heart, it commands and controls the heart, and then the heart commands the rest of the body. And so he says that there are two cures for the heart from being overcome by the soul. He says, The first is by bringing that soul that knifes to account by bringing it to account meaning asking it, why are you doing this? Why are you doing that? Why today? Did you do this? Why today? Did you do that? Bringing it to account. He says the second way is by opposing the knifes by opposing that soul by not submitting to its

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commands, when it tells you to do something, refrain say no, I'm not going to do it. And so he goes on to say, moreover, the hearts destruction occurs how? By negligence of bringing the soul to account. And so he says, the heart destruction occurs by neglecting bringing the soul to account and agreeing with it in everything that it commands and desires. And that is because when a person is faced with prevailing desires that his soul wants to achieve and fulfill, he's left with either one of two choices, either he's going to follow and choose that which is pleasing to Allah, or he's going to follow and choose that which is pleasing and desiring to his soul. And so this is something

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that ALLAH SubhanA who went to and spoke of when he said, But Anam and Dada, were after all higher to dunya, but in Naja Hema he'll work as for he who transgresses all bounds and he prefers the life of this dunya then for him his abode is the hellfire. Then what does Allah say? What am man Hoffa Nakamura be he went ahead enough Sunil Hawa the in and Janetta here.

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As for he who fears standing before his Lord SubhanaHu wa Tada and he prevents his soul from following its desires for in a janitor he'll

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he his abode is what? Nothing but Janna paradise and so even Ibis Radi Allahu Allahu Allah. He says, explaining this verse he says, that it refers to an individual, a man who thinks about committing a certain sin. He's about to commit a certain sin. And so he all of a sudden remembers himself and imagines himself being called to account before Allah subhanho wa taala. And so as a result, he abandons that sin. And so we could see how this individual was being called by his soul that's inclined to evil that wants to fulfill its desires. But what does he do? He does not obey it.

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Rather, he remembers himself on the Day of Judgment, standing before Allah subhana who had died being asked about the sin, why did you disobey me? And so as a result, he prevents himself from following his desires. We'll take a short break, and after we come back, we'll mention the seven that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam spoke of Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

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Truth is hidden, misleading politicians create confusion

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where truth is hidden, lack of knowledge and wisdom cause upheaval and commotion where truth is headed. Man flipped scripture and twisted facts emerge.

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This wedding hidden truth creates false propaganda,

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chaos, disorder and turmoil in our lives and the world order.

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But is there anyone with courage and wisdom?

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What is the truth and who has the courage to act

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because it's the right to

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watch truth prevail and lies PERISH IN TRUTH exposed by Dr. Zakir Naik next on Peace TV.

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Welcome back. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he mentioned seven who would be shaded on the day in which there will be no shade, but the shade of Allah. And we mentioned how even NACA you mentioned that these seven individuals they only attained that reward on that day due to opposing their desires, their overwhelming desires of their soul. And so let us see who the seven are. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that there are seven people whom Allah will grant him his shade, on the day in which there will be no shade except the shade of his throne. They are number one, adjust ruler. Number two, a young man, a teenager who

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grows up in the worship of Allah. Number three, a person whose heart is attached to the massage and number four and five, two men who love each other, they meet each other, and they depart from one another, only for the sake of Allah. And number six, the one who gives him charity, he conceals it, he hides it, so much so that his left hand does not know what his right hand has given. And number seven, an individual who remembers Allah in secret. He goes behind closed doors where no one can see him. He remembers Allah. And as a result, he sheds his tears, he weeps and cries, because of remembering Allah subhanho wa taala. So if we were to look at each one of these individuals, we find

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that each one of them oppose the Hawa, the whims of their soul, their overwhelming whims, that we're calling them to evil.

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Now the scholars they have mentioned that there are three kinds of souls and this is based on what we find in the Quran. And so Allah subhanahu wa Tada has mentioned three different kinds of souls in the Quran. The first is enough's, Amara be su the soul that is inclined towards evil. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala says, in enough ser la Nowra to be su Elana Rahim Allah be that enough's. The soul is inclined towards evil, except that which Allah has had mercy upon, meaning that most souls, the majority of souls of mankind, are inclined towards evil. That's how they were created. And so this is the first kind of soul

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The second kind of soul is a enough's and no one. And so this is the soul that blames itself. It is constantly blaming itself. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us about the soul, who Allah, Oh, Cosimo be neffs Allah,

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Allah swears by the soul, the soul, the nafs, that blames itself and one of the great scholars and has an industry he says, you will see the believer, always constantly blaming himself and saying things like, did I want this? Why did I do this? Was this better than that? Etc. Basically, after he commits a sin, and his soul fulfills its desire, he questions Why did you do this? Why did he do that? He is always constantly blaming his soul. And so this is the soul of many believers. They know that what they're doing is wrong, but they end up falling into that wrong because the desires are so much they become overwhelming then afterwards they realize the mistake that they had made, we come

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to the next and final type of knifes and that is enough's. Al Muthanna in it is the soul that is at peace, the soul that is at rest. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala refers to the soul where Allah subhanahu wa Tada says, Yeah, to have enough soul Matana inner hero je Roc Viki Are all 10 Moruya Third, the holy VA Daddy, why the Holy Jannetty and so Allah subhanahu wa Tada will call upon that soul after death, and say, Oh reassured soul, also that is at rest that is at peace, return to your Lord, well pleased and pleasing to Him SubhanaHu wa Tada and enter among my servings, and enter my paradise. This is the soul of the righteous, this is the soul that is at rest, that is the righteous

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soul that has abandoned all evil that has abandoned following his desires, and so ignore him. He also mentioned these three types of knifes souls. And so he says that enough is a single entity, although its state may change from enough sell amount of a zoo to enough Salawa to enough Ultima in which is the final aim of perfection. Basically, what he's saying is that the human soul is the same it is one soul, but it could change between between these various types of souls. And so initially, it is inclined towards evil, but then it could move on to the next type and that is the type that always brings itself and then it could move to the final type of soul that is the soul that is at

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rest the soul of the righteous. And so he goes on to say it blocked him he goes on to say, it has been said that the enough's Allah wanna be the one that blames itself is the one that cannot rest in any one state. It often changes remembers and forgets, submits and evade, loves and hates rejoices and become sad, accepts and rejects, obeys and disobeyed. Then he goes on to say, the enough's a lawanna. The same soul is also the neffs of the believer. It has also been mentioned that the enough's blames itself on the Day of Judgment, for every one blames himself for his actions, either his bad deeds, if he was one who had many wrong actions or for his shortcomings, if he was one who

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did good deeds, he says all of this is accurate. And so there are various interpretations for enough's Halawa after mentioning all of this, the question that many of you may be wondering, is, how can I bring my soul to be that soul and knifes and what are my inner? How can I purify my soul? So that I do always follow it and its desires, so that I don't remain enough amount of his soul so that I don't remain having that soul that's inclined towards evil? How do I bring myself up? How do I purify my soul? And so we go for the answer once again, to biblical em. May Allah have mercy upon him. He says, purification of the soul is far more difficult than physical therapy. Whoever purifies

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his soul through the exercise, struggle and seclusion, which the messengers did not come with. Then he is like a sick person, an ill person who treats himself based on his own opinion. Where does his opinion stand for

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On the knowledge of a doctor, so this is a reality. We see many people out there, especially the non Muslims searching, they are searching for inner happiness that is missing. And so they try everything. They try every religion. And in the end of the day, they don't find what satisfies that soul. And so if your claim says that this is because they are looking for the solution from the wrong place, it is like a person who tries to treat himself with medicine. While he's ignorant of medicine, he doesn't go to the doctor, where is his knowledge compared to the knowledge of the doctor. And so we say that to purify your soul, you need to learn it from the messengers from our

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, from the Quran and from the Sunnah, and from the scholars of this ummah, every day and he goes on to say, he says, the messengers are doctors of the heart, there is no way to purify and rectify it, except through their way and that their hands and by purely following them, and submitting to them, and Allah is the source of all health. It will claim he also says in another place, he says, among the signs of a healthy heart is that a person departs from the dunya until he lands in the era and settles down in the akhira until he remains there, as if he is one of its inhabitants. He came to this dwelling meaning to the dunya as a stranger takes from it

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what he needs, and then returns to his homeland. As the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to Abdullah ibn Umar Radi Allahu Allahu Allah couldn't fit dunya Nica or even a Hayabusa we'll be in this dunya as if you are a stranger or a traveler away for traveling from point A to point B and he takes the rest in the middle, and consider yourself to be from the inhabitants of the graves. And then look at him he recited lines of poetry. He said, Come, let's go to the Gardens of Eternity, for they are your first dwellings and in them are the tenants. However, we are captives of the enemy. So do you see us returning to our homeland and surviving? And so my dear brothers and sisters, this is

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the reality. If we want to purify our souls, we need to do it through the hands of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and this golden advice that he gave to ibn Umar Radi Allahu Anhu. Math is the best advice that you could take, in the first step towards purifying your soul. Be in the dunya as if you are a stranger, yes, we are strangers in this world. Why? Because we came to it as strangers. And eventually we're going back. We shouldn't be thinking like this, that we're going back to our real home. And so we need to oppose those desires. We need to oppose the overwhelming desires of our enough's of our soul. So if we were to do that, if we were to always remind ourselves

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of the reality of this life and the reality of the akhira, this will be among the greatest means to purifying our souls, as Allah said, As for those who fear standing before Allah, and what do they do? They prevent themselves from following their desires, who are they? They are the inhabitants of Jannah. So every single time you think of committing a sin, remember that put yourself before Allah subhanho wa Taala and that will be the greatest means to purifying your soul. And then after you commit a sin, bring your soul to account as Omar Radi Allahu Allah He used to say, Bring yourselves to account in this life before you will be brought to account on that day and then it is too late.

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With that we come to the end of this episode. We ask Allah subhanahu wa Tada to grant us all genital favoritos and to make us all steadfast upon this deen and to help us in purifying our souls. Until our next episode Subhanak Allahumma will be Hemric head to Allah Illa Illa and Estelle Fuuka water to buoy Lake wa Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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merci new to make me from low

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