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Hear this before you lose hope

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Mufti Menk

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Don't ever lose hope in the mercy of Allah shaped pans plot is to make you lose your link with Allah by making you lose hope in the mercy of Allah. And this is why in Surah two Zoomer Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us in a verse known as the verse with the greatest hope in it, the verse with the greatest hope in it arja ifenprodil Karim. It has the greatest hope in the entire Quran. Is this verse, only a baddie and levena asako Allah

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forcing him upon omura

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in law,

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zoo by Jamie, in

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Rafi laughing, say, oh my worshippers who have transgressed against themselves, what is meant by transgressing against themselves, when you commit a sin? Are you harming Allah? No. Who are you harming your own self? That's who you are harming? Allah subhanho wa Taala is above all, he is independent of all.

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Yeah, I knew and

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no one no one wanted me. Oh people you are fully dependent upon Allah. And Allah is absolutely independent of all of you. He is deserving of praise and he is the owner of all praise Subhana Allah, deserving of praise meaning. Whether you praise him or not, he is still the owner of praise.